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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1982, Page 1

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Cumberland News (Newspaper) - December 13, 1982, Cumberland, Maryland Lame Congress May have difficulty winding up session Friday by w. Dale Nelson Washington a despite talk of Compromise on the my missile controversy it is becoming increasingly unlikely that Congress will wind up its lame session As scheduled on Friday. Such trouble spots As the Gas tax an emergency jobs Bill and the Battle Over the missile president Reagan dubbed the a peacekeeper a May keep the lawmakers in session through next week or even after Christmas. And sen. Robert Dole r-kan., indicated sunday the Gas tax Issue alone would keep Congress Busy until new years eve. Early in the week the House is expected to begin action on a Stopgap spending measure that includes a $5.4 billion democratic jobs Bill which republicans say will prompt a presidential veto. The House appropriations committee affixed the jobs plan to the catch All spending Bill on Friday by a vote of 25-18, in a move by democratic leaders to improve the chances of the jobs measure. Most government agencies technically will be broke unless the spending Bill is passed by Friday. But Reagan has already threatened to veto if it contains the jobs Bill. The democratic plan would provide Money for a variety of emergency Public works jobs plus housing Aid and assistance for the unemployed including food and shelter. Democrats say it could provide work for 300,000 people. On monday in the Senate Effort is scheduled to choke off a filibuster by conservative republicans that is stalling action on the proposed Nickel a gallon increase in the 4-cent Federal gasoline tax. Aides to the Senate Republican leadership said majority Leader Howard h. Baker jr., r-tenn., would have More than the 60 votes needed to pass his cloture motion to shut off debate on the Gas tax increase. The legislation is supposed to raise an estimated $5.5 billion a year for Highway and mass transit improvement. Sponsors say it would create 170,000 construction jobs. Reagan is pushing the tax increase. Opponents argue it xxx would depress the private Xiomy by making Consumers pay More for gasoline. Dole appearing on cd so a face the nation a predicted that the gasoline tax a will pass in the Senate. It May not be until new years eve but it will pass. No matter How Long it takes. A we can to let four or five or six members of the Senate hold us up until next year a said Dole chairman of the Senate finance committee. A $231 billion defense spending Bill a peacetime record also awaits Senate action. The House approved it after stripping out nearly $1 billion to buy the first five of the my missiles Reagan has proposed putting into the Cluster called a dense pack near Cheyenne Wyo. Reagan signalled an apparent willingness to Compromise on the Issue Friday saying he was willing to listen to congressional suggestions for improvement although he still thought his plan was the Best. He insisted that the my itself is vital to National Security and arms control. Senators including some highly critical of the my and a dense pack a have stepped up negotiations for a Compromise. Most talk was about approving the production funds but holding them up while another Basing plan is studied and giving Congress some kind of voice in the selection of a Basing Mode. Dole said he supported production of the missile but the a dense pack Basing Mode he dismissed with a Curt a forget in other matters the House has still to Complete action on a Bill requiring manufacturers Selling More than 100,000 automobiles and Light trucks a year in the United states to have a fixed portion of their production done in this country. It faces opposition in the Senate if it gets there. Dole warned that such a Bill is Only a hint of a possible a Rush to protectionism unless other ways Are found to protect american Industry competitively. A we must demonstrate to the europeans and the japanese that we mean business by offering american industries government subsidies a in a few selected areas a Dole said. The weather sunny and cold. High in lower 30s. Tonight door cold Low 15 to 20. Sunny tuesday. High in 40s.til� Cumberland news for Brav in Bock Pogo vol. 45�?no. 53 published daily except sunday by the times h allegation co Baltimore St. Cumberland. My21502 second class postage paid at Cumberland. My Cumberland Maryland monday dec. 13,1982 politic ally Independent newspaper associated press Upit a Lake photo Twenty cents Poland to suspend martial Law this year Jaruzelski tells nation in televised talk sunday military Rule to be . Troops on Alert in Germany a . Demonstrators blocked Access to fifty ., soldiers guarding the Rhine main military Canadian and West German guarding the Rhine main military airbase near Frankfort Germany stand at the ready in full gear during a peace demonstration in front of the airbase yesterday. Thousands of West German military installations All Over Germany. Most of the demonstrators protesting deployment of nuclear missiles in Europe were women. Chrysler canadians vote new contract the new contract gives Chrysler workers in the United states and Canada a Basic 3 percent wage hike plus a Cost of living adjustment of 47 cents per hour for the americans and 87 cents per hour for the canadians. Workers in the two countries had been making identical wages a but with the americans paid in . Dollars and the canadians in the less valuable Canadian Dollar. The new contract recognizes differences in currency values inflation rates and general economic conditions Union and company officials said. Cost of living Protection for 1983 Calls for quarterly adjustments expected to amount to 64 cents in each country under a formula applied to the combined .-Canada consumer Price Index. The hourly pay of an assembler by Charles Campbell associated press writer Toronto apr an overwhelming majority of Chrysler a 10,000 striking Canadian workers voted sunday in favor of a new contract assuring the end of the 38-Day-old strike in Canada against the struggling automaker. Skelton Crews returned to work at Midnight to prepare for resumption of full activity at the plants at 7 a m. Monday. Chrysler workers in the United states Are scheduled to vote on a similar contract thursday and Friday. The 13-month contract which Calls for an immediate pay raise of $1.15 an hour in Canadian currency was approved in Windsor by 90.8 percent of the 7,014 members of the United Auto workers local 444 who cast ballots local president Ken Girard said. One Canadian Dollar is now Worth Only 81 . Cents. Since there Are 10,000 Law workers at Chrysler a six Canadian plants the outcome in Windsor assured ratification of the pact. Robert White the Law chief who led the Canadian workers on strike after their . Counterparts agreed to wait for new talks in january said the Canadian strikers were pleased they could help win a bigger settlement for . Workers. A i think the Chrysler workers Beirut a lebanese will be extremely proud of the president Amin Gemayel sent accomplishments they have internal Security forces chief achieved a White said. A i feel Hisham Shaar to Tripoli sunday somewhat to meet with local political leaders and syrian officers in Hopes of finding a political set on ins Igo pages Bement to end six Days of bitter m fighting Between rival militia Ann landers.3 gangs. Within hours of Shaari a Bridge 3 arrival fierce fighting erupted and officials said three people were killed and to wounded. S.110.5 Managua Nicaragua a re about 50,000 nicaraguans jammed downtown Managua editorial page.9 sunday in a massive an .15 Tia Merican protest in sport.10,11 preparation for the burial Tri state news.4 monday of 75 miskito Indian want ads.12-14 children and nine women who at a Canadian Plant will jump from $9.07 to $10.21 immediately on his return to work. The new wage is equivalent to about $8.27 in . Currency. Hourly pay for an assembler at a . Plant will increase from $9.07 to $9.81. In Windsor just across the Border from Detroit the workers voted at a Racetrack listening from the grandstands As Union leaders explained the contract in front of Trotters performing their workouts. Key elements of the . And Canadian packages were negotiated wednesday night and thursday morning in a Toronto hotel Between a Union team headed by White and International president Douglas a. Fraser and Chrysler officials headed by vice president Thomas Miner who flew up from Detroit with Fraser. By Bryan Brumley Warsaw Poland a the a Basic i gorse of martial Law will be suspended before the end of the year internment will end and there will be a partial amnesty Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski announced sunday night. Jaruzelski the Premier communist party chief and head of the martial Law Council said in a nationally televised speech that his regime Hopes to end military Rule a in the reasonably near but he indicated that in the meantime it would retain some of the extraordinary Powers it assumed last year. Jaruzelski spoke on the eve of the first anniversary of the Day he proclaimed martial Law to begin the destruction of the Independent labor Union Solidarity. The Union was outlawed on oct. 13, and last month the government concluded it was no longer a threat when underground leaders were unable to rally a nationwide protest strike. Jaruzelski said the 21-Man Council of National redemption a is of the opinion that conditions have Arisen for suspending martial Law. The suspension of martial Law Means that its Basic Rigours will cease to function before the end of this the Sejm Poland a parliament meets monday to take the legislative action necessary to put the military councils decision into effect. Jaruzelski spoke Only in general terms of the restrictions that would be lifted and those that would remain. A Only regulations that directly protect the fundamental interests of the state creating a protective shield for the Economy and ensuring the greater personal safety of citizens should remain in Force wholly or in part As a temporary measure a he said. Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski promises amnesty end of internment a a. The National Economy. Needs special Protection and the Public wants the fight against crime to be stepped a anarchy will not be tolerated a he warned. A no one in Poland or abroad should labor under any illusion that the current decisions will allow a further Jaruzelski made no mention of a letter from Solidarity Leader Lech Walesa in which the hero of the Independent labor movement listed his conditions for cooperation with the government to solve the nations a deep and prolonged the letter written dec. 4 and made Public by Walesa saturday called for amnesty for All Solidarity members jailed or fired from their jobs for Union activity. It also demanded restoration of the Gdansk agreements of August 1980, which for the first time in the soviet bloc recognized the right of workers to form unions Independent of communist party control. However Jaruzelski said there would be a partial amnesty and underground Solidarity activists should seize the Chance to come into the open. Solidarity was suspended when Jaruzelski declared martial Law last dec. 13, and thousands of its leaders were interned. All but about 300 have been freed but the new labor Law that outlawed their Union restores control of new unions to the party. World news summary i Surprise Snow blanketing East Washington a danish prime minister Poul Schluter arrived in Washington sunday for talks with president Reagan on Denmark a objections to plans for new nato nuclear missiles in Europe. One prime area of consideration will be Denmark a freeze on payments for the medium Range nuclear missiles. Died in the crash of an army helicopter. The crowd yelled a death to Reagan a even though the United states has rejected As a a absurd Nicaragua a claim it was to blame for the crash. St. Louis a ice formed in the Mississippi River sunday threatening new flooding in Missouri where officials set up emergency Relief centers to Aid hundreds of families left homeless by heavy flooding last week. The National weather service warned ice was forming Between dams in Clarksville and Winfield and an ice Jam would cause the River to Rise upstream. Salt Lake City artificial heart recipient Barney Clark remained Semi conscious sunday disappointing doctors who had hoped he would fully recover within five Days from seizures suffered last tuesday. A nursing supervisor at the University of Utah medical Center said Clark had made no Progress since saturday when his family was advised to talk to him hold him and touch him in an Effort to revive his neurological state. Dastol. Langford associated press writer an unexpected snowstorm sunday decorated the Eastern Seaboard with Snow up to a foot deep from Virginia to Maine and Christmas shoppers were urged stay Home while plows worked to reopen clogged streets and highways. Heavy Snow falling at the rate of 4 inches an hour in the Washington suburbs plastered the nations capital and the big cities of Baltimore Philadelphia new York Providence r i., and Boston but areas farther Inland were spared deep accumulations. There were scattered blackouts and driving was perilous. At least to inches of Snow fell at Dulles International Airport outside of Washington. About 9 inches accumulated in Ashland va., 15 Miles North of Richmond and in other communities in the Central and Southern part of the state. The storm spread a Broad Swath of rain sleet and Snow from Northern Mississippi to Maine. Muscle Shoals ala., got an Inch of Snow and anywhere from 4 to to inches fell overnight from Eastern Kentucky to coastal new Jersey. Winter storm warnings were posted from Virginia to Eastern Massachusetts where a foot of Snow was expected on Cape cod. But skies were mostly Clear in the Mississippi Valley and Rivers continued to recede from flood Levels last week that caused at least $620 million in damage and drove 35,500 people from their Homes. The storm which developed off the coast of the Carolinas during the night brought a Sharp contrast to the Balmy weather of a week earlier when virginians were enjoying barbecues with temperatures in the mid-70s and the ice melted at the skating rink at Rockefeller Center in new York. Police in Baltimore where 5 inches of Snow was on the ground by mid morning were urging motorists to stay off the icy Bridges and highways. A fortunately its a sunday a said Dan Mccarthy a police spokesman. A the Bottom line is if you done to have to drive in Philadelphia which also got 5 inches by morning police said the Snow combined with High winds caused numerous traffic accidents. Roads in most of Virginia were Slippery and hazardous. Scattered Power outages were reported in Roanoke and in Richmond. In Eastern Kentucky Power was out in parts of Pike Perry and Harlan counties. National Airport in Northern Virginia near Washington d.c., was closed temporarily but was operating at full capacity by mid morning officials said. Dulles in Western Fairfax county was reported operating on full schedule. A we were caught off guard As far As How far North the storm would reach a said Jeff Bowman of the National weather service in Washington. A we had predicted it would move West to East but it moved in a More East northeastward direction brushed coastal new England and the North Atlantic

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