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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1966, Page 1

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Cumberland News, The (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Cumberland, Maryland Today weather by Amo Eutch Pmj fair and pleasant through Surv Tey in both the Bay experts v Challenge Sickles vol 238 Enow to coed Tim matter Cunt Tulud mtr Yuad under us of Marck 3 1179 x Cumberland Maryland saturday july 16 1966 prow up a Tomu 16 cents guardsmen patrol Chicago riot area us jets hit More targets in n Viet Nam enemy throwing everything into stepped up War by George Esper Saigon South Viet Nam a us Jet squadrons struck anew at North Viet Nam Friday in an intensified Campaign that an official suggested has now drawn a full commit ment of the enemy defense the us command reported the loss of one plane to ground fire there throwing everything Treyve got into it to Stop the attacks a High american air Force officer said a skyhawk attack bomber from the Carrier Ranger was downed by ground fire 35 to 40 Miles South of Hanoi while on a Mission to Knock out a missile site the Pilot is missing us authorities announced this was the 291st plane acknowledged lost in the 17monthold War North of the Border North claims six jets Hanoi North Viet Nam news Agency declared in a broadcast dispatch that North vietnamese gunners downed six us jets three Over Hanoi and three South of the capital and that a number of american pilots were captured red chivas new China news Agency echoing Hanoi claims added that the americans bombed Hanoi in Defiance c worldwide condemnation Anc warnings beyond the loss of the one plane there was no confirmation of the communist broadcasts in other areas of conflict fighting at times hand to hand us marines stood off 75 continued on Page 2 gop leaders endorse open housing plan Washington a the key civil rights spokesman for House republicans has endorsed the open housing provi Sion of the administrations 1966 civil rights Bill the action Friday by rep William m Mcculloch Ohio widened a split in Republican ranks Over the disputed Section the Senate gop Leader Everett m Dirksen of Illinois has expressed firm opposition to the proposal Mcculloch senior Republican on the judiciary committee Broko with several party col leagues on the committee in lining up for the Compromise provision which would largely homeowners ban against Wilson to begin strange Mission Britain prime minister flies to Moscow in search for peace by Arthur l Gashon London a Harold Wilson flies to Moscow saturday in search of a Viet Nam peace Parley but Britain prime minister has no Assurance the russians will even discuss the subject with him soviet news papers have said bluntly they wont gemini flight is still go for monday officials watch tropical storm Cape Kennedy Fla a americas gemini 10 Astro nauts went through a Tough physical examination Friday and space Agency officials said even the weather picture is brighter for their dual Rendez Vous and space walk Mission scheduled for monday despite the potential threat of rain and Vind from the remains of tropical storm Celia the Mission director William c Schneider instructions late to Friday proceed with exempt individual from its proposed discrimination in the Sale or rental of housing it was adopted As a substitute for a com plete ban proposed by the administration this Compromise sponsored by rep Charles m Mathias or red Drew fire Friday from a real estate spokesman testifying before the Senate judiciary sub committee which is holding hearings on the Senate version of the Bill Alan l Emlyn of Philadel phia appearing for the National association of real estate boards said the Mathias amendment is More oppress Sivc than the original provision and asserted it would not accomplish what its backers say it would tic wide Range of Republican views on the Issue within the House judiciary committee was p disclosed Friday in a series of opinions added to the commit tees report on the Bill which is due to come up in the House the week of july 25 on inside pages Ann Landers 2 Bridge 3 9 comics 9 crossword 3 crypt quote 3 deaths 4 or Van Dellen 5 editorial Page 5 markets 4 racing 9 secrets of Charm 3 sports 7 8 Tri state news 4 want ads 10 11 women news 3 gemini 10 the space Agency said weathermen said Celias winds dropped from 50 to 30 Miles an hour turning the storm into an Easterly wave which might bring heavy Rains and lightning Over Southern Florida late sunday or monday its effect will depend How far up the coast the storm extends space Agency officials said the latest forecast Calls for Cloudy skies and Scalt Erec showers for mondays pm not Blastoff time for gemini 10 astronauts Navy cmdr John Young and air Force maj Michael Collins these Are acceptable weather conditions officials said the National aeronautics and space administration said Thi bad Weathers effect on Tai launch Dale will be Bette known saturday after weather men make a More detailed analysis of the storm if officials postpone launching the next possible time gemini 10 can rocket awol s pm wednesday Justice Douglas marries coed los Angeles Cap us supreme court Justice William o Douglas married a 23year old College student Friday nigh n a quiet ceremony in friends suburban Home Douglas 67 and Cathlee Urran Heffernan of Portland re were wed at the Home o 3d Silver in Encino by Superio court judge Edward r Brand rinds said for Douglas who was d forced last june 24 it was the Burin marriage it was i brides first today chuckle psychiatrists who Tell parents to spend More time with their children Are just trying to drum up business to War gun corp to political friends As Well As Oes Wilsons Mission seems one f the strangest he has under Aken British authorities offer one Arsion of the events that led up it soviet diplomats have Pread a different account bout the Only thing the two Des agree on is that the visit ill last from saturday after Oon to tuesday morning Wilsons office in announcing e trip last week said the Brit so Leader had been invited to be in guest of soviet Premier a exc n Kosygin his aides acknowledged that Kosygin had Eon made aware informally f Wilsons wish to attend the British Trade fair in Moscow but soviet officials claim Wil on sent a letter to soviet am Assad or Mihail Smirno ski on Une 29 saying he intended to Isit the Trade fair then they Aid he added it would be in Linkable for him to be in mos of without calling on Kosygin the account of soviet officials on before transmitting Vilsons letter to the Kremlin Smirno ski discussed the pro Osal with All departmental leads in the soviet embassy almost to Man they favored to rejection but Smirno ski decided to recommend that Moscow accept the idea anyway and to the Surprise of soviet diplomats Here Moscow went along with it Wilsons men have been trussing his main purpose in Moscow is to visit the Trade fair talks with Kosygin on world affairs were Given secondary importance but in parliament Ary debate on Viet Nam for eign Secretary Michael Stewart defined the major purpose of Wilsons Mission thus he will impress upon the soviet government our View that negotiations Are urgently needed on Viet Nam and that the Geneva co chairmen or Andrei a Gromyko and my self have heavy obligations to Southeast Asia and to the world to promote negotiations Massachusetts mystery Moose May be a daddy Boston a the mys Tery Moose of Massachusetts has been spotted again and conservation officials think he May now head a family of three and that a mass of Moose for mass a Bull Moose and a cow have been seen together a few times in the action Concord area Dur ing the past year thursday night Hans Van Leer of the conservation department and his Soninlaw saw the Bull Moose alone Jim Shepard state fish and game director said the cow is probably holed up somewhere with a calf this is the calving season for Moose any Moose in Massachusetts is an oddity Shepard said and i Hope people stay out of expelled the govern ment of Czechoslovakia yesterday accused George Edward Reynolds second Secretary in the u s embassy at Prague of engaging in espionage he was ordered to leave the country in three Davs a photo fax launch nationwide search for killer Lone surviving nurse gives police description details of massacre 75000 troops May be pulled out of Europe Washington up United states is considering a plan to withdraw about 75qoc of the 225000 us army troop in Europe starting late nex year or Early in 1968 it a Learned Friday authoritative sources said the american troops to be with drawn would be second Echelon support units which would no be needed during the firs phase of a european War sources said that withdrawal of 75000 troops would reduce the us Dollar outflow by mor than million a it was emphasized that n final decision has been made but defense Secretary Rober s Mcnamara is expected t discuss the plan with Wes German defense minister Kauwe von Hassul later Thi month Mcnamara will visit Bon july 23 and 24 and then go t Paris to attend a Nat defense ministers meeting jul 25 and 26 storm washes out French atom test Papeete Tahiti up tropical rainstorm Frida washed out for the third Day i the area them and dont bother North Viet Nam rejects All offers toward peace Hanoi daily Khan there could be no Tokyo up North Viet Mam Friday told countries1 trying to arrange vietnamese peace talks to Stop because we Jave Only one answer to fight fight and fight an editorial in the official Dan vowed peace talks until the United states accepts All communist terms efforts to arrange such talks were futile it said the communists have demanded withdrawal of Al us troops from the Iouli Elimina Tion of foreign bases reunification of North and South Viet Nam and settlement of South Viet nans internal affairs in accordance with the ideas of the Viet Cong Row nuclear Frances test in schedule the South ready for riots members of the Illinois National guard Are shown in Chicago As they began arriving at their armory shortly after being summoned following thursday night disorder on Chicago West Side the guardsmen were called after two persons were killed in the third night of Street fighting and rioting a photo fax by Jules Loh Chicago a acting on he description of a girl who Lay tightened under a bed while ight student nurses were slaughtered police Friday is used a sketch of the Man they Are looking for As the killer a Young Man with High he Bones aquiline nose and utting Chin police artist Otis Rathel made he sketch after he and four other policemen talked with the Only survivor of thursdays massacre 23yearold Corazon Amurao a registered nurse who lad been in this country Only to months for additional train no close cropped hair peaked in he Center of the forehead Nar Row set eyes beneath brows of medium thickness and thin lips characterize the wanted Man his height is believed to be about six feet his weight about 170 pounds miss Amurao said Lis hair was Between Black and lond talked with victims miss Amurao told police the killer sat on the floor of her bed room talking calmly with the nine before he took them from huh warns reds not to execute captured airmen fort Worth Tex a vice president Hubert h Humphrey warned Friday it would be a very very serious devel Viet Nam if the Ozment in communists carry threat to execute american fliers out their captured Pacific navigators and airmen Sti were warned to keep out of the test site area by French officials and there were indications that the blast could come at any time after cleared the weather i cant think of anything that would be More dangerous than such a step the vice president said if the people in Hanoi have any sense at All i would think they would be very hesitant to take that step he said Humphrey said it would be Loose emotions very hard to control in this country Humphrey declined to discus How the United states migh react to such developments saying it would not be proper to speculate at this time the vice president made his remarks at a news conference the room girls girl and Mur dered them she had no idea what time the Slayer left the building miss Amurao freed herself from her Bonds at 5 am thurs Day when an alarm clock went off police have estimated the killers entry into the town House that served As the Stu dents dormitory at Between pm wednesday and mid Light police questioned the Young woman in her Hospital room after she roused from heavy edition we Are now More hopeful Aid Deputy chief of detectives Michael Spiotto the girl has Iven the police artist the de ails of the killers features she had never seen the Man before Spiotto said but she eels she could identify him if she saw him again sexually molested or Andrew j Toman Cook county Coroner said autopsy reports produced no evidence hat any of the victims had been molested sexually but that Vag Nal smears would be examined or a conclusive finding he said the crime lab should have a re Ort on the smears by next wednesday Toman added there were no scratches bruises or Bullet wounds on the victims bodies he said the times of death had not been determined Only two of the victims he said were not trussed miss Mary Ann Jor Dan and miss Suzanne Farris Toman said most of the Stab wounds were three or four inches deep but its hard for me to say what Type of a knife was used Spiotto said miss Amurao did not identify any of the photos shown her but said there Are a few individuals we Are very much interested in some More than others a Spanish speaking detective sketch this is a sketch compiled by Chicago police artist Otis Rachel produced yesterday of the Man wanted in the eight girl Massa Cre in Chicago the concept resulted from a description provided by Corazon Amu Rao an Exchange student who Hod under a bed during the tragedy a photo fax was among the five men who interviewed miss Amurao but Spiotto said she conversed in English miss Amurao 23 an Exchange student from the Phil lip Ines had been in this country Only two months one question that nagged police was Why nobody heard screams it was a Coo night continued on Page 2 airlines pact talks making Little Progress Washington a the machinists strike against five major airlines entered it Sec Ond weekend Friday night with the parties still far apart asst Secretary of labor James j Reynolds recess negotiations at pm am asked the disputants to caucus among themselves during the evening he then asked that the negotiators for the Falcio International association of machinist and the five airlines come bad saturday at 10 am with som new approaches to the prob Lem Reynolds characterized Fri Days session one week after the Start of the strike As an other Day of futile rather tha constructive discussions Reynolds said the talks a still snagged on National Issue which must be resolved before the discussions can move to the 37 or so local issues living costs climb Mexico City a the Cost of living for the Mexica working classes has gone u five per cent this year Dospil government efforts to keep Tigh control on prices reports a article published in the quoting economic experts atmosphere subdued As rooms move firs contingents begin patrols in cites West Side y Lawrence l Knutson Chicago Lino is National guardsmen Capone at the ready moved Ito the heart of the strife torn est Side Friday night they jul help More than 1000 Olic men quell the worst Northern disturbances since fails erupted last year the first con agent of 1500 ready for action Down Roosevelt Road n jeeps and trucks maj Gen Francis p Kane commander of the 33rd infantry division of the guard told newsmen if anybody t my men my orders Are to Hoot to kill they carried pistols car Ines machine guns and tear As and began immediately a Roling a 140squareblock area a campsite of tents was established in a parking lot the atmosphere was general subdued As the troops moved n Gen Kane said 1500 other rooms were in Reserve in Chi ago armoires ready to move n if needed Hoard up stores White owners of businesses in he sprawling area quickly warded up their windows signs in businesses owned by negroes read Black soul brother and owned by our brother a marquee was lighted on t Movi theater the attraction is the ten commandments 1 the violence marked by shootings looting and tossed ire bombs bricks and rocks and swelled in size and intensity or three straight nights arid filled Over into the Daylight ours Friday for the first time two persons were shot and tilled in thursday nights riot no and at least 30 others in luding several policemen Een wounded by gunfire or in ured the rioting has led to a bitter clash Between some civil rights readers and Community leaders mayor is concerned mayor Richard j Dale yen riday denounced civil rights organizers on the staff of or Martin Luther King or As of menters of strife his voice often choked with anger he told a news Confer ence you cant charge it to Marlin Luther King directly but added some of the people hat came in Here to Chicago Lave been talking for the last year of violence and showing pictures and instructing people on How to conduct violence King later called at the May ors office for an unscheduled conference and told newsmen that Daley charge against his staff is absolutely untrue King said there appeared to be a necessity for calling out the National guard but added that the action could Aggra vate the situation the rioting must be quelled he said More than 300 arrests More than 300 persons have been arrested in the four Days of rioting store windows have been smashed and looting and burning have been widespread the fighting reached a Climax thursday night when More than 100 policemen exchanged in an hour Long gun Battle with snipers in two High Rise apart ment buildings the police final continued on Page 2 a number of persons who Lave acted As accomplices of the us aggressors in their aggression in Viet Nam have been making trips Here and there to advertise the us peace negotiations swindle the Khan Dan said they Are British Premier Wilson japanese Premier Sato the traitor Tiu let them Stop committing crimes that is our waning to them the official publication said the United states had bombed Hanoi and Haiphong to bring us to the negotiate terms but answer fight conference on their table to insolent 18yearold Marine killed in Viet Ham wrote Mother let to one cry for me we to have fight Only fight one and new York a an 18 year old Marine wrote to his Mother two months before he was killed in South Viet Nam last february i dont like being Over Here but i am doing a Job that must be done i am fighting an inevitable enemy that must be fought now or later the three Page letter from pfc Richard Edward Marks was offered As his last will and testament in surrogates court Friday addressed to his Mother Gloria d Kramer of manhat Tan and dated dec 12 1965 it disposed of an estimator estate including advanced by a publishing company which has agreed to publish his letters in the letter Marks who enlisted in the Marine corps in november 1964 noted that he was writing the event i am killed during my remaining tour of duty priceless Gold Coin Hoard found in Central Sicily he said since i have been Leric i have done my Job to the Best of my ability i have been scared Many times but Ive also been proud an equal num ber of times i am fighting to protect and maintain what i believe in and what i want to live in a democratic society if i am killed while carrying out this Mission i want no one to cry or mourn for me i want people to hold their Heads High and be proud of me for the Job i did Princeton no a one of the greatest Gold hoards in the history of the ancient greek world was unearthed in Sicily thu str by an expedition led by Richard Stilwell a pro Fessor of archaeology at Prince ton University Stillwell who returned last week from the site of the ancient City Morgan Tina in Central Sicily said discovery of the 44 Gold coins dating Between 350 by and 275 by was remarkable out of 10 years of digging prior to this year he said in an interview we found a total of three Gold coins and one of those was found by a pig rooting in a Field hidden in an earthenware pot some 22 centuries ago perhaps o save them from an impending raid the newly found coins were in mint condition their estimated value at the time they were buried was equal to 150 horses Stillwell said in today terms the find is priceless said i Princeton gained the exclusive rights to dig at the site through a special agreement with the italian government under the agreement the coins together with All other items found at Morgan Tina must re main in Sicily As the property of the government Stillwell and eight others at the site in april May and june this years work was part cd a Princeton project which began in 1955

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