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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1982, Page 3

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Cumberland News (Newspaper) - December 13, 1982, Cumberland, Maryland Ann Landers answers your questions dear readers looking for the perfect gift for someone who appreciates insightful provocative writing with a touch of delicious humor i recommend a pieces of eight by Sydney j. Harris. Houghton Mif flin $12,95. Here Are a few of my favorite lines a when someone says to til etim Tunas Sale original Art a crafts Allegany arts Council 8 Greene Street daily 9 . To 3 . Pm. 777-9137 level with my i get the distinct impression that leveling is not that persons customary form of a an author retains the singular distinction of being the Only person who can remain a bore after he is a marriage does no to change people. It merely unmasks a in the final analysis there is no final a murder is an indictable offence in every nation on Earth except when nations engage in it and Call it a the sign of a poor executive is that he reprimands his subordinates in Public and commends them in private when he should be doing exactly the opposite to elicit their Best a most so called sexual incompatibility in marriage Springs from the delusion that sex is an activity when it is primarily a relationship. If the relationship is plated cockroaches in faulty the activity cannot red velvet cases makes be truly us look like a Bunch of a Bernard Baruch once morons ironically defined a . In Biloxi a Kike As a gentleman of hebrew persuasion who dear r. K. Has just left the Mississippi a image is a there Are just a few of lot better than it used to the nuggets in a pieces of be. And it is improving get it today. Its All the time thanks to a Gold mine. Representatives like dear Ann Lan congressman Sonny Ders being a resident Montgomery and people of Mississippi All of my like or. Lewis Nobles life i can Tell you it who Heads that Superb does no to take three years institution Mississippi to become an authority College in Clinton. I on cockroaches. It takes spoke there in 1973 and three months a june loved it july and August. Cockroaches Are a nuisance. I kill As Many As i can. But an even greater nuisance is those idiots who claim there Are big Bucks to be made off them. Dear Ann Landers. I was delighted to read the letter from a ladder legs who was sick and tired of spending a Fortune on pantyhose that ran after the a a Bull so definition of third wearing. She a important Money and certainly spoke for a lot a prominent citizens of us. Ranks minus Zero on a scale of i to to. Small wonder Mississippi has a bad image. Promoting the notion that people Down Here keep Gold Are you a roman Catholic who has stopped practising your Faith general unrest in the world disinterest divorce in the family disenchantment specific failure of the clergy and laity to make our Church a place of love and Welcome. May have caused you to Drift from your Faith and regular mass attendance. Wed like you to know you be been missed and we extend a warm invitation to you to. Come us by Christmas is. Peter t Paul Catholic Church Fayette Street Cumberland Maryland informal mooting wednesday december is 11 . Amp 7 30 .�?parish monastery you suggested that when one stocking runs instead of throwing away the pantyhose Cut it off and sew on a Good one from another pair. Sew on Why i simply slip into another pair of pantyhose the ripped one has been Cut off and i have double Tummy control and two perfectly Good stockings. Carolina Sally dear Sally you makes More sense than mine. Are you or is someone you care about Messing around with drugs a or considering it Are All drugs bad a what about pot a in moderation a Ann Landers All new Booklet a the Lowdown on dope Quot envelope 37 cents postage to Ann Landers to Box 11995, Chicago. Illinois 60611 Field enterprises inc. I 3�?the Cumberland news mon., dec. 13,1982 House Calls by or. G. Timothy Johnson epilepsy seizure with no apparent cause Mission for peace a actress Elizabeth Taylor listens to reporters in los Angeles after she announced her plans to embark on a 10-Day Mission to the Middle East to a try and create peace Between Israel and Lebanon. Five killed Over weekend Baltimore up a fires claimed the lives of three people including a woman and television set exploded and caught fire Early saturday. Fire capt. Patrick her son and two people Flynn said High voltage died in a Harford county electricity caused by a collision during the weekend in Maryland. A pedestrian was struck and killed in Prince Georges county. In Baltimore Lorraine Stengel 64, and her son Bruce 29, died from smoke inhalation minutes after a questions voice concerns talk about what has i away from your Church and what we can do to h Home. For further information Contact father emil�?777-3131. We Hope you will join us in peace As we share our gift of Faith. Piang us Chang . Board cart Iliad obstetrician by oncologist opened his office on sept. 1,1982 at 925 Bishop Walsh Road Cumberland Maryland a a a i phone 759-2522 Short circuit in a television in the songs second floor bedroom apparently sparked the fire. He said the family had a smoke Detector but the father did not remember hearing it sound. The deaths hike Baltimore a fire fatality toll to 62 so far this year compared to 26 fire deaths for All of 1981. In Montgomery county Preston Hyston 75, died from smoke inhalation saturday when a fire trapped him inside a trailer in Poolesville. Police in Bel air said two people from Baltimore died in a two car crash late saturday. Police said William Menzel 40, was making a a Tum on state route 152 when his vehicle collided broadside with another car. A passenger in men Zelys car Suzanne Corso 35, was transported to a Baltimore Hospital by helicopter and died after arrival. Three people in the other car were treated for minor injuries. In Prince Georges county police said an unidentified woman was killed when she was struck by a vehicle in Adelphi saturday. State police said the Driver of the vehicle was charged with speeding and failure to yield the right of Way. Question what is the difference Between epilepsy and seizures answer epilepsy can be simplistically described As a disease of recurrent seizures. A a seizure Means nothing More than an event in which the body a nervous system functions abnormally. A seizure can be dramatic As in the Case of a grand Mal convulsion a in which the resulting muscular movements Are very obvious and Large a or a Subtle alternation in nervous system function known As Petit Mal in which an individual will simply stare into space for a few seconds or a few minutes. When a seizure first occurs the physician a usually a neurologist a must attempt to determine its cause which May be something As serious As a brain tumor or As relatively minor As a temporary imbalance in blood sugar. Seizures that occur in a child in association with High fever Are usually caused by nothing More than the fever itself. These Are called febrile seizures. When seizures first occur in adults they Are More Likely to be caused by some serious underlying disease and therefore require thorough investigation. When no specific cause can be found for seizures that become recurrent the individual is said to have epilepsy. In Many cases of epilepsy some Type of abnormal brain tissue triggers the abnormal electrical events usually associated with seizure activity. The eeg or elec is a common test for attempting to discover these types of abnormal electrical activities. Epilepsy usually can be treated successfully with one or More anti convulsant or anti seizure drugs. In rare instances when drug control cannot be achieved various forms of experimental surgery May be tried. Most epileptics can be helped to Lead a Normal life and there Are few restrictions they need to consider. Question what is a continent ileostomy How does it differ from a regular ileostomy answer i should first explain that an ileostomy refers to a surgically created opening in the front Wall of the Abdomen through which the end portion of the Small intestine a the ileum a is surgically attached As the final opening of the digestive tract. When the Large intestine the Colon has to be removed surgically because of disease the newly created a a end of the digestive tract is brought out As an ileostomy so that Bowel contents can be collected in an appliance or bag placed Over the opening. Ileostomy is Are traditionally designed to be a a incontinent a i.e., release of material from these openings is not predictable or controllable. However this does not pose a problem for most individuals because they Wear the bag at All times. In recent years some surgeons have been developing variations on the ileostomy opening to achieve control Over the release and collection of Bowel contents. In such a a continent ileostomy is the individual periodically inserts a Catheter to remove materials that Are collected beneath the surface of the skin in an artificially created Pouch. Many surgeons and patients who have tried such ileostomy is Are enthusiastic about them a but others Point out that they Are not As predictably problem free As the older Type. Only time will Tell How successful and popular these newer forms of ileostomy is will be. Arthritis will you be among the i million americans to develop it this year a or. Johnson provides the latest information about this disease in his arthritis report Send la plus a Long stamped 20 cent self addressed envelope to arthritis care of this newspaper p o Box 48, nor Wood 07648 make Check payable to newspaper books 1982 by Tribune company syn., inc Man s body found in reflecting Pool Washington up a District of Columbia police sunday pulled the body of an unidentified Man out of the reflecting Pool in front of the Capitol police said. Department spokesman Vera Rocke said the body was found by a television cameraman around 11 30 . He said Only the Many a hands were sticking out of the shallow Pool and the rest of his body was submerged. Rocke said the body was sent to the medical examiners office where an autopsy will he performed to determine the cause of death. A i a Goren Bridge winterize your Home with Kero Sunpo Takle Heaters. Kero Sun offers you a Choice of two lines of portable Heaters Omni and Radiant your investment with Kero Sun would be a Wise one during an emergency or Power failure. 99.9% efficient smokeless odourless clean burning g us modes to choose from from 8,200 to 19,500 Btu s Radiant 56 Radiant pc omn115 Primrose Villa inc. Iso Washington Street Frostburg Maryland 30t ms-1122 Primrose Villa inc. Country club mall Lavala Maryland 301 729-6688 done a Radiator shop Routt 4 Cumberland Maryland 301 724-4726 for More information Call 800-252-3593 in a. And 800-458-3457 in my. Or Walt to Dusti a q. I a both vulnerable As South you hold a s3 k1063 o k92 3982 the bidding has proceeded North fast South West i a pass i it pass 3 a pass ? what action do you take a. A partners bid is not fore ing and you do not have much More than a minimum no Trump response in terms of Point count. However your Kings Are slightly undervalued and you do have some useful fillers. We would venture three no Trump and we w Ould not be upset if part Ner chose to Correct to four Spades q.2 neither vulnerable As South you hold a 9874 <7q63 0kj842 47 the bidding has proceeded North fast South West i a pass i o pass i v pass ? what action do you take a. A first of All partners bid of a new suit at the one level is not forcing. Secondly your hand is Worth Only one bid and you have made it. Pass and he Happy that you have managed to improve the Eon tract without getting out of your depth. Q.3 both vulnerable As South you hold a k93 k873 0ak62 4j8 partner opens the bidding with one club. What do you respond 14 Points in High cards and stoppers in the in hid suits your hand qualifies by Charles Goren and Omar Sharif �1902 Tribune company Syndicate inc ans Krs to Bridge quiz for a jump to two no Trump. However that would crowd the auction and you could easily miss a 4 4 heart fit a v Ith your prime values a suit contract might be desirable. We would respond one Dia mond to see if partner can introduce hearts. Should he fail to do so you can always jump in no Trump at your next turn. Q.4 a As South vulnerable you hold a a 1065 it aq9843 0 62 45 the bidding has proceeded North fast South West 1 a 2 a 3 4 3 a pass pass c ass pass pass pass pass what action do you take a. A we realize that your reverse As responder has created a situation which in theory is forcing however the More the auction has pro grossed the worse your hand has become. Partner surely has a hand with no More than three Spades a Singleton heart and at least six clubs in View of the known misfit we would break a Cardinal Rule of bidding and pass hut we Are ready to apologize to partner if we took the wrong decision. Q.5�?both vulnerable As South you hold a aj1063 7 0 ak92 �T�kq10 the bidding has proceeded South West North fast i a Dale 2 0 pass ? what do you bid now a. A first partner s bid does not show any great strength with a Good hand he would have started with a redouble. He probably has nothing but a Long Diamond suit. However we done to need much More than that for a shot at game. Our Choice would he Between a jump to four diamonds and a leap to game. Since partner May reject an invitation with a suitable hand we would take our chances with five diamonds. Q.6�? fast West vulnerable. As South you hold a kj10986 95 74 4ak2 the bidding has proceeded fast South West North i a pass pass pass what is your opening Lead want to prevent Declarer from scoring tricks with his Low Trumps by Means of ruffing. The Way to do that is to draw Trumps. Start by leading the King in Case partner of Dummy has the Singleton Queen. Done to worry about Declarer having both missing honors if he has them he will score both no matter w hat you do. How do you choose to Best opening Lead Harl Goren has the answer. For copy of a winning open ii leads a Send si.85 a Goren leads Quot care of to newspaper. . Box 2 Norwood . 07648. A checks payable to Nev paper books

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