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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1973, Page 1

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Cumberland News, The (Newspaper) - July 21, 1973, Cumberland, Maryland Living Cost up fifth straight month Washington a re Tail prices climbed sharply in june for the fifth consecutive month rising seven tenths of one per cent before the Price freeze the government reported Friday food gasoline fuel Oil and household services accounted for about three fourths of the total increase the Rise in the consumer Price Index was based on prices gathered by the govern ment before president Nixon clamped the freeze june 13 meaning that the effect of the freeze will not show up until next month but any slowing of the inflationary spiral was expected to be temporary As the administrations new phase 4 pro Gram unveiled wednesday brought predictions of even higher prices in the months ahead the labor department said grocery store prices Rose 17 per cent last month and were 157 per cent higher than a year ago gasoline and motor Oil in Short Supply jumped 26 per cent in june and were 115 per cent higher Over the year with the continuing inflation the purchasing Power of work ers declined for the sixth time in the past eight months the after tax take Home pay of a Rankan file worker with three dependents averaged in june an increase of from May but the government said that after adjust ment for higher prices his Pur chasing Power declined one tenth of one per cent in june what is Clear said chair Man Herbert Stein of the coun cil of economic advisers is that prices were rising rapidly right up to the beginning of the freeze although not so rapidly As in february and March he said Price increases continued to be fed by food even though the june increase in food prices was the smallest of the year Falcio president George Meany commented House wives Consumers and workers didst need More official Statis tics of bad news to know that their Standard of living has once again been evaluated food alone Rose nine tenths of one per cent adjusted to Dis count seasonal influences this was less than the la per cent Rise in May but still Large by Normal standards under phase 4 the freeze was lifted immediately on food except beef which will remain under Price ceilings until sept 12 the freeze on most other sectors of the Economy is to be lifted aug 12 director John t Dunlop r the Cost of living Council told newsmen it is unlikely that any additional industries will be exempted from wage and Price controls before aug 12 phase 4 provides for decontrol Over sectors in which inflation is subsiding Dunlop also said it was pos sible there May be some beef shortages before Price ceilings go off in september As ranch ers hold supplies off the Market in Hopes of getting higher prices later meanwhile the social secur Ity administration said the june Rise in the consumer Price Index will mean the increase in retirement benefits recently enacted will be 59 per cent next year instead of the Esti mated 56 per cent the Law raising social secur Ity benefits called for a raise based on the increase in the Cost of living during the period from june 1972 to june 1973 this was first estimated to be 56 when the legislation was being debated the june Index Rose to 1324 or 59 above a year earlier it showed that it now costs con Sumers to buy goods and services that Cost in the 1967 base period today weather u the variable cloudiness warm and humid through tomorrow with afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms temperatures to be in the 80s the Cumberland news zoning hearing set monday see Back Page vol 240 pms St Jim Cumberland Maryland saturday july 21 1973 Independent nem paper Prat m a 20 cents Bill passed limits presidents Power Nixon vows to work cites importance of nation world health Washington a pres ident Nixon dismissing any talk of his resigning As just Plain Poppycock vowed Fri Day he will work right up to the Hilt even if it endangers his health returning to the White House from the Bethesda naval medi Ca Center where he fought off viral pneumonia Nixon told several Hundred aides and employees who gathered in the Rose Garden to Welcome him let others Wallow in water Gate we Are going to do our Job looking fit and rested follow ing his we Klong Hospital stay Nixon acknowledged his doctors want him to slow Down a Little now and take some time off and relax a Little More no one in this great office at this time in the worlds his tory can slow Down he went on this office requires a president who will work right up to the Hilt All the time declaring that Many people believe a fast Pace might endanger his health Nixon said the health of a Man is not nearly As important As the health of the nation and the health of the world the chief executive said some Wellin ten Ionec people suspect that illness can result from the burdens of the presi Dency and the rather rough assault that any Man in this of fice gets from time to time such people he said have wondered if his own illness might mean he would get so tired that i would consider either slowing Down or even seme suggested resigning promising he will neither slow Down nor resign before his elected term ends Nixon said of any talk to the contrary that is just Plain Poppycock his audience applauded without referring directly to watergate Nixon said Ameri cans should put All of the events that we read about the things we see on television in perspective he said they should think about what he termed the great decisions that will be made in his office on inside pages Ann Landers 3 Bridge 3 comics 11 crossword 11 crypt quote 11 deaths 6 or Van Dellen 7 editorial Page 7 markets 4 racing 11 sports 810 state news 2 Triplas news 6 want ads 1213 women news 3 that Are going to determine whether we have peace in this world for years to come Nixon spent his first morning out of the Hospital working at the White House with his staff then instead of helicopter ing to his Camp David weekend re treat he went by Auto on the 65 mile trip to Maryland Ca Tocsin mountains i want you to know he told his Rose Garden audience i come Back from Camp David monday morning it is going to be full tilt All the Way and we want All of you to work that Way too mrs Nixon was not on hand for her husbands return from the Hospital she and daughter Julie Eisenhower flew to new York Friday morning on a shopping expedition the first lady arranged to join the presi Dent at Camp David Friday night Senate panel to get Nixon verdict monday Washington a pres ident Nixon has made his Deci Sion on the release of White House tape recordings and will Send that decision to the Senate watergate committee monday a Nixon spokesman said Fri Day but Deputy press Secretary Gerald l Warren gave no hint about what the decision might be published reports said however the decision would be to deny the committees re quest for the tapes which could become the ultimate witness at the Senate watergate hearings it was disclosed earlier this week at the hearings that since 1d71 Nixon had been recording conversations and Telephone Calls at the White House and the executive office building the watergate committee feels the tapes could go a Long Way toward Clearing up glaring discrepancies in the testimony of several witnesses and define at least to some degree the extent of any knowledge Nixon May have had of the watergate affair and coverup 10 Hurt As trains collide Montreal a a four car Turbo train undergoing tests for the us Amtrak system and a Canadian freight train collided West of Here today in Juring 10 persons including seven americans the injured americans were us railway officials aboard the test train which burst into flames after Impact none of the injuries were reported serious and most of the victims were treated and released at an area Hospital police said they said the 25 railway and safety officials aboard the tur Bot rain apparently were aware the trains would collide and had time to Brace themselves the Turbo train was derailed burst into flames and was Al most entirely destroyed in the resulting Blaze police said a spokesman for United air Craft which manufactures the train estimated the damage at million the train was on an acceptance run for Amtrak the government subsidized corporation that operates intercity passenger train service in the United states Amtrak announced last year plans to buy two Turbo trains officials from United aircraft besides Amtrak fireman baffles wreckage flames Ashland admits contribution passengers on the train included officials of the us railway safety Board the Illinois Cen trial and Milwaukee railroads govt forces Are attacked phenom penh Cambodia a communist led insurgents attacked government troops in at least seven fiercely contested sectors Friday around phenom penh the Cam Bodian High command and Field reports disclosed heavy us bombing was re ported in two of the contested areas in the most significant fight ing 10 Miles South of phenom penh on Highway 3 govern ment troops failed for the 30th Day to relieve a besieged Para troop battalion despite repeated Washington a Ash land inc and its chair Man Orin e Atkins have voluntarily acknowledged an Ille Gal Cash contribution to president Nixon Reed Clion Campaign the origins announcement came from special watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox and was quickly confirmed by at Kins and the Nixon reelection committee j us bombing of insurgent Posi that the contribution had been from corporate funds uie bar Rick letter said in a statement issued from his office the watergate prose Getty search is widened Rome a police Widen according to the committee led their search Friday for a go the contribution was made Belf shed some fore a new Federal election Law took effect april 7 1972 requiring Public disclosure of All Campaign contributions Atkins said the contribution was made through a subsidiary and without the knowledge of re lev on the Dis appearance of j Paul a Coly i Tutor Archibald Cox said it appeared thai the contribution was solicited by and delivered to Maurice h Slans then chairman of the finance Arm of the Nixon reelection com Mittee stans is under indictment in now York in connection Wilh a secret Cash Campaign contribution from new Jersey financier Robert l Orsco stans has pleader innocent Ashland with Headquarters in Ashlar a by became the second major us firm to acknowledge illegal corporate do nations to Nixon two weeks ago american airlines con fessed that it donated in company funds to the Nixon re the girl ident Ifird As Devoret 23 is the last at the Lime person in have seen the commended the move and indicated thai jail Irros and his Board of termed the Tremley regrettable in a letter dated directors he Getty known by his friends fines May await other corp contribution Eulas the Golden hippie is the grandson of the american Oil inv if billionaire Young Getty son or said he was acting As the attorney for Atkins his wife Ili cacs he was kidnapped police sources said italian the Campaign finance Organ ipalion that the Sio oooo Contri i dancer to help Trace the Gogo paratroopers slipped j lines sur fou Day walkout i by miners ends Grant town Eva up fou Day walkout at the Federal no 1 mine of Eastern associated Coal co ended recently when miners returned to their jobs members of United mine workers local 4047 voted j thursday to return after local police said they would patrol the mines parking area to halt vandalism and damage to cars the walkout began on monday tons three through insurgent rounding the outpost and re ported the Garrison was that the Ning Low on food water Andjou Rocc ammunition one of the men i the letter concluded in the name of1 is Airliner hijacked or and mrs Atkins actual was made from funds of land Petroleum Gabon uiii4 funds be rhumb mum Dubai a this commandeered a rate officers who fail to admit such gifts when corporate officers come Forward voluntarily anal Early to disclose illegal political contrib unions to candidates of either party their voluntary acknowledgement will be consid ered As a mitigating Circum committing of troops to War will require congressional action Washington a the Senate Friday passed a historic Bill limiting the presidents Power to commit american troops to War without congressional approval though similar legislation passed the House earlier this week its ultimate Fate is Uncertain because a veto by president Nixon is considered certain the 7118 margin by which the Senate approved the measure was 11 More than the two thirds that will be needed to override a veto however the House fell 32 votes Short of two thirds earlier with an Eye toward the expected veto the Senate refused by a 5334 vote to broaden coverage of the measure the amendment by sen Thomas f Eagle ton do would include civilian advisers Central intelligence Agency personnel and foreign proxy oops As As us armed forces amendments also were Defeated that would extend the measure to cover peacetime deployment of troops abroad and limit the circumstances under which a presi Dent could commit troops the Bill finally passed by the Senate sets a 30day limit on a presidents Power to commit troops giving Only Congress the Power to extend Mic period the Bill pass Crl 244 to 170 by the House wednesday would get a 120day limit instead another major difference is the spelling out in the Senate Bill of circumstances under which a president Coull commit troops for a limited period the senates War Powers Hill is identical to one it passed last year 68 to 16 but which Rigod in conference the House last year approved a Les sweeping Bill requiring presidential consultation with Congress but which did not prevent the president from deploying troops greyhound buses seized company posts Tttus Ollk Fla a sheriffs deputies impounded in Friday the last til nine had caused inconvenience to its passengers when were held up for two hours before being greyhound Hrisos which i judge allowed in Ron Liinar their Jour had ordered held As Security until greyhound settles a 000 Law suit later in the Day the com Pany posted Bond to win release of the 10ton see in cruisers Treyve posted a Bond and dry on another bus they threatened to Stop More uses which would be tin necessary disruption of local county and slate transit said 1 Compton French a spokes Man for greyhound its easy to a bus stance in deciding what their buses Hack a Richel Herger of tariffs spokesman said we county sheriffs de nine buses this morning no charges to bring Cox said in a statement Friday Atkins said his company in tends to fully cooperate Wilh the special prosecutor in any further investigation in have none the seizures of mses began i wednesday when deputies you dont have to ii in for them they cant hide and you know where there go ing to he at you just read the under Federal Law anyone control of a with right greyhound schedule passengers circuit court judge Tom aboard the company Hirn Waddell rejected a request agreed to provide eight by greyhound to Stop hijackers Vino a Jucs or receives Cam i Japan hmm inc treasuries 10 paratroopers were will acknowledge mat my jumbo Jet from Amsl Crol corporations labor unions or Scenic risers As hostages Nillie bus Waddel said o killed and 40 injured in the last quiries have also revealed to this persian Gulf Sheik i Nancy a 10 Days us f4 i the Nixon finance phantoms and a7 Edom Friday nigh a Corpse Corsair planes made repeated was not informed and had a wounded Crew member Banks May he imprisoned up to two years and fined up to raids flying As Low As 2000bution originated from a corpor feet today chuckle one Small girl to another As they Walch a protest March its like a Tantrum Only better organized Way of knowing Hal this contrib arc Carr Jeri off the aircraft after it landed Jai officials in Tokyo said the wounded Crew member the chief Purser was taken to a Hospital lie told the airlines ate source a reply dated the same Day Vinson from Paul Barrick of the finance com Omillee enclosed a Check made j London office by Telephone Hal lout to Ashland Petroleum gaan explosion Early in the 3000 Bon for the full amount of the mile flight a Rosr Europe and canned hams keep Chicago unopened canned hams whether they must he refrigerated or not should he stored no longer than six months once open any Ean lil the suit wan settled the deputies went in greyhound had missed the Ilie Earlline for further action in greyhound depot in Case he said a court order which is located near the deputies to bold Kennedy on thursday and Frith buses would he allowed to Day morning anal collected the stand eight buses storing them Al a greyhound Hirn agreed to put local body shop Jup inc eight buses Asse the Battle of the guises pending an Appeal to Tho valves greyhounds fight supreme court in damages awarded they have so Many buses a 1070 lawsuit to the Willow of and we Only want to seize a few Charles Cory a Volusia count Volo cover the damages said Man killed in a 13w Nance mrs Corys Law yer who obtained the original the Gordon Strachan testifies John Dean was while House con fact on political intelligence a Sancton a generic r will Mellil Washington a Gor Don Strachan testified Friday that More than two months be fore the watergate breaking he gave his halic treeline report of a series of meetings with a retail about White House of Ocman Brauc or Mitchell Dean Liddy and but Strachan said had an leaks in mid1071 that he exly Headquarters to his earlier u1 inc i i if nil Iloni Magruder Strachan told the one Ever heard the details of Senate watergate committee in prostitution Goon squads kid Naping and wiretaps he would prepared testimony it was at meetings pressed fears about in the Justice department peace and his own ability to Mardian denied any part in the govern coverup of watergate these tapes for the purpose of preserving his position As director of the Fiji and he Felt that the White House should be aware of this Mardian a former assistant Mardian said associate Fhi lie said he told ally Gen a Al map Tinc in he tin pc v to forgot Ivi Arlian a to Erncr Assi Siaiku in Iii in uni Riipi patently inc democratic party said Wilh a budget of j but he said even though he was the Liaison Between presi Dent Nixon reelection com Mittee and the White House chief of staff on political mat ters John w Dean Iii was the White House Contact on Politi Cal intelligence Neil her or Haldeman that the project had been or Dean advised me of the approved 1 discussed it in Delden Nixon was so concerned Headquarters breaking plan was hatched ice Stuart Magruder Deputy in the Campaign to former ally Gen John n Mitchell had Leslif cd that after the last meeting March 30 i called or Strachan and indicated to ii Xvi i to Intuit my vol a Jwj i i 111 Iii ii i me that information he Home in san Clements Cali fired by Hoover Strachan a lanky Young Man Wilh r High pitched voice was Able Only to read a 15page pre so Alcmene before the after he had relayed word very san Siplive National j Edgar Hoover might be Able Security surveillance logs to use secret wiretap logs As a might fall into hoovers hands club to prolong his tenure As i these were the tapes of wire taps that had been placed on telephones of some National up he followed Robert c mar Dian who testified thai Percsi Rector of the Fiji parcs Mutlu Mirml us huh 1111m committee adjourned until the questioning of Mardian monday when he will return wandered from his role As Law q what did the president or Der done a he instructor me to obtain the materials from or Sulli Van deliver them to or Lih lie min a airily Council staffers yrs for Nixon reelection com newsmen Mitlee in the month after the Mardian recalled Hal Sulli june j7 1072 burglary Felt or Hoover might use John d Ehrlichmann then was and head of the presidents domes tic Council the Lapes were found in his office Safe earlier this year i recall the meeting at san again through testimony Clemenic Mardian said of his gave he Learned talk with Nixon most of about the watergate mauling concerned his a few Days after it pression to me that his very ability in govern was threat ened the peace of the world a was threatened in a May 22 statement the president said that wiretaps were begun in mid1900 and Ler minted in february 1971 anal thai fewer than 20 tapes were involved the conversation Wilh Mardian in july 1971 followed the june 11 publication of the Pentagon papers by the new York times the senators Lerl Walcer gain happened from g Gordon lid by one of the seven men since convicted in the Case he said Liddy told him of a wide Rango of illegal acts he and others had been involved in in coincidence Liddy appeared before a House subcommittee Friday and refused even 10 Dike an oath to Tell the truth 11 was consistent Wilh his Refus Al to testify grand jury the Senate com Mittee and in civil suits related

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