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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1974, Page 2

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Cumberland News, The (Newspaper) - July 13, 1974, Cumberland, Maryland Cumberland news saturday july 13 1974 wholesale Price Index up slightly Washington a honors at Arlington Washington up for morning beside the Black Washington up he retired m 1969 ascribing it As a unit ends business Monde orders state troopers into Baltimore Baltimore by Friday in at least three pre land state troopers began Pai i As governor will not Toler dominantly Black neighbor inflation president which Washington daring old t mourners wholesale farm and food prices at National from prominent attorneys to j cemetery Friday following ser youngsters in Blue jeans filed i t Feu sharply in june but Indus vices attended by some of the past it to Nav their tit a Hui vet Runau trial prices continued to soar nations top leaders Wocet last the Federal budget and limit the Friday lifting the wholesale Price in president Nixon was among Warren funeral to impound As toe those at Washington nation altogether president Nixon Indi pm dominated p months increase in eight members of affect establishes orderly timetable Baltimore land state troopers began i As governor will not trolling City streets Here Friday ate any destruction of Vio hoods night after they were called in Lence Mande said As haiti1 police said one suspected jew he gov Marvin Mandel recalled the 1968 riots Ter was fatally shot although Ament a diminished City Poland As both sides of the labor j the incident was not officially Force dispute privately to the strike 115 Rio trained officers if ears of j after a night of conflicting of business arrived Here about pm to governmental officials Union police and Aid remaining on the that by stale to City officials on the number of chairman sen same Ervin streets after about half of officers from strikers Pomerleau Friday s policemen walked and pedal asserted 123 of the 236 Friday by Tho labor depart no presided Over the supreme that ment is equivalent to an during the 16 years when Nual inflation rate of 6 per cent it shaping a new Era of the president and although far below the 13 jurisprudence Nixon sat on the front Row per cent Rise in May Warrens body then was the Cathedral Nixon escorted prices climbed at a 156 per Horne across the Potomac Warrens widow cent annual Pace last month River for burial on a by a Long Black Veit increase was still High by the grave of former from the Cathedral at the end topical standards Ispir Parv of Tafa vat fint Tun the figures gave further Evi Dence that inflation has s from the food area into trial commodities economic regard this As a More ominous sign because unlike farm prices which move up and Tain Urai Oyei Down Industrial Price hikes so natural in him police led by capt Vernon the count re i that there court he no which entranced last the millions onion strike thursday they were Able to placement schedule to report at said the meanwhile City officials Man and the draw no awaited developments in streets and were prepared for twice toe men normally deploy june streets the thursday night Atli problems de on Friday were on the the was soon followed by 4 f t Street for Friday Hight Pomerleau Secretary of state John Foster of the service press conference Friday facials claimed some of been cancelled and a seven Day f i in n i Luigj Bijj i by Jisc 4ovu i i Uccio to Jill Jcu Yiju a oct Cullaz afternoon with mayor forces 2400 patrolmen handwork week imposed Normal Donald Schaefer and Rita in Ini nerf the frito i Donald Schaefer and City to joined Pomerleau patrol duties were Ness was so instinctive Honor the n Nusra Prce is tend to become locked into the that there could he no Inguard Coble Economy they also mean high6 moments of indiscretion a Large picture abroad and just Drew the commissioner or retail prices ahead Industrial prices Rose a sea Ici Ciocu ii it with a 2217page True Earl Warren Warrens family including stud will be Alert in his poetical and judicial Dren and grand children can a released sunday of the am Cricca 1 Uit f6d6ration of state county Maryland National guard claimed the departments Rej municipal employes5 Al Oculi vol Ulli 1c 1 i when he was anyone but the Cathedral was reserved for major i True Earl Warren j Warrens family including Chilik at Home is inflation this Bill n Mary and National guard claimed the departments Rej municipal employes5 Al Section of the deals with that problem a cml tree concluded its troops at his command but capability had not been Cio said the patrolmen were Maini with a 2217pase three Licals insisted not placed on impair we Trio adjusted 22 per cent in a in is and Dren and grand children Bill we can help june following a 27 per cent afas in hlst31 to the Eulogy by i the Cost of living Zumr in mrav Thor pfc Earl Warren Fine Warren was too it most of the contents has too often Congress and the already been leaked to the insisted not placed on impaired uncontrolled the cites offer of erupted late thursday and percent wage hike ump in May these Niace Oai h dui to non Vul Niesi aau me 10 have surged at an annual rate ugh american re Cayiea of Philip m Hanna executive appear to be at Odds press but the senators in their 35t per cent in the last three Hill fm1ued of or cans a close inflation is news conference gave months and were 219 per cent ords May the of y Arren s As a Man Burden some of their conclusions witly t t be that every persons life under the Bill known As the Sens Lowell i Conn Danie higher than a year earlier agricultural prices on other hand have been for the past four month ing an adjusted 4 per june to a level 12 per cent Low a year ago e a p which it came May the As it was in the sight of god icons Plu Glord receive him he had opponents to his be Finla us army detail fired views but new any personal Pend a Jehu three volleys a bugler sounded taps the army band played big Price declines were the Beautiful Mili enemies Hannon said big Yute attuned were Post me Deau imn mum Uaea Lormer secretaries died a june for livestock off 134itar pallbearers in Blue folded state Dean Rusk and William per cent fresh and dried fruit the Flash that draped the cask trogers former defense Secre and vegetables Down 137 per3nd eave it to chief Robert s Mcnamara cent live poultry Oft 96 per Warren Burgor who present House speaker Carl Albert cent and milk Down 77 per de t to mrs Warren sen and mrs Edward control act of Hawaii and Joseph s will for the first time Montoya dam Overall goal for Federal they agreed that the invest l la a in unties if too gation provided no evidence much has been appropriated Byj refute testimony by John w Tho it Congress Dean Iii Nixon former Cut its counsel and now his chief to n Siutu kids been appropriated by those attending the Luner Alffie end of the Vear Congress a clouded former secretaries of then must either proposed budget or enact a tax accuser increase Congress currently passes its Kluh appropriations with no idea of n to bibllc1 the final anti said his remarks and roman cent Grain prices Rose 66 per the justices then Shook and former Bills Normal Jor farm prod with members of the family j general no up oms Norma ii cent the Only major farm product to increase in Price however the decline in Agri culture prices May have passed chairman Herbert Stein of the presidents Council of economic advisers f wholesale farm and food prices g Rose again in july but he added there is no reason to think they will go up at the rates of 1973 when they were the main element of inflation at the White House presi Dent Nixon signed a Bill giving and Friday hymn of the creation of two new committee backed by specialized staffs the new panels will be responsible for presenting to Congress by May 15 each year a pro posed ceiling on total spending press Secretary Ronald l Ziegler said Mxon deliver a major economic address sometime during his vacation in California wholesale prices in june were 145 per cent above a year ago new location Cumberland paint Glass co inc 301 Henderson ave of Knoxsr Aulo Glois plots Glass door Wall mirrors defense ends Case in Henley trial hours after state rests Muthe final budget total the Bills normally the lust for political Power Iare enacted Long after the the presidential aides who Bible readings of the fiscal year while watergate on beatitudes the departments operate unde America blinded them to the s prayer and the prayer continuing resolutions at of god As Well As to the i0 by the Cathedra prior spending Levels Laws and ethics of Man i find1 Flag raped casket Lay i choir of men Sang nearer my this Hodgepodge method for my conclusion Battle led to almost total lust for political Power of the Federal watergate j process by the White House the Only sure antidote for office of management and future watergate is under budget bomb and Nixon standing of fundamental Princi refusal to spend some a proxies and intellectual and moral plated funds i integrity in the men and women under the new Law the who Schiwe or Are entrusted president will be Able to with governmental or t continue to impound funds but Power i Aai Orvilo Tex Vance who presented 24either House of Congress can Ervin said the committee and introduced 961 veto that decision and the recommends creation to new rested its Case in the pieces of evidence in five Days i comptroller general an agent0ffice of Public attorney to Wayne Henley Massof testimony stressed Henley of Congress can bring suit handle cases where Public Are charged with wrongdoing among findings in the report cited by the senators were Congress step up its watchdog responsibilities Over government agencies particularly the executive Branch evidence was received that the Republican National committee or the democratic National committee were guilty of any wrongdoing in the 1972 Ane murder trial Friday two hours written and spoken confessions against the president in Federal officials after the prosecution closed its of the bizarre killings on the court if he fails to comply with Case and without calling any of final Day of the prosecutions the veto the 59 defense witnesses sub Pocase j ended the defendants grandmother f i m it just sounded like the Christeen Weed said after of Lvov c to do said defense attorney the state rested she still Felt her Umici budget control 7 Gray who would no grandson is innocent elaborate further because of a i 1 dont feel the boy court imposed gag Rule the guilty she said its in gods trial was immediately recessed hands j arguments were Henley is charged along with scheduled monday David Owen Brooks District attorney Carol Vance participation in the torture said he was not surprised by killings that claimed 27 lives racial Luukus Mio t0 the defense tactic Brooks is awaiting trial of enhancing the Mary Bate in i dont want to express any the boys were All killed in and s Black Utica l opinion about it he said As the Houston area but Henley Leges recommended to Thespo Litchi a general Rule it does Titial was transferred to san1 Maryland Council for higher Surprise me in a criminal Case Antonio because of the publicity Ion Frida that All state at Houston Coue Ges be fiscally Auto no a by orce Campaign i into q the water i open monday Ihu nday nights til 9 lie Manhattan Groat substantial reductions on Nafi Onafay famous summer suits sport Coats Slacks savings Foo big of miss theman Hahan Baltimore Street at Liberty Cumberland that that can occur the state earlier closed its policeman Sidnie Smith i i i it Niau fiume Omun of presentation by stressing a Pasadena Tex a Houston the state colleges parti i confession from the 18yearold suburb testified Friday that ulary the Black Are defendant who is charged wit Henley admitted the killings by not Able to killing six of 27 victims of a sex night following his 8 l973contro1 their own budgets and torture ring make a Haupt hmm arrest everything for the off ice furniture planning equipment Landis office Center no 151 n Centre St Cumberland 7221900 Republican leaders in Florida May dump indicted sen Gurney Tallahassee Fia wednesday on bribery make changes from within remarked mrs Thelma b Cox the chairperson of the task Force which has been meeting Over the past three months the panel was appointed by governor Marvin Mandel in response to pressure from the de con apartment of health education and welfare Gateway seafood House i Miles Wist of Hagen town on route 40 pad do 8ij Tou we Ludw seek guidance j tiie stud panel urged i state party chairman l i r that Morgan stats College a j Tommy Thomas of Panama s m Wash quire University status after5 said a number of Jotun Gartner said the the development of is own Doc leaders had urged him to i to stay in the toral program Gumes withdrawal from the j hate to predict the in another development or of his indictment Ogle mood c Brooks or a 34 most people need to underwear old University of Mary stand an indictment is not a land administrator has been conviction and there is a renamed coordinator of Keseg sumption of innocence Gar relation for the states Ner said education program Gurney 60 a member of the Senate watergate crabs to 60 2 crabs by Bushel lit speh tubs uru Fri 4 pm to 12 Midnight sat 12 Moon to 1 am Sun 12 Hoon to 8 pm says charges which involve an alleged 5233000 fund collected from builders Seekins influence with the Federal housing administration gurneys arraignment was scheduled for aug 1 in Jack Sonville a Justice department spokesman in Washington said six others charged with conspiracy in the Case were scheduled for arraignment the same auction persian rugs end other Oriental rugs St Piti a Paul Parish Hall 125 Fayette St Cumberland my saturday july 13 1 pm vote wig inspection 12 noon until auction Pray terms str Cleft with at discotheque Bridgeport Conn up a 22yearold Man from a working class neighbourhood in wealthy Greenwich Conn was charged Friday with settin a fire which ravaged a swinging singles discont Hequn on the new Yor Connecticut Border killing 24 persons in a suffocating Cloud of Black smoke j authorities Charcel the suspected arsonist Peter broke into the Carol lanes a Bowling Alley sharing the same building Complex with Gul livers discotheque through a skylight in the Early morning hours of june 30 and stole a radio packs of cigarettes and change from a cigarette machine the Cumberland news Anmis Lieis daily except Sinast 67 times an5 All Essoian company Symth Merha Aie Street camber und met 5c copy Fly Carrier West Vir Ionia Virrinia and Ujj Trucl of colom Bia or Minth Sam six months 533f year Rthur to ninth Sis jul month s3soo oae year Cumberland be budget carry 4000 Btu room cooler Only 7 Omps plugs Inte any adequately wired 115 Volt grounded circuit subject to local codes Only 43ibs a portable or conditioner portable enough to have a handle use it at Home during fhe week take it travelling with you on the weekends with automatic thermostat Only 137 Virginia ave 45 h Centre St 88 e main St s Cumberland 7226191 downtown 7228882 Frostburg 689 6603 where Good service is the most important part of Iver Sals

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