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Cumberland Evening Times Newspaper Archives Nov 29 1982, Page 1

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Cumberland Evening Times (Newspaper) - November 29, 1982, Cumberland, Maryland The Heather Clearing tonight some Patchy tog lows 30-35. Cloudy Komorow. Highs Low 50s to so winds Light variable Tatum Berlati aligning Himes Evitts Board goes in he an Ped see local Page no. 320 Axa Orstad pts new York Tim new san race l no pre Tater com of a mrphom it Cumberland. Maryland monday november 29, 1082 Pun kurd Man by Thrno of pita a the Titan to Alif Gen in co. Tim nth it Cumber fend. My 2 m2 ire Eod Daw pwt pad in Cumber and my 20 cents tax Breaks incentives urged by Reagan Mountain fighters a afghan guerrillas holding russian made Kalashnikov assault rifles sit at a Mountain Lookout in the Hills of Lega in Afghanistan s Pastis province waiting for soviet aircraft to pass. These afghan Mountain fighters have been holding the mountains against the Best the russians could throw against them including bombing and gassing attacks from the air. Some guerrillas operate from Pakistan. It a it my plan rejection could kill negotiation incentive Washington a defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger says if Congress rejects the my missile plan the soviets will have a no incentives to negotiate seriously with the United states Over weapon reductions. A a there a no incentive for them to be in Geneva if they done to have something to gain from it. If we done to have a credible. Plan of maintaining an effective deterrent a Weinberger said sunday in an interview on abcs a this week with David however sen. Ernest Hollings d-s.c., a member of the appropriations subcommittee on defense predicted on the same program that the new Congress taking office in january will not approve the my Hollings said the air Force has been using a a full Point press to get the my approved during lame Duck session before the newly elected and less sympathetic Congress convenes. Sen. Henry m. Jackson a was appearing on no cd so meet the press a said the a dense pack Basing plan for the missile announced last monday by president Reagan faces a deep trouble in Congress Jackson a member of the armed services committee said he would vote to produce the weapon despite his misgivings about the deployment system he said he would a Reserve judgment on whether the deployment system should be pursued. Hollings criticized the administration s $26 billion a dense pack proposal for Basing too my missiles in super hardened closely based silos in Wyoming he said he agreed with former president Carters Secretary of defense James Schlesinger who said that if anyone had recommended a putting All their eggs in one Basket. Ten years a you would be put them in a straight 88-nation Trade conference will accept . Compromise Geneva Switzerland apr an 88-nation world Trade conference today adopted an emergency Compromise worked out by the United states and other countries on a new set of rules to combat protectionist Trade barriers but a major agricultural policy dispute Between America and the 10-nation european common Market remained unresolved despite Marathon negotiations. The conference chaired by Canadian foreign minister William Maceachen avoided taking a Side in the feud by calling instead for a study of the Issue a Overall the results might get a Grade of cd special Trade representative Bill Brock said of the negotiations. A it could stretch to a c plus but Only time and future actions could after five Days of often acrimonious deliberations the conference reaffirmed the 35-year-old general agreement on tariffs and Trade with a set of Compromise guidelines hammered out by an emergency Contact group Gatt is the umbrella organization that sets the rules for non communist world Trade it has no enforcement Powers. Concerns Over unemployment and declining Industrial productivity often watered Down the conferences avowed aim of taking a Tough new stand against protectionism the final document called Only for members to a a resist new protectionist measures. Gatt is generally opposed to Trade restrictions the United states Canada the common Market Japan and key developing countries worked around the clock to reach a Compromise among the divided nations which represent 80 percent of world Trade the Issue which most often threatened to undermine the conference was that of common Market farm Export subsidies which the United states wants to see phased out the common Market includes Britain Denmark France Italy West Germany Belgium Luxembourg Greece. Ireland and the Netherlands military Rule opponents holding Lead in Uruguay Montevideo Uruguay apr opponents of military Rule were headed for a decisive Victory today in Uruguay a first elections since the army seized Power in 1973. With results from More than 80 fruent of the precincts counted the government said today that foes of the nine year old military regime gained firm control of the two major political parties in the running. The winners of sundays election will become delegates to conventions of the nations three officially recognized parties they will elect each party s Board of directors who in turn will name candidates for president and parliament in elections set for november 1984 according to the incomplete returns 70-75 percent of the votes for National party went to opponents of the military regime while 60-65 percent of those elected from the Colorado party opposed the armed forces the National and Colorado parties Are the country a traditional political rivals also up for election were officials of the tiny conservative civic Union party. The National party received 46.6 percent of the Overall vote according to the incomplete returns. Colorado got 40 percent and the civic Union one percent. The military blocked participation by leftist parties and barred 30 National and Colorado party politicians the generals claimed those excluded bore responsibility for the political violence of the Early 1970s leftists asked their supporters to cast Blank ballots and election officials said seven percent of the votes cast were Blank just Over 2 million people a two thirds of the population of this Small South american a ton a were eligible to vote final results were expected later today. Fifty seven percent of the voters rejected the Constitution forcing the government to rethink its plans sundays vote represented the outcome of that review. Enterprise zones sought for ties the administration argues that the weapons would be protected by placing them so close together because attacking soviet missiles would disable each other before they could Knock out All the mrs. Weinberger also said the my Basing plan does not violate the Salt i and Salt ii accords Quot the Salt treaty talks about More fixed emplacements for the launching and the my is not a fixed emplacement for i a in Ching its a cannister it can be picked up and moved and taken around. The silo is used for Protection a Weinberger said. But Hollings said he does no to think the United states has kept to the terms of the Salt treaties Quot i done to think we re abiding by them now Quot he said if the Senate had ratified the Salt la agreement Hollings said the my Basing plan would violate it. A we weren to allowed any kind of Mobile system or new silos a he said. Santa Barbara Calif apr president Reagan trying to make peace with City officials urged the Lam Duck session of Congress today to put on its Agenda a package of tax Breaks and investment incentives to lure new business to depressed Urban areas. Reagan said approval of his so called Enterprise zone initiative would a let our cities get on with the business of recovery a in remarks prepared for delivery before the National league of cities Reagan also made a pitch for a massive High Way repair and jobs program that Congress is to consider in upcoming Days portions of Reagan a speech to be presented in i it of Angeles were released in Advance Here where he has been vacationing since last week the Highway repair plan which already carried bipartisan congressional support Calls for a 5-cent per gallon increase in the Federal gasoline tax to finance the work Quot it will allow us to Complete the interstate system make almost ail the interstate repairs strengthen All our dangerously weak Bridges improve thousands of others enhance All of Mir safety and address the critical Public transit needs of our cities a Reagan said Reagan s Enterprise zone program contains a variety of incentives to attract new business to inner City areas it includes a provision to allow employers to pay a lower minimum wage to teen age workers Reagan said the Senate has approved the package but the House has not acted. Reagan a audience included some of the strongest critics of the administrations a new federalism plan to replace Many local Grant programs with Block Grants to the states. City officials fear they will be left Short. Beyond that the administration is sharply cutting Back funds for the league of cities the group received $4 million from the Federal government last year but is expected to get wily $1.6 million this year. Next year none of its Grant is expected to be renewed mayor Charles Royer of Seattle who becomes president of the league during its four Day meeting said Reagan was coming before the Urban leaders a at a critical time in the coun try a history As Congress comes Back in the midst of catastrophic unemployment in cities across the country Quot Quot the no i Issue is the presidents willingness to come a ways towards us in helping us to meet our problems and folding that willingness into a terrible budget session in Congress where he has to Deal with social Security this massive arms increase and a growing and terribly awesome deficit Quot Royer said. Reagan was stopping in los Angeles for barely an hour to address the convention before flying on to Washington after a night at the Twute House he will meet with Republican congressional leaders tuesday morning and then embark on a five Day trip to Brazil Colombia Honduras and Costa Rica. Before departing he is expected to announce his decision on whether to seek a Speed up in the to percent income tax Cut scheduled to take effect in july. Teamsters defend Chicago up teamsters president Roy Williams and four co defendants will get their Chance to respond to Federal charges they plotted to bribe sen Howard Cannon Nev after five weeks of the prosecutions Case attorneys for the five men were scheduled to begin their defense today. Cannon was expected to be called by Williams attorney to detail a Jan to. 1979, meeting he had with the Union official and Chicago businessman Allen Dorfman the meeting is a key in the Case prosecutors say Cannon was assured of the Chance to buy some teamster owned land for $1.4 million if he would kill a trucking deregulation Bill a emr Williams will Call senator Cannon next week a Williams attorney Thomas Wadden said last week Quot and or Williams will testify if it comes to that. A defense attorneys say that during the Jan to meeting their clients Only promised Cannon would get a fair Chance to bid on the land. U s. District judge Prentice Marshall says the trial revolves around the meeting prosecutors introduced Little information about what happened at that meeting much of the prosecution Case has been based on wiretap conversations but no recording exists of the meeting prosecutors did not Call Cannon to testify. Williams Dorfman reputed mobster Joseph a Joey the Clown in Nubardo teamsters pension fund trustee Thomas o Malley and former trustee Andrew Massa Are accused of conspiring to bribe Cannon aside from Wadden none of the defense attorneys has revealed his Wood ador Dies Santa Monica Calif. A Dan Tobin a character actor who was in the cast of the Quot Perry Mason television series for nine years died Friday at age 72, a spokeswoman for St. Johns Hospital says breakthrough or. Thomas w Smith of Boston told reporters that a breakthrough in research has resulted in a substance extracted from a sheep a blood that is the first treatment that will reverse the potentially fatal poisoning that results from an overdose of digitalis a common heart Medicine Smith who directed the study that found the substance says about to percent of those taking digitalis have a toxic reaction each Yea Sun Power Iii operation on Kuai Isle Honolulu a electricity has been partially restored on the Hurricane ravaged Island of Kuai freeing for sea duty a nuclear submarine that had two requested As an auxiliary Power source. Navy officials say the attack submarine Indianapolis was ordered into naw Iliili Harbor during the weekend to mate its nuclear powered Plant with the Island s electrical system but three huge portable generators provided by the Navy have teen installed at the Kauai electric cons major generating Plant to provide backup Power so the submarine won t tie needed it mar Terrence Forrester a spokesman for the . Pacific Fleet said sunday. The company a main generating Plant was restarted saturday night and most of Lihue the Island s largest town had lights and Power by sunday officials said water and Telephone service was restored sunday to much of Kauai which was hardest hit of the major islands when Hurricane i a swept through the area last tuesday night with winds of up to i to mph Iwa the worst Hurricane to hit Hawaii since the National weather service started keeping records caused almost $200 million in damage there was no immediate estimate on when electrical service might completely be restored to the islands population of 39,000, officials said. My in Pasadena a members of the bring the vix missile to Pasadena group marched through the streets of the California City yesterday in the annual Doo Dah Parade. The Parade began six years ago As a spoof of the Rose Parade and this year featured nearly too different groups and More than 40,000 spectators. An my group placard reads Quot bless the

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