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Cumberland Evening Times Newspaper Archives Aug 8 1953, Page 5

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Cumberland Evening Times (Newspaper) - August 8, 1953, Cumberland, Maryland Phon 4600 for a want and taker evening times. Cumberland. My saturday. August 8. 1933 a if Foffo Oft reasoning 11 rips any player m in by Oswald Jacoby written for Nea service today hand is taken from the finals of last years National team championships. The or j repressible Johnny Crawford though it was a Good time to open the bidding with a shutout bid. He knew that somebody had a Good hand. And he wanted to plague that player. He succeeded but the plagued player was his own partners a. Jay Hecker. Jay studied the hand for a full minute by the clock it seemed like an hour at the Tim and then bid six hearts. West had to guess at the opening Lead and happened to fish out the four of clubs. A Diamond opening Lead would have set the contract immediately since East could have taken two Diamond tricks. With the actual club Lead How a Ever. South made his slam by drawing Trumps and discarding two diamonds one on the Ace of i a lobs and one on the Dummy last Spade. You might wander How it is that two of the Best players in the coun try happen to get a contract that Kadio programs i saturday a hoist s. Isas i saturday. Augustis the program Malad Balow a supplied Oyen local radio ablation which a responsible Lor their accuracy. The la Apac la provided without Harg by the Tim Aarn Arvic to satan a. Today Noeth s a a q 8 4 up a k a k52 v a a j 98 Wert Kast it 4 we a j 22 Rio 8 6 Eju is a a q to 4 2 ak7s42 a 10 83 South a ices v up q9 7 543 ? a just a Nona East Wert rut. Pm Pim Pim South weal North 3 v pass 6 v pass pass opening Lead a 4 pm Wiio 145 Kowcum Tutu to pm in 9 to lots 129 to 4 04 4 1 4 88 4 4 runs Rawsy in review join the by Frade of band baseball Gam Melody ballroom pirate braves to 0 5 15 it a a 4ft by City or in Public affair la author speak your new reporter h v Kab limbo in not min of the shrew Ted Wnm Orch lbs Martha Lou Harp Preston show i of 4 15 6.ae a is Morgan and news sports Parade sport Roundup lbs Daniel Schorr new Crowley reports your Navy show Finnegan s sport Una a carnal Ute til 7 8ft 7 4ft new Talent Usa arc saturday at Chaa syncopation piece lbs disaster strikes Leatherneck bandstand Down you go lbs a a c. Brown a Iii i see 4ft a Broadway s my Bast in h gang Batera Twenty questions new party in 9.8# 9 1ft in 9 4a a we Kin Orch. Guna Moke it lbs country style lbs Adim it in in i Oft 18 is Lea 16 4 Treasury of male Meredith Wilton no 3 a a news Thornhill Orch. Tit tit Lifto 11 18 Lull 4a news no Joseph c. A Rurh sign off news and news analysis f Reddle Calo Orch. Oscar Dumont Orch. Esse a Bles m it it news 12 06 sign off new sign off sunday. At Wiist it 1958 one 8 1ft in it 4a Newt Ort in recital a a Jack Arthur show news lbs mennonite Bour sacred heart hour Herald of truth Abc Baptist hour a 1 0 9 15 a 1 41 world new Roundup sunday music no carnival of Book with in action the Brathen hour the Christiana hour Christian Selene it Rob revival hour a Tarn m Ion 10 15 i no i 4ft radio Rulu in in Art of living new highlight no Church of air cab a a a in in methodist Church lutheran hour la of 11 1 ii be 11 4 Roadside Chapel viewpoint. U. 8 a. U. N. I my beat air fore Chota Salt i a t Nail lbs 8 learning m music in modern mood wings of Healing Abc noon 11 1 him 12 4 Sarn in v Kayrus Serene the eternal l ight no latin american Story the Keyser hour Gloria Parker Etse italian hour in lift in 1 4ft youth want to know u. Of hic go Roundt Abl baseball Gam m news Paris Star Tom a sift a m in the Catholic hour forum of the air a h m in bandstand u s a. Grandstand bandstand warm up Tim a of ase Iii critic at Large to ii me doctor my lot relax narc Elmo Roper no to Iii pirates Brave our Horoscope a j v Ivi i i Nui Tusi a Lvov five networks Battle filmed to shows look in the action in which your birthday Cornea and find what your Outlook to according to the Atar. For sunday. Augusts him March 21 to april 20 it arts a it rpm a did indication for sunday intercut healthy sports and other relaxing divert by Erskine Johnson i placement for Quot your show of Nea staff correspondent shows Quot fades in september but Hollywood to film or not to no cd a shopping for ideas to keep film is still the hottest question in him on the Home screens during television despite the fact that the Winter. A Lenard Hanson the four out of the nations top to Star of a new action adventure shows Lucy Groucho Marx series for Ziv to. Dick plays the dragnet and our miss Brooks role of a counter intelligence ser Are on celluloid. Viceman. Dennis Day finally a Bra refusal to sign film minded got the Green Light to put All of his wishing Well a off be Quot april very red Salton unless he agreed to a shows on film. Interesting although at time puzzling live show again reveals the ant it it Ruig re t i of no re Cit u in do or y u a cel Uio id attitude of the networks. Now that a to Salesman has May 2i to junk 2i gemini Friendly the reason networks Are fighting made the Grade As a movie actor aspect All around you hut your Mercury film is obvious. If a show is on with Star prospects you a better ii per hip helpful giving us to do Thi firn there a no need for a network. Ook at the repair Man More calmly your Church of try to. But despite the network plotting closely next time you Call him to 10 Cunley ilm or to the on cd Quot a your pct Are honed a Ugur for a Happy fruitful sunday Long strips of celluloid Are gaining he May be the next Gregory a Quot a pm i Quot Public and to Mariap favor. A pm a special Survey by the Magazine John Gifford a darkly hand broadcasting telecasting reveals so me newcomer who makes life miserable for Bella Darvi and no network film programs occur Richard Widmark in foxes Quot hell. U by one fourth of the total program and High water owned to aim liar. You should be Able to accomplish time of interconnected stations on scores in Washington d. C., and energy1 of av1 7 a a plan quoth to networks half the total time of on had 16 salesmen Selling sets 2� to to bar As Al for no interconnected stations and for in North Carolina As Quot big no Xci tin or Over stimulating Ray from three fifths of the programming a John the working Many a Routa Gugu Fhi pcs kept Ifa turn. It june by no affiliated stations. Quot but after five years Quot he told from Good efforts. Most outspoken of the Hollywood me. The Money did no to mean any a to november 22 scr telefilm producers about the net thing. I had gone into the to applet today hold Many inviting Poa Albelli 1 a a of but me net Ain for worthy undertaking Alae prop work War against film is Michael Fiance game when i could t Lim Mhz 7iv/�?zv�?�n.n, to 006 Meshekoff producer of land work on the Sta i old win enhance Contentment. I a pm i 2.1 to deck bar 22 lots of to sets but i was t Happy. Sagittarius a promising for truly Good. So i came out to Hollywood and deeds essential Home and silliness duties. The new and now definite a landed in the movies Quot work the cannot be put off. Encourage starting Date for the first pay As ing for patriotic Aero Tea and for love of wire to god you see new movies on to has Chi 1 Walls Jug saying May december 23 to january 2i Capri been set for november i. Palm in in hug St Francis the mule is the experimental City voice about a video series based prayer and Good deeds 24 to August 22 Leo restrain tog Sun influences tend to temper input Riveness Over enthusiasm. Other planetary vibrations favor urgent work Home duties j that Church services. August 23 to september 23 Virgo please read gemini today. Your Chart a 7 3 5 2 4 8 3 7 6 2 8 4 a m c a r m y in i n i o to i 4 2 8 3 i 8 2 4 t 8 2 in r g u a to e b i c 8 r v 3 2 6 4 5 8 2 7 3 4 5 2 "7 s 8 w t a u i 8 i e 8 n o 2 5 8 3 i 2 4 3 5 7 2 8 a e h n c r s d c l 8 8 l t a i i s a 3 7 i 6 a 3 5 o c p u h n m r o e t in o s 2 7 3 6 5 a 4 1 5 a 3 7 i l g i r o a 8 a l r h a r. 2 8 3 5 4 2 7 3 5 6 4 2 a k o c b 8 s 8 t y k h s w to Jere is a pleasant Little game that will give you a message every Day. It is a numerical Puzzle designed to spell out your Fortune. Count the letters in your first name if the number of letters is 6 or More subtract 4 if the number is less than 6. Add 3. The result if your key number. Start at the upper left hand Corner of the rectangle and Check every one of your key numbers left to right. Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you copyright Isis. By William j. Miller. Distributed by King features. Inc b d Frankie Laine to sing theme on Thep paintings of famous Western artist Charles Russell. A Caine Mutiny group leaves for Honolulu Corm a no Clouds for you this grand Sun incr no Day. Your Saturn and other planet Honor t practical sound useful and difficult for the Telemeter system matters january 22 to february 20 Aquart Lus should be Peak Day for Home things although filming of More Quot Cisco interesting and beneficial news happen. I in Likely. Without neglecting air Tuai stanza depends on How Goon needs you can hav a full Happy Day. Medics Tell Duncan Renaldo he can february 21 to March 20 Pisces a remove the steel Brno on his Nock Good Fortune smiles on you and your dear remove one Seiei Dice on is Hock. Ones be worthy of blessings try to build 1 the Star has left Hollywood for a Dir More by following gods gracious Law series 0f Rodeo appearances at enjoy wholesome fun. I _ a a you born today Are Gay. Debonair. 1� it performance generous of heart. You have specific Talent for Selling entertaining managing groups of people. Now for fault a tendency to excessive egotism being too dictatorial at in i veg by permitted to do some roping and of the screen version of Herman Date John Dryden great poet Izaak Wai deliver lines in the Cisco manner Woulk s pulitzer prize ton author of the compleat Angler. Copyright 1953. King features Syndicate inc Green grades rarity for a Island in sky Hollywood the Green grass did t grow All around during the urn i Vul Oon p a a filming of Quot Island in the sky Quot at hol Wood i ankle lame Truckee. California High in the will sing the title Gong by Dimitri j Snow covered mountains. Tiomkin in the musical score of the film Quot blowing wild Quot starring in fact when director William Wellman needed a Patch of the Green stuff for a scene in the John Wayne starter he had to Send to Gary Cooper Barbara Stanwyck Ruth roman and Anthony Quinn. Lame will also do a record of Reno Nevada 40 Miles away. The song for Columbia records. A a a. A exactly As it will be heard in the picture directed by Hugo Fregon Ese. The song bears the same title Hollywood first contingent As the film Quot blowing and of the cast and Crew of the Era a the lyrics were by Paul Francis Duncan who broke his neck in Mer company s Quot the Caine my Webster set to Tiomkin s music. Tiomkin is also writing the films a filming Accident wont be Able j tiny Quot has planed out for location to ride a horse but he will be filming at Pearl Harbor Honolulu can a Defeated by the right opening Lead. Don t sniff too hard at the slam contract since after All it was actually fulfilled. Strangely enough it s a Good contract. If you took the Twenty six East West cards shuffled them and dealt them out about a Hundred times South would make the slam in something like sixty to seventy cases. The slam would be a reasonable contract if South made it Only about fifty times out of a Hundred cases. Television highlights the Tell Taion listing a compiled from program furnished by the the re stations the Timas la not responsible for late change or for Cabin switches to other station. Actress gets red Light on traffic spree deliver lines in tile Cisco manner Woulk a in an act with Leo Carillo. Leo novel who a still grief stricken Over the headed death of his wife refused to cancel Kramer background score. The composer is a double Oscar Winner for this by and producer director winning year having Foteen voted Academy awards for his score of Quot High and for co composing the i. _. I Quot do not forsake me of my j the Rodeo tour that Means so much Dmytryk. The Crew of 75 techno Darling Quot in that picture cans will photograph exterior i quenches at the exact locales de-1 scribed by author Wouk in novel. To Duncan at this time. Station Otto Washington. Channel s Cumberland Abl a today 5 00 the saturday show 6 of capital caravan 7 00 cartoon theater 7 30 the Beulah show 8 00 Warmup time 8 05 dugout Hatter 8 20 senators Browns 10 45 Bob Wolff sports 11 00 sports so Owcar 11 15 wrestling tomorrow 3 30 the sunday show 5 00 the children hour 8 of bar 5 Roundup 7 00 Georgetown forum Loo this i the life 130 f Frontier of Faith 2 00 Beulah 2 30 sunday theater 3 00 masquerade party 3 30 you do believe 4 30 zoo Farad 3 00 recital Hall 5.30 bums and Allen 6 00 meet the Presa 6 30 f ilm festival 7 00 Date with Judy 7 30 Racket squad 8 00 the big payoff 9 of television playhouse 10 00 the web 10 30 f foreign intrigue 11 00 Lullaby theater 1 11 t. B a. I Hollywood a actress 2 no music and meditation i Kirk like a surprising number of i Are running television after five years of to emoting in new York John carradine�?T6 betting on Hollywood to win Back its lost audience. His theory Quot sponsors and other people who Phyllis know nothing about entertainment their main Stanley Edward his round and Square 9 00 Rocky King detective 9 30 plainclothes an to of what # the Story 7 30 Washington exclusive forget about the actual East g of Channel 5 playhouse West holdings and do some general reasoning. If the opening Lead it a Spade you Are a Strong favor 10m custom playhouse be to make four Spade tricks and station Jao therefore the slam. I John in Channel 6 Cumberland Cabin 6 today 5 00 wild Din of Hickok 5 30 the Goldbergs 6,00 in be got a secret 6 30 hop along Cassidy if the opening Lead is a club you May set up Dummy a Jack by ruffing or you May develop four Spade tricks. If the Spades and clubs fail to develop you can Lead 7 00 candid camera a Diamond towards Dummy in the g2o my Nert it jeep Hope that West has the Ace. 3� Amateur hour if the opening Lead is a Diamond. A famed Joan you must play Low from the to do medallion theater Dummy in the Hope that West has a rive a to a Cret Byj. 11 00 stage Quot so led from the Queen. He would so City Hospital not be Likely to under Lead the Ace. 13 00 saturday Pia Yhoua you Are set immediately if East a 30 feet has both Ace and Queen of Dia 12 00 better living theater Mondsh provided that West then j leads the suit. The Odds Are a a against each of these possibilities. And very much against both place. The situation would be very different if North bid the hand then the Chance of a Diamond opening Lead would be greatly increased and the slam would not be a particularly Good shot. Station Woty Pittsburgh Channel i Cumberland Cable i today 4 00 beat the clock 4 30 nothing but the Best 5 00 Superman 5 30 Hopa Iong Cassidy 6 00 Rosey rows Eli 6 45 Star Parade 7 00 Lone Ranger 7 30 Tim out 7 45 yesterday s newsreel 8 of Thi is the life 8 30 Burns and alien 9 00 boxing 9 45 sports Parade Ivor Boston niacin 10 30 private Secretary 11 00 theater Tim 11 35 in be got a secret a. M. 12 05 sport show final 12 10 Martin Kane 12 40-2 10 swing shift tomorrow 11.30 frontiers of Faith 12.00 facts f Orum 12 30 this is the 1 00 police Story 2 15 fiddle Fisher 2 to Arthur Godfrey 2 00 Robert Montgomery 4 of Yon asked for i 4 30 zoo pared 5 of super circus 5.30 Jerry and pirates 6 00 c Redit time 7 00 you Are Thor 7 30 the buggies 8 of Toast of the town 8 00 Rocky King 9 30 plainclothes an 10 of Victory at sea 10 30 big town 11 .00 news 11 15 drama interlude 11 35 sunday theater Tommy Noonan Handy As Skelton s standby Hollywood comedian Tommy Noonan who plays Marilyn Monroe sugar daddy in Quot gentlemen prefer blondes Quot not Only is a top nightclub performer but a standby comic for the red skel should Skelton who has been ailing of late Ever be unable to station a fac Altoona. Channel to today 2 of baseball 6 00 than picture 6 30 music 6 50 sport 7 00 music 8.00 feature playhouse 9.00 saturday night fights 9 45 fight talk 10 00 playhouse la .00 sports 11 20 wrestling tomorrow 2 of movie matinee 6 00 what a your trouble 6 30 Roy Rogers 7 00 you asked for it 7.30 Straw hat theater 8 of All Star news 9 30 t a me Law 10 00 this is the Lif 10 30 feature film 11 55 news other motorists frustrated by tray Job is Selling products. How can Fie lights has always wanted to they compete with movie makers enjoy the thrill of Riding in a police who sell Only entertainment Quot car speeding through the streets with Siren screaming. First it was Joan Davis who she thought shed get the Chance gave up being a Man Chaser when a ton Quot to Quot show when Warner Bros. Cast her with to came along and now ifs Vera Sterling Hayden and Gene Nelson j vague. In Quot the City is dark Quot an action Vera a buried her famous shrill a.,. 4. Perform Noonan would be pressed Story in which prowl cars of the crazy about the boys character for Intro or Rio los Angeles police department a quieter and funnier she Hopes. Have a prominent part. Rit stickler Asie Star of cd so but Phyllis talk any of Quot follow the Leader Quot and she a the police Drivers into taking her telling the world for a ride. Happily married a frustrated i Quot we Only do that in an Emer Vera is turning the Burner Way gency a they explained. Quot unless Down on her comedy salesmanship of course you a like to break the for television claiming Law and have us Book Quot the level of comedy on to a a. Is 50 per cent More relaxed than Lex Barker finally in a in you see comedians get out and kill themselves on Tele vision. You want to turn them off. Its the easy casual performer Hollywood a Lex Barker to knows How to underplay who who has been treed As an actor j will last in Ever since he began playing tar _ Zan. Landed the role of an army aj1 four gators Eva. Zsa Zsa. Officer in Quot Thunder Over the Magda and mama _ on a panel Plains through a Batch of photo-1 so amp of sounds interesting but Dan graphs. I serous it a 4-g production in a to prove he could look convince afraid would keep the acc spin., dance sat. Fargo cafe Down by Thi race track Musk by Thi rhythm Ramblers a Phon 4447 for reservations television Ivery night funeral Flowers phone 2582 30pp8 75 Baltimore St. J. Elmer Bopp new account opened of you have a first National Bank credit card. Into service with his own satirical comic sketches. Some meteorites contain As much As .90 per cent Iron while other contain As Little Asio per cent. Returns to ground taking authentic acting has heal payoff Wendy Hiller makes Graceful Quot Bange Hollywood a Wendy Ning Over Zippy dialog and cleavage. Hoagy Carmichaels summer re Hollywood a filming scenes with a hidden camera on los Angeles streets for Quot the City is dark Quot added an unusual Quot contribution Quot to the picture. Two extras dressed As salvation army members were stationed in front of a skid Row bar for atmosphere while a sequence we being made with a camera concealed in a Light truck. In three hours the salvation army lad and Lassie collected $193 in their tambourines from passers by. Money was later turned Over to Bona fide workers of the organization. A a with neither Side vulnerable the bidding has been North East South West 1 heart i Spade 2 clubs pass 2 hearts pass ? you South hold Spades k-7-5, hearts 8-3. Diamonds k-8-3, clubs a-k-j-8-5. What do you do a bid two no Trump. You must make a second try for game since _ you have a count of 14 Points in a a High cards opposite an opening Ginger Kogurt bid. You cannot afford to jump to own Hals game in no Trump since you have Only one Spade stopper. Hollywood a Ginger Rogers today ski estion makes Many of her own hats and the bidding is the same As in often wears them in her movies. 1 the question just answered. she wears one of her Crea. South hold Spades k-j-5, hearts a to on in her latest film Quot forever my in a variety of parts Barker showed David Weishart Quot Thunder Quot producer pictures of himself As a sea Captain Forest Ranger roman Warrior 18th Century Lover pirate modern professional Hiller j Man and army officer Jill Lull who Ages from her late twenties Weishart was impressed and a to Early 50 s for her role in Quot sail signed Barker to Wear clothes and or of the King Quot completed the to costar with Randolph Scottie change w without the Aid of make and Phyllis Kirk in the the picture. In up. = miss Hiller one of the world s Frankjr is n1pm j = greatest actresses effected the g change by her manner of walk Hollywood Odd Wrays to rid z ing standing and general Carriage j your Garden of rattle snakes i a a co starred with Wendy in the Frank Lovejoy causes an dramatic Story of Navy valor Are foot Diamond Back to turn Tail in.= Michael Rennie and Jeffrey Hun 3-d Quot the charge at Feather River Quot orchestra. Tor. By spitting tobacco juice in the = attacking reptiles eyes. Mimi Circle in dance to the music of our = super Juke Box lakes make your own selections e eight e 0f the world greatest e Tail in s. A a treasure land Hollywood Quot plunder of the a Story of the search for hidden treasure starring Glenn Ford was filmed on location at the ancient zapotec an ruins near Oaxaca. Mexico. It Khan 428 for reservation 8-3, diamonds k-q-3, clubs j-8-5. What do you do answer monday a a Marie Windsor signed for a Bounty Hunter Hollywood a Marie Windsor has been signed for a top feminine role in Quot the Bounty Hunter Quot Frontier adventure drama starring Randolph Scott. The actress who recently a eared in Quot trouble along the Way a a will portray a Frontier Hall girl in the new picture. ,�?� comedy with a Broadway background in which she is teamed with William Holden and Paul Douglas. Plays Flynn s pal Hollywood a Roger Livesey famous for his colonel Blimp characterization of several years ago. Plays Errol Flynn a rascally pal in Quot the master of round and Square dancing music by the Blue notes so. Swauger Figur Collar every saturday night at the Corriganville firemen 9 30 to 12 30 Beer a win whiskey members and guests invited 4george and i find it eave us Money to eat at the Central where we get a Complete dinner for Only $1.25�?� Central lunch amp dining room la n. Centre St., Opp. City Hall a always open Warner Bros ipotomac1 dry vet Thea tre tonight Only a double feature feature no. 2 my mrs Thunderbolt drama is of an sex Marine who saw shadows in the sky and a girl who could Only see rainbows color cartoon first show 8 45 second complot show Shadow in the sky at it t my ions Ralph Meeker Nancy Davis James Whitmore Jean Hagen titanium is the fourth most common Metal in the Earth a crust. Eat at Nancy a tomorrow delicious dinners served from noon til 9 lunches and dinners daily Nancy Whetsell a 119 South Centre St. A plenty of parking space Tonitte Only also cartoon Ike in. Pliant mud Jufa pwn of n Omri woj i to time a a their lives Quot the old Texas Trail with Rod Cameron fuzzy Knight free late show a glory alleys Janis Carter term Toter the pm Job Reher Warner Andino Tonitte Only double feature a 3 k hour technicolor program Pius Watnr-om-mrmusk1 a cartoon St Quot Waw la my Oah iils owl Sui a us Tim a a a of Mhz 1 a cow Quot to j by is show 8 50 ust Complete show on showing a Rainbow my shoulder1�?T to 40 round tomorrow their latest and funniest a a a scared stiff path frontiers toughest sheriff is. La West so Witch to Gal a in the wildest town that a or defied the Law on the screen at 8 40 11 50 Ivery wonderful Inch of her is against the la Wims or h whoa get or 7ec/mcafar\ it Paul Kelly Elsa Inch Esthom my cartoon snack bar 3 elfin d double a technicolor null la feature show to please the entire family Tonitte see Shelley Winters and Marie Windsor hit the floor in Knock Down drag out 5aioon Brawl then enjoy the exotic South sea Island Paradise thrill of this co feature recent coir a a a a Academy award Winner Best actress Shirley Booth in starts tomorrow come Back. Little Sheba i 1 %

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