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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives Dec 19 1970, Page 1

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Cumberland News, The (Newspaper) - December 19, 1970, Cumberland, Maryland Today a Uther to the Moeum cloudiness with of Shpirt High in Low in 40 colder sunday Nantt of mow the Cumberland news fort Hill by cagers win sea sports Section vol 59 St Cumberland tid 21901 second clip poit i paid at Cumberland Hubli led Day except sunday bar the time it Aue Fujiu co Cumberland Maryland saturday december 19 1970 an dated press up Apap Piotta politically Independent newspaper 24 cents strict curfews enforced in Poland Viet Cong rockets on Saigon taking toll newspaper Plant is damaged 4 children among victims of raid in terror attacks Saigon a Viet Cong gunners fired two big rockets int Saigon Early saturday kill tag six vietnamese and wound ing eight in an attack coinciding with a weekend of communist anniversary observances the four Chil killed and seven persons were Hurt when one of the 100pound 122mm missiles crashed into a crowded housing area in Saigon 9th precinct across the Saigon River from the main downtown Section one vietnamese policeman was Hurt when the second Rock St exploded in a Gas station in downtown Saigon two blocks from Brink hotel the cites big Gest us officers quarters then just before Dawn a terrorist bomb exploded in the entranceway of a building hous ing tin Sang morning Saigon most controversial newspaper it wounded four youths two seriously 24th anniversary of War saturday is the 24th anniversary of the beginning of the vietnamese War against the French in Hanoi in 1946 tin Sang owned by National assemblyman Ngo Cong due is vocally anti government and has been confiscated by officials More than 70 times in the past two years for its attacks on president Nguyen Van Thieu regime while the motive remained unclear the blast was one More damage to Draff Board police search for clues in the ransacked office of the Elizabeth n j selective service Board the office and one in Union City were vandalized before workers arrived Friday morning an Anonymous caller who said he was speaking for the Early Hoover vacuum conspiracy claimed responsibility for the damage a photo fax cleaner air Bill is sent to president Washington up con Gress gave final approval Friday to legislation designed to disperse the smog Over much of America with emphasis on in a series of terrorist bombings forcing Detroit to produce and grenadines that have rocked Saigon in the past week killing at least three americans and three vietnamese and wounding More than 30 persons experts said tin songs build ing was damaged by three to four pounds of explosive planted in the entranceway where the youths employed by the new spa virtually pollution free cars by 1975 the Bill sailed through the Senate and then the House by voice vote without dissent even though it was stronger than either the House or the administration wanted was sent to the White Hoase for president Nixon signature if enacted the measure would authorize spending Hughes Case decision is expected today Las vegas Nev a Fere with the personal relation the outcome of a struggle for control of Howard hug is million Nevada holdings rested Friday with a judge who said he would announce Liis decision saturday Hughes relationship with his chief lieutenant Robert Maheu and the conflicting Testi Mony of handwriting experts were raised As key issues Fri Day during final arguments in ship we just want to food the written directive of or Hughes that written directive was a proxy extending to Davis and two tool compari directors Power to act for Hughes Theau Hority to fire Maheu came from that proxy the tool company said the signature Howard r Hughes on that proxy was disputed by handwriting experts brought in by both sides during flames hit Auto Plant in Brazil 15 dead dozens Hurt at Sao Paulo Volkswagen works Sao Paulo Brazil up at least is persons were killed and dozens of others injured Friday when a giant fire swept through the Volkswagen factory in suburban Sao Bernardo do Campos largest automobile Plant in latin America police said the death toll could Rise As Many of the injured were in serious Condi Tion the fire broke out in one Wing of the Plant where tires were mounted and the vehicles painted the collapse of a three Story Wing shortly there after trapped police firemen and Plant Security workers estimates of the damage ran into the millions of dollars Volkswagen do Brasil announced immediate suspension of production throwing some 50000 workers out of jobs Sao Bernardo do Campos is an Industrial suburb of Sao Paulo secret list of Holiday toys banned Washington up food and drug administration said Friday a week before Christmas it was Banning four classes of toys from the Market As hazardous but it refused to identify them by Brand name or to say How they would be removed from stores no list is going to be made available an Fra spokesman disorders appear in five cities latest resistance reported in Slupsky tanks roam streets trouble in Poland map locates the four polish cities of Gdansk Sopot Gdynia and Szczecin which were hit by rioting touched off by demonstrations against Price increases Warsaw radio reported yesterday that life in Gdansk was fully Normal again radio Szczecin in an Early morning broadcast appealed for Observance of the nightly curfew instituted after Public buildings were set afire and shops looted a photo fax map thalidomide trial ends in Germany Alsdorf Germany a the 2viyearlong thalidomide drug trial ended Friday without a formal verdict but the to disclose his activities said it was convinced the drug cause he wanted to make in caused countless women to Bear malformed infants the sleep inducing drug Warsaw a strict cur fews were enforced in rebellious polish cities Friday night in an attempt to end the bloody clash 1 is that have taken up to 20 lives and left hundreds injured but i there were reports of disorders at a new spot Slupsky in the North rioters protesting govern men imposed consumer Price increases have fought militia men looted shops and burned buildings in the Baltic cities of Gdansk Gdynia and Sopot and the Western Industrial City of Szczecin in disorders that began monday All was reported quiet in the Baltic cities but in Szczecin 180 Miles West of Gdansk radio appeals for Calm hinted at More trouble there after a night of burning and looting a Western Diplomat returning from Gdansk said tanks were deployed at 100yard intervals on the main Street to enforce or Der Gdansk the former free City Chicago a John of Danzig has a population of Obrien a former Soldier Gdynia 170000 Sopot 40000 Szczecin 370000 and says he spied on civilians forms k 67joo the army said Friday he decide Eugi insists he spied on civilians blamed for crippling 6500 Chil Dren in 20 countries also was held responsible by the court for severe nerve damage suffered by some adult users the five past and present officials of the thalidomide producer Cherie Grunenthal went on trial May 27 1968 charged in a 972page indictment with negligent manslaughter inflicting said although he declined to i bodily injury and violating fed say How Many Brand name toys eral drug Laws in the develop were involved another source ment and Sale of thalidomide in within the Agency said 44 Germany were subject to the ban knowing people aware of a men Ace that exists Obrien 26 said at a news conference the disclosure of my activities As a former army intelligence agent is prompted by my personal concern As a citizen of the United states and by my concern for constitutional protections guaranteed All peo ple in our country Slupsky a City of Light 120 Miles West of Gdansk came reports that authorities used tear Gas to quell demonstrators the Steep increases announced last saturday at the height of the Christmas season followed years of Price stability the Price of meat a Chroni Cally Short item in Poland was raised 17 per cent other Price increases included 25 per cent t t for cheese 16 per cent for flour among those whose activities or fish he said he spied upon r has listed sen Adlai Stevenson Iii di1l former Illinois gov i the government estimated Otto Kerner now a Federal judge an the Rev Jesse l the various increases would raise an additional s208 million an 11dav court Battle before1116 hearing and both others perhaps would Dei the court acted at its 283rd 1 land Davis urged in closing that Tho a state District court judge How the testimony of their respective Ard Babcock per were sleeping the rocketing climaxed a would authorize spending the conflict pitted Maheu i judge in deciding the Case week of terrorism in Saigon next three Hughes visible representative followed a Call by the Viet con years set clean air since the mysterious billionaire military command to its forces program underway beginning descended upon the state foun to emulate the great tet million commitment years ago against the Board of in the fiscal year that ends doctors of Hughes tool co1 june 30 ithe inherited family firm that is the Bill maps a massive the basis of Hughes immense Fra said it was i session not provision in j from 1957 to Jackson head of breadbasket a Black a animation advised authorities in the a of German Law that experts be Given weight by the Brand names permits termination of a trial in Iii la lout because some were j1 decides the defendants guilt in formation about his activities hive demonstrators operation a in Revenue or to try to Calm the polish peo ple the country has been put under what almost amounts to a state of emergency Premier Jozef Cygankiewicz has ordered Obrien said he first made the j Security forces to shoot destruct Sive of 1968 strength is lowered attack on the nations dirty air the Allied military command problems ranging from Esta wealth with Hughes reportedly Vaca doubt that the Viet Cong of National standards a toning in the Bahamas and out North vietnamese now have the to criminal penalties for of the line of fire the tool com of All cars that were reduce exhaust strength to duplicate that destructive offensive but the possibility of stepped up attacks is not discounted a series of bombings this week most of them blamed on Viet Cong terrorists have killed three americans and four Viet namese More than 30 persons were wounded this was the first rocket at tack on Saigon since nov 2 when four of the missiles hit the capital killing 7 vietnamese and wounding 25 that was the worst casualty toll in 1a years and was the sixth rocket attack i on the capital this year on inside pages Ann Landers 6 Bridge 8 comics 21 crossword 21 crypt quote 21 deaths 10 or Van Dellyn 13 editorial Page 13 markets 8 racing 21 sports 1416 slate news 3 Tri state news 10 want ads2223 Days and women news 6 regularly ignoring them but its Central and most controversial provi Sions affect the internal com Bustion engine the Bill would forbid the Sale after not Jan 1 1975 equipped emissions Pany forces flew in from Texas and two weeks ago announced the firing of Maheu Maheu resisted saying or Hughes do it he obtained a restraining order Prev to enting tool company interfere of ence with his control of Hughes Nevada properties the court room Battle was on a tool com Pany move to set aside the or Der Matheus attorney Morton a Lane argued Friday that the Carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons at least 90 per cent from current Levels it would also ban the Sale of ears after Jan 1 1976 that did not produce 90 per cent fewer nitrogen oxides emissions than current models Pope Paul remains physically tired Vatican City the Paul i failed to attend fact that Thero had been agree ordination ceremonies Friday in ment in times past that Maheu i at vietnamese liberate 44 War prisoners cases and might be dropped is minimal and continuance a variable in letters to sen Sam j a report from Western from the list Alvin l Gottlieb would not serve further Public Cir Ervin dec head of the j sources that a bomb had explode an Fra attorney said the interest Senate constitutional rights j de in the Back Yard of the soviet Agency would notify manuf Clui presiding judge Benno diet subcommittee president Nixon embassy was denied by Zembas res of the specific toys to concurred on both these sen Charles Percy Iii and by personnel reporters were banned and instruct them Points saying Public interest in turn to notify stores for further prosecution no Long the Agency would not evener exists confirm that its ban covered three toys it named by Brand nov 14 when it first proposed Saigon up South Viet them off the Market namese troops fought their general descriptions into an underground prison seemed to match Complex and freed 44 persons who had been held by the Viet Cong for up to six years it was1 reported Friday the classes banned were toy rattles with1 parts which could puncture Ai child or be inhaled or eaten j and stuffed animals an announcement from South which could Brcak exposing vietnamese military head Marsh to 600 workers flee nuclear test fallout Mercury Nev a i about 600workers were newsmen Obrien a former staff ser Geant with the 113th military intelligence group in Evanston Ai Chicago suburb was accompanied by a lawyer at the news i conference in Chicago offices of the american civil liberties Union the lawyer David Goldber Ger Acle staff counsel told barred from the grounds Julie labels government bureaucratic ters said the prisoners included Ith about 600 workers were e s of enl i noise making toys with hmm Novaria Aptt site Lamg and Laws four women four servicemen a detachable components Atea the any jaws and 35 civilian men newsmen that Obrien could not discuss classified materials be Washington up Julie cause he respects the integrity Nixon Eisenhower Friday la of the government and Bebel cd the government big and Hes not interested in Vio bureaucratic and promised to help a Washington Antipoverty organization get 5100000 to continue its program for unwed j Friday after an underground Obrien said he was proud to tool company forces were trying spokesmen said All to ruin Maheu and the personal underfed and in poor relationship he Haj with one was described As seriously Hughes they would destroy the stat ure and dignity of Robert a Maheu said Galane at no Point said Galane did Rural development cadre Man potential for laceration Pun nuclear test shot blew a Piume have sen1 in the army up to were Asp ration inhalation radioactive dust 8000 feet Point at which he was or mothers and youths on Narco the Abri the atomic Energy dered to engage in spying Active tics the St Peters Basilica for 47 americans because Vatican sources said he did not feel physically up to it but official Vatican spokes Man Federico Alessandrini said the 73yearold pontiff was almost completely recovered from a mild Case of influenza which kept him in bed one Day holy father is Well said Alessandrini he has been without fever for the past two is receiving aides held a special role in Hughes organization and ill All had been held for least a year and some for without Long As six years spokesmen said toy guns use commission said cities which produced it the largest number of sound Levels of 138 decibels reported exposed to renames individuals higher or Caps ideation at the presidents 22yearold daughter wearing a Pink Wool dress visited the Headquarters of teen corps inc at a in the addition the Fra ruled test Sfa located in Barren Dej the army activities include condemned building that Lawn darts and myies Northwest of scrutiny of some considered itys Northeast ghetto the announcement said the Sharp pointed items cannot be vegas since underground test to be righting he said he she rapped wit South vietnamese Force As toys but can be sol dog began i 1963 the that position was based on his per Sonal relationship with Hughes Chester David tool company chief counsel countered by say ing Maheu was simply a servant whose services were being Dis posed of bythe master Hughes what does he offer except the claim that i am a servant and the Masier cannot Ever lose Faith with Davis we Are not trying to inter found the Tunnel prison nine communists who outside were labelled toy for departments if adult use and listed the minutemen a the dec said a radioactive these groups with miss one of Barbara Walters 24 executive i director of Wren corps and apparently guarding the sub term warning against use by child Ranegan Complex situated in run coastal swamps at the Mouth of the Mekong River 66 Miles Southwest of Saigon no Smiith vietnamese casual ties were reported chuckle most of us old timers yearn for Garden furniture that you can gel up out of 1970 general feature corp stains daughter expecting child Lair mass was moving name in his statement Fri toured the building and Northeast very slowly but Day As subjects or his Monitor with posters such that radioactive Levels dropping very rapidly the dec emphasized the level of radioactivity Pond the test site plastered As one were ing also were Lucy Montgom proclaiming honesty builds cry a wealthy chicagoan who Black economics has contributed to Liberal Julie autographed a doll with causes the Rev Francis x blonde hair for a Lucky Little Lawlor a roman Catholic girl then told miss Walters traced be boundaries was very Low and said it was Phoenix Ariz within permissible Levels Svetlana Allilu Yeva Peters 44for humans year old daughter of the late russian dictator Josef Stalin is expecting her third child Spring a spokesman Friday priest who has opposed neigh not to give up Hope for financial boyhood school integ Ralio from the office of forts Henry Dezutter reporter economic Opportunity no towns in the immediate j for the Chicago daily news and i think the program sounds area of the test site wer report two members of the Northwest terrific Julie said i want to next de evacuated the closest town Tern University Law school it in action i want to see it Saidis Alamo with about 250 res Julty John Waltz and Michael stay afloat government is so dents some 10 Miles North rus big and bureaucratic filibuster fever spreads from Senate to House in legislative slowdown by Frank elea7er Washington up Fili Buster fever spread from the Senate to the House Friday involving another of president Nixon legislative proposals and worsening prospects for congressional adjourn ment by Days end it got so bad that sen Mike Mansfield the democratic Leader called the Senate into an Houran Ahalt meeting behind dosed doors he wanted to try to figure comr Way out of the parliamentary Angle hat threatens to provide billion to help t Lions nearly All the measures caught in session ending filius keep lawmakers at work until Jan 3 when Congress legally expires but after that meeting sen Henry Jackson Dwash said its like getting the arabs and the israelis to negotiate Mansfield and Senate gop Leader Hugh Scott were a Little More optimistic but not much if theres any Light at the end of the Tunnel it int the Light of Christmas said Scott the unusual close door ses just Airliner was the key log in Sion of the Senate to try to find i the legislative Jam up Scott pot some Way out of the legislative enough signatures on petition quagmire engulfing it came to Force Senate vote at 10 after the House added saturday on whether Tosen Thomas j Mcintire d ident Nixon proposal to Cut off debate on that Issue Jonh after the meeting to an abandon the school Bill for been launched rest of the session against the set but it appeared unlikely Thal equally tired sen Thomas i but shortly after then immediately after the Senate schools desegregate to the and his supporters Coul Eagleton do democratic leaders agreed to refused to kill the Trade Bill on of Hills threatened by talk Muster the required two thirds conservative republicans j set aside the school Hill for this a 58 to 31 test Vole Senate vote to invoke cloture and with help from a variety of i privately opt democratic Leader Mike mans make the Senate move on to other opponents tied the House Ponce is understood this meant Field ordered a closed session in ters Are on must list the presidents of legislation something else after the closed Trade foreign Aid and More Money for the supersonic transport the fight Over the proposed session members said the Only and for thing they agreed on was that else in a parliamentary knot that Senate halted action on the school Bill abandoned for Thean Effort to assess Tho House Sot on with its business concessional impasse that a while everything in the Senate however members refused to kill the by mid afternoon the House Trade would impose threaten to keep Congress in session until it legally expires at noon on Jan 3 the opposite sides in each of the issues would hold private conferences saturday to try to resolve them lets to to Jamaica Tom were not going to miss anything said a discourage democratic leaders agreed Toof killing legislation by nonstop showing ourselves had accomplished just As quotas on shoes textiles Mansfield said the semite As the Senate and reps h Rand set up another leadership was disturbed at Gross Iowa and Durward filibuster Lac image which the body is Hall rom said they would j another least a j showing to the american people allow no further business until semblance of the old technique and More at the image we Are he said the highly unusual meeting was called to Lay out what the consequences will be if the Senate does not solve its dilemma the in Sigil House tie up was built around endless Roll Calls than the unlimited talk that fuels Senate filibusters it shifted attention in the congressional adjournment drive at least momentarily away from the Senate where the More formalized filibuster against set cambodian Aid my foreign Trade curbs has had Tho legislative machine slowed Al most to a standstill or Days

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