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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1974, Page 1

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Cumberland News, The (Newspaper) - July 13, 1974, Cumberland, Maryland Today weather Rand Worms today High m the 80s of around 90 sunny and hot tomorrow High in the mid 80s to the vol 236 canal boat site the be discussed see Bock Page Cumberland Maryland saturday july 13 1974 Ehrlich c 1s Al Cua Bertand m4 1im2 Seceni cub w at 18 pages fifteen cents Man convicted of conspiracy co defendants found guilty by jury appeals Are planned Washington a John less than that when us Dis d he Rychman once one of the strict judge Gerhard Gesell ranking members of president passes sentence set for july 31 Nixon s White House staff was the defendants remain free convicted Friday of conspiracy pending sentencing in the Ellsberg Ehrlichman still faces trial in september in the watergate Enrlichman 49 Nixon chief j coverup Case along with Mil Domestic adviser until he rec Liell former White House chief signed in april 3973 amid rising of staff or Haldeman former watergate scandals said after asst atty Gen Robert mar the verdict he had doubted All Dian and two others along he could get a fair trial in Washington and said he would Appeal leaving court Martinez left and Bernard Barker right walk with their attorney Daniel Schutz yesterday As they leave the District of Columbia court of appeals after they were found to by a Federal jury in the White House plumbers trial a Pho Tofas the verdict made Ehrlich Man one of the most powerful government officials Ever convicted of a crime Interior Secretary Albert b fall went to jail for a year in 1931 in the Teapot dome scandals others of such High rank have Heen charged in the past but never convicted including Nixon former attorney Gener Liddy Barker and who were convicted last year in connection with the 1972 break Petersen tells of 73 talks with Nixon Washington a asst atty Gen Henry e Petersen told the House judiciary com Mittee on Friday he never received any information indicating the president was involved in the watergate cover during a closed session of the impeachment in Quiry by rep Charles Sandman Raj have you Ever had any information that the president was wrongfully involved Sandman later told newsmen Petersen said he Hail no info a Toiv or evidence the presi Dent was wrongfully involved rep Don Edwards Calif confirmed Sandman version of the Exchange and said Petersen is testifying Pointblank that the president didst know about the coverup however rep Hamilton fish or Rny noted that Peter sen has not been on top of the Case for More than one year he Doest know what we know said fish who noted Petersen had told the com Mittee he had not read All of the edited White House Tran scripts and was unfamiliar with Nixon told to expect impeachment verdict Al and reelection Campaign said he had met with his Law manager John n Mitchell and yers and instructed them to former Commerce Secretary and Campaign fundraiser Mau Rice stans who were acquitted in the Robert Vesco Washington a presi Piderit Nixon has been told by his advisers that the House judiciary committee probably will vote a Bill of impeachment informed sources said Friday the sources said Nixon has forbidden his spokesmen from relaying his own views on the outcome of the committees deliberations although one source Mittee will recommend impeachment at the daily White House in at democratic party head quarters in Washington watergate Complex were charged Only in the conspiracy count Ehrlichman however also was convicted of one count of lying to the Fri and two counts of committing perjury before the watergate grand jury outside the courthouse follow ing the verdict Ehrlichman Case in March former atty Gen Richard g Kleindienst pleaded guilty to a Misdemeanour for his Testi Mony in the itt Case but was Given a suspended sentence the jury convicted Ehrlich Man g Gordon Liddy Ber Nard l Barker and Eugenio r prepare and file an Appeal As you know we have been concerned from the very begin Ning about our ability to obtain a fair trial in this District Ehrlichman said in pretrial motions Ehrlich Lan had asked that the trial be moved to another City on grounds that Washington pre occupation with watergate and the heavily Black and demo cratic population of Washington Martinez of a civil rights would make a fair trial Here Cha Rita Smirni j i 1 i found guilty former presidential assistant John d Ehrlichman and his wife Jean talk with newsmen is o the District of appeals a Ted Eraf jury found we guilty of conspiracy and perjury in the White House plumbers trial a Pho Tofas convict rejects plan to release hostages Washington up Neotis d Wilkerson alias Robert me a Auer by Niue nurse Tiv ii Maxe a fair trial Here hosta news briefing Deputy press charge of conspiring to enter impossible the jury which con House Secretary Gerald l Warre Nithe Beverly Hills Calif offi evicted him was composed of1 said Nixon lawyer James d dlewis Fielding and sex Clair maintains it is unreal Samme to Fues on Tamei Eris of two convicts who held seven hostages in the Federal court Jones had accepted the proposal tic to believe the committee will not vote out some sort of Bill Warren said St Clair had Berg the Man who leaked the Pentagon papers this count carries a maximum prison sentence of 10 newsmen after a White House spokesman reported then later retracted that both Nixon and his lawyer believe the com new inflation combat plan 111 Anivin of Kidir jiau1 it informed the president of his years enrich Man also was Ais assessment when asked Olmsted of three other counts Appeal whether the president a five years Earlw with that assessment and was of the nine Blacks and three Whites also a great Deal of the sub stance and background of this Case was excluded from the evidence by rulings of this Case Ehrlichman said and this also will be a part of our indicated he shares his advisers expectations the sources talked president a five years Ehrlichman embracing v n t to spokesman replied yes about an hour later St Clair disputed Warrens Santa be no up calling inflation the matter of gravest concern vice presi Dent Gerald Ford said Friday that president Nixon will unveil statement he could acted form such a judgment St Clair said i met with the president this morning and didst say any such when word of St lairs re action to the Warren statement reached the White House War Ren hurriedly issued a retract Tion of his own comments i i made a mistake Warren said because of a Misander fifth this leaves Ehrlichman subject to a possible total sentence ears although he is sex to receive somewhat it no Mil annual will i i other developments in the Case it which Petersen head of the Crimi Nal division in the Justice department supervised the initial investigation of the watergate breaking he told the committee of a series of conversations he had would neither increase nor reduce taxes every it inflation is the matter of gravest concern Ford said at the National lieutenant Gover nors conference we have to standing of what he thought St Clair had said the president does not feel t appropriate to predict the outcome of tie proceedings designed 1973 during which he briefed Nixon about the Progress of the watergate investigation after the morning session rep John Seiberling Ohio characterized Petersen Testi not elaborate James d St Clair president Nixon defense lawyer de scribed Petersen testimony As very favourable to the president i think its interesting i dont think its dynamite said rep Lawrence Hogan red asked if he could reconcile the different characterizations of the testimony Albert Jenner counsel for the something reassuring and will indicate to the american people that there is a plan he said the plan would be ready in a week or two it is my judgement that the Congress and the executive Branch will not to impose wage and Price controls Ford said Iki resigns Deputy pm Post in Japan Tokyo up Takeo Miki wife Jean outside the court room said i have had for Many years an abiding Confidence in the american Judi Cial system v in5 serving Long prison terms for to kill them o Freedom rejected an offer Friday to release the captives unharmed in return for Trani another prison escape demanded lev by Amir nil i Nixon leaves for vacation in California Washington up president Nixon left for califor the two convicts who were Nia Friday to begin s two week working vacation focused on 8 to Frank Gorham turned Down the proposal to give up the hostages and Fly to the Federal prison at Al Reno okla where they would surrender the Only Way in going to Al Reno is feet first Gorham i allowed to take two hostages on a plane out of the country after first saying they wanted to go to san Francisco the problems the Economy and the threat of impeachment before leaving the White House Nixon sighed a Bill restoring Congress control of the Federal budget he also attended funeral services for our they said they wanted to go former chief Justice Earl somewhere far away and Warren at the National Cathe mentioned Algeria and China dral quoted by the to newsman Jim Vanl but that Lions officials announced prime Friday shaken my Confidence in that process the Jurys verdict was re turned about an hour after president Nixon left Andrews air Force base near washing ton in route to California and a two week working vacation Ati his san Clemente Home word of Ehrlichmann conviction was radioed to the pres jetliner sources Saidi minister up there was no immediate Pius White uiuu0ing me House spot Jesment mos of Nixon to newsman but that nations officials flounced vacation schedule joined negotiations As an Sald they would be sent meetings dealing Switij at the request of tieback to the Untch Economy a Deputy press the later discussions involved an Secretary Gerald l Warren Vance said the other convict protestants Mark Victory in n Ireland unspecified african country that might offer Asylum the Fri said a Lear Jet available if authorities supervising negotiations with the indicated prior to the trip that the agreed to their Dej is stated a into a of a civil rights marchers turned out Don t convicts mands but Debbie Collins one of hostages said Jones and Gorham had promised to leave All the hostages in the if they could get away safely l n n l it could be hours i dont Belfast Northern she added nothing to be happening who president was closely the House judiciary he said Nixon now that the committee will ii Commena his impeachment the House 7 jul4v1 a jul he i Tail to la ail c stated a White House View that to a major political crisis if the matter reaches the floor of the House of representatives impeachment will not be voted j cd Jodl a Short time later preside snubbed his proposals California told quit because newsmen Tanaka civil rights they conspired to Fielding files against his will that in preparation for speech on tha Nixon summoned c adviser Kenneth director Roy Ash Ert Stein head of the y i is against his will that carries a maximum pen if Alty of 10 years imprisonment lne Ehrlichman also was marchers turned out dont the marshals give them to celebrate an Ancar and let them leave Nanfara hundreds of police kept building surrounded and closed Ford 3ko m r but the most heavily armed a to a Over the British government one Wii Ujj Titi v i x4 p Rinc order paraded six Miles morning Many officers wore 1 i ii i iti4e r a the Brethren of the pulled out of View f Ujj i or Vanees in i Alfornia saturday to with Nixon at san cameras on the White House party Lawn to also say Nixon does not who headed the Liberal feel it appropriate to predict action in the lip had been ill ocl v jew or a v 1 1q7x in Tkv Mic j Jurj i d what the committee will do any records on the White House one of Tana Cas strongest investigation of to Jiuu ii of lags we Are All hopeful the co supporters and was also Mittee will assess before them and agree with the pentagon1 Over protestant William of Orange the Catholic James ii at two convicts who had gone to Jerrt High inc of inflation will the t Aasu Lii Iii ainu 1k there int going to be any Nixon Contention that tax resignation was a heavy two is to Muf to Tanasca who faces a increase but there Ziegler said i Lough reelection Battle next j to be any tax reduction still later in the Dav As Nix Vest As part president a either he said there maximum Effort Over nationwide the next 10 was expected stress budget restraint and the presidents continued oppo carries with it the1 i unit to 1 i headed for his it the must be a Home and a Midsummer work premiership to balance the ing vacation sources said Mikis resignation followed Federal budget and that would presidents advisers had Tol Dithe party electoral setback mean if 4urt Ruji ii f mean sacrifices at the Federal local i Eves of said that the f r a a the pachment inquiry laughed Complete package of watergate t be a conflict he declined to his own assessment my j Iliavi w1uj it etl Sildack him it was Likely the committee ast sunday when the lip will approve an impeachment barely retained a majority in Resolution and Send the Issue Torche per House of parliament the House floor one source the people have handed called this a practical politic in their judgment and the court building from t Days r in speech about 2 earlier surf 7 enormous hand painted thursday two stories 1 d some Doc Mem Fri banners underlined the history below the Ellsberg breaking pre3ifient s continued oppo some documents from behind the Celebration by de trials courtroom to and congressional idea picking old testament scenes the Ellsberg trial was moved taxes bearded and obscure another building Friday in Llalon appeared to be tha theologians and revered Ulster they took eight hostages Andi m s l Durins a heroes in the traditional strife opened the doors to cells n the Oval office against roman catholicism and housing 12 to 18 other prisoners i i signed the Cong res the Republic of Ireland they also seized a Quantity often Tusset mails Reform with two youths dead Friday weapons and ammunition from a limits his before the Parade stepped off Federal storage lockers funds c Falc of lofts of reachable offence land St Clair land three new bomb Sites along their hostages included four Trtria Rawjee i it there marshals a Justice 5 petition rejected june 17 Kerner asks for Appeal review hot Tanaka first reconsider but he then in an Effort to the route that weren Etc this fact new York a a Munday before there was ample department auditor his Secre wet state task Force has seized roof lat the sectarian tartary and two lawyers they that was renewed claimed to have a ninth ago next month int hostage another lawyer but authorities could not confirm it i t Force Nas must St Nice whle the Iron iss64000 Worth of untaxed Cigar fare irettes in a series of arrests late years in new York pennl0ver Muci refused Sylvania and Maryland Law in the enforcement official announced in s0h Clemente estate a 20th wedding anniversary is difficult to celebrate jts too soon to brag and too late to complain copyright 13h Gen corp u 11 Luci Cucu exist insofar a Friday asked the watergate coverup Case now judges Are concerned court to reconsider the Appeal of his criminal a a before the High court the court on june 17 prime on inside pages Ann Landers 3 Bridge 3 comics 15 crossword 15 crypt quote 15 deaths 3 or Van Dehen 7 editorial Page 7 markets 4 15 sports 9 10 Tri state 3 want ads 17 women news 3 now Williams told the court left vacant United states in the sources in Tanglao tax evasion conspiracy and constitutional distinction be for the Sun Nort of asked perjury m connection with a Ween the president and a Inch i p party Williams of Washington noted court k w the to reconsider one of its try minister Yar Tiro impeachment by con White House lawyers to said a said he not be indicted i porters had urged him to follow he reason and thus could not be named Mikis example mint the immunity being indicted demand Tass ression agents j0u they uncovered 5624 illicit car tons Worth 525000 in a Bronx garage wednesday night and arrested three men the suspects were identified As Joseph Legreca 43 Anthony Suarcy 24 and Rocco Lofaro 65 they wee charged with Possession of to staved cigarettes arrests and seizures also were reported in Pennsylvania and Maryland on thursday but details were not immediately available operation butt is the code name for the task Force which coordinates Law enforcement officials in most states of the Eastern Seaboard in an Effort to Stop cigarette smuggling from Southern Points often North Carolina to cities in the i North Washington a pres ident Nixon has arranged a six month postponement of his final mortgage payment on his san Clemente estate officials said Friday originally a balloon payment of s226660 was due monday along with s17000 in interest under a new arrangement which officials said was being worked out Friday the presi Dent immediately will pay the principal plus an interest Premium for the right to extend the final payment by six months delays mortgage payment said a similar Extension also rank Emma through the Trust was being obtained by in i company and representatives of vestment company formed by the Cotton estate the Sellers of two of the presidents friends the property to and hold to help him buy the property or of the mortgage the source according to the arrange said ment worked out by his califor Butler had said earlier this Nia lawyer and officials of title week that Dixon probably insurance twist the new Baliv Ouid need to refinance tha Loon payment on the mortgage mortise or get an Extension would be due in mid january because he didst presently the officials said have the funds to make the i they said Dixons mortgage Nal payment interest rate of 75 per cent the presidents savings a would remain unchanged this counts virtually wiped out is something of a break for the earlier this year when the in president since mortgage rates eternal Revenue service As have risen to 9 per cent or messed him for 5432787 in Back More since he bought the pro taxes erty in 1969 v v j has taken Over would be Makine the interest Sas Ems

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