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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives Dec 27 1965, Page 1

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Cumberland News, The (Newspaper) - December 27, 1965, Cumberland, Maryland Traffic toll sets record or Tunny Sweet her 40 the news packers win playoff 1310 sports vol 66 it cried a word mail matter Al Maryland a astr act Al March s Ltd Cumberland Maryland monday december 27 1965 Agar cult Dpi political Independent cents Viet fighting resumes after truce Highway death co int reaches past 650 Mark new 3day High final tally might be nations worst by the associated Frest the three Day Christmas weekend edged to a close Sun Day night leaving a record num Ber of Highway travellers dead by late evening 653 persons had been 4cilled in traffic Acci dents surpassing the former record of 609 for a three Day Christmas Holiday the toll continued inching upward As motorists Jam med the highways in the Home Ward Rush two accidents Sun Day claimed a total of 12 lives seven die in one crash seven persons were killed in a collision West of Sublette Kan and five others died on a Snow covered Road near Buffalo Minn a spokesman for the National safety Council said the Home Ward Rush could produce the worst Holiday weekend on rec Ord the three Day Holiday traffic toll of 609 was during the period in 1955 the Al time High for a was 706in the fou Day Christmas of1956 was encountered by Holiday motorists in of country during the weekend Snow sleet High wind rain and icy pavement were factors in Many fatal accidents travel volume heavy the councils engineers said that experience indicated that upwards of 80 million vehicles were on the streets and High ways at some time during the weekend period both travel yol unsound Acci dents ran far higher than during no Holiday periods tally of traffic deaths for a 78hour non Holiday weekend from 6 pm thursday dec 9 through mid night sunday dec 12 showed 428 killed weather conditions became less hazardous in Many sections which were hit by Stormy weather thursday Friday and saturday Maryland toll reaches five by the associated press traffic accidents in Maryland during the Long Christmas week end claimed at Leas five lives two fatal accidents happened in Frederick county John Creager 43 of Fairfield a died at Annie Warner hos Pital in Gettysburg a of in juries received thursday night in a trocar collision at Thein Ter Section of Usis and Mary land 806 near Emmitsburg Scott a limes 51 of Knox Ville was fatally injured when he was struck by Acar As he walked along us 340 about 15 Miles from Frederick a 4yearpid Artanna a George d Herrick was killed when the car driven by his Mother rammed the rear of a vehicle stopped on Maryland 30 near Melrose in Carrol county Nancy Jane Lubbs of Queenstown was fatally injured when her crashed into two parked vehicles along cemetery Road about a mile South of Queenstown William cwhite20 of Silver Spring died when his car ran off Waterbury Road at Millers Ville in Anne Arundel county and struck on inside pages Ann Landers 5 6 comics 11 crossword 6 crypt quote 6 4 or Van Dyllen 7 editorial Page 7 racing 11 secrets of Charm 5 911 state news 3 Tri state news 8 ads1213 War renewal shot Down Heinz Schown Berger 27 a West German was identified by West Berlin police As the Driver of a car that attempted to ram through an East Ger Man crossing Point in the Ber Lin Wall Early yesterday he was shot Down by red Border guards the Fate of three other occupants of the vehicle is unknown a photo fax by Cable from Berlin at least one Dies in Berlin a tragedy bursts of East German gunfire killed one either killed or seriously wounded another Early sunday during an apparent at tempt by West germans in a car to crash through Berl Wall barriers with refugees r visa Elwest Berlin officials called the shooting an hour after Midnight ugly and unbelievable t happened As thousands of West berliners were filing through a checkpoint after Christmas visits with relatives n East Berlin West German officers said our persons in the car at Empting a zigzagging dash through the Barrier were caught in blazing crossfire from Bast German guards whether a third Man and a woman occupant of the vehicle also were hit or wounded was not known Western authorities added the official East German news said that in new provocative thrust against the least German fron Ier two West German citizens with the help of a car tried to carry off citizens of East Ger Many it claimed the action was planned for under he influence of West Berlin agents and that it was hoped to Ake advantage of heavy Christ Mas traffic at the Border the Only one of the four to reach West Berlin territory was the Driver in naively identified As Heinz Schoenberger 27 a West German the police said they added he carried Apic ure of a woman in his pocket possibly of the Sam girl wit Nesses said was led away from he Bullet riddled car by East Jerman guards the Driver with Border guards in above irm pumping i Reinap the car jumped from he vehicle and staggered to the actual West Berli Border 30 get away he collapsed across a painted by the East germans to Mark the Boundary and was dragged Al the Way Over by West Berlin police he died on the Way to a Hospital rom multiple wounds Ting to Pope Paul v pontiff concerned but will not give up peace Campaign Vatican City a Pope Pauli was reported concern cd land disappointed sunday Over the failure of the Christmas truce in Viet Nam but deter mined to press ahead with his personal peace efforts he has done everything he could and he will continue to do everything possible to promote peace in Viet Nam a papa aide said it was believed at the Vatican that the Popes Appeal last Sun Day brought about the cease fire More appeals expected papal aides said sunday night that More papal appeals on Viet Nam could be expected along with a continuation of Vatican diplomatic activity at All Levels in a Christmas speech in War saw Poland Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski stated what has be me Clear Pope Paul has made a truce in Viet Nam the Mai task of the roman Catholic Church at this Point in world affairs while the Pope was saddened and disappointed that fighting had resumed in Viet Nam sources explained that he had also Ilieen tremendously encouraged that his Public Appeal for a Christmas k ceasefire had brought if meager it was Saidi Vatican circles that the pontiff considers that the greatest role he can play in the Viet Nam crisis is to prepare Public opinion on both sides to accept the idea that an end to the fighting is possible even without any immediate political solutions in sight informed sources said aides cent him informed throughout the Day of new developments the Pope also was disturbed by continued unrest in the dominican Republic he sent a Christmas message there Call no for reciprocal Confidence and reconciliation among the people of the politically tense Caribbean nation siamese twin girls separated los Angeles Apsia Mese twin girls Clung to life Sun Day after surgery that separated them six hours after their birth on Christmas Day a surgeon who divided their common bladder and separated heir intestines said their chances of survival Are now a ittle better than the 5050 Hance Given them saturday they had joined face to face at the lower Abdomen their paediatrician said everything is functioning and hair color is Good Sheila Norine Andrasa Marie Mantonya were under intensive constant care at Cedars of Leb anon Hospital receiving oxygen and intravenous feeding air Mother mrs Robin Stanton a 20 was getting along very Well at Giloly Cross Hospital in suburban 5an Fernando a doctor said he lad told her they were at ached in a Small area and had to be separated plane 41 aboard loses engine but lands safely Oakland Calif a Holiday passengers missed their Christmas dinner aboard a to cyobound1 Japan airlines Jet and escaped Down an emergency Chute without injury after the damaged plane limped to a Landing the engine caught fire four minutes after thedc8s Takeoff from san Francisco International Airport on Christmas Day there were 31passengers and members aboard v she went flight officer Harold l Brown Only american Crew member there want the engine fell Over suburban areas but the falling debris caused no reported dam age capt Tsuneo Kato onto Kyo handed the plane at Oakland International Airport across the Bay from san Francisco the fuel Laden plane screeched to a Stop its wheels on fire from the friction of the runways saturdays emergency was similar to an incident june 28 when Atman american world airways Boeing 70 Jet from san Francisco Airport lost Anen Gine of Wing Over san Francisco that plane landed safely at nearby Travis air Force base with 153 aboard none was in saturday a piece of engine about five feet i diameter fell near the Home of Vincent Marsi h at Brisbane South of san Francisco the extinguisher system had the Blaze of in less than a minute and the Captain had the plane under control at All times said Brown plane crash lands on new York Bridge the Roadway of the George Washington Bridge which spans the Hudson rive Between new York and new Jersey was the scene of a crash Landing by a single engine private plane yester Day morning workmen prepare to remove the wreckage of the Craft to enable traffic to move both occupants suffered minor injuries police said the plane approached from the Manhattan Side and touched Down smoothly on two Center lanes before cracking up near the Center of the Span no vehicular traffic was involved View is looking toward the new York Side of the 3500 foot Span a photo fax Cong attacks Force Allied counteraction reds instigate 84 incidents during ceasefire period Saigon Viet Nam a Vic thong mine smashed a jeep monday near Sade 70 Miles Southwest of Saigon killing two u s servicemen and wounding an american civilian unofficial reports reaching Saigon said Saigon South Viet Nam a South Viet Nam was wracked by War again sunday after a Brief Christmas truce to Western world had hoped would Light the Torch of peace the 30hour ceasefire by us and South vietnamese forces turned into a on sided Experiment the 12hour truce offered by the Viet Cong lasted Only about six hours the us state department Center of Paala extradition Row to Home nearly 100 persons join in peace Vigil Philadelphia Rone Collin negro youth who became the Center of an extradition controversy when two Al Obama Bondsmen took him from his Norris Tori a Home re turned to Pennsylvania sunday ree in bail posted by a civil rights attorney he was met at International Airport by his Mother mrs Pauline Collins Sewell his step bather Joseph a Sewell his congressman rep Richard s Schweiker spa Phillip h Savage to restate Secretary of he National association for the advancement of coloured people and two a act attorneys Collins had been released rom the Mobile Ala county ail on Christmas 19th birthday t at an Airport news conference he youth told of the two Mobile Bondsmen who came to his Home dec 19 and brought him Back o Alabama to face a charge in connection with a stabbing in Mobile in october 1964 alleged y during a fight Over a girl Collins said the Alabama Bondsmen did not mistreat him during the automobile trip to Mobile but they verbally insulted him he said one of the men Drew a gun when they came to arrest him and they kept him handcuffed except at Mealtimes on the trip Jack to Mobile Schweiker who first brought attention to the Case said he would introduce legislation to Stop what he called abuses of authority by bail Bond agents the Mobile chapter of the Acap had retained attorney Vernon Crawford to get Collins released on a writ of Hareas Corpus signed by circuit court judge Joseph Hocklander i figured that since it was is birthday and Christmas id Ake a Chance of signing his Bond Crawford said he added hat getting Collins out of jail was his own idea Crawford said the Mobile chapter planned to instigate each Ion on the grounds that the Routh was illegally seized in his Home by two Ala Bama Bondsmen Schweiker had charged thursday that Collins was seized in a grotesque and unwarranted abuse of Power smacking of police state tactics throwback of the Days of Bounty Hunters Johnson City Tex ing a few members of the Stu some 90 persons from several dents for a democratic society Texas cities stood silently Side Rode up in cars from Austin 60 by Side near the lbs ranch Miles away and from fort sunday in Christmas peace Worth 250 Miles to the North Viil aimed at securing an i the Sig carrying Demontra Viet Nam War in t t Allu earing scarves in a about half of the weather stood on the tors were members of the Hou grass alongside ranch Road 1 ton citizens for action on Viet where it cuts off us290 and Namwha signed a letter calling leads to the ranch three Miles for the Johnson administration away to seize the initiative for peace the time and place for a peace conference the letter was presented to Power blackout hits Argentina capital Buenos Aires Argentina afternoon Power fail ure paralysed Buenos Aires for More than a hour sunday thousands were stranded in subways and elevators but there were no immediate re ports of injuries Power authority officials said a breakdown in the Argentine capitals Power Grid was to blame but gave no details Igil aimed at securing an in e no Ryng Emon Sra mediate peace conference on the tors several dressed in topcoats Vint Mam War i and wearing scarves in 50 Trice Rosner of fort Worth rep resenting thew omens strike for peace handed Knetsch a Box of Christmas cards the Houston group arrived 40 minutes late for the scheduled three hour demonstration after a tiring six hour ride aboard a yellow school bus fro Houston 225 Miles from Johnso City other demonstrators include Core director will step Down new York spokes Man for the Congress of racial Equality confirmed sunday night that National director James Farmer will step Down on March 1 Farmer himself had refused to confirm or deny published re ports that he was planning to leave the civil rights Organiza Tio after heading it since 1961 this is a leak said Public affairs director Greg Harris its unfortunate sixteen Days ago machinery was put into effect to select a replacement Farmers successor should be named within the first two weeks in january Harris said giving him 90 Days to work with Farmer selection will be made by cores 25member National action Council he added Harris refuse to comment on a report that farmer45 is re signing to head a National liter Acy program financed by Federal and private funds news new look Only temporary the change in Type facts for headlines in today edition of the news it the result of a mechanical problem and it temporary in nature we expect to return to our usual headline facet in the next Day or two Fri agent pointed outa couple he identified As or and mrs John Stanford of san Antonio Tex among the demonstrators the agent said Stanford was executive Secretary of the communist party in Texas a wooden barricade anchored with rocks and secret service agents and state troopers All wearing pistols blocked their Advance although they made no Effort to get closer to the ranch dozens of cars lined us 290 and up to 100 tourists stood on the other Side of the ranch Road watching the demonstration absent at the Vigil was one of its organizers or Morton Rei Ber assistant professor at the Baylor University of Medicine and research specialist for the Texas psychiatric Institute at Houston he said he had been threatened with loss of his Job if he showed up his wife came however As they got off the bus the today chuckle Hospital patient receiving Bill for no wonder they wore masks in the operating room it War Security scare Marks Johnson visit to Gli urch Johnson City Tex a r president Johnson made a sentimental visit to scenes of his boyhood sunday and his trip was marked by a Security scare As Johnson drove up to his boyhood Here secret service agents spotted a Burly Young Man standing nearby with Hunting Rifle equipped with a telescopic sight simultaneously a Small girl exploded a loud firecracker members of the Houston group signed the letter Jonnson Clov first Baptis to the president which raised welcomed the presiden president which praised the Christmas cease fire in Viet Nam but urged three specific Steps an immediate end to the bombing of Nort Viet Nam a Mao Trekina is 71 formal ceasefire and a state p ment four adherence to the presidential bodyguard leaped from a Secu Rity car they grabbed the Man and the Rifle then Learned he was a Hunter who just happened to be in the area and that the explosion instead of a Rifle shot was made by a firecracker several girls were playing in a Yard across the Street from the boyhood Home and witnesses said one of them set off the fire Cracker Johnson seemed not to notice the excitement the Hunter identified himself As Nicky Ammons 18 he explained that he was leaving his Home near the Johnson boyhood Home to go Deer Hunting after the president left am Mons went about his Hunting Johnson earlier attended 11 Oclock services at the Little Baptist Church where his Moth Baptist the Rev he Mclerran of and mrs Johnson at his serv ices Tokyo a Mao Tea Saigon gave mis picture of the concept of self determination of lung chief of the chinese co ceasefire reporting from he All Peoples through the Avenue Monist party observed his 72nd Field during the Viet Cong Armi of i birthday sunday much of nation Shivers in Arctic cold invasion the Rockies to where subzero by United press International Arctic cold invaded the nation on a Broad front sunday drop Ping the Mercury to 20 below Zero in Central Montana the cold incursion was Felt along the Canadian Border from new England temperatures were expected to follow close by an unusually mild and Rainy Christmas the weather Bureau issued cold wave warnings in the great Plains As far South As Nebraska an posted cold wave diction for sunday night in parts of Minnesota and Iowa the Christmas weekend storm which spread ice and Snow from the desert Southwest to the appalachians lost its cold wind punch and gave the Eastern sea Board Little More than a rain wetting before moving out into no order Given to resume air raids on North Saigon Viet Nam us military spokesman said monday that no orders have been received from Washington for the resumption of bombing of North Viet Nam he said no attacks had then made on North Viet Nam since dec 24 when a 30hour Ameri can and vietnamese government ceasefire went into effect the ceasefire ended More than 30 hours ago Wani More hours giving North Viet than 60 bomb free the exam lad reportedly instructed military command Here to tend the ceasefire if it geared to be providing the communists with an excuse to Stop shooting and Start negotiating the Viet Cong seized the initiative however the us High command said they instigated a Otal of 84 incidents during both the communist and us cease ire periods Allied forces were Back in action but Only in South Viet Vam the us air Force and 7th Fleet Carrier planes made no strikes against the communist North As a result of Viet Cong at Acks during the truce period at least a dozen americans and up to 50 South vietnamese soldiers were killed Many others were wounded communist broadcast from Hanoi on sunday made no men Tion of the us decision to extend the truce to 30 hours but Hanoi official newspaper Nahn Dan said the United a 111vui or worshipped the pastor Dessales 1s tirelessly prattling scribed her As a Lovely and about unconditional discussions Scnora Ner As a Lovely and Uucius Aiumu gracious lady a Bible Loving for a Seui ement in Vietnam Baptist they the americans As if they really in order to Brand Are acting wanted Peac the vietnamese people As Belli cose said an article signed by Moscow charged that the United states had violated the ceasefire us military spokesmen in Saigon gave his picture of the the Atlantic Early sunday but scattered Snow or rain continued in the Pacific North West and there was a Light snowfall in the Central great Plains and some Snow flurries in new England j the heavy win whipped snowfall which closed interstate 80 at Donner pass in the Cali fornia sierras on saturday for 12 hours ended and ski enthusiasts had a Bright sunday for sport in the Lake Tahoe Region sunday was generally Clear in the Southland j the new cold invasion loomed especially severe in the Plains sections where Snow cover helped preserve the keen Edge of the cold front there was generally a foot or More of Snow cover in the Northern Plains area Hibbing Minn to the East had a ground cover of 30 inches slice and the Early part of the american vietnamese ceasefire was slow Headquarters had Little evidence of infractions the state department apparently decided the atmosphere was right to extend the truce and get set for perhaps a negotiated peace the us command in Saigon continued Page 2 merrily it Rolls along at least we assume thai it Rolls along because a recent 4day for Sale and sold this Large Mobile Home ill great la Fri Mobile 10 wide a Ltd exploded in inf Koom 3 bad room priced Twilow Bock Rahic Parl incidentally when the lady who advertised the Home sent payment in a note read i sold the trailer you advertised and merry Christmas time news want ads dial 722koo

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