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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1982, Page 2

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Cumberland News (Newspaper) - December 13, 1982, Cumberland, Maryland Annapolis apr the number of future lawyers passing the Maryland bar examination has increased from 54 to 66 percent in the past seven years according to state officials. However a Survey of about 200 people taking the bar exam found that minority applicants fail it at a rate almost five times higher than the average for Whites. The mail Survey was conducted for the Maryland general Assembly. The Legislatures research Agency the department of fiscal services sent questionnaires to about one third of the 1,200 people who took the bar exam in july 1981 and february 1982. Officials said 207 responses were returned by persons who indicated their race with 29, or 14 percent being members of minority groups. Analysts used the responses to try to develop the first racial profile of those who take the exam. 17,000 return after explosion Taft la. Apr a chemical Plant where two tanks exploded was declared Safe sunday and 17,000 people who fled amid warnings of poisonous Gas were allowed to return to their Homes. Residents within a five mile radius had been evacuated before Dawn saturday when the tanks holding acrolein burst into flames at the Union Carbide corp. Chemical Plant. The chemical is an ingredient in tear Gas and herbicides. The tanks burned throughout the Day saturday shooting flames 70 feet into the air. No injuries were reported. The Blaze died Down saturday evening but authorities said the superheated liquid chemical could still explode showering the area with Poison Gas. It was the threat of the potentially lethal Gas formed by the chemical that prompted the evacuation officials said. Union Carbide employees in protective suits inspected the site sunday morning and said there was no longer a danger of another explosion said St. Charles Parish sheriff Charles Wilson. A from All the information we re getting the situation is Safe a Wilson said. He said earlier estimates that up to 25,000 people had been evacuated were about 3,000 residents spent the night in five emergency shelters set up at area High schools red Cross officials said. The remainder stayed with friends or relatives. Wilson said the evacuation of at least nine communities was the largest Ever in the heavily industrialized petrochemical corridor along the Mississippi River Between new Orleans and Baton Rouge. A a we be often wondered what would happen if we had to get everybody out of a big area like this a he said. A fall things considered the evacuation went pretty smoothly. The vast majority of the people were out of the affected area within a couple of traffic along the Mississippi River halted during the Blaze was restored sunday. Union Carbide spokesmen said the blast caused relatively Little damage. A the fire is out a said Plant manager Lee Goodson. A was far As we can Tell there were no toxic fumes released and no environmental Goodson said it was still not known what caused the blast. The Plant resumed partial operations sunday and was expected to be operating at full capacity by weeks end he said. Some residents complained of the four hour delay Between the 12 30 . Blast and the order to fire damages part of Lorton reformatory Lorton a. Up a a suspicious fire at the Lorton reformatory sunday caused heavy damage to the prisons License plate Plant firefighters said. No injuries were reported. Firefighters had a no difficulties getting in and no problems with the inmates there was just alot of damage a Stephanie Strauss a Fairfax county fire department spokeswoman said. Evacuate but Wilson said Union Carbide acted correctly in ordering the immediate evacuation of Only a Small area around the Plant. A they went by the Book on this one a the sheriff said a and the Book says half a he said the wider evacuation was recommended by state police about 4 30 . The evacuees said police wasted no time in carrying out that order. They concluded from the responses that while 14 percent of Whites fail the test the minority failure rate is 66 percent. Warren g. Deschenaux jr., who supervised the analysis said the pass fail percentages May be five Points off for the full group because of the Small Sample size. Still he said a i think the results Are highly suggestive of a matter that the Board should be concerned with and they should look his report added a whether it is the bar exam itself or some other Factor that is the cause of this disproportionate failure rate among minorities has yet to be some blame admissions criteria and the education offered in certain Law schools. Maryland Laboratory claims new More efficient artificial heart Baltimore apr a Maryland medical researcher says the valueless artificial heart he has patented is More efficient than the one Given to a Man in Utah recently and could be ready for implantation within five years. A a it a a rigid pump a Cylinder its basically like a rotary engine a said or. Mark Carol a 30-year-old neurosurgery resident at the University of Maryland Hospital explaining the invention that he patented in 1979. The University a medical lab director or. Anthony Moulton said a prototype of the heart a to be made largely of ultralight materials a is being machined and he said a number of medical engineers who have seen a Model of it have been a really excited that this thing will Carrolls design is not the Only heart that uses a rigid pump instead of a collapsible bladder As in the device implanted . 2 in 61-year-old Barney Clark at the University of Utah medical Center in Salt Lake City. However Moulton said carols device unlike others is designed to circulate blood with a pulsing flow a and he said Carol has been working to make the pulse More nearly approximate that of a natural heart. Carol said the heart he invented has three main advantages Over the heart that Clark received. First he said a you done to need any his device he explained uses a rigid Cylinder with independently pivoting paddle wheel like Blades to draw blood into a chamber that expands As one Blade moves. Blood is expelled from a separate chamber which also changes size As a second Blade pivots. Separate intake and outflow a a portals in the Cylinder need no valves because blood flows through each in Only one direction. In Many other artificial hearts Carol said a you have to use a material that can flex. A the problem is that the heart beats say too times a minute a he said and although a number of sturdy pliable materials Are available a a it a not known whether the membranes will hold although he called the rigid design of his device a second advantage Over bladder Type hearts he conceded that a special Effort has to be made to reduce friction in the rotary heart. Moulton said that is Why materials such As Carbon Pyro Lite a material used in the space shuttle nosecone tiles and one which takes a High polish and ultralight titanium will be used in the device. Carol said finally that his rotary heart uses electricity More efficiently than the device implanted in Clark. Clarks artificial heart is connected to an outside air compressor but Carol said researchers Hope eventually to implant Power sources along with the Man made Organ. When that is done he said his device would require a three times less Energy to run it than did the Clark heart. Asked Why an artificial heart needed both Carol and Moulton cited statistics showing that of the million or so americans who die each year of cardio vascular disease Between 12,000 and 50,000 succumb because in carols words a their heart stops working As a an estimated 2,000 human hearts Are donated each year Moulton said. A if there were enough donor hearts available for transplants then i done to think we could justify it a Moulton said of artificial heart research. He said it will Cost $10,000 to $15,000 to produce a prototype of carols device and about $50,000 to perfect and test it enough for implantation in animals. Private and government Grants Are being sought but to Date the Maryland lab has been turned Down twice in its requests Moulton said. Carol calculating that it would take Between three and five years before researchers would consider an implant of his device in patients with heart pump failure understated his anticipation a if you could take these people give them a heart replacement let them go Back to work let them get out from under medical Bills it would be Good a he said. Extended weather the Cumberland news wednesday through Friday fair weather both wednesday and Friday but a Chance of precipitation thursday. Lows mid 20s to mid 30s. Published daily except sunday by the times and Alleg Anian company 79 South Mechanic Street cum Berland my 20c per copy by Carrier is 08 weekly mail subscriptions for Maryland Pennsylvania West Virginia Virginia and District of Columbia $4 50 one month s26 50 six months ssi of one year other states s4 75 one month 177 50 six months $54 00 one year second class postage paid at Cumberland Maryland j amp m electronics a audio components a i a compact amp port Ables a a for Home amp Auto a a car installations a All types of electronic parts amp accessories we service what we sell financing available Technics Panasonic Fisher 4 Sam vows my Konior Vetus k40 729-8110 1231 National hwy., la Vale Gar Loans at your credit Union Don t be confused by interest rates. Compare our payments amp benefits with other financing such As credit life insurance at no charge to eligible members. Also automatic monthly payments from your share account. Terms Choice is yours 11 % up to 36 months or 13%-up to48months principal amp interest on the unpaid balance no other Quot hidden Quot charges. Acc a Federal c. J Federal credit Union Sar Vlag my i apis i two of said to i tsars. 121 or mob St. Oam Bernaad in. Him 771-sms 4 i 11 so mis a it Nacua 2�?the Cumberland news mon., . 13,1982_ pictures in the news Holiday sales jobs harder to find this year by Lori Santos Washington up a temporary jobs for sales clerks and other traditional Holiday season workers Are More difficult to get in the Washington area this year government and business officials said sunday. A retail sales Are Light and spotty and retailers have not been hiring As Many seasonal employees As in previous years a said Leonard Kolodny retail Bureau manager for the greater Washington Board of Trade. The number of full time and part time department store employees in the metropolitan area increased by Only about too workers Between september and october normally the Start of a Sharp seasonal upturn according to initial estimates by District Maryland and Virginia officials. The total number of department store employees was tentatively estimated at 37,400 in october. Estimates for november and Early december Are not yet available and the data could be revised later Kolodny said. The Board of Trade gathers statistics from stores in Washington and the outlying suburbs. About 65 percent of the stores in the area report to the Board of Trade. Kolodny said area sales were Down slightly from previous years. But he said a though things Are not As Good Here in the Washington Region As they were in previous years we re much better off than other parts of the with continued High unemployment some stores have substantial backlogs of Job applicants. A District official said the City recently sent letters to 15,000 employers asking whether they wished to hire seasonal workers. A we Only got 12 responses of people saying yes a the official said. Some major department stores no longer want the City to help recruit temporary workers because their backlogs of Job applicants Are so Large. Executives of several Large stores including Woodward amp Lothrop and Gar Finckel a said they have sought to streamline their employment practices by hiring More part time rather than full time seasonal workers. The temporary employees Are hired to work Only during the stores busiest hours. The result is that they have hired about As Many seasonal workers As last year but the temporary employees Are paid for working fewer hours. Neiman Marcus has Cut its seasonal employment by about to percent said personnel manager Lorena Sabbs. A the Bottom line is that we be staffed More carefully a is. Sabbs said. The . Postal service once a source of numerous temporary jobs during the Holiday season has Cut Back in recent years a spokesman for the . Post office said. But some temporary mail clerks will be employed this month in suburban areas. Officials said they have hired 45 temporary clerks in Northern Virginia and May hire up to 50 in suburban Maryland. District officials concerned about the decreased seasonal employment opportunities recently let retail stores pay seasonal workers less than the districts new minimum wage. The do. Wage hour Board raised the retail pay minimum to $3.50 an hour in september. But it said shops May pay seasonal and new employees at the slightly lower Federal minimum rate of $3.35 an hour Between oct. 15 and Jan. 3. More Whites women fewer Blacks pass bar radio Tower Falls a Lawrence Kansas police and officials of Kanu pm radio station examine wreckage of the stations 680-foot radio Tower that crashed to the ground late saturday night. Although the Tower hit the Concrete Block building in the background no one was injured. Police believe that three of the towers 24 support Guy wires and cables were Cut. Going Home a families who evacuated their Homes because of an explosion at Union Carbide Plant in Taft la., Board St. Charles Parish school buses for the trip Back Home. These people spent the night at Annville High school. Some 17,000 people were evacuated from half a dozen neighbouring communities. Needs new liver a two and a half year old Brooke Lun Deen of Florence Oregon flew with her parents de and Karla Lundeen to Pittsburgh on saturday for tests to evaluate Brookes suitability for a liver transplant. She needs a new liver to stay alive. A laser photo told to turn in Beard a Bertha Purtteman holds up the Beard and hat she wore As Santa Claus before she was replaced by a Man. After 12 Days on the Job in an Everett was department store is. Purtteman because of her sex has been replaced by a male Santa. She said a i think they Are being silly. All they see is your eyes and a laser photo

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