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Cumberland Evening Times Newspaper Archives Nov 16 1968, Page 1

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Cumberland Evening Times (Newspaper) - November 16, 1968, Cumberland, Maryland The weather lows tonight in Low tomorrow mostly Chance of some rain and a male two murder counts face Man local Page 317 awol aus new vote Brunei news sen lot United Preis w How a november 1968 12 cents divorces actor Troy Donahue actress Valerie Allen sits in the courtroom in los Angeles where she was granted a divorce yesterday from actor Troy Donahue after she testified that he kept coming Home late to Donahue did not appear at the miss Allen s married in Ireland on they separated last april Donahue must pay her s80u a month for 18 Nixon disclaims co president plan still wants to View policies Nixon disclaims any Effort to make himself co president with jurisdiction Over foreign policy in Advance of his he still maintains that to be any Lon term com reds launch rocket seen As Cong forces raid u outpost near Cambodia Cardinal Oboyle proud of fatherly attitude on Issue by Edward Fiske 1968 times news service Patrick Cardinal Oboyle sat with his hands in a Large j leather chair a Large clean and put the matter succinctly my Job As Bishop is to give the authoritative teachings of the roman Catholic Church As defined by the holy i can hardly accept less from my to the Cardina archbishop of this was at the Cen Ter of his current dispute with approximately 40 dissident nato issues new warning to russians nations declare military action could mean crisis Brussels a the 15 v in Iii Juveni priests Over the papal of the North Atlantic Al Cal on birth Liance warned the soviet Union this judgment has forced him Day any Furt Tler aggression in to discipline one out of every 10 or the Mediterranean of his brought on a provoke an International rage of unfavourable of grave to a Large isolated e to Moscow was him from the Public position All members of the his fellow american Bishops h Atlantic treaty Organiza the 72yearold Cardinal retl0n including Gards the principles at stake in this Case As the Catholic Church can do without the services of those fitments abroad need his a in is the Posi Tion the president elect made Clear his determination to remain firmly in command until the today meeting of the Council of the Alliance ended with publication of the comm French approval was taken As an indication that France who refuse to uphold its Tradiff an my location that he said in an closed ranks with its on some issues com the soviet Promise is not an option of Promise is not an the dispute arose shortly after the july 29 publication of Pope Paul vis encyclical that Reaf firmed the Church traditional opposition artificial Contra Bryce an assistant j Moscow a the soviet More than 40 Washington to the Tel junion today launched priests most of them under phoned Johnson thursday in an official direct sign got a Call Back from the As the worlds big cd a statement declaring that the communique said members of the Alliance urgently invite the soviet Union in the interest of world peace to refrain from using Force and intervening in the affairs of other states resolved to safeguard the Freedom and Independence of their they nato members could not remain in different u in a to Licitr b ill u i id l j of i Dent and sources Sai Diest unmanned spaceship under some circumstances Cathi h Harlow had assured Johnson the announcement said Aioli couples could decide with w endanger their be that Nixon was not Booster rocket put a payload of cear conscience that artificial 17 tons into Earth this contraception is event soviet in tons constituted unspecified indeed Havins a or in i r i influence on the situation that Nixon was not attempting to presume upon the constitutional authority of the presi As for a Nixon As scientific i when most of them proton4 will continue order to he took Dis Dit of direct influence on the situation the Mediterranean is ii a As ioion4 wi1j continue order to be took Lri Socrate the president of cosmic rays and their actions ranging from an International tried to make it Clear that con lotion with nuclei of partial to full suspension of Eravi there is one Presith announcement Ike priestly Dent of the United there the soviet Proton series of to a Short Gray at in Roei Hiim c Sra i intr i attn re n4 t Are Kiwi 4 of Rico i a Oju Jil with spacecraft uses a powerful car haired prelate who has been which Nixon is in perfect Rich rocket which Western Scien joists have said could be used for this statement came after Itne soviet unions announced hours of apparent discord of while in or Tiecia mat Mig almost r i tween Johnson and his Republic Earth manned spacecraft be considered classical in the u j was to but said in a ures can successor Over Nixon for trips to the Moon and Irish dominated a m Pri r a j6 said that a sovet invasion speech to the Arkansas Petrole described As a Man of simple tastes and Complex the struggle is merely the latest in a career that might almost struggle in siege ifs a first class Melee As demonstrators and delegates of the righting National democratic party mix it up at action took place when demonstrators tried to prevent delegates from entering a Conven Tion police reported a number of App Otolo Miami chief death victim tax expert sure surtax to continue Mills feels Domestic spending headed for hike Washington a again just Man who controls congressional seven months ago to his Secre tax writing machinery the Miami police doubt on chances for lifting the department in 1937 and became in i chief in n i 114 Miami police Walter who rocketed to National prominence 11months ago when he launched a controversial get Tough program on slum died after a heart he was the twice divorced again just 10 per cent income strik my a the fiery chief had overcome Over note of discord attempt to oust officials expect Saigon to join talks Vietnam president seen bending on earlier conditions a american officials in Paris expect South Viet Nam to join the Vietnam peace but they refused to pre dict today when president Nguyen Van Thieu will end his Boycott which has stalled the americans throw Back Viet units two dozen red attackers die in new raid Saigon 20 North vietnamese troops today j attacked a army outpost on the cambodian Border near the americans threw Back the assault and chased the communists toward the fron spokesmen said the 1st air cavalry division outpost Garrison killed at least 20 of the attackers around the barbed wire defense and killed four More who tried sniping at the americans running after the fleeing North they said casualties were very Light with no men the reds had attacked with grenades and machine gun the 1st air cavalry was into the area recently to guard supplies spotted air cavalry helicopter gun ships spotted a guerrilla Supply of cart six Miles their fire killed the 10 of cart guards and destroyed the 55gallon drum of fuel being the action came in thick Jungles 70 Miles Northwest of Saigon and to Miles from the cambodian far to the jets crisis of grave Secretary of state Dean Rusk indicated the Lone the statement might take Friday when be said the safety of the including the United would be affected if the soviets move into Yugoslavia or j i attempts to oust him us loll a Man has postelection democratic pledge Sand More than once went to talks for two of cooperation with the inc Mcourt to keep his j ing Republican Headley said the crackdown Wilbur chair he Besan with Man of the House ways and shotguns and dogs had Cut the Means said of holdups and other violent there is scant likelihood of con crime in the cites negro Gress permitting the 10 per cent i felons will learn that they surtax to die a natural death As cant be bonded out from the scheduled june 30 i Headley warned in unofficial reports from Saigon iat Thieu might be bending his conditions for sending a delegation to Paris bolstered Ameri can Thieu said Friday he and president Johnson Are working to Settle their and we must strive to level All these he did not meets with Bunker immediate role in foreign of nets the announcement on pro h began and arrangement for prior Consulta continued on Page 7 Arab freed under Bond new York a a yemeni Arab accused of plotting to assassinate president elect Richard Nixon has been re leased on i love i i c Nixon said thursday that heton4 made no mention of rid Johnson had worked out an purpose of the Mission other his an Kjof Romania would have Graver consequences than the Czecho Ihan studying cosmic rays and continued on Page 5 i Ina an immigrant steel president elect Richard the Tough policy Nixon said during the Campaignio Man Drew him Praise from the surtax was a War tax the nation and criticism the South vietnamese Rod not be from National civil rights figment met with ambassador Ellsworth Bunker in Saigon Fri and a full report of their talk was sent to ambassador it said the space station was in an orbit ranging from 307 Miles to Miles above the it is circling the Earth every i the launching of protons indicated that the Soi vict Union then had the worlds Rhodesia a meeting fails to solve crisis most powerful launched in july lifted a payload of talks Between Britain and Rhodesia about recognition of Romania is a member of the Warsaw but has been Tak ing an Independent one recent continued on Page 7 Nixon might name negro new York us Council in May As Well face the the cessation or lessening of hostilities will bring demands from All sides for Addi appoints aides demands from All sides for add Ilori if tonal spending on the Domestic Cal o w tulle Blouse some Nixon aides have Ioudif a presi Hume Vixon Aires Nave rated the new Richard Nixon to might Settle for a reduction niday named Raymond Price the surtax to 5 or g per cent if it Irand Patrick Buchanan or per cant Block it outright Mills didst mention the Possi while staff be special assistants on his ability of a reduced former chief Edito y o a reduced e he said Normal growth alone rial tier for the new v of director of the National counting increased and in his lawyers Friday after his release lifted a 14ton prime and artillery caught communist forces in four fresh violations of the North South Vietnam demilitarized zone Doz and killed at least 35 red the spokesmen communist gunfire hit one of the f4 phantom jets during fridays strikes but the plane flew Home safely with what the spokesmen called minor 14th violation the action raised to 14 the number of times the communists have been caught violating the simile wide Buffer spokesmen since president Johnson halted tie bombing of North Vietnam 1 to get negotiations underway in the communists were sup posed to have stopped using the Doz As a War washing Averell continued on Page 6 negotiator in j accuse could be the Leader of the of belaying Vietnam talks Moscow a the soviet press today accused the United states of using Saigon reluctance to come to the Paris peace table As an excuse to hide its own unwillingness to Degoti it is difficult to believe us me i Duei of me Side of the and he said North Viet Nam would have to Lead the opposing delegation with the National liberation front As an integral part of the Hanoi Hanoi Hanoi Side has Tod the United states that he which claims to be the rightful govern ment of South would ised by names friends angst fyme neighbors who put ups780cohatj p As and just Over an hour government economists port said the president elect had have estimated the Surta Wiir they served primarily son would report in would be raise billion in the fiscal speech writers during that s brass us x for on each of for hour sit As a separate entity at Thel it i negotiating table the United states has no Means american officials said Saigon to and Washington could id the comm Ithiers condition for v the Allied delegation but f conclusion suggests said after Confidence of i in puerto inc meetings and a number of few of whom uni conspiracy and in regal doric Virgin islands area again informal exchanges of View it is candidate session of caused agnews planned round Clear that although the bail had been reduced of Golf with vice president duress has been made on a num c set wed Nesbert Humphrey and of British proposals there r Boa gop Moscow Hull lawyer trouble map a Memphis newspaper quoted James Earl rays new attorney is saying he is South vietnamese generals at the prompting of the most aggressive United states Quad Nam in Viet and earlier Mund Muskie to be red a Juja place and coiled itself ground the rear slow soviet Union to push for world conference presement on several questions of the Hull is in a Martin several Vienna a the soviet soviet party chief Leonid Union is expected to push its faced with Strong of controversial plans for an Early to the conference idea when representatives of about the polish party Congress ear parties in Budapest Jer this week As a 10 re Lorale the Ess airs i Ai Juliu me Irdi Hie null in major Back Young said wheel until chased away by the major pieces and after the meeting who wielded a according to the czech protest strikes spread communist leaders engulfed in Power struggle no in5its sunday one key Church figure Cardinal gentle German Dies Warp ban Oan Prague Rome a Augustin carers for his enunciation of mans Dinar the gentle ascetic int to choose his own religion Jesuit led groups of workers and or in our min i nil of livid said the czechoslovak a Day to protest the ban leu r communist committee decisions Are Central world Power struggle armoured personnel cancers released by radio and television a in a Sal he command posts Charles in Prano or i u was Pope John Xxiii later he Pius Xii dam o l a committee oils of a Pait Capate in weekend country for the purpose of body u As Long in made them real hip s shifts at factories to in Many outside the Church Bea who was said to be the major remains occur czechoslovak military czechoslovak feared Thev were could Converse easily in n 0j inn of Paul Bill Dlinn be so Limp in Piea i men with historic on religious Liberty

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