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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives Feb 2 1983, Page 1

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Cumberland News (Newspaper) - February 2, 1983, Cumberland, Maryland Raising retirement age major hurdle in social Security plan by do Vera Cohn Washington up a Congress opened hearings tuesday on a multimillion Dollar social Security bail out Bill with a fight Over whether to raise the retirement age lurking in the wings during otherwise Friendly proceedings. The House ways and Means committee will pattern its Bill after a $168 billion Rescue package approved by the National commission on social Security Reform. Chairman Dan Rostenkowski d-ill., said he is a very optimistic about Quick action. But Rostenkowski who said Compromise a demands concessions be made on All sides a predicted a Battle Over whether to raise the retirement age hike taxes or curb benefits to solve social Security a Long term problem. The commissions plan adopted 12-3, proposes payroll tax hikes a six month benefits freeze a first Ever benefits tax and requiring new Federal workers to join the social Security system next year. It would provide the Cash needed by social Security through the decade and erase two thirds of its projected 75-year shortage. A majority of the 15-member commission urged raising the 65-year retirement age to 66 in the next Century to find the rest of the Money but the panels Liberal democrats endorse a payroll tax hike in 2010 if the pension program needs another transfusion. Rep. Barber Conable Rny ranking gop member on the tax writing committee said there Are a any number of permutations and combinations for dealing with the Long term problem. He said the package of Short Range solutions includes a a Little something for everyone to Conable a member of the commission said the committee is a Likely to do its own things rather than flatly accepting the recommendations on How to keep checks flowing to 36 million americans. The Basic plan won endorsement from president Reagan House speaker Thomas of Neill and congressional leaders who Hope it will be enacted by easter. Rostenkowski voiced Hope a Congress will have the steel to Settle the Long term problem but later said he will stay Neutral on the options. Commission chairman Alan Greenspan a Reagan administration economic adviser and the Ford administrations chief economist warned that failure to enact a Rescue Bill would push up interest rates and inflation. Greenspan a Reagan administration economic adviser and the Ford administrations chief economist warned that failure to enact a Rescue Bill would push up interest rates and inflation. A social Security is now a critical Symbol to the International financial Community of How the government is going to solve its budget problems a he said. If Congress is forced to turn to general Revenue financing for social Security a a a euphemism for printing Money a it will be a a signal to the financial Community that we Are truly in a state of fiscal Haemorrhage a Greenspan warned. A the financial markets would react accordingly a he said. The hearing gave hints of a brewing Battle Over solving social Security a Long term problems. A commission majority urged raising the 65-year retirement age to 66 next Century but the panels Liberal democrats endorse a standby tax hike. Rostenkowski without expressing a preference said he trusts a Congress will have the steel to Settle the Long term problem. Robert Ball Leader of the commission democrats said that statement a surprised and amazed him. He argued social Security a Long term deficit is far from certain. Prudential insurance . Chairman Robert Beck said however a it is indisputable people Are living longer. We need to move the retirement age out of the Cement of 65 and move it to a More reasonable Jan weather showers tonight. Low in 30s. Thurs h h h ii Day Cloudy Windy High in 40s but jul. Turning colder during Day. Timberland u ja117rt groups vote i we is on Blue Laws see local Page \7qt a a published daily except sunday by the times amp Alleg Anian Baltimore St. My. So Cumberland my 21502 second class postage paid at Cumberland. My Cumberland Maryland wednesday feb. 2,1983 politic ally Independent newspaper t1 uht Vav pet t q associated preen up map Lake photo i by emn i i Ceil to ambushes stalk truckers in 26 states one teamster Union Driver killed two others injure world news summary by United press International 16 refugees die fleeing Nigeria St. Louis a president Reagan visiting a Chrysler corp. Plant tuesday said recent improvements in the Auto Industry Point the Way for the rest of the nation. Reagan said he thinks a the recovery has Washington a government lawyer said tuesday the Battle Over Epa chief Anne Gorsuch a refusal to turn Over secret files to Congress has undermined her ability to do her Job. The dispute has evolved into a constitutional clash of major proportions since president Reagan ordered mrs. Gorsuch to Givs Congress on grounds of Vej amp Cutie privilege. New York a the Stock Market which had rallied on signs of economic improvement plunged tuesday amid investor fears of a Sharp drop in Oil prices. The Dow Jones Industrial average which surged 10.95 Points monday plunged 15.91 to 1,059.79. San Salvador Al Salvador a an occupation Force of 500 leftist guerrillas tuesday drove off two army reinforcement columns to hold onto the biggest City to fall in three year of civil War. Sixty civilians were reported dead in the fighting in Berlin 50 Miles East of san Salvador. Washington defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger defended his fiscal year 1984 budget before the Senate armed services committee tuesday in the face of demands that he make a Choice Between paring weapons or reducing the 2.1 million member armed forces. The Reagan administration wants to increase defense spending by to percent. Tegucigalpa Honduras a some 1,600 . Army Navy and air Force personnel joined 4,000 honduran soldiers in a $5.2 million exercise near the Border with Nicaragua which branded the War games a the join action was designed to simulate the Rescue of a honduran battalion attacked and surrounded by an enemy Force. Tokyo a North Korea tuesday accused South Korea of firing on a communist plane in an attack coinciding with joint War games by . And South korean forces. Putting its forces on a Semi War Alert North korean said a the entire people will get ready in full combat gear to smash in time the enemy a War moves and defend the skies land and seas of the country and their a its like an impregnable window Rock Ariz. A a quagmire of mud and Snow on the nations largest Indian reservation stranded about 900 Navajo families in their isolated Rural Homes. The most acute emergency situation remaining to be dealt with involved a 63year-old woman missing on a 14-mile trek to a Mountain sheep Camp in the Arizona Section of the Navajo nation. Lagos Nigeria up a at least 16 of the thousands of refugees streaming out of Nigeria have died during their forced exodus to starving to death and six drowning in a Stampede to Board ships West african sources said tuesday. A hardly anyone can have room to sit. People were standing shoulder to shoulder on every available Inch of deck and every Hatch cover a said bbl radio reporter Mike Wooldridge describing a frantic scene at Lagos teeming dockside As thousands of immigrants pushed their Way aboard two ships that sailed monday night for Ghana. One million illegal immigrants from Ghana and one million others from Togo Benin Cameroon Chad and other nations in the Region were affected by nigerians order expelling unskilled immigrant workers. Nigerian president Shehu Hagari issued the expulsion order two weeks ago fearing religious unrest following riots last year in the Northern nigerian City of Kano. The slump in nigerians Oil Industry is also believed to be behind the decision to kick out the foreign workers who were Given a deadline of Midnight monday. Skilled workers were Given a months reprieve before leaving Nigeria. The International confederation of free Trade unions which represents 85 million workers worldwide cabled Hagari and appealed to him to give the workers More time to leave a in order to avoid human witnesses said there was a sense of growing desperation As nigerian immigration officials threatened to arrest and prosecute any illegal immigrants not preparing to leave the country. However a . Embassy official in Lagos said there was no indication the government had begun making any arrests. A was far As we know they have not started doing that a the official said. A u n. Relief official on the Border Between Benin and Togo a the two nations separating Nigeria from Ghana a reported at least to deaths from hunger among the refugees said spokesman Leon Davico of the in. High commission for refugees office in Geneva. Another six illegal aliens trying to get out of Nigeria before mondays Midnight expulsion deadline drowned As they were caught in the crush to Board ships Home nigerian state television reported. Red Cross officials in Geneva Switzerland said Relief supplies like blankets tents Medicine and food were pouring in. 25 vietnamese children arrive new York up Twenty five vietnamese children fathered by americans arrived in the United states tuesday both bewildered and Happy at the end of a Long journey to their new Homes. One group of 16 children landed in Seattle while another group of nine touched american soil for the first time in new York including three escorted by their father up correspondent Paul Vogle. A a we re never again going to be separated a said Vogle who also was reunited with his wife Kim in Vietnam after a 7vfe year separation that began when he was forced to abandon his family during the fall of Saigon in 1975. The 25 youngsters were part of Senate confirms mrs. Dole Washington up the Senate tuesday unanimously confirmed the nomination of Elizabeth Dole As transportation department Secretary the first woman to serve As a member of president Reagan a Cabinet. Mrs. Dole wife of sen. Robert Dole r-kan., succeeds Drew Lewis who left the Cabinet to take a High paying Post with Warner communications inc. Her most immediate problem will be the Federal governments role in the nationwide strike by Federal workers get time off for redskins Parade Washington up president Reagan has granted Federal workers in the Washington area two hours of administrative leave with so they can attend the Washington redskins Parade wednesday to celebrate the super bowl Victory. The employees will be Given time off Between noon and 2 . Est a White House press spokesman told reporters tuesday aboard air Force one shortly before Reagan returned from a trip to St. Louis. The president and first lady Nancy Reagan welcomed the redskins Back Home monday night at Dulles International Airport. Independent truckers which has flared into escalating violence. The Senate voted 97-0 to approve mrs. Doles nomination. Only Sens. Strom Thurmond r-s.c., and Nancy Kassebaum r-kan., spoke on the nomination before the vote. Thurmond said a in this Post As in others she will serve her country and her president with utmost mrs. Kassebaum took the moment to Praise Washington redskins running Back John Riggins a the hero of the super bowl a a a native Sony of Kansas and mrs. Dole the a adopted daughter of her state. Several other senators including mrs. Doles husband gave perfunctory speeches on the nomination monday. The Doles become the highest ranking couple in government with mrs. Dole making about $80,000 and her husband about $60,000.on inside pages Ann Landers to Bridge comics. Crossword. Crypt quote. 31 deaths. Or. Johnson. 15 editorial Page. .6 markets. Racing. Sports. State news. Tri state news. .22-23 want ads. Women a news 9-11 a group of 50 children who flew out of to Chi Minh City formerly Saigon last thursday. It was the fourth and largest group permitted to leave communist Vietnam. The children arriving in new York appeared tired and bewildered after a flight that started in honk Kong and included stops in Bangkok Thailand Karachi Pakistan Rome and London. Some of the youngsters brightened up and smiled As they met a Bank of cameramen photographers and reporters in a conference room at Kennedy Airport. The children in both groups ranged in age from 7 to 17. Vogle his wife and their children Kiet 15, Tonga 12, and Tuan la caught another flight to Detroit where they were to meet and stay with his sister in her Plymouth mich., Home. A a in a going take a rest after this Long flight a mrs. Vogle said. The other six children on the new York flight including four from the same family were to meet later with their parents whose identities and hometowns were not disclosed. Nancy Schulz a representative of the . Catholic conference migration and refugees service who accompanied the new York group said four other children who were supposed to be on the flight fell ill in Bangkok and stayed there. A they ate a tremendous amount a is. Schulz said of the Long flight. A we had a lot of fun teaching the children to spread butter on at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport a teen aged brother and sister met their adopted family in the customs area while 14 other children and two adults met connecting flights continued on Page 2 today s chuckle a Farmer put a Tuxedo on his scarecrow it did no to protect the com but it attracted a better class of blackbirds. C 1983. Lott Angeles Tunn Syndicate by Donald e. Mullen United press International ambushes attacked truck Drivers along the nation s highways tuesday with bullets rocks and bricks in attempts to enforce the Independent truckers strike. A teamster Union Driver was killed and two other persons seriously injured in the bitter hit and run warfare. Many other Drivers were Hurt by flying Glass As the violence that began Early monday spread to 26 states a count by United press International showed. Pennsylvania and Ohio the main corridor Between East and Midwest were the hardest hit with trucks hit by sniper fire rocks bricks and Metal objects. Trucks were burned tires slashed and nails strewn in parking lots and along highways. Pennsylvania state police reported More than 64 incidents of violence tuesday including Rock and Brick throwing and More than a dozen shootings. Three Independent truckers were arrested on charges connected with the strike. Some truck stops reported business dropped off As much As 50 percent and police reported truck traffic was Down in some places by As much As one half. A a in a afraid of violence a said Independent trucker Claudie Dalton of Fairfield calif., who pulled his Rig off the Road. A i got shot a lot in Vietnam and i done to need any More of that violence was reported in Alabama Connecticut Delaware Florida Idaho Illinois Indiana Kentucky Maryland Michigan Mississippi Missouri new Jersey Nevada North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia and West Virginia. The Independent truckers association which claims to represent 100,000 Drivers who own their rigs and haul loads for a fee called the strike to protest the Reagan administrations program to hike taxes on fuel and Road use. However the majority of the nations truck Drivers Are members of the teamsters Union who work for wages under contracts. Some of the striking independents lobbied state government officials for Relief. In Colorado gov. Richard Lamm met with strike leaders in Denver and agreed to create an eight member committee to study whether the truckers Are being taxed fairly. In new Hampshire a Convoy of about 40 truckers horns blaring drove past the state capital in Concord and later met with a representative of the governors. A a we re not trying to raise hell a said trucker Richard Gagne of new Boston . A a we re just trying to keep prices teamster trucker George Capps was killed by Rifle fire monday night while driving Between Smithfield and Newton Grove . A we must condemn this sort of horrible violence a said teamsters president Roy l. Williams in a statement tuesday. A we Are deeply saddened and troubled by this Williams called for government Protection for teamster Drivers and added a we Are also developing programs to minimize the exposure to violence in S.C. the organizations president Mike Parkhurst said the nations Supply of fruit and vegetables would be affected first. A it takes five Days or so for that pipeline to be squeezed a he said. Parkhurst coordinating the strike from Washington d c., claimed 50,000 to 60,000 of the nations 100,000 Independent truckers had joined the strike. In Brigham City Utah Howard w. Adams 45, of Pomona calif., was in serious condition tuesday after he was shot in the Chest and critically wounded while unloading his truck. Melissa j. Sarsfield 14, of Coraopolis pa., was in critical condition tuesday after she was struck by a Brick thrown from an overpass through the Windshield of the car she was Riding greeted in Frisco despite City bomb scare san Francisco up a a bomb threat stopped Jimmy Carter from entering san Francisco City Hall tuesday forcing mayor Dianne Feinstein to Greet the former president at the curb. Mrs. Feinstein and her husband Richard Blum met Carters limousine in the Street where the former president Shook hands with the mayor and her husband while his wife Rosalynn looked on. Just a few minutes before the former presidents arrival for a scheduled Courtesy visit the a bomb threat was called in to City Hall said Hadley Roff aide to the mayor. A the secret service out of total caution decided he should not come into the building a Roff said. City Hall was not evacuated and Carter proceeded to a private luncheon. Carter who had visited Detroit Chicago Houston Dallas Aspen colo., Santa Barbara calif., los Angeles and san Francisco promoting the Carter presidential Library in Atlanta was to remain in san Francisco overnight and return to Georgia wednesday

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