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Cumberland Evening Times Newspaper Archives Jun 30 1917, Page 22

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Cumberland Evening Times (Newspaper) - June 30, 1917, Cumberland, Maryland Action a to the Park and Aak her Al. It it a about know to had e dread up my mind i not kno it. W tor uld frightened and i Sid e any further Vul fail in i got up to of Ding woman if Yoi Call lire you spend the night at Margie you can t conceive the feel i had As the horror of the situation came Over me the Man took me by the Arm i thought i was going to to re continued i a rut i Jim a atm iou aril. Take ii your hats to this japanese boy he a Gol you both Beal to Colts begin season in Blue Ridge thirteen entries in dealers classic this feature of Uniontown fourth of july Speedway card engrossed interest. If of Ria if in i i i in for i i apparently to go All of them. No. Thai won t or just have $250 a to dresses you Are a shark no i be Only Lea ire of what the Box that Way our Wardri out of a tetanus Ink death at All of and raid. Buy a Yourn t rued to off e a Imam. It my record is to i by a i four was it and i it pc Athy Froid 1 Elisul in i the greatly reduce own Hoad tied the i ii ahead in the first t lost the game for the four ,�1p yielding thin ill to do i kno my a on ton. J by a a the thing bus Eam mites give him tie allowed the hits scattered Pauls while the Colts d Ingles from the Deli Morr Adys i at n in. Milf sure i w Ster Dav was a farce the is Back to my off with the tiniest by lid take a get full to 2. Mique i it Iehl went risk walk a Bat in place of Hiner. Who of my Iris Finger on saturday while n a off of who was on the Mound kept i Hall whizzing past the opposing i Tesmen with such Speed that they a were almost helpless Shawkey did not r exert himself after the fourth inning and consequently Pittsburgh gather-1 a eight hits. Thompson who had hurl 1 de for the visitors on saturday Wasi Btu us aug Lent right Back yesterday when the a team s other Pitcher failed to show up. He worked Well until the fourth when Ratje weaken and his teammates went pm to pieces. The scores saturday s game Pittsburgh athletics. I a ers seven err. Against them. Third by the Fielding Kornhoff and the Ley and la. Fields at opportune Mutual considerably lie his team s five run in the second Glt seven nning affair never troubled dodgers left hand was on the mount not hit him Anil he four hits Ami Fanni struck two men until the sixth fanned on thru i in of Oldtown Road was hit bar and often to All Corners of the lot the fielders pulling Down several drive which were Good tor triples in tin game the Hatting or etch Ley and la Fields again secur his team run fear opening games at Hanover this afternoon and tomorrow. A Victory will put Cumberland one step toward pennants Ville in circuit. F Cole. Kornhoff. Fields featured i timely drives secure their Only a. R. H p. A la. 4 to 14 m o Belcher is. 4 i i i 2 it Untz. Of 4 0 it it it 0 truce. Of 4 0 2 to Caldwell 2b3 0 0 it a l Ynn. Of. 3 o it 2 0 0 a Welcher 3b3 it 0 i 2 0 i Roordan. C3 it it 4 0 2 f Thompson p it 0 a i r totals 31 i Cumberland. 3 21 ii 5 a. R. H p. A e. I Jones of. 5 i 2 2 it o. Geatz 3b4 i it i it it Lippold 2b4 0 i 3 2 0 Keener la. 3 it 0 6 0 o i Marean of. 3 i i 0 0 j Schafer of. 4 i i it it 0 Diehl is 0 a gift i 3 2 diner c2 it it 12 0 it Dreyer p. 3 i 0 i totals 30 7 7 27 6 2 in the second game the dodgers played an airtight game not having a miss Ltd to their credit in the two Kames Crutchley and la Fields each secured four hits out of seven trips to the plate of Neil kept up hts Fine pegging to the bases and Oldtown Road kept glued to sacks Only one Man being successful in a steal. The dodgers would like to hear from All first class Amateur teams in Allegany county or Cumberland who Are putting in a bid As his Home and who do anything in the athletic a do racing and poker. Lie is Arthur Matsu and he a 13. And he has All the boys in h s neighbor-1 Hood hanging on behind when it comes i to athletics. Heres a partial record of his achievements. Flays first base on a boy s out team. Plays first base on an undefeated i indoor baseball team flays halfback on a High school foot j Hall team. Plays Forward on an Amateur Ball team. Has pole vaulted t feet 2 i 2 More than a foot higher than j of lbs class Star sprinter. Holds cd Junior record for the too 5" it Ard dashes. Plays a fair game of Tennis. At Cleve Aud to a fair Broad jumper. Champion boy swimmers. Land y. M. C. A. By caddies at a Golf course. Then when Arthur gets through.1�?T of a and doing All these things he goes Home iut the a dispatch to the Washington to i and cultivates his War Garden. J Star Timberland 111 not a cent How about it. Jim and Howard or franchise hut assumed All in i some boy what with the signing of papers this morning Cumberland became a no tiber of tile Blue Ridge league and the afternoon she played her first cha1 Plon shop Battle with the Hanover club which is holding Down fifth place Iii the circuit with a margin of a no Points Over Cumberland who a taken i up the reins where Chanise Surg left off in last place. Should cum i Herland w in this afternoon soc will take her first step toward Pennant a it j Ville in th1 Blue Ridge. Col n bum a Russler who became business min Ager of the Cumberland dub. Went to Hagerstown yesterday afternoon ii witnessed the signing of the papers by j his Legal adviser. Fuller Barnard la then took a train for Hanover and no t the members of his new team the morning at the hotel. Shotgun Keener who will have charge of the team this afternoon on the Field dutch Hiller Jones and Dreyer i members of the Cumberland Coll a went to Hanover this morning and will j arrive in time to take part in the game this afternoon. Although it was announced that Timberland had purchased the Chain Hersberg club for $201. Dispatches a i caring in other papers and in papers throughout the Blue Ridge league state that la local management has assumed All indebtedness of the Chambersburg club amounting to $1200. And by the Deal that consummated today the defunct team of the circuit leaves mire with the world the Uniontown pa., july 2.�?with thir teen if the Best cars in the country entered the dealers classic at the Flo town Speedway races on july i fourth promises to establish new Speedway and american records for this Vass. An additional feature of the Day s card is the fact that All of the entrants for the dealers classic must qualify wednesday morning a the Day of Hie race. Heretofore the qualification trials have been conclude j cd prior to the Day of the race. There i is a great Deal of interest in the qualification trials and much Speed is usually shown. In order to qualify. A dealer s car must average 70 Miles an hour in no official one Lap turn of the big wooden Saucer. Cars qualifying usually make much better Speed. Three Haynes two Lazier two mercers two Hudson Supor silos. A Peerless Luckard. Murray and Paige car have been entered. The Paige car won the second place in the dealers event at the Chicago Speedway last month. Fetterman driving his Irish Peerless has won three dealers races in Flo town. I it c. Hickey driving la Hudson super sex formerly owned by Ira Vail and with which Vail travelled at Speed of 102 Miles an hour at the Sheepshead Bay Courser and Jack Conway of Greensburg. Comprise the Hudson team entered Iii the dealers classic. Vail is entered in the world s championship of the i Chambersburg for the Chi Union shop. First game. Dodgers. A r the ire la p a e. Coless. Kornhoff. 2bcrutchley. 3b Cook of. Nicholson la of Gable of. Barnard of o Neil online Ponder. La. I i 2 0 total 5 i i 2 2 i 4 i 2 ii 2 3. 4 it 3 0 0. 4 ii i a 0 i i. 3 i i 2 0 00 it it o i. 4 0 i 7 2 0 1. 3 t 0 i i i i it i 6 0 36 3 7 2 4 9 7 Champ m Coy takes plunge in Potomac my tiie middleweight title Holder arrives in itty with party. Oldtown Road. Ail r la p a e. Score by innings Pittsburgh. 0 0 0 i it 0 0 0 o a i Cumberland. 1 2012100 �?��?7 summary a sacrifice hits Lipold and Hiner. Sacrifice ays Dreyer and Keener. Stolen bases Spe Loher. By and Marean. Earned runs land. 4. Two base base on balls off Thompson. 5. Struck out by Dreyer 12 by Thompson 5 left on bases Pittsburgh. 2 c Ember land 3. Umpire Jamison. Sunday s game Pittsburgh athletics. Drenning 3b. Underdunk of r. Fields c c. Cline 2b Forbeck of. Holbrook of e Field is. Tells admirers he will put Lark away in his rout Coney on fourth. In urn Der a Kean. First d Cli v i i 0 i 2 s la a. R. La p. \ e. Burress. Left 2 13 it i Speicher 3b5 i i 3 3 i Boyless. 3 i i i ii i Bruce of. 3 it 2 it 0 0 Kuntz. Of. 4 it i i it i Caldwell. 2b 4 it it 4 5 i Lynn if. 4 it i it it t Jordan c0 0 2 3 0 Thompson p3 0 it 0 o i a. A a a a totals 34 2 Cumberland. 0 24 13 4 a. R la p. A. Pm. Jones of. 3 i i o i it Geatz. 3b 4 0 1 it 2 it Lippold. 2b. 4 0 i 4 4 1 Keener la. 5 2 2 it it 0 Schafer is. 4 2 i 3 i i Russell of. 3 i 1 i i it Diehl c i 2 3 i 0 it Welsh of. 4 i it i it 0 Shawkey p. 4 2 i i 0 totals. Score .35 la 12 by innings 27 14 2 Pittsburgh. 10 10 0 0 9 0 it. O Cumberland. I 0 0 3 o 4 2 i la totals do leers o. A. Summary Cook o a two Bas Crutchley Fields Cline 31 1 ii la Lien ice if Bas $ i u Xua est Fields e file Kean e. E. Fields base hits it. Struck out by Klin 6, by base on balls off Kline 4. Tim Balkh Kline hit batsmen Kline Holbrook. Gender. Umpire Owen s earned Road 2. Runs dodgers i Oldtown second game. Dodgers. A it la p. A. E. Summary a sacrifice hit Russell. Stolen leases Jones Keener and Thompson. Earned runs Pittsburgh 2 Cumberland. 8. Two base hits lip Pold and spec her. Three base hits Bruce and Shawkey 2. Home run Diehl. First base on balls off Shawkey. 4 off Thompson. 4. Struck out a by Shawkey 5. on bases Pittsburgh. 8 Cumberland. 4 double plays coless. 3 i 3 0 it 0 Kornhoff. 2b3 2 2 i i to Crutchley. Of. 3 0 2 i 0 it Gonder la. 3 0 0 u it 0 Cook p3 it 0 2 it it Gabel of. ____3 i i 2 o 0 Barnard of. 2 i ii it 0 0 in Cho of. I i Tift 0 0 o Neil c2 0 ii it 2 0 Kline. 3b----2 it it it a 0 totals 25 4 Oldtown Road. 9 21 6 it a. R. Ii p. A. E. Forbeck. Of. 3 it ii i 0 it Kean la. 4 ill in 0 e. Fields is. 3 it it 0 2 0. Cline. ____3 it ii it 3 it if Fields a. ____3 i 2 4 i 0 i Cline. 2b. 2 it it o 2 0 Holbrook of. O i i left 0 Underdunk of. I it it 2 0 0 Drenning 3b. 2 it it it i i totals. .24 i 4 is 9 i o. A. I 0 it it it it i a for the first time in her life Cumberland has in her midst a Champion of the pugilist ring Al Mccoy who wears the Crown of the middleweight division having arrived in this City at 11 50 of clock this morning in company with his Trainer manager and father the latter having had his son under his management for two years after he captured the title from gee. Chip in Pittsburgh in Ane minute and Twenty eight seconds of fighting. I in the ring. A Mccoy remained Over in the Queen j Cumberland and City today and will spend a Little time Here Arain tomorrow before going to Lonaconing where he is scheduled to meet Jackie Clark of Allentown in ten round on wednesday afternoon in one of the biggest boxing events that has Ever been billed for the pugilistic fans of Allegany county. Anxious for one Peep at the City that is about to become the posses Sor of one of the largest rubber works in the country. Mccoy with his party went sightseeing this afternoon and marvelled at the Beauty of the Many Scenic attractions that nature has made possible. He went through the Narrows the Gateway of the East and West visited the half million Dol i Lar water system and then to top i off the Day took a plunge in the Waters i of the historic Potomac. Mccoy was i the Center of attraction where i went and ii was kept Busy ans the questions of his admirers who wanted to know of Jackie Clark had in ibis opinion a Chance of capturing the title. Of course. Mccoy refused to admit that the Allentown Boxer had a Chance but very strongly int lat i that he would go against one of the keenest boxers in the Rin and did 1 not expect to get away with the fight without a hard Battle. Mccoy is in Fine fettle and says he is going to try hard and put ills opponent in the Back ground after wednesday s fight. Clark is expected to Coni to Cumberland tomorrow morning going 11 rec t to Lonaconing w Here he will Lay in waiting for the second and last Chance he Hopes to get at tile Middle i weight Crown a Lark Anil his manager Charles Eitl Neer Are confident that the till will he carried Back to Pennsylvan a wednesday night promoter James Mcguire has completed arrangements for one of the biggest crowds that has Ever attended a boxing contest in the county. Carpenters went to work Early this morning installing the ring and bleacher seats in the gallery of the Lonaconing armory while chair seats were placed on the first floor surround Pecini train Over the Pennsylvania Railroad will leave Cumberland at i o clock wednesday and according to general manager Robertson of the company it will arrive in Lonaconing at 2 15 special Street car service will be Given the fans in the other end of the county and from noon on the fourth it is expected that loads of humanity will be dumped in to the hustling Little town of the Georges Creek Region. Coal production in Somerset county do mis of new Coal mines have been in i along the Baltimore amp a Ohio has i and the Western Maryland a r.a1 Muj in Southern Somerset county. In a number of new mines have los i in opened in Brothers Valley Ani Addison townships in the Sam county the production of the South minty Field is not so Large As the j North butt is growing by leaps Ami h funds and will add heavily to the i of is it a duet on of Coal in Somerset i county in 1917 Coal is commanding $900 an acre in j certain actions of Somerset county. Five acres in Cassinia Borough i a administrator s Sale at a few Days for $4,500. The i being c. M. May and e. La. Salisbury. The tract is a i the Baltimore a Ohio rail will be developed orly owned by Asselman some purchasers b Miller of a Tessible to to Road and to the land a p. Hostetler ii sluggers hard to Stop. The Stony i de the Young by the set a l e and i it of the a sluggers score i y. C. S b. Leht Edness club a a the Colts will remain in Hanover for the second game of the series to Morrow after which they will go to Hagerstown where they will met the terriers in the morning game on july 4 immediately after the game loth teams will leave in automobiles for Cumberland where the second game of the Holiday Hill will be played com Nien cing at 4 or 4 30, or As soon As the clubs arrive. It is expected that col Russler. Up on his return to Cumberland this evening. Will make arrangements for the holding of a Public meeting of tile fans when assistance will be asked in promoting the local club into the Lea i tie. Much Money is required to Start the Hall rolling and to make it possible for the a Felts to move up in the race. J and the fans will be asked to Purchase season tickets it will require j Good attendance at All games to keep the team moving and unless the fans nit the team will not Linge Long e lineups for today s game at Hanover Are As follows Cumberland Bigler. By Fuhrer. Is Rist 2b Keener of Clunk of bloggers defeat Jones of Greenough of Melhman c unday afternoon Corbett a Bonsai up Alpaugh p s the feature Gava Rioh. P. A batting of the Hanover Agnew. 2b Biti Jug no Spencer of Martins of. Orrison of Plank la Lamoni a Doherty is 2 0 3 0 1 0 1 1 Kunkle a Mullin p. I 4 0 i 0 i 2 x match in with his Hudson and is confident that the Hudson will of it Nie out victorious in All the events. Thu Murray cur is a new one and c. Vii Mcfarland a popular favorite of Raj a1 Speed Way crowds is out to win six of the thirteen cars and Driver entered in the july fourth races have never before participated in a i Uniontown Speedway program. The qualification trials for the dealers events will Tako place in the morning immediately after the Speed contest Between Relloyd Thompson. In his Aero plane and Karl Cooper driving a Surtz car. Vail. Fountayne and Cooper have been Here for a week and have their ars in Fine fettle for the big championship match race All three Drivers Are delighted with the Uniontown track Chevrolet arrived last night but bus car has been tuning up the past week under the expert of his mechanician r c. Or ire arb Fin picnic grounds have of a on arranged Anil every Effort is being mad to accommodate the thousands of automobile touring parties who will spend the Day at the Speedway grounds. Ii to rail be t at once j turn o by Jacob j the baseball at a glance Blue Ridge league. 14 17 standing of tee clubs. A l. Martinsburg. 29 Hagerstown. 26 Gettysburg. 2d Frederick. 19 Hanover. 17 Cumberland. 17 games today. Cumberland at Hanover. Martinsburg at Gettysburg. Hagerstown at Frederick. National league 26 26 pct. .674 .605 476 .437 .395 .395 yesterday s scores. 4 Pittsburgh i. At Kuot re Raeshin d3ink in to world now is a Good time to treat your Catarrh which infest your blood and chases a them entirely out of your system. It mild weather hid treatment. Done to be misled into thinking that them entirely out of your system your Catarrh is gone. The firs touch a by in the most satisfactory treat it Back at All grocery Star., cafe Aal Star.4. Be. A mule. Of Winter weather will Brin with All its discomforts but this is thoroughly cleanse the blood of the germs of Catarrh and be forever id of the troublesome sprays and touches that can never cure you s. S., the great blood purifier caries out the germs of Catarrh ment for the disease because it reaches Down to its very roots and an excellent time to a frets at the cause. Write to Day for Quot a a a a f ill information and expert medical advice regarding the treatment of your own Case. Take advantage of this Chance to Day. Address Swift specific co., dept g Atlanta a. Is go. Dodgers. Summary. Ii 0 2 i i 0 x�?4 stolen bases. Crutchley any Straw hat this in the House $1.25. Tim innate Al a Cincinnati. 5 Pittsburgh. I St. Louis. 4 Chicago. 0, Brooklyn 3 Philadelphia. 2. New York Boston not scheduled standing of the clubs. New York. Philadelphia. Chicago. St. Louis. Cincinnati. Brooklyn. Boston. Pittsburgh. 21 games today. St. Louis at Pittsburgh. Cincinnati at Chicago. Philadelphia at Brooklyn. Boston tit new York. American league w. L. Pct. 38 22 .633 37 25 .597 39 33 .542 35 31 .53ft 36 37 .493 28 33 .459 24 35 .407 21 42 .333 yesterdays scores. Cleveland 5 Chicago 4. Detroit. 5 St Louis. 0. St. Louis. 15 Detroit. 9. Other clubs not scheduled. W. L. Pct. Chicago. 43 24 .642 Host of. 41 24 .631 new York. 35 29 .547 Detroit. 33 32 .508 Cleveland. 34 .507 Washington. 25 39 .391 St. Louis. 26 41 .388 Philadelphia. O 38 .377 games today. Washington at Philadelphia. Chicago at Cleveland. New York at Boston. Detroit at St Louis. H a Geatz to Lippold to Keener Jones Gable to be bait r first base on errors cum liberian be 3 Pittsburgh 2. Umpire in 3 Gerstell wins championship two base hits Crutchley Kean. Three base hits a f ields. Double plays i. Cline to e. Fields. Struck out by Cook la by Cline 4 base on balls off Cook 4 Empire Connell. Earned runs dodgers 3 Oldtown Road i includes splits sonnets Porto Etc. All sizes and shapes. Tile trap shooting tournament of the Buena Vista gun club brought out a Large entry. The shooting was difficult owing to the High winds. Richard Gerstell jr., of Grafton won the championship with 94 out of too. After an exciting Sloot off with d. E Smith. Gerstell broke 20 straight to Smith s 18. G. E. Painter Pitts Burgh won the third prize and Henry German. Wyoming. Pa., won fourth of the professionals if i. Worthington and l. German tied with 92 today too targets will he shot at the morning and in the afternoon the Buena Vista Handicap of too targets xviii to. Shot. 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