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Cumberland Evening Times Newspaper Archives Aug 8 1953, Page 4

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Cumberland Evening Times (Newspaper) - August 8, 1953, Cumberland, Maryland Four evening times. Cumberland. My saturday. August s. 1953 phone i goo for a want of tufted in Hollywood a a Kramer to make out our Way by j. R. William our hoarding House with major Foo pub predicts a Caine Mutiny Van Johnson Burger stat i could surf whew they Load lunch Box up w Ith Mushy stuff f a Forcht to put Ike five a a did you Lver be e old pwn i Iwase e at Ric f wid a pair of Caliri is Mim and Thi old lady did no toe t Ai Ono an he p by Erskine Johnson f working for a movie camera Longs to rot revealed fan magazines planning to Fisk Nea staff correspondent for the first time in seven years at a Moc Ambo cocktail party Hon Gene Barry for notes on a Story Hollywood there May have in bulb Hope s Quot or Ong producers Rita Allen and titled Quot what makes Rosemary been howls of Protist when pro path Bon grinned about the roles Archie Thompson who will pro Clooney tick Quot Are out of Luck Plucer Stanley Kramer cast Van rear gtd other new York stage a Duce Las a musical he Rosemary s costar in a red Gar Johnson As lieutenant Mark in Tor played when they were has co authored with Sam Goslow term Quot is plumb mystified by Quot the Caine Mutiny Quot but Kramer brought to Holly Wood and the new the entire filming says Long Rosie s icy Demeanour is insisting that Quot the role will sound movies. Street will be done in Europe Gene says he was getting along Ike Van a bigger Star than were hired to hold up Little a where we can use some great Fine with Rosemary Quot until we had Tver a a babies who could t act. All the opera voice and utilize $2,000,000 to do a scene in which i carry her watching Van rehearse a scene pretty Little fares Are gone now in Frozen Down a ramp it was a comply for the film with the forehead but the a it Al Talent is still Caird piece of business Tough to scar he received in that motor Akin Ray s fuming Over his time and on the seventh take Cycle Accident showing prominent there san ironic note to Betty suspension from Columbia for 12 i fell with her. Two Days i ate she Ivy Mem always covered it with Grable s departure from Fox. Seeks As punishment for telling refused to talk to me. What make up Kramer told me which Means that Mitzi Gaynor a Hollywood scribe that the studio steamed things up after the fall Quot everyone thought of Kirk May now draw role originally leg did t give him any expense Money i Don t know. My wife and i had Douglas As a Wishy Washy Char marked for mrs. James. Mitzi s on is Mir Aith let s do it been invited to her Home the Sun Acter but i thought of him As a first film at the studio was a again studio Cai it bad Faith Day before. She s the greatest fighter and put him in Champion Grable stirrer and Betty went out aide has empty pockets. Singing Lent i know. I Admire Quot while Van was getting All that of her Way to help her. The 8irb publicity As a song and dance Man remembers mits Marin Lanza s pats say that the in Las vegas. I kept remembering Quot the picture was a my Blue Tenor will be Back in the social san a bar near Paramour his acting in 30 seconds Over heaven. The script called for the swim and seeing people again <110. Tokyo. That s Why he s playing camera to shoot Betty Over my after he Sheds another 20 pounds. A bar under is he Only pay shoulder bit she did t think it when Lama is or. Dream bloat. A Biatriz t work in an apron. A a a a a was fair. She asked our director to he shuts himself away from every a a the combination of line s d let up a the so so with Bod. Nna for Quot Man left Paramount and wid or re a Moi in. It no the camera on both of us. A Quot be &Quot.mer, i a Audrey Hepburn were Given the grownup she four Jet a k though Dinv got to leavin tools in i mis lunch Box and she d put / it w by mis \ it ate a i to table to f at j Al sit slap floor Tilli Yoo Wear Hassid off to Elp Tovo at i St a r Kef a him dead Streat Rapsag St f the Tutor mow it / \ there i Damm of of lid a a Why Thev Call to Hercules him lau6hin6 of Edwa. Hrs ii Over re a j fint. U s Ather 1 tickle it ii tits it it Slade atom really log it a Vii the a laugh j mrs. Murray has stardom trouble by Richard Kleiner Ion Mirror theater in a variety of. Nea staff correspondent parts. New York Ineaz a stardom and she s doing some summer has come to Kathryn Murray and Tock in �?~"the1 stage is a luxury now Quot no a pair of Black be say. Quot you have to do to to not every Quot take enough Money to afford the believed will sound the death Quot what other studio would do Hoilo woodies Are gaming Over i 7 a Quot Quot Quot Knell for the Dpi pfc feature men v. a w sophisticated roles she yearned for. Brought with it Certai a Neil for me Cion pleasure men mat with some Young Chick and a photo in a French Magazine. J. #. A a Tiace Avrov. I w a z i but she admits failure so far in like carrying a pal ice body Esse would have had me up showing Gregory Peck and Marlow if something would Only Side Down so that just come along to eliminate Popcorn movie Queen wife doing som hand holding at a Paris Mutery. Phil silvers is Back on movie Piaf and Gregory rat off. Will be Jhew Broad a Quot Quot a top Bana r a a Gaynor s rumours Rio contract but she has definite there is. Unfortunately s very it a Quot you have no hands no ver Blossom route with Jack bean an in indifferent pictures just to keep Ray a mrs. Arthur that is a Wasl and i thought to myself my Down under answer to previous pull ,. _4. Latching on to mature parts. Tights in her purse my feet line Carol St a Cran s Strang do but Cut re much -. He a re a a a Moth Rha such trifle. A Njo Ake Quot confessed Quot if it her purse. She even produced going Back before the footlights the Quot dear brat Quot girl Hasni to same and waved them around was a great moment for her. Of Quot seventh with Edith stardust Llvy Quot after two years Quot with made Many films under her new proudly. Quot to acting is so she minus the movies song. 77 it i was . I n banana that Shes about to take the Orange about foolish stars who Plav sane explanation. Kathryn Mur p a walk. I went Back on thebe just starred in the movie a Diana. Victor Young who s the Broadway musical version could t Clar pm he a a a no to a Rny dv-rt., Man. Vat Way Quot were the pub a a a. Brothers As Doris Day s costar in not even officially engaged. Phil spent a year at Mem and got exactly nowhere by Little Bootle Kazoo tie. Abc tvs hoping to steal a few minutes from go Al i can move Quot As Mona says Quot that a suicide by Busy Day to rehearse a Little these Days. You have to pick and Jitterbug ing for her next to inside reason for lady Mary choose if you Are going to stay in show the garment in question prot Coc Ous puppet is getting to by bowl concert in Severn Ber and Wyt 21 us r no a orb s lip end and is to try film Industry. You have to be was part of her rehearsal costume a b song predictor. Or. Kazoo Tiea Itter about Hollywood. Ive just to Ulk the gnus government into Post be ifs a Good picture. If it now that she a a television Star. A pin program by singing a proved to myself that theres a releasing some of the family Mon Rol the Best nobody going to the hostess on the Arthur Murray son usually an Oldie. Many of the writing the score the movie tune for the show. me Tor and Peggy Lee. By the Way. Are collaborating on a Hollywood has telling it a Quot Peggy is two of the great Ait women in be Ever met. She s a Voung Mae West on the stage a great performer. But at Home she a a place for the comedy did no to Holly w Ood Basil Rathbone answered an sos from Hollywood and leaped from a it a it a a a Quot i w ,.nrt u a a before the show opened is still a the stage to movie stardom when by that belongs to her and her son. See Peter Lawford. For years the it s no secret that pm i s role lawf0rd�?Ts Haven t been Able to of a to comedy Star in top draw More than a Small fraction banana was inspired by Milton of their Frozen Fortune. Berle. Berle s comment after Phil unsettled Hollywood note men described the character to him. Fee l Johnstone one of movie mass switch to Broadway stage the Quot talkies Quot were born. Now it s wide screen films again requiring experienced emoting and again Rathbone has made the stage to of vies leap. Town s top women agents has bowed out of the 10-per-cent game Newyl Ork i party finds Manv other things ones he s brought Back have gone have changed for her. Ifs difficult on to become or a to Duck across the Street for Glowworm. Ramona and lunch too Many people want to a a so six now he betting that talk to her. Nowadays she eau a a jealous of you Quot comes Back i Sandwich in the office. But. Otherwise she thoroughly we re in an entertainment med 1 enjoys her new career. And she s save Fred Friendly co pro Ducer of Edward r. Murrow s Quot see from the Way amazed at her self. No camera it now Quot on lbs to. Quot so we have to Combine a certain amount of up aiming the play s character and now orking As a practical things Are going a lot of Hollywood fight. Nurse. People Are going to be receiving Quot its just a she says. Their mail in new y Ork next fall j Quot in be been a hostess at Many a a Owma ship we a certain reason for the shot Given to her and Winter. A number of big parties but this is just another amount a news and dignity its who has been on stage All his life he s the Type of Guy who would give the president of the United Khy 6 Why u Moat Days Tow tvs Tomm who at aboard a Thi bandwagon i and add Melba f i sea tomorrow s Sumroy Timas air conditioned Star h a a r every morning by a medic on the movie names seem quite anxious one. I done to think of the camera successful recipe. A a pro a in. 3 7y a kiss me Kate Quot set was that to work on the stage. As representing millions of people _ to la. T�?T"8 l0u�?~ed up Kathryn i run Den and Josh Cott a. For example has to me of. Just a Man and at a Sarah Church recall the time of needed the a Tam is to set through been cd red to co Star with bar Home with them shoe. Off. And j1. It no to it ewed Sam Goldwyn. I in foul i Ach Dav s arduous dancing and Bara Bel Geddes in Samuel maybe a daughter who could t both were frightened. A a a her i know Guy us that. Engin k taylor1, new play. Quot Sabrina fair a get a cond or a hard a Nam. And one a the life and time of a great Jujj for the playwright company. She a no performing Back Dane Quot Stephen Lone Street a Bio Ane of Quot cell is suddenly and David Wayne is coming Back to ground i still dont think of my. Mysteriously out of the cast of appear with John Forsythe in a the self As a performer Quot a and there s Quot the deck Quot and the studio s teahouse of the August Moon Quot for no show business history in her novelist and the run a tap Psi an to stink newcomer Ann Crowley Maurice Evans. Family. Ning to produce a movie version who does 1 have a a let it rce Case Gene Raymond has been signed Quot my father was in vaudeville a coming up. By h. Clay Blaney As the leading for three months he was quite Man of Quot be quiet my a bad but that s All Quot she says. Ida Lupino is Back to emoting new play that will take its pre Quot we were a family of extroverts again in Quot the bigamist Quot which Broadway Warmup on the summer she s also directing. But she s Stock circuit. And she picked up her purse blinking wonderingly at people with you know what inside and who comment that they thought or nip a Gibson girl she would retire from make up Raphy of Lauritz Melchior is due for publication next Spring with the Quot Lauritz has agreed that it will be done As the Jolson film Biog Raphy was done with a comparatively unknown actor playing him and Melchior s own voice on the now showing feature at 4 15. 6 to 12 25 8 to. 2 20 to 05 a Scute nue Tusic strand \ Cwm Sparkler a the / j amp screen s of of his first appearance. Afterwards Goldwyn tried to reassure her. Quot with a Little he said Quot that will be All right Quot Quot but or. Goldwyn Quot she said. Quot that Wasny to on film that was a live Quot then All we can do Quot said Goldwyn Quot is forget Quot suspense on lbs to has big plans for next fall. They la do a two part version of across i Australia is the habitat of strange 6 its also is most unusual la inflate 13 cask 14 raved 15 form a notion 16 feminine appellation 17 social infect 19 new tax rate a it 20 seines 22 entangle 23 sect 24 rugged Mountain Spur \3 Ltd 26 exist 27 Australia a Canberra As its capital 28 Crimson 30 Short napped fabric 32 malt drink 33 insect egg 34 rope fiber 37 Symbol for tellurium 39 depressions 43 son of Seth bib 44 part of a Circle 46 Plant part 47 attorney a 48 War god 49 bind 50 twaddle 53 entertain sumptuously 56 Lamprey catchers 57 Click Beetle 58 Forest creatures 59 Winter vehicles Down 1 breakfast food 2 Australia is a world a a 3 embellished 4 rodent 5 goddess of infatuation 6 whim 7 the wombat and plat it pus i. J 1 a it t i Al to ill in a r a a a m in 2m in in in l in 1 u 1 a St i i r he a i a Bic f i f in Al j r m j if k j3 massacre victim denizens 25 Lamprey of Australia 29 particulars 8 major planet 31 assist 9 stinging Plant 34 Australia ii 10 air raid a by a alarms governor 12 Type of cheese general 18 grab Slang 36 producing 21 leather thongs motion 38 stray 40 spotted 41 Laboured 42 pilots 45 solicitude 51 verse a 52 bitter vetch 54 measures of Eloth 35 dinner course 55 gallon a z b ? % s i i u in a a n 20 1 s n 25 la re 78 is ii Sisi to or so to so Risi i is y5 to in 4% is so Sisi tipi is so 58 5 6 if to had come along 25 years Palancia a re do the ago who would have been the top a a _ the Lone be stars0 Marjorie Gateson the very after the rave notices for her i poor Date bait Section of Quot the there a Many a performance hoi. By Wood a i in Ida. She insists. Quot Only i male a Nong 90 men on location charming actress who has been on l Culli ils want to play a bad woman again St Truckee. California for Quot is the stage in movies and on to As i did in a they drive by night a land in the sky Quot was popular with in her Long career gave the prob q and a ladies in the male members of the cast Lem some interested thought. Quot playing the distraught woman but was scarcely Date bait. Quot Fred and Adele Astaire Quot she who a about to be murdered by she a a Quot Gibson girl the said. Quot they would have been the the hired Man is not for me. The name of a worse the woman the better. It s with whose help John Wayne and Abele was a wonderful come >1 Ary Haworth s mail editor not girl 17. In Tov Vonh a Trp Dari if it would by fair to Mother to take him from her dear Mary Haworth j it is an unhealthy outgrowth of idleness propinquity and immature weakness of character usually would it be fair to Hurt my to incr Rath Quot Han a of and a Hollywood Tho scree by marry no the Man she love a enl Vas you sem a Lemk Small army radio i Sid Caesar and Imogen. ,s in scr Able a a fur Racku a Sny no other woman a my mail indicates that this Ivy. is going Back to College been faced by such a problem As of emotional seizure within a. W. Ii Palance who scared Joan Craw mine family Circle tends to overtake an awful chore for me to Wear a the four Man Crew of hts wreck Dienne. And she could Hay. Done Ford of he or win sudden m Quot j _ i i. Is of tra Ner Uirt Lane in the dirt Are re i fir a arte etim re i a Treptor despairing look. De transport plane in the picture the coca acts to Quot �?�u1, ? a a a a us Ute when i was a child my parents int it Uno be ague Are rescued from a wild Anchart miss Gateson the longtime in a win inc a were divorced. Many years have a 15 16 their poop the most ruthless killers the drive a him at the Yin Mccoole. Mile from new Bridge entrances from routes 220 i 135 double feature Tonitte plus a name to terrorize the great South \ West i i knife air conditioned open 10 45 today and target Kong Kong huh chapter secret Codiz 2 cartoons Koovit motion picture Sorvick i now located at 127 n. Mocsan St. De Region. Mother Barber of the to Quot one has yet presented in screen George showing and not adequately Stab Desi finer contributes passed since then and now i am. Family Quot stuck another 17 and my Mother has married il5hed m rhe soc Al it their own in her a Stevens Quot Shane disclosed today again my a font her a it a generation. Holder and con .tltlt_i"t-"a8ain my Stepfather Nick is 28. Actually much younger than my they Are maladjusted i divid varsity upon completing his cur Mother gals inwardly lonely with time on a in Anniar Quot i.,their hands. They Don t Busy them Miller Quot she j Man if used Quot aiiv4 that hell return to Stanford us Hollywood a Anna Marie Quot Marilyn Miller Quot she said. V a tin Good Fea. Noted italian costume Quot she was very Beautiful of tort a in Enrri in my Mother loves Nick very designer did the costumes for the course but More than that she in much and i am sure that he is serves constructively possibly be Palermo Sicily sequences in Quot the was pliable. She would have been no a a a a a a a devoted to her but i am with him Cau a they Don 1 know How in Star. His do prep because he owes the touch More than she is. Nick and Maing whole ome friendships or she took a few contemplative u0, the completion of a lab spend suite a lot of Tim. Together into Resli Ando nil nip Cine in Mem Nolc pc i snub Ruik. Oratory course in biology. The Quot Mosquito coast Quot of Central puffs. And our stolen moments Are Xii America derives its name not from Quot Walter Catlett Quot she said. Quot he a zit cherished deeply. We have found 1# the mosquitoes in the area but was and still is a wonderful it u _ new happiness with each other. I Mart Sinnot from the miskito indians of the comedian and a Fine actor a h a nor r r or to am sure my Quot Tother does t sus in trusted .vc, rum and. So nce the demise of Quot one Many , our feelings but things can t family Quot miss Gateson has is Quot cd a go on this Way. As you Are 17. Your Mother is Capo. F no what she Calls the. If my Mother and Nick were probably twice your age at least wic e Ness of to being so Ben Aphis Cho pm divorced do you think we could be in her mid thirties Likely hence pm it i enticed with one role Thot l r a Lan i w a married happily if not can you More a member of Nicks Genera or users Are afraid to hire her Supply me with another solution lion than you Are. You Are an ado h1 or she s evil Ori Holly a Wood a Ben Lewis a i am truly depending upon your descent just at the Crest of the to i a a Quot a four year old thoroughbred horse Superior Wisdom since i can to talk Puppy love phase when passing is in training for b s acting debut this Over with my Mother. C. Y. Infatuation of fervid intensity in the title role of Quot Man of War a As much in season As electrical Ben Lewis was selected for the Hod hiding Hood storms in summer weather part because of his striking re the Wolf rut Nick % def nicely adult at semblance to Man of War. J least in years and stable commit dear c. A if you Are As wide ends Are cup acted of him. Thus. Sylvania factory authorized service Enterprise 170 n. Contr St phone $833 ticket now on Sale for i Maryland pageant air conditioned f i 2 features 2 i n o w a love Story of show business the famed stars As themselves la a big drama my a a Fanti with Herb Shriner Tallulah Bankhead Ethel Barrymore Honel Barrymore Shirley Booth Louis Calhorn Heien Hayes Mary Martin. Cornel Wilde and others plus Thi exciting co feature James Ellison Pius cartoon cow country Busty Lawless West Buck party dance country store tonight american legion Home Ridgeley. W. A. Music by the Staro usters mom Bors and guest invited television every Nite eyed in the matter As you make you find him dishonourable and uni it mar Tran. Out you Are red Riding Hood in Quot cake in ration to your Mother Hollywood thanks to talk the with the to f it seers Toi you be no reason to count on bet ing pictures. Andy Devine a play this kind of tangle is As o d Tor treatment As his wife. Marriage my. Another comedy role in Island a has As of a weakness and does no to change a Man. In the sky. And a Haj biography Trench m human nature it the Burgess and Cottrell study reveals had originally been Groom a a a a Odas a romantic Star but with1 when it leads swiftly to a shabby Vepr clings a Cess or failure in groomed for Coni Edv the Advent of sound v. Well. With j gue on a furtive basis a a of manage the Advent of sound need one say More sponsored by the urn general Hectric Ultra vision Quot me a ssh gives outstanding performance even in poorest reception areas hidden lovemaking without candid or six of Chicago documents Evi plan making As in your Case a it Denic that marriages ventured be does no to signify love but Only a tween Toen age girls and men sub Mutual Drift towards carnal self a ant Lally older say to years or so indulgence without rational regard1�?�0 out badly More often than not. For the Laws of decency or the the Clear implication is that Thyl rights of the injured. Tonitte Clarysville Cumberland electric co. Virginia ave. At second St. A phone 619 for your convenience we have an appliance and Quot to Quot display room at la s. Liberty St. Music by Jimmy Andrews and his Large band participants in such Case Are of balance emotionally and it is my guess that they be been unable to fraternize comfortably with in 3 sons of contemporary age a the acid test of normalcy. You need Wise disinterested guidance in this crisis and you should have a Confidence readily available when you feel most unsteady. My advice is to Appeal to the family service Boireau in your county seat town for a confidential interview. As a minor you will get a sympathetic hearing there. If you try to Cope without such help you May become a victim of seduction inadvertently thus complicating the problem immeasurably. M. H. Mary Haworth counsels through her column not by mail or personal interview. Write her in care of the evening times copyright. 11. The Washington Tost distributed by King features Syndicate

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