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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1961, Page 1

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Cumberland News (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Cumberland, Maryland Todas we Athur Cloudy with rain and colder. High in 40s. The Cumberland news vol. 23�?no. 116 a Iarud m Atrosh Flatt mall Mattar at came Wrai a. Mary Laau Ondar Tim act at March i. Inti Cumberland Maryland. Saturday. February 25. 1961 Lasalle beats Allegany 71>67 ice sports Section Alao Riata Cotaa a Chot Ataa Uaita Orcas Anta National 16 pages seven cents . Scores Congo killings Adlai tees in to probe executions Lumumba leftist blamed for eleven political slayings a Nisei nations. N. Y. Tap a ambassador Adlai e. Stevenson declared a revulsion and Shock Friday at reports of 11 More political assassinations in the Congo. They were reported carried out this time by Lumumba is leftists in Oriental province. Taking notice of reports that Lien. Alphonse Mongolo and about 10 other members of the Congo parliament had been executed by the leftist regime of Antoine i Zenga in Stanleyville the . Chief Delegate said he will seek new Security Council action condemning political revenge killings. He said he will consult with asian african nations on the move. Mongolo and the others All political foes of the assassinated sex Premier Patrice Lumumba were taken prisoner in Stanleyville weeks ago. The Stevenson statement was issued As president Kennedy and australian prime minister Robert g. Menzies in Washington joined in pledging support to . Secretary general Dag Hammarskjold and in deploring attempts a to twist the tragic events in the Congo into an attack upon the United reports from Brussels told of a new blow by the Stanleyville rebel forces and an attempt to Kennedy aus Rolion prime minister president Kennedy and prime minister Robert Menzies of Australia Exchange a few words of Farewell at the West executive Wing of the Ati Ite House after discussing world affairs at a luncheon. A photo fax Boondo gling opposed explorer x fails to go into orbit satellite with radio brain launched at Cape third Iowa Bank hit by shortage suicide note by president admits theft Cape Fla. A canaveral f failure of the , Iowa i p i a a shortage of a several Hundred thousand Dol Lars was found the Community Friday in National upper stages Friday night ruined an attempt to orbit a a radio brain satellite designed to study the effects of the ionosphere on Long Range radio and television Communia Long time Bank president Eldon l. Tion. Lob hanged himself on an attic the 75-Pound satellite and the Fairway after leaving a note con three stage upper Assembly pre embezzlement sum ably plunged into the Atlantic Ocean. The satellite was to have been called explorer x. Bank and Trust co. And the shortage was the third reported in Iowa in six and Hodges says 100 cities need us Aid tells House group Many Rural areas must have help Eldon Job Wor Clouds Menzies Juk pledge Dag full a import carve out a new state a Loyal tothe Leopold Ville Central regime apr president in secessionist Katanga province. Air Thalia s prime the belgian news Agency of res of Eizenga entered Lulua our Asne asks supreme court to reconsider censorship ruling re. Capital of Kasai province. Washington up a the american society Day joined in pledging support to of newspaper editors Asne Friday asked the u. S. Supreme court to reconsider its recent ruling permit Secretary general Dag the Ngo iese army Garrison Quot Quot sting motion picture censorship claiming it did Lulu Bourg was said to have. A taken Refuge at . Head Quad a a of Quot i communique issued Lence to the . Ters there. A Quot a Quot the petition for rehearing a As this would give the rebels con. A a a a Surj al vile. A if i tiled on behalf of the Asne by tool of three provincial capitals prof. Jacob Scher of Northwestern Stanleyville Oriental and Buka a Vio provincial capitals. Us Pireu pm of Jacob Scher of Northwestern Oriental and Buka University a Medill school of Jour Vul Kivitt and Lulu Bourg a air inn to v / nazism. It was signed by Turner self a a Quot a Quot Catlege. President of the Asne. The belgian radio said Jason Vuk. U i j tor the organizations Board of i Send we. Former Central govern v Jfe rectors. Others entering into the Frankie Carbo denied bail lob. A Church Board member an three times president of the the 76-foot Luno ii Booster chamber of Commerce was the rocket blasted off to an appear second Bank official to commit entry Good Start from this test suicide after audits turned up the Center at 7 1.3 p m. Est. Its mis deficits Sion was to it the satellite into largest of the three Bank Short a Cigar shaped orbit ranging from Ages was the embezzlement of Cal. A a 240 to 1,600 Miles above the about $2 million by mrs. Pumice a full i Olla a Geiger at the Sheldon National but 40 minutes after launch the Bank. I National aeronautics and space Job left two notes confessing cd i cows administration announced his thievery and telling a son a project officials Are unable to where his body could be found. A confirm firing of the upper stages Tew hours earlier he had been Host of the Juno ii to a Church organization meeting the failure Sci Back us plans Home. I for continuing a far reaching authorities said Job 59, it wiped study of the ionosphere an elec around ��5 Friday hostile trial growth As the Best Quot approach ironically charged Region which leftist reaction to King Savang tor spurring the recovery of surrounds the Earth. A a opt a stairway railing in a pm. Pig a a could Havel chronically depressed regions. It the study started last novem stepped or ,g consequences a for its policy a a better at least to try this kind her with the successful orbiting of reconciliation with the rebels. It thing than just to hand out a up or Van x an announce men. Issued after a Cabinet officer us. The ionosphere rejects radio Hortee but Hollis Haggard. A top spa a Cabinet meeting presided Waves Back to eth and thus is Uty comptroller of the currency. A Quot Storn Premier january a total vital to communications. Say a a a Washington that it amount 103 areas 20 is and m Washington apr Secretary of Commerce Luther h. Hopes pledged Viday that if the Job of reviving depressed areas is Given to his department a something organized labor opposes a he will not let it become a or make work operation. Urging Swift action on president Kennedy s $390-million depressed areas program Hodges told a House banking subcommittee More than 100 Ity areas and an As yet undetermined number of Rural sections must Nave Federal help in curing persistent unemployment. Supporting Kennedy s proposals. Hodges sought to quiet concern lest industries be pulled away from some economically healthy areas in the course of pumping life into ailing regions. Hodges was Lead off witness As the banking group began hearings on the depressed in areas proposal a one of those near the top of Kennedy a priority list of anti recession measures. He hacked the proposed Loans Vientiane. Laos apr the and Grants to encourage Indus King s peace plan not acceptable ones a were struggling Quot substantial and persistent trying to muscle in on a boxers Tanga in an apparent move a Flthe authors league of America take Over for ii Goldville part the supreme court ruled 5-4, secessionist Misc Shom Bce a so my j treaty and aus movie lip use. Province. It Ali new and ordinance in which a to Carbo. Described by the prose in another development. Pres a a a uni Wark for main censor reviews movies before Rution As the underworld Boss of ident Gamal Abdel Nasser of the peace in the Pacific licensed for showing. I boxing is on trial with Louis unit Arab Republic was said Kennedy who personally escort Tom Dragena and Joe Sica both to have urged president Kenne Menzies to his waiting Limo Elf a Turing As a Friend of los Angeles Philadelphia fight by. British prime minister Harold sin after the White House ses a a a its promoter Frank Blinky paler Macmillan and soviet Premier Sjon described their meeting Quot decision placed a to and Truman Gibson jr., one Khrushchev to keep hands off the a Tyg cordial and very Satis fac restraint on a first Amend time president of National boxing Congo lest they touch off a War tory a Ament activity a enter pro pcs. That would set All Africa ablaze i no As the first meeting l3 Gibson remains free on bail Kennedy and Menzies. I is. Federal prosecutor Alvin h. Who stopped off in Washington for f 5 i al go Tein said the alleged plot was of Mongolo and the others a two Day Layover in route to the Han Fanh plan a crude Blunt brutal and not official but that they in r j t i s h prime ministers meet the Peti-1goldstein said the defendants tried to muscle in on 15 per cent of the the previous satellite of this de to a several Hundred thousand a smaller Type successfully launched last a pc. November relayed information directors of the Bank one of government forces and leftist unemployment.�?T,�?T a which enabled scientists to begin two owned and operated by Job rebels in the Central Plain area a a we must add to this the Rural extensive mapping of the Ono and his two sons in this South supposedly arc preparing to take areas of unemployment whose sex sphere. It measured positive Ion Central Iowa farm Community of the offensive. But aside trom act number and location have not los Angeles apis a Feder Quot Electron concentrations. 7,817 persons said an examiner some guerrilla activity the front yet been determined a the com unlike that explorer the a radio told them the deficit was a sub was quiet Friday. Merce chief said. Sent aloft Friday night Stan tally less than the $1 Mil the King proposed sunday that the Kennedy program would no measuring instr Hoo Fidelity Bond held by the Laos steer a Neutral course under a establish a $300-million fund institution. The Eye of a commission sent by for Loans to he p Start new Indus it contained Only a single radio directors said the Hank was Malaya. Cambodia and in depressed areas transmitter designed to bombard a continuing business As usual since the King traditionally above by financing in part the Acquini ground stations around the world and the Federal Deposit insure politics exercises a Strong hold Tion of land and buildings a with a steady Stream of signals since corporation in Washington on his country government Cir Chinery and equipment and other on six different frequencies of to appeared the Bank would cles hoped his proposal would tor Loans to help Start new Indus varying Power. Not be forced to close. Help break the present deadlock. A tries in dept Essed areas a emr. Job accomplished the pm Shock and concern were creat to Gay financing in part the Acquini Bezz Lement by Bank exed in Vientiane therefore by Tion of land and buildings machinery and equipment and other measures. A provide $75 million in Federal Grants for installing Public a . Delegation spokesman taken Here said the reports of the execution were were based on sufficient inform Jing in London Tion to justify the Stevenson state . Officials Here and in Leo i Juk asks Congress Goldville have expressed fear the t r j z a a prisoners have been killed but 10 thu Loolu Urdell a Tion said the Asne said there is Quot no Weller weight 5t o Champion Don Jordan Day than Legal Sanction that forces or police License submission in Advance of matter the Public May see hear or read there has been no reply from the Washington turd presi or my Giansa regime to related .j,, key a a Zedy asked Congress Fri a boar a a Quot in Conn Roeii these Tecu Tonsi a a a Quot overseas the petition said the Asne Are another tragic episode in the sgt a Quot from a a to a so thl Quot i h a of Quale Remc Rennon a a Aih a Tanh a the by m the criminal Law of obscene s prise a Arba l can a Quot Quot i Quot to for proper police action with such Pri Mikiye Narn arism can american travellers solve nothing in the Long term life Jeroad of this new Republic. Submitted a Eom Pamon . Move was seen As in exempt from . Taxes the soviet can bring the out doing violence amendment to a first three die in crash of Light plane three Small tots drown Rupert. We. A up three Small children two Brothers and a sister drowned Friday in a deep flooded ditch alongside Miner e. W. Morgan said. Denunciation of the Kings plan Morgan said it appeared that from sex Premier Souvanna Phou a everything we found occurred in a and his half brother Prince 1960 and 1961.�?� Soukhanouvong Leader of the pro a if there was any shortage be communist Patchet lao that con fore that it was covered up by the tools a Large area of Laos. I960 and 1961 embezzlement a he Souvanna. Who arrived earlier said. Ills week in rebel territory from said a routine self exile in Cambodia called the f to help jobless workers the Community proposal a facetious and devoid of and $4 5 million National began monday and a we any practical communities plan facilities a water systems for example a to support such industries. A make available $10 million the examiner examination of Rural Road near this Greenbrier encountered apparent irregularities the Patchet lao radio -.4i ,1 he said examiners he the plan an imperialist inspired Alii. I. .0 a Quot Quot a a Quot Quot a a it a a Quot . Albert Jones jr., 10, James Jones, Colony. State trooper Quot a. B. Knadler questioning was intensified said the children were wading termed a Quot Dpi med ment. Economic develop wednesday and thursday. Mor Gan said and a Job knew he would taxing people like Wmk Cha i own the Roa a shearing sheep on their Way to school when one a Skof them stepped off the Side into i water 8 to it feet deep. Quot a Quot Quot rain swollen Waters backed up a fourth Jones child witnessed countering the soviet can pain ,5 a a Terest received by Honor to harass Hammarskjold to of Kay bks from . Government set of Lum mho flirts to implement a Congo peace critics they hold on a non com a tuesday a Council on a a Orciari basis. The measure was Moscow api the soviet killed. Stevenson recalled that soviet a encourage the Banks government has renamed Friend one of the dead was tentatively the happening and ran Home to vetoes killed his attempts in insecurities rather than ship University opened Here last identified through papers on his Tell the parents or. And mrs. Council to broaden the Resolution Aarau students from Asia body As Earl d. Taylor of Jack a Albert Jones. The bodies were to condemn assassinations in president and Africa. Sonville. A difficult to find due to the Swift. Stin Levy la Well is elsewhere lawmakers two proposed the soviet news Agency Tass at least two other bodies were Muddy water. Two were about my in the Conco his said the school now will he known trapped in the plane. A hours after the fiust. It Fps Png in Aid he planned program for increasing As a Patrice Lumumba Friendship a witness told newsmen he about 100 persons aided in the in Nee huh from opportunities for phys of the Peoples University Quot after heard the engine Cut off and saw search. In ipod amok rom Kun 3nd dentists and to provide Slair sex Premier Lumumba of the the plane plummet into the Field. Lts-1rs is so free Quot Quot it Quot a a Congo. Five Mues bom Here Resolution a on a whether new condemn All political violence 0idag asks Aid of International court in suggested last show up Fri Montpelier. It. Stoyan Christowe a Dover. Nut i Knadler said the other two a. La Quot up Quot �8�p"y a Quot taxation patently tried to save the drown for girls Only. A ing one and also perished in Thea nov i on a re "5 a shearing Havana api a Fidel Castro London Lupin apply cations he said. Quot you want to Castro moves Guevara into Cabinet Post Aiken . A a single engine plane believed to have come from Jacksonville. Fla., crashed in a Field near Here late Quot a a a a a from the Quot i ways Quot Day Wou s Mea Quot a Quot Mullion Dollar legs Quot Eon Lake ail the Wool you can but you guv ats at least three a persons were Dow River. A a a opened Friday with the test have to he careful of the skin. A a super ministry of Indus on inside pages Ann Landers 4 Bridge. 4 comics. 11 crossword. 11 crypt quote. 11 deaths. 3 or. Van Dellen. 7 editorial Page. 7 Hollywood. 6 markets. 11 racing. 13 secrets of Charm. 4 sports. 9, 10 tri state news. 8 want add. 12, 13 women s news 4 in investigating slaying of Lumumba United nations. N.\. Up a Secretary general Dag Hammarskjold decided Friday to ask the Aid of the International co dirt of Justice in investigating the slaying of leftist congolese Leader Patrice Lumumba. Hammarskjold told his 18-nation Congo advisory committee he would write a a r. A personal Way to seek the International tribunals advice. It was hoped the Hague court might set up a thre member panel to investigate Lumumba a death and perhaps suggest a similar panel to try his killers if they Are found. . Ambassador Adlai e. Ste there was no immediate explant Venson. Concerned about reports it Ion for the omission of the lat of the execution of pro Western ter three countries members of the congolese Parlia . Controlled Bruce r. Turn ment in reprisal toi Lumumba ser informed the advisory com death said he Wouch consult oth Smittee that the entire $48.5 Mil Volcano fruits on Hawaii Rule Quot contestants must be a Vou can nip a shop every year ,7 shul you can Only ski him once. Phases of cuban economic life. Guevara an Argentine a born leftist who fought in the Hills with Castro was Given Broad Powers Friday to reorganize and develop this Island nations Industrial life along lines some Bill to Rily to provide facilities for Wel sources Here reported were stole funds for nursing Homes proposed in Senate Annapolis map a spend $1.5 million of state Money a for construction of non profit Nursling Homes got Little opposition Fri fare and Low income patients. Drafted by cuban and communist the Maryland nursing Home experts last year in czech Oslo association which has opposed Varia. The proposal in other years did state control was extended to Day when it was taken up by the not attempt to Block it Friday but All sports activities through the finance committe of the Mary did suggest two amendments. A land Senate. Honolulu apr Halemanu the proposal submitted for the Mau fire pit in the Center of i third time by the department of Laura Volcano began an eruption i Ftp a Ltd. A would create a state Lund today on the big Island of be used Over five years in sup an Aloha air line Pilot Federal Grants and to ported the Thwing Fountain of Cal Money. Or members on new . Action. In its third private meeting in As Many Days Hammarskjold a advisory committee agreed upon a circular letter to african countries asking new contingents for the Force in the Congo. The letter was to be addressed to All african . Members except South Africa Libya Togo and the United Arab Republic. Lion anticipated for military expenditures in the Congo from july 14 to dec. 31 last Vear had been used. He said the anticipated expenditure of $8 million a month from Jan. 1 to March 31 also appeared certain to be exhausted. And that More financing might be necessary in View of the expanded mandate voted by the Security Council last week. Lava Rose at times to 150 feet. Hal Maumau a House of Ever construction Cost of each Home would be shared equally by the lasting fire gushed up the first Federal government the state and creation of an Institute of sports. An association spokesman said physical education and recreation the Bill should spell out that the mayor Jose Llanusa of hav Ina Homes will not be segregated and who recently returned from a tour that a certain percentage of of behind the Iron curtain was tents will be welfare recipients named director. The finance committee also the cuban Cabinet in a Long heard testimony supporting a Bill session extending into the Early by the House to increase morning hours also named Raul the appropriation to the state Ciprero Bonilla former minister commission on the aging from of Commerce As chief of the a White hot lava and Clouds of any Community Hospital or other $25,000 to $37,500, tonal Bank smoke at 7 30 . Non profit organization qualified Del. Margaret Schweinhaut d the lava broke through the for help under the Law. Montgomery said the Money Chi Ricl crust in the Northeast Corner of the health department would needed because the commission is a the fire pit. Which a two Miles in establish a priority list and a $15,000 Federal Grant it he. To in have a circumference. A Money would go first to sponsors a had to prepare for the White younger generation be Able to first reports were that erupted a in areas where the nursing Home House conference on aging. She to their children Thev had to matter was falling inside the fire need is greatest. Said the Money is needed to help a a pit. The funds would be used Prima set up county branches. Licy right general features Corpora on

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