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Cumberland Evening Times Newspaper Archives May 11 1974, Page 1

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Cumberland Evening Times (Newspaper) - May 11, 1974, Cumberland, Maryland The weather Cloudy with showers and thunderstorms tonight lows in the mid 50s. Cloudy and Breezy with showers tomorrow highs in the Low 70s. Mini scouts plan for Camporee see local Page vol. . 130 a Aff lated pre a or tort time new Barrio pm ted pre International map Pim Tat a Cumberland Maryland saturday May la 1974 published Dally awl inday by the time audit Anima ca., Rutlt Tjaart St., Cumberland. My. 21sw. Second Etal Pottage paid at Cumberland . 12 a est to cents 228 injured in sep wreck Chicago up a a Rush hour elevated train slammed into the rear of another train which had made an abrupt halt Between stations Friday night tossing about More than 200 screaming passengers. Thomas Buck spokesman or a a a we the Chicago transit authority. Airn Ane to eld said there were no deaths. At i least 228 persons were injured i jackets and treated at three 8011111 Side in Colombia Cali. Colombia up a a Vianca colombian hospitals. The majority of the injuries did not appear serious. Only a few of those injured were hospitalized. A we still do not know the hijacked ,cau8�, and will no know the airlines Boeing 727 Jet with 89 cause until an extensive invests persons aboard took off from Gabon is made a Buck said Cali today without a $400,000 a fall we know is that the first Ransom which the government southbound train the Engle refused to pay. Wood train it hot int0 an Airport sources said the emergency braking situation hijackers who Are armed wished came to an abrupt halt and pistols and hand grenades struck in the rear by the forced the Pilot to Fly to Pereira Jackson Park in Eastern Colombia w Here the Buck said the Motorman of flight had begun Friday night the first train apparently purpose of the trip Back to applied the emergency Brake the Point of origin was not when he saw a caution Light immediately Clear. Ahead. The plane left palme Seca some of the 600 persons on Airport at Call in Western the two trains told of screaming Colombia at 8 25 a in. 9 25 passengers being jolted from a in. Edt shortly after Avian their seats into the aisles. One Ca personnel took aboard 90 of the injured was reported to breakfast consisting of Sandwi be a pregnant woman another Ches eggs Coffee and Cigar ets a girl who suffered two broken the control Tower at pal arms Waseca had said earlier that police helicopters and fire the hijackers raised the ii department snorkels a tall Ransom demands for the safety Crane like devices used to get meet with judge Sirica while House attorneys James d. St. Clair left and Fred Buzhardt leave . District court in Washington after they met with . District judge John Sirica. Sirica Middle East discord met with St. Clair Ruz Harril and special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski to discuss the government s response to a White House move to quash a subpoena seeking tapes of 64 presidential conversations. Disengagement eyed through from Mott Fux Tiroto 30h pm cd a Tel or nation Murator Shimon morning not a however tin demands reinsured off the tracks feet by Bing the interview inboard i. Plane id Mihov Ana a i a or i first time appear to be was asked if Israel expected a was a Shade More optimistic the Hijacker Law id they it sounded a like we a. H Setsu to syn a by a Quot Quot a a a a Quot Quot a a a a it a a a a a or the on to t 3 k a next Leto Jas Jyz in on the sunday Niem i Rau adm Sadt he a a Aid of a around and people got thrown or 1 that a a what 1 Wou a say h conc a of out of their i within the president s own mid visits to saudi Arabia and party sen. Richard s1 Egypt. A High american official Schweiker r-pa., demanded Nixon a resignation but the White House shrugged it off As expected a i really done to detect any Nixon proposes to retain office despite demands Washington up a expressions we have seen Creary noted that Washington president Nixon stood firm in recently this is the least was Rife with rumours a fall that his determination not to resign have been presented to today despite rising demands sen. Milton r. Young of today Are false and the one that he step aside. North Dakota a Republican that Heads the list is the on his White House spokesman who normally supports Nixon that says president Nixon Gerald. Warren flatly denied urged him to step aside intends to Ziegler said. Nixon had any such intention temporarily under provisions of his attitude is one of and described the president As the 25th amendment to the determination that he will not Forward looking and positive in Constitution until his name was he driven out of office by dealing with the problems of cleared of wrongdoing Rumor speculation excessive the nation. The amendment allows a charges or hypocrisy. He is up Nixon a daughter and son in president if he is incapacitated to tar Battle he intends to fight Law Julie and David Eisen or for any reason cannot fulfil Anuj he feels he has a Hower scheduled a news the duties of his office to step personal and constitutional re conference today to discuss the Down temporarily and allow his a possibility to do so a he said family s reaction to resignation vice president to take Over. Intense interest was focused talk. They cruised with Nixon up Burt to loot inc Alif a on # meeting Friday Between aboard his yacht Friday evening solidly conservative Nixon sup Nixon and vice pc ident As i f to underline his Porter Friday it would be r Ford who rec it it determination to continue in the to the vast betterment of the puh in Stem eng hag been office to which an overwhelm United states if Nixon Resig mor critical of Nixon a Wate. Ing number of voters elected Nea. Actions him 19 months ago. Nixon a the president is aware of 8 planned to Fly to Stillwater these expressions but is deter but Warren said the subject okla tonight to address the mined to stay in office and of resignation was not Ever graduating class at Oklahoma fulfil his obligation to the discussed at the hour Long state University american people a Warren meeting and the impeachment it will be his first appearance said. Inquiry now under Way in the on a College Campus since he in a Telephone Call to the House judiciary committee journeyed to Mersey univer new York times Ronald. Was discussed Only a in a sity ga., last nov. 17, Ziegler Nixon a press be per feral presidents government the. The government stood by its House committee to subpoena t ape government would suppose and dealing with the details of a in or that for the first so does or. Kissinger himself a a a where a new cease fire line Jujj Jay p1 he not negotiate under threats a Frnnk Tram by if Phi the time the syrians Are showing Spreg answered to up until now should be in the Golan Heights in i i ,�s0t inclination to follow the they hav Hen a peaking More a u n. Buffer zone Between the e were moving pretty path of Egypt not Only in War about of thought and two sides a thinning out of a dialogue a with tendencies but i get the frontline forces and an extent Misael Pastrana Borrero a it kind of Papfi f \ a a National impression that the Secretary of change of prisoners of War. S of ,d and 1 saw the Rad a a frn a. State continues in fact to be during the meeting h pressure cording and blackmail a a said to Rafael Naranjo Good and then divorce Law Washington a the choir. I took place four Days House judiciary committee is after Nixon a re election Cam expect Cri to subpoena another pain aides had approved a White House tape next week. Plan for electronic surveillance despite president Nixon s an of the democrats according to bounced intention to turn Over testimony by Jeh Stuart Magr in More watergate material Juder. An official of the re elec i the Cal. Control Tower sawdust from the air brakes and to in. Half of. La Quot con Nues acl 10. "ulj"8 Ine Mavins. Tai a Nia committee sources said Fri-11� committee the air pirates gave no time then we hit a from we Teavy x brought in maps of the Battle \ 0 i5ullcicl Day that a subpoena probably Nixon has denied knowing or limit for the government to scores of injured were ferried negotiations and planned no Kissinger was to meet with Xiu Fil Dav i will be issued for the tape of a Adan Quot of the Quot Gate he or Heap res Van a a a bin. Up the plane and kill 7o take item z i Quot ii this evening. A a a a Quot a a a or Quot a Quot a debate Over divorce ended knowledge hair said this week that no Irr Cifald of Page to to Zig it a a a thu do Raul Ore Watergap m.,,.l would agreement. Pere Aid Israel Thea a a a mfr can o a Fate of the nation divorce Taw. H0 do Quot Are 18 settlements on the Golan a i. I a minion of so put a convict Sla Leader police informer Heights will not be Given up. A i done to see any stage in or withdraw future stages in which we Heights evacuate any of our sett said the main Issue continues to an estimated 27 5 i be delivered. Chief committee counsel John chairman Peter w. Rodino dear said he would request a ., in j., said a Day would the Lar Rae i willing to italians Are eligible to vote on subpoena at the committees be set aside next week for the be , from the Golan whether the country s three a psf hug Ines Ges Gion committee to act on such Busi permitting divorce apr 4 of ?2 Mwangin Ness As the issuance of the sub elements a he said a we menu ,srael1 officials have said that should remain on the books evolved Nixon his former chief Pena. Checks with committee pm w Inelve aspire to arrive at a when Kissinger goes to Damas campaigning was barred staff a or Haidman and members indicate there would Francisco i up a she has said that she wast the newspaper said the separation of Forcer we have �5 to w syrian after Midnight and newspapers former by Gen. John n. Mit continued on Page 2 the Leader of the Sam ionese forsaking her past life and fugitive began cooperating with a a a in . Murp apr int Hafez Assad sunday played Down the referendum it liberation army which kid becoming a a a soldiers in the police after being arrested for i Pami it lit of wil1 to King with him hair was a different Story on Fri a aped newspaper Beirs p. Sla. Robbing pro Tut of ,v7� to Stass to gig Mal promo a Quot Dav Pncia bunt. A. Paid the citizen research and a torn pistol a found a his a Quot hat re Rea informer for the los Angeles investigation committee a Possession or �55, Wally polio a part it it a South a ,d group Tow charge that 0t sunday King a re is draft farm help of on Vale sunday Kissinger win Loa Angel police a confort Quot and. In Lead Long known the hog a week that we Moscow up the background of defreeze who determine whether there will he soviet Union behind schedule Day. Thousands turned out for a rally in Rome a Piazza Del to Polo which brought together representatives of five major political parties including the Gerald Ford alters reported today. Angeles Edward Davis denied the that defreeze served As a of a a a who Adermina Weiner More win or a w. A Mon re Maui at or unit communists who fought to re report but said Donald of highly valued and protected Quot of caped of a to Sojda Seal a d Ltd Quot Asem Ltd Ndu Quot is i with its Spring crops because of Ain a Law. I freeze an escaped convict informer for the criminal a Quot Quot and that. If they had current Mission or if he must had weather has decided to or Milan Kontu of youths identified As the Section of the los a Quot outset then return to the Region later. Draft City dwellers nto pm a Lurje Ltd t0 shout Down Amator a t no i. A Uvell a Dai Nokia two c o a a it Many a prison and that if they had current Mission or if he must bad weather has decided to draft City dwellers into Emer que Quot once turned in a or Angeles police department Luj 3 i0 hav 0h, tha a a a Ury Brt Toj gency egrieultur1 work Pray partner. Intelligence unit off the 8round ll5rael fonday Quick a said today. Davis added defreeze and the committee said he a proved himself to be a cheap. Continued to be a a a Snitch undependable turn Over Punk while in prison and Bis department a never committee investigator Lake views on watergate considered using him As an the san Francisco chronicle Headley said he confirmed Defreezes role in a conversation with los Angeles police said defreeze became an sgt. R g. Farwell. He quoted third party candidate gov. Mccall eyes presidency Tucson. Ariz. Up standards to clean up politics informer in 1967 and served in Farwell As saying he a a Cut Oregon gov. Tom Mccall a Mccall spoke before a Plas As it is now and set guidelines that capacity until 1969, when defreeze a a Loose in 1969 when lifelong Republican is stump tics group convention and held for a new kind of politics in this he was committed to state prison. Miss Hearst daughter of san Francisco examiner president Washington up out basted the watergate wolves of Fanfani Secretary of the Domi there on the Road assuring the Nixon a behalf Nant Christian democratic Par pm Ople he is still a own a the polls Are bad to Widich alone among the Gerald r. Ford has been Ford told the Farmers a shut a Ern ment parties was committed changing his tune about water few extreme partisans seem to the repeal. Sate and what it signifies. Determined to make them the Vatican weekly news he used to say president worse seem Bent on stretching paper. La Osse Vatore Della Nixon watergate tapes would out the ordeal of watergate for Domenica. Kept up the churches prove him innocent of any their own purposes whatever attack against dissolution of wrongdoing. Now he says the they might marriages. An article blasted transcripts do not seem to show he accused the Cio the what it called the biased Cov Nixon committed any a him americans for democratic average of the Campaign by ital reachable offence a Tion and a other powerful Ian newspapers and accused he once said watergate had pressure groups of a waging a and editor Randolph a. Hearst was kidnapped from her Berkeley apartment feb 4. She was a i knew he was dead As far As the West As a prospective a news conference in san country. His psychological state was third party candidate for presi Diego calif., thursday and a no More $150 million Cam them of distorting the motives been blown All out of proportion massive propaganda Campaign concerned. I just could t Deal Dent in 1976 on a platform of went on to address a medical pain kitties. We need an open of those who Are against i by Nixon haters. He now talks against the president of the with him a cleaning tip the environment group s convention Here Friday government a free press and Vorce. With genuine concern about the United the chronicle said it Learned and the government. And hold another news con we need to get rid of the police in Bitonto Village a Hammer blows watergate jts a Long Way from Atlantic Farwell was a detective with Mccall who has drawn Ference. A a in a accepting invite windbag and find the right near Bari in Southern Italy re has dealt our Faith in the City to Charleston iii., where whom defreeze cooperated in National attention for his tons to speak from around the people for office who care ported that one person was in government. The a new Ford thursday night with eight others who robbed a a 1967 Case involving the environmental program in his he noted. About the country a who will be Jared in a fistfight Between on Jan. 15, in Atlantic City criticized the editing of the san Francisco Bank april 15 of burglary of about 240 rifles and Home state says his a third Mccall is completing his stewards of the land a he said. Communists and members of n j., Ford opened up a line of Nixon transcripts with their a bout $10,000 pistols from a Torrance Cali Force party would put men in second term As governor in As governor Mccall pushed the Neo fascist italian social watergate counter attack a the deleted and inaudible passages in tape recorded messages gun shop office to be a stewards of the Oregon and is barred by lawthr0ugh an Oregon Law against movement who tried to tear anti Nixon conspiracy theory he and spoke of a the sorry mess from seeking a third term. Hedigp0sable drink cans that is Down each other s Campaign has since abandoned until 0f watergate Ihas not firmly made up his the Model for a Law being posters. The social movement then the speeches he had made a we have seen charge and mind to launch a third party considered by Congress Strong party wants the divorce Law re since he took office dec. 6 had counter c h a r g e indictments presidential bid he said but he air and water pollution control pealed been mostly America the confessions convictions and definitely is considering it. Laws and originated the a Odd parliament approved the i Beautiful affairs general and resignations involving some of a i mapping out the Crea even gasoline Sale regulations Vorce Law in december 1970, innocuous. But that Day in the highest offices a he said Tion of a third Force which will that became a pattern for the but anti divorce groups collect Atlantic City he got up before these have been Hammer make a striking Power a a country during the fuel shored More than a million Signa the american farm Bureau blows to the Confidence the Power which would insist outage. Itunes to Force the referendum. Federation convention and Lam. American people have placed in their Friday Nixon called Ford in for a private talk later. Ford hit the Road again a he has 34 appearances in la states on his Calendar for May a and told a news conference in Buffalo by a i Don t know of any area where there is a Sharp disagreement Between and the president. A but. He added. A i will continue to be own congressional colleagues and Republican party sources say Ford s evolution on watergate results from both shrewd political advice and his honest attempt to do the right thing As a like the rest of the nation a he learns More about what really went on from materials such As the transcripts. After the Atlantic City speech members of Fords p a a. Staff admitted it had been of a second train right. More than 228 individualistic team of people ment Send him special pouches operation that in some quarters ment and. At least in the Public written by a White House persons were injured in the third cat mis who Are Loyal to him but Are and he constantly communicated has earned him the title of Eye. Has put some distance bet speech writer and Republican Hap in a month. The train on the far track prepared to speak their minds with officials and ambassadors a president for foreign affairs a Ween foggy Bottom and 1600 colleagues told Ford he had was stopped by the collision. A photo Fox i because of his extraordinary in Washington i his main departmental act cont med on Page 2 made a big tactical Blunder. Crash scene an Aerial View shows Chicago firemen rescuing passengers injured when a Chicago transit authority elevated train left smashed into the rear Kissinger morale builder by Bernard Gwertzman foreign travel Kissinger has not on occasion the Secretary a complis ment sandwiched bet-1974 naw York time maw service been Able to find the time to working habits have slowed the Ween trips has been ending the carry out his promises to administration s decision lethargy that set in during the Washington a after seven a a institutionalized foreign policymaking process in f o r e i g n five years under his pre months As Secretary of state and to involve the 1,000-Man policy. No action can be taken de Cessor William p Rogers. Henry a. Kissinger has succeed department and foreign service on major matters without his this lethargy which caused a de in receiving the morale of the fury in execution this has consent even if it Means delay serious morale problem at state department and restoring produced Sharp criticism of ing a decision until he can study foggy Bottom was to a great it to its traditional place at the Kissinger a work style. Some of it. His desire to be in total extent the result of Kissinger Scenter of american foreign his closest associate believe control extends to the Furni almost daily undercutting of the policy. That he should Delegate More things of his offices and the state department from his Kissinger has not done this responsibility and not try to menus at his meals More than White House office where he through any miracles of and maintain control Over so Many most secretaries of state he served As president Nixon a Spe ministration but largely through activities. Has involved himself even in Cia assistant for National the Force of his personality and while aboard his air Force minor matters. Security affairs the Transfer of his main opera Jet. He a a runs the department. Kissinger a role As head of while spending part of each tons from the White House to sending and receiving messages the department Many believe morning at the White House con his seventh floor offices. He has on specially installed equipment will ultimately have greater in Ferring with Nixon and his aides replaced almost All ranking offi even on his recent wedding trip pact on foreign policy than the Kissinger has moved most of rials with a highly motivated to Acapulco he had the depart highly visible Public relations his staff to the state depart individualistic team of people ment Send him special pouches operation that in some quarters ment and at least in the Public who Are Loyal to him but Are and he constantly communicated has earned him the title of Eye. Has put some distance bet prepared to speak their minds. With officials and ambassador a president for foreign affairs a Ween foggy Bottom and 1600 because of his extraordinary in Washington i his main departmental act cont med on Page 2

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