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Cumberland Evening Times Newspaper Archives Aug 8 1953, Page 1

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Cumberland Evening Times (Newspaper) - August 8, 1953, Cumberland, Maryland The weather wok 74 Low rift noon 74 River feet. Relative humidity 67 per cent. Cloudy scattered showers thunderstorms tonight tomorrow. Final vol. . 217 attic noted finn services a wire photo Cumberland Maryland saturday August a 1953 International Newt service to Page 6 says Russia has a bomb declaration warns China of in action West would fight bryon<1 Korea in event part is broken Washington in the unit or state and its allies have raised two powerful barriers to any new communist assault on South Korea. But no Public answer has been riven to question whether this country can prevent polish korean president syn Man Rhee from taking up Arm against the reds again six month hence. The United states reported to the United nations late yesterday that is u. N. Members with troops in Korea have signed with the United states a declaration warning the communists that if they violate the armistice the u. N. Countries will fight and the fight probably will reach beyond the boundaries of Korea. Although two signers. Britain and Canada made it Clear they were not committing themselves in Advance to strike at red China itself the declaration raised such a possibility if chinese forces were again involved with North koreans in a drive to conquer All Korea. In the past the u. S. Allies were strongly opposed to any military action directly against red China on tile ground it might set off world War Iii. At Seoul yesterday. Secretary of state Dulles and president Rhee released the text of a Mutual defense treaty under which the United states would regard an attack on free Korea As Quot dangerous to its own peace and safety Quot and would act to meet the danger Quot in accordance with its constitutional the u. S. Administration expects the Senate Early next year to ratify the treaty. In a Quot Rhee affirmed an of is settlement frill trimming saving millions Washington up a sen. Caser so said today that trimming frills from plans for overseas military installations and requiring joint use of some by different services was saving Case is chairman of a three Man Senate armed services subcommittee which a been hold i Nicholas c. Christ philos above. 36 year old Boston born son of a restaurant owner has won a Cash settlement from the atomic Energy commission for his atomic patents. The Upton. N. Man a greek american boned up on nuclear physics under the nazi occupation of Greece. Amount of the settlement was not disclosed. Ing closed door sessions on secret military projects abroad. The groups approval in detail is required before construction of a base can begin. Elimination of such things As officer clubs and expensive housing and a requirement that army Navy and air Force jointly use certain facilities produced most of the savings Case said in an interview. Inspection scheduled Case said he and the other two committeemen. Senators Duff Ltd a and Stennis a miss will make an inspection of overseas projects in Spain North Africa controversial Law of state frees another judge and court psychiatrist urge legislative change lawyer got $65 0g0 for Good ruling Welburn Mayock says he put $30,000 into democratic coffers Washington of the Justice department has taken Over invest England and France from sept. 4lti�ation of transactions involving to oct. 7 before Clearing a number $>5,000 paid Welburn Mayock a of secret projects. Lawyer for getting a favourable tax this was seen As an indication ruling that a Start May be near on the Mayock testified he paid $30,000 Long delayed project of building of this into democratic Campaign u. S. Air bases in Spain for which fund coffers in 1948, and that he Congress has voted about 215 Mil got the ruling after a personal lion dollars As part of foreign Aid Appeal to then Secretary of the programs. Treasury John w. Snyder. Case disclosed a new policy of probe took two year Quot fixed Price contracts Quot on con the Mayock Case was among the Striction of u. S. Air bases in last unearthed by a Hoose ways North Africa. Most of the prior and Means subcommittee which contracts were on a basis of Quot Cost yesterday wound up More than two plus fixed fee Quot and congressional years of a frequently sensational investigators said this was cause inquiry into handling of tax mat of waste and extravagance. Ters during the Truman adminis fixed contracts save ration. A a. A a i Justice department officials an i though costs of the moroccan ounce j yesterday the Fri will inane will be higher than original Vest Gate the Case. Estimates the fixed Price con Mayock who described himself tracts will save Money. Case As a v0, counsel for the dem Cam National committee in 1948, Case said a similar inspection of t0 d the House g ear Ier the s overseas bases last year by a sub Wek he got the my too from Wilton it lose Quot airs Lon Ofa Ham s. La Adon. Chemical company much la Morse ind Ore resulted of Yonkers. N. A. After Justice Clark s daughter weds Ensign Navy Ensign Richard Romlund and his pretty Bride the former Mildred Clark pose in an automobile after their marriage last night in Washington a the shrine of the blessed sacrament. The Bride is the daughter of associate Justice and mrs. Tom Clark. Mountain Mich. Of action planned to make reds return pos United states stand announced after some reported being held boy receives Carnegie medal the bridegroom is from Iron North Korea s ten plotters Washington a ins the at u. S. Bluntly told China and North York from drowning at Ocean City Baltimore i a another which a of a Quot it a. The Trucy depart Mern walk out of a prospective u. N pro Vid its that a pm Quot adjudged Ete pm a Quot a a ruling favouring Lasdon. Communist conference on korean Quot Quot Quot Quot Quot a a Quot warily insane at the c Snyder does t be member Unity scheduled to beam within time of a crime cannot be punished b a continued �?ol7 we no 7. Prmt de Quot to three months if the reds after or Don in Dot a or f0l�?T"d 5a"d cause the climate has Heen too i h it u a Quot a j"0&Quot pc �?o7�?o Quot to Days Are found to b. Negotiating Herman m Moser. Or in the new de tenses Depar a a a do Ohio has said he does not Korea that it will take in bad Faith. Manfred s. Guttmacher court pay administration under Secretary l f by at his Point the statement h a dayann1 cd a it Gnu Quot Tad Natiw Quot so Quot a declares that Dulles and Rhee rec Lekis at Crew or old change he a w nations bases Justice department following May War including those reported to Gomze the inherent right Quot of the an a the Are located eventually will further testimony that he have been jailed since the Arm is a South korean government to Deal no a it situation in which a them. Case said and so they Are gave Jug 750 apiece out o a fee ,.ju5t soon As definite Jyo Stoi v acc Pittsburgh up Quot boy of boy. Sunny you re a real hero 1 to that comment by a Little girl Oil ill Ali Jolt just about summed up the feelings of wide eyed neighbourhood youngsters who crowded around 11-year-old Mirrell Quot sunny Quot Knabe to see his Carnegie hero medal. The Bronze medal arrived in the mail yesterday. Sunny wont for two others accused of attempting revolt get Long jail terms London Obj Moscow radio re saving 5-year-old Linda Baker of today nor h korean go. Quot approx md., last aug. 22. Private action Quot to compel them to russians act with its own problems and says person potentially dangerous must being asked to contribute a larger to Louis Markus and William Solo that Rhee has agreed Quot to take no released because of insanity at share. Unilateral action to unite Korea by me a 3 crime has been joint use of hospitals Mon of new York. Mayock said the two men had put him in touch facts Are in uni the statement a the u. S. Posi military Means for the agreed do termed a Quot deplorable Case said joint army Navy and wuhtasdon."�?o�?o�?~i4 0&Quot insult iteration 90 Days of the political Richard Melton. 26. Was released air Force use of hospitals hous Markus and Solomon both denied Ary of sat in yesterday from Crownsville under ing. And other facilities Cut an getting the Money from Mayock. The implication is Clear that the Law original request of nearly 17 Mil Kean remarked the conflicting Tes Rhee has not agreed not to act on 0n Jan it 23> Melton attacked Lions for one european installation Timony indicated someone was his own to unite Korea by Mili Leonard c. Saumenig with a knife to less than nine millions. Guilty of perjury and income tax tary Means after the 90-Dav period. Magistrate Samuel Gaboff sen he said Quot another project in a evasion. American officials Are strongly tended a 1� Days then he different part of 4he world waa Cut hopeful that when the time come a i and coed he More serious the 6.900.000 first charge of assault with intent to asked. Be will not do so. But until then the question Mark Over his attitude will continue to make the truce an uneasy one. Murder. President Eisenhower signed yes Arkansas Man commander of National vow Agency probes a Quot his lawyer entered a plea of Ter Day a Bill authorizing $491,595, Gnu pm i Elko innocent by reason of insanity. 930 Worth of construction at Home i. I h u i Ivy for collusion or. Guttmacher reported Melton and abroad for the three services was subject to epileptic seizures the total is about 42 millions less and had been discharged by the than they asked. Army for a psychological disorder. A Melton testified himself he could not recall the attack. I or. Guttmacher recommended Melton be sent to Crownsville for treatment. He since has been judged sane and so was released Milwaukee a Gas a Wayne although doctors said he still could e. Richards 42-year-old Arkansas be dangerous if aroused by drink City kas., implement dealer to or excited. Day is the new commander of the a veterans of foreign wars. Richards a world War ii air i o but Force Veteran with 18 months ser a a i vice in the Pacific was elected to a ill Cir Nichil the top Post yesterday by delegates attending the 54th National a fwd Washington a pm needy euro Encampment in Milwaukee. Merton r. Tice a father of four gets jail for threat in letter Washington it the Justice department is investigating recent gasoline Price increases in an Effort to determine Quot whether collusive action among the Oil companies can be the probe for possible anti Trust Law violation was disclosed today Baltimore lbs the father of in a letter received by sen. Hum four children. John Wesley Atkins prey a Minn from asst. Atty is going to Federal prison for one Gen. Stanley n. Barnes who wrote rpm f Hios it came after returning Powys had reported that Many of their prison Camp comrades had been Given Long jail sentences following the armistice and Are not being returned. Gen. Mark w. Clark retiring commander in chief in the far East also reported that he believes Between 2,000 and 3.000 u. S. Powys have not been reported by the communists and Are still being held. Today a statement made Clear however that action will be taken cautiously so As not to imperil the procedures whereby More than 3,000 u. S. Powys and a larger number of South korean and United nations forces Are being exchanged. French strike Paris ins a railway service and other Public utilities were Par year for writing a threatening let the department Vas finding it Quot sex Ter to a woman Friend. Tremley difficult Quot to collect Evi the 39-year-old Atkins and the Dence that would justify an action. 28-year-old Baltimore woman be Humphrey said in a statement came acquainted while they were making the letter Public that he anally resumed in France working for the Navy at ports had received complaints from i following the 24-hour general strike peans will receive 10.800,000 pounds Mou a a. Quot Minnesota gasoline jobbers and to civil service workers that Crip municipal of surplus u. S. Butter. The woman returned to Balti Consumers against what they Elf gtd the nations Economy. Judge at Mitchell s. D., was the agriculture department said chosen to succeed Richards As yesterday it was giving the butter senior vice commander. Acquired under the Dairy Price sup Timothy j. Murphy an assistant port program to the War Relief Massachusetts attorney general services of the National Catholic from Dorchester was named to welfare conference for distribution More last february. On May 28, termed unwarranted Price inlaid Paul j. Wolman jr., assistant creases in the face of heavy Avail a. S. Attorney. Atkins wrote threat Able stocks and had referred the ening her life unless she returned complaints to the Justice depart Atkins testified he was in love ment. With the woman and did not intend Barnes said the Minnesota Gaso replace Tice As Junior vice Cor bin Austria. Trieste Italy and Ger to carry out his threat. Line Price increases to which hum Mander. Many. The one year sentence was in prey referred Quot appear to be Gen the threat of continued strike however hovered Over the country despite the striking unions orders to their members to return t work. Non communist labor leaders warned they would Issue a new strike Call if the French Cabinet which meets tonight decides to go food travel severe regulations handed Down in West zone of Germany Berlin a the russian Lone communists reportedly clamped severe new restrictions on travel into Berlin today in a desperate attempt to prevent a weekend Rush of East germans to american free food stations Here. But thousands of hungry and resourceful made it anyhow. The newest red measures aimed at stopping even cyclists and pedestrians from getting across the sector Border. They were said to have been ordered after a one week ban on the Sale of Railroad tickets and direct assaults by red stormtroopers failed to smash the Relief Campaign. Defying arrest and persecution the East germans thumbed their noses at the communist police by finding or making new loopholes. Lines formed at the food stations before mid morning and the vast Giveaway was expected to pass the two million parcel Mark Over the weekend. Yesterday 108,000 parcels were distributed a 64,500 to residents of the russian occupation zone bringing the total for 12 Days to 1,865,000. Preme court has sentenced to death to High government officials accused of plotting to overthrow North koreans communist regime. Two others were Given Long jail terms. The 12 defendants in a typical communist purge trial Quot confessed the radio said to spying and carrying on other subversive work for the United states and South Korea. Named As ringleader and Topping the list of those sentenced to die was former Justice minister Lee Sung Yop. Among the others were former Dep. Propaganda minister Cho Yun Nyong former foreign minister Pak Hong Wong and the communist party a former Deputy propaganda chief Rhee won Cho. One of the jailed officials was sentenced to 15 years the other 12. The communist acknowledgement that ranking reds had gone on trial confirmed South korean intelligence reports that a big purge news made in Surprise appearance joint sea lion of in preme soviet cheers to speech Moscow in a Premier Georgi Malenkos told a cheering parliament today the soviet has mastered production of the Hydrogen bomb. The russian Leader made the announcement during a Surprise speech before a joint session of the supreme soviet. He told the deputies the soviet defense budget even though less than last year provided for giving Quot a crushing blow to any aggressor who wants to violate the peaceful life of the soviet socialist Quot no comment Quot president Eisenhower was informed immediately of the report had no comment. U. S. Atomic Energy commission officials declined to discuss the matter. The United states has never a said officially that it has developed Hydrogen bomb which would carry Many times the Wallop of the atomic bomb. The dec has said there has been experiments in certain thermonuclear devices which has been taken to mean that work has been done on Hydrogen bomb like explosives rumours of a successful a bomb explosion followed a series of tests last year in a Pacific Island group Malenkos made the announcement in a speech devoted largely to economic matters but which touched also on defense. He strode purposefully to the Rostrum carrying his speech in a Black folder. News leaks out Moscow radio which has been giving detailed reports on the meeting of the supreme soviet had made no mention of a Lenkova a Surprise appearance before news reports emerged through censorship from Moscow. The soviet Union hinted As far Back As 1947 that it had solved the secret of the atomic bomb. President Truman said in 1949 the United states had evidence of an atomic explosion in Russia. U. S. Defense officials have proceeded on. The premise that Russia has amassed by now a Stock of a bombs speaking Quieti and quickly Malenkos was not interrupted until he referred to the defense strength of the soviet Union. That brought cheers from the deputies. As they continued on Page a. Col. 6 nurse nabbed for carrying loaded pistol new Brunswick n. In a 21-year-old girl who says she if a student nurse on a hitch hiking vacation was in the Middlesex had Quot be a under Way to Viertl county workhouse today awaiting the delegates selected Philadel the department still has about phia for the 1954 Encampment and 260 million pounds of butter on Boston for the 1955 session. Hand. Murder count filed against seven Washington residents Waterloo my murder charges have been filed against seven Washington residents three of1 them women in the death of a Laurel Carpenter who was found after a beating at a a Tuxen River swimming spot. State police said those charged with causing the death of e. G. Padgett 37, were All negroes who live either in Washington or in the area. They were identified As Joseph Jones 17 James n. Bailey 27 Nelson a. Kelly 17 Donald v. Jackson 20 Gladys still 27 Dorothy Reddix 21, and Mary Wilson 18. Two teenage girls were released in the custody of their parents after questioning by state police. Posed by Federal judge w. Calvin Jeral throughout the United states ahead with proposed economies Chesnut. East of the Rocky i affecting civil service benefits. Weeks in North Korea. Pak was considered a top official often acting As government spokesman. He formerly lived in South Korea and was once Security general of the korean communist party. He fled to the North in 1946. Navy to release Reserve officers grand jury action on a charge of carrying a concealed weapon. A state trooper said he found the Dungaree Clad girl sleeping alongside the new Jersey Turnpike yesterday. He said she a carrying a fully loaded .22 Caliper pistol in her handbag. The girl who identified herself As Joann Goette of Reisterstown md., pleaded guilty to the weapons charge at her arraignment before East Brunswick magistrate Walter Grote. Washington Lyl the Pinch of she was ordered held in the budget limitations will squeeze workhouse in default of $1,000 bail 2.200 Reserve officers out of the for grand jury action. State trooper Angelo Nicorvo he saw the girl sleeping Navy a Active Rolls in january. The Navy said yesterday this Cut. Said out of the 37,000 Reserve officers alongside the Turnpike yesterday. On Active duty was necessary to he said she was unable to produce keep within budget limits. Some any identification and told him she was carrying the gun for protect special boards have already be Tion though she had no permit. He quoted her As saying she was urges firm stand vat Tran pity tvs a Pone specialists will be exempted. Pila Xii balled on Rotan doa a jts �?T5 t lies in Poland today to stand firm lec and 120fl res it re it i lieutenant com and remain United in face of com a Indef of and Jyz to is do ,,.a_lfohn Hopkins Monist persecution. Padgett Wras found unconscious at the swimming Hole july 27. He died three Days later in Leland memorial Hospital Riverdale. Before he died he told police he another Man and two women who had gone swimming got into an argument with some negroes j Padgett said he took his companions Home got a Shotgun and returned. He fired two shots hitting no one and in the ensuing fight was knocked unconscious. The state medical examiner or. Russell s. Fisher said Padgetts death was homicide due to a fractured Skull. The seven will be arraigned thursday before magistrate Thomas o. King in Savage. 112 americans Tahr released today a a a a a a a a a a a a returning prisoners appear be better spirits Panmunjom Yin some laughter and Joy came to Panmunjom today As 90 americans returned to Freedom in obviously better health and spirits than those liberated in the first three Days of the great korean prisoner Exchange. There were few maimed and Haggard men in today a group. The eds sent Bak 250 South koreans. 90 americans 35 turks and 25 British a Tosaji of 400. They said sundays group of 400 will include 250 Roks 112 americans 21 British 13 turks 2 australians i Canadian and i filipino. The 112 americans will be the biggest shipment of u. S. Troops so far in four Days of Quot operation big switch Quot and will bring the i total of americans returned to 423. The reds have promised to Send Back 3,313 americans among 12,763 Allied pos. So far the four Day Exchange has brought Back a grand total of 1,205 Roks 311 americans 143 turks 126 British 34 filipinos 21 colombians 7 French 6 australians and i each belgian Canadian greek and South african. The prisoners released saturday rolled out of the North in red trucks under a broiling Sun. One carried a skin drum and another wore a red and White Cap standing out brightly against the Dull Blue pow clothing. Eighty were negroes Many from the old 24th regiment disbanded two years ago when the army abolished racial segregation. The returnees were exuberant. Quot Well Well old Chap pall malls no less Quot one quipped to it. Louis Balent of Summerville n. J., when the military policeman dumped a Carton of cigarettes into a helmet and passed them around. A be Light be Bright it sure is Good to be Back to this Little piece of the old u. seeing a Convoy of singing red i North koreans driving up the Road the americans yelled and hooted. A deeper note was struck by the turks and South koreans. Their hatred of their captors was so intense that scores Tore off their chinese prison uniforms in i spontaneous acts of Defiance. Communist prisoners too followed the urge to shed their garments and the u. N. Road from Munsanto Panmunjom was littered with american army gear Wool and Cotton fatigue clothing mess kits toilet articles and almost everything else issued to the sullen reds. Poverty stricken korean civil a ians scavenged the gear. Allied officers estimated returning reds have discarded thousands i of dollars Worth of prison gear which under the Geneva convention must be the same Quality of clothing As american soldiers Wear at the front. And will also choose 1,000 Lieuten Hospital in Baltimore on a hitch ants. I hiking vacation. Canadian politicians end to in of or a change Campaign Ottawa ont. Gfa Canadas pol a vigorously have declared they Itic ians headed today into the could run Canada More economic Windup of their Campaign to con Cally and lower the taxes. They Vince the voters North of the Border Bave found it Tough however to that it is a or Isno to Quot time for a make a Sharp Issue Over the Way the big nations affairs Are being most observers figured however handled. Canada is sailing on that in mondays elections of a Crest of Prosperity and the govern ment has managed to balance the new House of commons. Prime budget keep Canadian Dollar minister Louis St. Laurent s Liber Strong and make nominal tax cuts. A1 party would extend its 18-year Een the conservatives have hold on the government. Been wary in making Victory pre the liberals major opponent in diction. They admit the political the struggle for control of the new picture has Changa Little since the 265-seat lower House of parliament last elections in 1949. When they is the progressive conservative took a bad walloping. They held party led by George Drew of on Only 48 seats in the outgoing legis Tario. Lature As compared with the lib the conservatives campaigning Eralso 187. Ii

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