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Cumberland Evening Times Newspaper Archives May 22 1965, Page 1

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Cumberland Evening Times (Newspaper) - May 22, 1965, Cumberland, Maryland Tim it Tim showers possible Early this evening ending later to night Low 5262 partly Cloudy High 7282 Tomor Row fair monday vol 141 Cumberland Maryland saturday May 22 1965 it tit final 20 cent huge air attack hits Viet reds Dom in in Anrep Blic truce Extension sought by u n strategists claim turn for better continued v ceasefire is High hop standoff developed Between two sides prior to cessation Santo Domingo Domin ican Republic a the United nations sought today to extend the 24hour truce in the dominican Republic into a last ing ceasefire i before the shooting stopped at noon Friday the military Situa Tion had developed into a stand off Between the two warring factions this made diplomats optimistic on the ceasefire prospects the civilian military Junta fought with tanks and machine guns right up to the deadline Friday and was reported to have crushed rebel resistance in Northern Santo Domingo this left the rebels with their Down town stronghold which is sealed off by us troops who have strict orders not to allow armed forces from either Side through their lines the area is about 8 City blocks wide and 12 blocks Long ends today the truce which ends at noon today was negotiated by the red Cross and the United nations to evacuate the dead and wounded Secretary general u Thant told the in Security Council Friday that his repro Santo Domingo Joser Antonio Mayobre was try ing to extend it another 24 hours Jordan and several other nations were working on a Resolution which would have the 11 nation Security Council Call for a lasting ceasefire in Washington us strategists said prospects for a solution to the dominican crisis have taken a turn for the better and chances for a permanent cease fire Are brighter they cautioned that much remained to be done some May remain the United states announced it would withdraw some 1700 of its 23000 troops in the Domin ican Republic the number to be pulled out is about equal to the number of troops being sent in by latin american nations under the auspices of the organization of american states us officials said a sizable us contingent and some inter american forces May have to remain on the Caribbean land for months the United states has bean pressing for a coalition govern ment which could run the coun try until a permanent govern ment is elected general of very Rev Pedro Arripe a Span ish priest was elected general of the jesuits today at a secret conclave in Vatican City of roman catholicism largest and most influential religious order he also is a medical doctor the conclave started May 7 a photo fax to end vote rights debate democrats Hope cloture invoked but administration experts say much remains to be done Washington a prospects for a solution of the dominican crisis have at last taken a marked turn for the better in the opinion of Johnson administration strategists the first withdrawal of Amer ican troops has been ordered chances for a permanent cease fire Are believed brightening candidates to take part in a moderate interim dominican government Are becoming available in reporting this however us officials cautioned that much remains to be done they said some inter american Force with a sizable us con Tingent May have to remain on the Caribbean Island for months withdraw troops us ambassador Ellsworth Bunker announced the withdrawal of some 1700 us troops at an organization of american states session Friday night this Marks the first pullout since the Vanguard of some 23 000 us marines and paratroop ers went ashore at Santo Dom Ingo april 28 at memorial service american military and diplomatic officials Are shown at military memorial services in Bien Hoa South Viet Nam today for those killed in the May 16 explosions at the Bien Hoa air base from left Are col William e Bethea Bien Hoa base commander it Gen Withiam c Westmoreland commander of u s forces in Viet Nam and ambassador Maxwell d Taylor Twenty seven americans were killed a photo fax Sloppy Pupil Day observed project fire attempt set Cape Kennedy Fla a another attempt was planned today to rocket a project fire spacecraft Over a fiery ballistic course to study the heat which will scorch manned ships re turning from the Moon the shot was postponed Fri Day because heavy Clouds in a South Atlantic reentry area would have prevented visual and camera observation of the spacecraft the launching of the Atlas Booster was scheduled in a la Morable firing period be worn pm and pm Houston Tex Pils observed thursday As Sloppy Day at Robert e Lee High school some looked so Sloppy they were sent Home they retaliated by boycotting the school cafeteria which normally serves 1400 lunches it fed Only 50 persons Friday principal Woodrow Watts was not alarmed he said the pupils were merely reacting normally for this time of the year secret Jesuit ballot selects new general Vatican City a the very Rev Pedro Arripe Spanish priest who is also medical doctor was elected general of the jesuits today a a secret conclave of Roma catholicism biggest and to influential religious order father Arripe a 57yearoldi Basque who earned a name As a smooth administrator in run Ning the multinational Jesuit province in Japan the past seven years was chosen in a secret vote at the Headquarters of the society of Jesus the Jesuit or Washington a dem cratic strategists claimed to a the plus a Bonus margin to end the Senate de ate on president Johnsoa Vot no rights Bill it will take two thirds of the senators voting to Clamp Down n the talk when the showdown omes tuesday one hour after he Senate begins its 24th Day on he Bill that would mean 67 votes if 11 100 senators were on hand 5rivately democrats said they Ould Supply 47 of that number Church vote unlikely but aides said sen Frank Hurch Idaho does not plan o be in Washington for the vote if the democrats meet their forecast at least 20 Republican otes would be needed for the Senate to invoke cloture its debate limitation Rule gop Leader Everett m Dirksen Al ready has said he can deliver 24 votes an associated press Survey jut the count now at 58 to 26 with eight senators undecided and eight so far undisclosed two democrats who announced they favor cloture Joseph Montoya of new Mexico and Ross Bass of Tennessee occupy the Senate seats held last year by men who opposed it democratic aides did not new hearing on gun sales measure due second committee review apparently has run Gannt Lel Washington a a hot by disputed administration Bill to curb mail order gun traffic May have to run the Gauntlet of a second Senate committee a spokesman for the com Merce committee graveyard Bunker noted the number of for a much Milder gun Bill Las americans being recalled approximately matches the contributions by other Oas Mem Bers to the inter american Force he spoke after Brazil As signed some 1250 men to dominican duty Bunker said we hopefully look Forward to new contingent arrivals and further withdrawal of us forces Hopes for latin units the american envoy voiced Hope that As much As half of the inter american Force might come from other hemisphere countries but it was questionable whether any further latin american contingents As Large As brazils would be forthcoming already at Santo Domingo Are 250 honduran troops 158 nicaraguans and 20 Costa rican police continued on Page 2 Queen visits her inlays Pope clarifies Council intent red negro Vatican City a Pope Paul i says the Vatican ecumenical Council did not mean a relaxation of Faith or sacrifice instead he said it was in tended to adjust he contacts of the roman Catholic Church with the modern world the Pope said it also would be erroneous to see the coun cil As an incl ulgere acknowledgement of the weak and voluble relativistic mentality of a world without principles and without transcendental ends o crowd frees youth captive White patrolman attacked grocery store owner knifed year said his group wants to examine the Johnson Bill after the judiciary committee completes work on it this wont be just a cursory look he said explaining that this meant he expected a Sec Ond round of hearings by the Commerce committee the measure now is before the judiciary committees sub committee on juvenile Delin Quency which is headed by sen Thomas j Dodd Donn chief sponsor both of this years and last years Bill he recessed the hearings Friday until about june 2 when last years Bill died Dodd charged that pressures by the gun lobby and especially by the National Rifle association had doomed the measure the committee spokesman however said he understood Dodd and Commerce commit tee chairman Warren g mag Nuson Dwash have agreed that Commerce also has Juris diction Over such legislation and will get a Chance to review the administration Bill 7000 gather at University Forte Achini new York a angry negroes twice attacked a White patrolman Friday night Anc both times freed a negro youth he had accused of breaking into a furniture store a puerto i can grocer who tried to help the patrolman was critically stabbed Early today three mor policemen were injured in freeform All sequel at the Horn Quang Suoi area pasted by 90 jets target just 5560 Miles South of red capital of Hanoi Saigon Viet Nam massive Force of us air Force planes slammed bombs into the Quang Suoi military Barracks in North Viet Nam today in the closest raid so far to the communist capital of Hanoi ninety air Force jets destroyed 37 buildings in the target area which stretched from 55 to 60 Miles due South of Hanoi us military spokesmen said on one previous occasion us planes had gone nearer to Hanoi but that was to drop Leaf lets All the planes returned safely and no enemy aircraft were seen a us spokesman said forty us air Force f105 thunderchief bombers struck the Quang Soui Barracks escorted by 50 support jets a us spokesman said the aircraft ranged Over the target area for 45 minutes then the air Armada moved South to Phuoc qui ammunition depot 100 Miles South of Hanoi and destroyed six buildings and am aged another four the us planes dropped 75 on of bombs Over Bolh tar gets they were mostly 750 Pounders a us spokesman Aid ground fire was reported intense Over Quang Soui but no enemy aircraft were seen us Navy planes also Ham of relatives of a youth being held As a result of the disorder two men and a woman were taken into custody there mered at Road targets and a naval station at 10 am planes from the Midway cruising in the Gulf of Tonkin hit a vietnamese Navy it boat hidden under camouflage and being towed by a trawler Many hits were made on both ships with rockets and machine gun fire a us spokesman said the trawler was left burning vietnamese air Force planes joined in at 1 pm with an armed reconnaissance raid Berkeley Calif up a crowd of More than 7000 persons huddled in blankets and sleeping bags during an Al night Vigil on a windswept softball Field As the University of californian Marathon Viet Nam teaching entered its Sec Ond Day today the predominantly student audience was quiet and Atten Tive sipping Coffee through chattering Teeth As speaker after speaker claimed a make shift platform to criticize the u s policy in Viet Nam the Viet Nam Day pro Gram started at noon Friday and was scheduled to last until tonight it was originally advertised As a Community meet ing on the subject of Viet Nam identify the third shift they Hope to see tuesday sen Albert Gore Tenn who opposed cloture in 1964 said he has not yet decided How he will vote stick to positions other democrats stuck with Der at the Edge of Vatican City a majority of the 218 electors representing Jesuit provinces around the world elected him on the third ballot in a halfday voting session he succeeds the very Rev Jean Baptiste Janssens a Bel the positions they took in the 1964 vote when 44 of them voted to halt the civil rights debate but sen Carl Curtis neb who voted to end the 1964 de against said he would favor debate limitation later but not next week Salem Germany Britain Queen Elizabeth visited her German inlays Here to Day for the first time in her life she arrived in her special luxury train to spend the week end at Salem Abbey with a sister inlaw the Home of the dowager mar Gravine March ioness of Baden the mar Gravine and her son the present Margrave met the train in an open Carriage drawn by two Snow White horses and took Elizabeth and Prince Philip Home Over cob bled medieval streets packed with cheering villagers Elizabeths first visit to her German inlays was made in Royal splendor that had not Elfree speech Leader to wed Oakland Calif a they met and fell in love they said during the rash of Satin demonstrations last november and december of the Berkeley Campus of the University of California so Mario Savio 22 former head of the free speech move ment of the University and Fel heavily critical of the Southeast Asia situation and there was Little pro and con debating Flie program became More of a protest than a debate after the state department decided against sending representatives to explain the u s vietnamese policy the situation grew bitter ear Lier this week when two Berke the trouble erupted shortly after 9 pm near the 174th Street station of the third ave nue subway line in the Bronx it is an elevated station in a pre dominantly negro and puerto rican residential area where a similar incident occurred four years ago from the station platform patrolman Philip Siegel 43 As signed to overtime duty As part of the cites crackdown on sub Way crime spotted two youths breaking into a furniture store he chased and collared one a crowd of 50 negroes met him Back at the store and demanded let him go let him go when Siegel refused he was knocked Down by a blow on the head from behind the patrolman got up fired a warning shot and chased and recaptured the youth along three highways near the Laos Border the vietnamese planes also dropped leaflets of the towns of ton and a Don the 10 vietnamese planes All returned safely after striking at a series of targets including the Quang Khe naval Barracks Brick Barracks at Xong Ray and a group of 20 Small boats at Phu Chanh the vietnamese reported sinking the boats intensive fire hit the Vietnam Ese from the Quang Khe Basa but All planes returned a Sharp clash was reported today Between vietnamese army troops and Viet Cong forces near Ben cat about 30 Miles North of Saigon the Viet Cong were reported to have hit the town with 25 rounds of mor Ley professors withdrew from the program claiming it was rigged against the Johnson administration sen Bourke b Hickenlooper been seen in Germany for Gen of Iowa chairman of the Republican policy committee and an i other supporter of the 1964 clo Gian who died last october a Fluture movie said he was not Preer running the order for 18 years continued on Page 2 son shoots self after attempting to Rob father rations Man 20 knifed of Leader Suxanne Marilyn Goldberg 25 applied Friday for Deri f it a marriage License in the Alaz u a marriage License in the Ala Meda county Calif court House they received the License after miss Goldberg paid the fee in Good condition missing Goya painting located in rail station initial homicide new Young death York up Man was stabbed to Early today on the the crowd now numbering 200 again confronted Siegel and the no handcuffed youth the men rushed Siegel kick ing and slugging him to the ground the soft drink bottle smashed Down on the patrol mans hand knocking his Nightstick from it in the Strug Gle the youth ran away storekeeper Enrique Negron continued on Page 2 Humphrey sworn in As girl scout new York a Well gee in just delighted said the nations newest girl scout vice president Hubert h Humphrey just wait i Tell the president about this grounds of the new York worlds fair it was the first tar civilian casualties in the town were said to have been Light first reports said casualties continued on Page 2 birth Date shows drop Washington a government experts say this May be the first year since 1953 when the number of babies born in this country drops below four million births during the first three months of this year dropped 70 000 below the same Quarter in 1964 if there is no further Cline in the Rale during the remainder of this year the Iola would be 3984000 the figure last year was 4054000 Arthur a Campbell chief of the Public health services a u s arranges paratrooper furlough to get married Prospect Conn a the private Home after a the army is going to Fly Para letter Jackie had written to the trooper Frank Briglia or Home president was forwarded to the masked by a silk stocking Louin it p1 Anea and Jacqueline Tabbano wont army j himself three times Friday after tonal gallery m 1961 has been a Euer accompanying the determined whether the victim by social schedule minus Rogu in Ninny Tirol Jet it a n 11rn Utic rom of lion to Trine i it if Pawl Mundl Tenn Frt Tyllo Mrtin rent r work cd 31 tll6 hit a Toflus of 1 London s392000jin Good condition but it will not homicide on the vast exposition Headquarters site since it opened in april 1964 police identified the victim As Richard Yeterian 20 of the Bronx he was found lying in the front twin observation Tow ers of the new York state Pavilion at about am not he was stabbed once just be the vice president Here for speaking engagements was sworn in Friday during a one hour tour of National girl scout West Palm Beach Fla Goya portrait of the Duke of be exhibited until it has been wart icon tone to an a Marl in Thor in Penn it ova Mina of heart according to a an armed Stoien from the to expert exam Naii a it Lar a viral i Firth was not immediately have to cancel her weeding after Ali Jackie and Frank had planned Jackie because id Talvity statistics Branch said an upturn is expected pos world War ii when the babies of 194648 Start establishing families teenagers 6worst problems of girls major Washington up a their diets or Spindler said health equation for youth a poor diet i a Hea today mainly because they Are girls for example that other girls in the same spot up his own father had done it wrote Johnson bleeding profusely from three Franks outfit the 82ad air borne division was suddenly dispatched to the Republic on May 4 it seemed for a dominican time that the painting was recovered in Birmingham Friday night from a baggage room in a rail Road station it was then taken wrote i would be very grated store called the police who Aputo London where it was identified to get married on May 29 but explaining what had happened head wounds John Freeman i would appreciate it if you Walden 20 fled the scene his would try to help us she father Ira owner of a paint Frank would miss the wedding but Friday it col James f Mcnab of the office of the army chief of staff telephoned Jackie and told her Frank would be Ful i dont have any idea How Long hell be Home said Jackie is but in so Happy i i pretended Young Walden at As the missing portrait Mcnab said the commander of Franks company decided to Home of a Friend Young Walden shot himself with a 22 Caliper pistol after never thought it would happen being treated at the Good a Jackie says she expects about 450 guests at her wedding the invitations have been sent the wedding dress is ready the reception planned Maritan Hospital he was taken to the City jail Walden was held under Bond on two counts of armed robbery an unidentified person had sent the baggage ticket to a London newspaper office and police were notified a joint statement was issued by the London metropolitan police and the National gallery they said the portrait appears to be baggage ticket to the newspaper appeared to be in the same handwriting As others sent to news agencies since the disappearance of the painting the Goya had been sold at so Thebes auction to an Ameri can buyer for 140000 pounds in june 1961 there was an outcry from the British Public about the Art treasure leaving the country the por trait then was bought in August 1961 for the original Purchase Price and put in the National gallery on aug 22 it was stolen was a visitor the fair opens at am and closes its Gates at 2 am most pavilions however close their doors at 10 p m the amusement area and some Ca Bare Type night spots remain open until the official closing time Iii Fani drowns Seaford Del Starbuck coffin 19 months old drowned Friday when he fell in to a Pond near his Home Lar meals equals one malted teenager this was the essence of a statement Friday by an Agri culture department nutritionist who contended americas teen aged girls and boys Are probably the worsted Mem Bers of their families the problem is not that there int enough Quantity to the food but the Quality leaves something to be desired from a nutrition standpoint or eve Lyn Spindler said the teen age girls seem to have More problems with fear getting fat they spend extra time dressing this increases their Chance of skipping breakfast to make a bus to school May be skipped if t interferes with a Date to Back up her statements or Spindler offered these statistics six o u t of every 10 girls and 4 out of every 10 boys have poor diets she said added to this she said was the fact that research snowed the older the child the poorer the diet she also criticized the teenagers ability to pick tis own food

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