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Cumberland Daily Times Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1891, Page 4

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Cumberland Daily Times (Newspaper) - April 6, 1891, Cumberland, Maryland The jd.1 a 1891. Fatty Tinte 0 May ii John n. Edwards. His Cou ii have seen his Beautiful Bride so modest so gentle so refined Dew of morning of her Young life yet Glisten a tribute to Able journalist by one no up0n roses in her Cheek their if for Telegraph new a aral be editorial on Ltd Tomt Woje or is edition local on fourth Page ass my edition local on third Page. All local advertisements measured 10 lines to Inch. Ujj Rohange of advertisements must in handed in by 0 of clock on any of Ssue. Tea attention of Nerta Lessof times i it respectfully directed to under men who knew Hun Well a b. Oder of a mining journal Quot reviews i Lite some 6 is f rom h s writings to be read with interest. A Kansas City Lime at March 9th, 1891, appeared Folio Wing Coli Piinuu to tar article upon life of mayor a a n Edwards a tided journalist of Kansas i respectfully directed to me Unuer it us to written by or .1 toned new advertisements and readers old t be r a Verti sements will Confer a favor by say it. Oder of f Ros Tburg a a it tag they saw them n Tim a link re miso Jukes. A new c lips Futon amp co. Once applied Geo. Hermann. Own a our Horae a. H. L Iziu. The w a run to Morrow a weather indications of in Titei states s Nai service for Vicinity for Twenty f or Houis from it p m. To Dav. Are tot a ukr far Southwest to win.? Tel spares. The world sine Momorn or. A events of Ife Day. Special telegrams to times a no Amhi can Pokk. Berlin a i 6.�? Germany l As resolved of withdraw its embargo on Auk r Oan Park. Upil Xiu in India. Lond a april 0 a up sing in India is pcs dining a More serious aspect Titan a firs a p or Al. Aad it i it now expected fit Oprisiu will terminate in a Geu Etal revolution two More Bat lies reported i i is Goon a d pair eth. Elk Van persons 1f.ki-h in . Flames. Rochester april 6.�?a very disastrous fire occurred Here this m uni g. St Cral b Bolings were de Trout a by fire and eleven persons inmates a f h a it a were burned to death and a numb r Terri-1 a by injured. The cause of fire is in us known and town is in a Terr tote state of excitement Morew Ood riot. Pitt Bottro a april 0.�?All is quiet at Morew it d mines to Day. 1 to More it f injured ii it ters have died from tie effect of their w funds. The militia have Complete control of situation. The sixth arrest for perjury. New York. April 6�? Ixia Arr a for perjury in r perts n will cae a male this m it a Niue. 1 he Man arrested is Belcher who induced Brooks woman to pose As r a errs n s w Low. Perjured denied writ. New Yoke. April 0. A Pertin h or i arged w perjury in they one of most j Mrna Isis of state. It reads As foil it is. Faor of Bra a. Feb. 2 1<11 a i thank you s re rely Lor inc entirely too glittering reference Quot to my a Vrej starion As to read and f writer e extensive b country Quot coma no to n Vout Issue it Fth 13th inst. Without hard y knowing a a i bust to say in re pore tip your i inc it lev d. compliment i do wih i in assure you How. A a r. That Lam far i Verv fair m is urn no so much but occasion happily enable me to Beeai to Sotir notice fact that your a i t did turn out a graduate wine am and lame have i 1��1 a f Countis with i thir to for c. Assoc p a in nervous a Ltd Ion i which wide firing he w a Ever Able to a gratify. His name was John n Waiau 1 , born at i Den ,1 us iry 4.1s->9 his biography by in. A it Pla Tenno a mrs maty v to Ilia l Ward a j us Shet con in be a who i a Mere Bov he it arts a Type setting at i he town of fiant place i now f great an 1 heroic memories in t of. Tai e of a g i tie a paper at writing i Cade 4w#ili/utf u Ltd r inspiration and Tutelage. F a is to r. A lady of a Cut Nubia Luo pc Ual Sti Eugah he hid in cart Yeai ailing i f Una alien of a Library st be which brought him Obj i c Ion even before he left his a a to e of 16 years. 1 he Wiist Issue of front it Vaig Utec n trained Story of Roma Tab e h evincing g est it he Jay nigh ill so it turm1 out. Him f a Gre a journal Ivi Iii in Vois he it m ight a Igar cae. Was i morn no Deni a writ of a its c poems on people. Izhar society is doing those who com Thorf who go m is bet in l or hrs to c fined to or r b d with a severe at cd of i Grippe. Or. J it by j cob at r a d wife Brak fast Dat in q Leen by a 0 Tel yes to. Or. M. He War l re a tick to a a end f t1 a a i go and nor Western a i loss a in cd Edna rapids i a. Is in Ltd in a visit to i n. Ther. On Harne n Street. A Hgt decks unusually Weand lip by am at 2 a p in to. Styndl Anee Ontive skill and const i act i a a p War 1 s tip be 1 Tan not now , but i o renumber that voting i want. I so in it prophecy of a to Nius that one land. And Chicks a i k d joint n of dwards As a one of four Ablest newspaper write i Iii Tevi s a to he was a read writer of Sci a 1 a words and we my arrange it. Him Rhet Ric was inst let c a rec exp in non n inspiration and a g c lbs am a r t its men 1 organism h i a it d with a poetic imagine to n st to p in its Luxulian e of figure an 1 fancy. To o gets sprang for m it Quot a n do a cd and musical. Of satire an i no he was a master and Many u k e wig whose pubic e duct incurred i i last us i died under he Puri pm but in very helplessness of guilt. Nie give you i Rit i i few example Sele to i almost a ii comp a u i Isis a f wards w r off it t Willi Ever fail congratulations would have been sent to him twice once because of Resolution which made him draw near to such a shrine to it offer incense and once because Prit a who presided there had so Manv of qualities of splendid american womanhood As to fit her perfectly for Dorati or. Edwards was but b tie Given to versification. Though that tilt e ranks High i he lines nop tided taken for it in i it pm s Orv Quot hark t h Arth dams dancing lovelorn Luht gu1t.tr. In it of to i than a Inala it to a for her Lover slain in War. Mark i hear Waltzes Clarion Miled with pulses 1 to a w inc. I it i it u u it lil Castai to accuse starred by inti kit dime. Hark 1 i hear it a a r us Lynn a void Rouvim Logoff it pliant is to Ltd h Hui l strips Cloud veil from smut tier c 1 patient Reader has followed this is. Louie of Genius i to Eha racier thus far he has discovered that our Heio Cau Glit Many of his ii spam tons from Ilie Fields and forests and that hews an Euleut Lover f nature is Well As a devoted to Dent of books. I1 has Heel st in also that he was us Cep Tibie t it in Roc univ ule and Plant to it Lender influence. In he Battle scanned Veteran flu us Jirred i own gintaut emotions and vision of boat if to role drove him into b e frenzy f re ii a extra Vag Mies. L ake1 one of his ringing a i r it ill never to to not g. And re Der wid follow a proves Sion of massive intellectual intuitions. But Why w a to Man so Gre Ai in they. St. In it in so ii tic in Kis ? not it enl lie not Rise to full View like a v even if those w to Felt honoured by his Friendship a if he believed there 1 n a pm k in literary rep Tan a he never so might to in in Nefy h s achievements. Like in to Suriou out gues he wrote often As if writing to himself evincing a pro fou d unconcern of r thousands who a a d 1 Cupta Tantle every to Ruig for accustomed words death of Andrew j. Clark. He passes peacefully away st his residence in Coruco Ninfia end of a useful f career. This Community a startled yesterday morning by to e hib it unc ement Ltd a times bulletin Joanu of a nth it f Andrew jacks i in Laik it his of , at it o i Ock anti r an Liless of several to k in february lat or Clink contracted a severe Eold and was cd it in i to in door under tie to a men of his i Evsi Dan and in Tead of recut it crating As was earn it Sylv hoped he glad Tilly grew w i Cun til abut one we k ago his in ult Dove opt into brain fever with in tale in pc for a Complete Reeo Ely he gradually it Ecat worse until death relieved him a f his Mii of a rugs at Hgt ural of e mention Der. was born on a farm n Xvi it Creek near old cite n aude to is is full and was in he 611 in it f ii . I has up to Hise Niort life in a leg any Cut in to Ami he has Hen identified with it Mercia Piile and mining interests s Nee a boy. In Early life he began me Elia Dis aug at Eckhart which of Sim a in a on ducted for Eiers year until he removed to Cumberland and became As a a sated in or it it Ely business with Michael i ear Ney und r firm name of Clark a fear Ney on Corner of Baltimore and streets. Or Clark subsequently withdrew fron firm to it position of agent of american Coal Cut Pauy resident in this City at time when american c Sipany was one of Largist shipper of Coal by canal t n death of or. A. Harrow superintendent in or Clark a transferred to l tia coming Ami placed in charge of entire mining and shipping in Erc Stoof that company in this county which portion in Ever since. Highest of All in Leavening u. 5>. Govt report aug. 17, 1ss9. Baking an investment of 7j per cd o mire a Block of Brick one at Lautif. It urn. I Niit. april fun Fly Leaf j 1 f m ii be in i it i in or to t he big m 1 Maude cd inst a a f i Mil in Al 1 it Unity who did a veil months ago following paper written in Lead Pencil a b a Hai <1 tiling ims la Een discovered of r l Hgt Western Mai \ or Ltd t >1 leg in Holof it to he Given t a t he theological Lem Mary $1 Juki to Ward Hall inc of by la Given to Ltd main co Ege a this was signed Ami dated july 1h. I so paper has been filed by her brother or. A Jiecai c Mckinstry in tfu1 orphans a Quot Uit of Arron county lieu a a East Lorna Tion that hot in we of no of her will or Caliel of Decea it. If tin paper he not Voil lie cause of uncertainty there May far a Chance of institutions named profiling by this singular document a Law in such eases was not amended until aft r dab appended. Am in it. Amp Ohio h. H main link. On an i Al ter sunday Mii of. Iat train will arrive and Del Art from Cullier Laud As follows arrive. Katl it und Tram. A. No. Imago express b i it a. In. No 14 traits More a oui no i Quot 1�?T Tom Hurt express my. To. Not cow Miami few of cup. M. Noi Hunt Quot Kex Freaa ii a ii a a. No4 in i Mil no ii halt 14 Ash a w a r,.,# a. In. No its Arr to. We Iti oud trains. A. Told enamelled in fee and thoughts lot tired by let of in get Mamie Ami w in. I. Ihrk v Lou sconing. Three of or. John n. Edwards claim a Sisters survive him namely mrs electric Energy but 1 his a not ail. 1 a Manv prec dog Vav i count. 11 , april Tomuel Swope residing near Chews Lile to county wami Clark married ref Reeca Recap. Who j srreate.1 to it Day. Harg. A no t rim a Mai a Sau t upon i s1teriu Law Lulu liar tie car. He w ill Tiave a Irenr Uig on Momian. Extensive arrange Emerys arc a aug made Fiere to entertain i he til us not of Dunk Ards who will meet Here in june. It is be lie vet 1 that tin Corning Gat Herrng will a he ail Irani. Inin la in. 7.4c a. In. A Al a a. M. 2 be a. M. . In. P. M. La Juji. In. p. I. I a i p m. P. In. P. To. In ill six 14, l i 71 Dull 7 j t. Erting a Feol. 1 13 u. M. N 0 7 Leago Kip Reaa 1 1 i in in. Null 11 a be Oil.? 4 no 71 t 1 2 a a. I. Vol pit Tabu re a Jpn a i a a. To. I n11 Ili Rialto a was 3 do p. In. I no 5 hic ago 3. It 4 p. To. J no 15 Pali Lei fit \ w a 4 1 j 31 p. In. J no m a to Kiln died in ls76, leaving live children three daughter and two sous who it Vive i to d f Quot 11 tier father. They mrs. John a Clark of Fairmont w. A. Or. Jam rent h s her live to a id get a Tore ii tie to v 1 Edito ital vex t a it eon rom very Ai to it i let lie a. I Obi a Varv a a it at 0 re though w us >411 suffered an almighty mania for drink it a unfortunate doubt less Tbs subdued aspirations that must in have f Eti Derwis cheered his hour arid do a a of s Ber Aud successful Industry. It Vnus reflection pm tiap. That any offi Miu re placed in Bis keeping would Van edifice reared up u Sands a an edifice w time foundation first to of w u id w s 1 a a it t at ten put it d any ambitions he m get have eve r entertained in his own and words a it was so pitiful with a n ind p gaan of fun Amenta forces a in to g <1 Ike in m ral Power a 1 a finite in int let dual a it be hewed a or to o e Merei a mar it de Only. In and else he w a Freeby or in All else he Waer franchise to every exalted title that Confin uis to n come Rati Ely few men highest Patent of ii w he Foti Ghi for Ema struggle a a 1 use f a a acquired Jane m Tore of this City mrs Robert j he Arget .1 m if i il�?T., 1j 11. In a. In Lver i Ella a in a Outry me Fuley of West , i a. And mrs. James Steele of Trong county. I. Clark was a l Inge no. A a f Burg Salem r. A cum Overland Ami Knight of Honor and l fun tees of 1/of in is ,1uffit red in p my unequal Pietil but Ife to eon s a in they w ill find that in 1 unman pot my. Ici pation Low he and w Fiah it d a in enee Dur on v omnis tie reer Ltd a it of t lie Tea fully Laleve get w g 04.1 fight Quot w a l w ill a t Quot a a a i of f led. I2ft�?Tiit i Vinci and fair Eric fail i a never fun lure. L i cart h. R. I i a a ru2 2 a w fit Evi Tuc w ill be a i Rik in Huri Rit pare b 3 wet. C Waleri flu h 11 Ere. Make of i i u re a brine Hill w it whip j u Fien John k w t it nearly to there Tell a w Utah we ice a a att a2�?~. In he Cap i Al it it of m it Ouri i ii own. Grief has it . A it 11 b i to 2f�?� fat hit to toll Fie halt Ungeri to Pav j a a \ Joti Init Ina i t e to _ \ a n t o it in Spair inst trite Ute an it v s of e re re i. E is i 20 f. A pjs tii of tui few it i #11 Liu it to. To he i rut in if Tori Ilion t i in lug a ily met it new c c a i a 1 h. To Mem Orv o a pro fuck. I u 1 cd rim it i ii 1 Cit a w ii % i Lotu l it ten named for j Lori Light Kim an be f i r Audi l-.te�?T.? 1 in fight word never fio d Tuemler a of m Untsain and a. M. Of Felt st chapter no. Is. Of Loua Conran Lodge was one of Ning m k. Church. In politic or Lark was an Democrat but scarcely Ever took an Active part. In ? was Nomina de and elected county comr i sooner of this county Ami served Cut his Teiton with messes. 11 Chius for it st and ergot re pubic it ans and r us r. Democrat but refused to Airow no a in a his d Ime for re n Mirati n. Lie was attentive to interest of company a served 0 lot g and f till fully Ai d flail their Confidence. He stood High in esteem of la fellow men an i by his death that Community an i county i a re peeled Ami vhu<<1 citizen. The remains but a hum d beside those of i wife in r Sehi i cemetery in this City on tuesday. A special train with i l 0ac�niug at 12.h and funeral will take j 11 ice up Quot to arrival of 1 he Tram f ret Rit k 1 Derick april 6.�? jr., id it la is rut tit we arrested saturday b ble Brengle. A haired to tidily w Wiliiam Irieta Tifis it a county w a in a county consta Brengle charged with enticing Hollie v Kevser who i and a under Eib teen away from or a it line Ftp Rimm ral Purpo a. Lie was Given a preliminary hearing before magistrate to on in Baltimore an Ohio Hail Roa u. Pumi Haritti in virion. Ltd it. By tit und term. Arrive i no in Inthir More express i 2 1- a. In nov Uius to a Vert in j . To i no in limited Midi. 12 i p to us a it a oath a und i rams. Arrive 1., a. Of. Not Huu firt exp Ai 7 Meta. M. I not i grab Al express 4 tic p. In. No ii a Nolt a mail train Nik Sis Uit �?T4 daily except sunday t. F. Allen Arfina a it it. P Kook s it Kkt a ccmb4 it land k. To sundays exc a it a it. Leave . 7 15 a. Not. 1 15 p. M. Arrive Vale Summit. 8 d0 a. In., 2 it a. M. Dwellings Price $4,5110. Del i Cut balance in one anti two veins. Rental $528 rates water rent and insurance $120. Leaving a bal Sinee olo for interest and repairs. Desirable residence on Bedford st. Price $4,500. A Good six room House with 5.j acres of Lanty. Within half mile of Cement w works and Cumberland Ilass works. By 111j 1 nor in Agnew s addition Iii no n6d,r new Baltimore find Olio cards. Mii2lee, ids race and real estate 7 North Liberty st. Cumberland. My. It it a arrive Midland. H 22 a. M. 2 52 p. In. I. Cily. And committed week being u to jail f. To give t further h 1 a a using arrive Lonaconing. 8 3d a. In. 3 t t . Kkt a Lona onin4. Of eave Lonaconing. 10.30 p. M ii 1m . A u a p t a ers at lit ? coat. Akbor Day exr tales. Pro a Tion of to High by schools of 1 is City. Or. Crr Arle d a i Tih i it or Meyer Vetr a f d Athol w Lati Meyers. W Siam me vers brother of 5fr. Meyers s Ward of Trou 1 morning amp a hat instill ten of s Dick a ill tie 3tih eat h a. A been Liv 2 f r at a i 11 it wave am on i. And on few weeks Aco to visit Hgt by it i her. The Ead i. A a is it i Zever. G then Ench a great h i it it a l m that when he a arrived Here to Feit t was n v a q in Tion of a Law week before Gritu reaper w did to m h in a in a or i time be Anent la he was Torr us y to be Dange a t a cd for in time to Eter Niv of Trout v so Rue a. T e tue Era arrangement he e no vet Beto c a 1 ii for. I it be inter be in tire mat lutheran cemetery. T r h by red c of Henry u it a s it not a f i de Only Ltd it who Elt a. A ii i be put a upon i a or of a in e forced tie a to i a a a at n Lampo tied a lie my to i k All n it Zug h Brioe. 1 face of i meeting re a it a a Beautis form 1 to 1 list h Ive .1 i and or Lav with of prayer w a Gei no Ion air it 1 Rar Nero r lev Itiat a it it i toil in Lett u ill t1 i up i u i a cell 1 Oili Mei i my v Hen in a a 1 11110 e in ant bed to in tiit j. K if 1 jul Icli it it Cut Llo Brief a a it feat f hymn us h ref tit p. Rein c a science from my 2er, ii u i Trai 10 111 l Jurij a Peri suck and i dividend for tin Crown on it do a h of Michael na4jgh, tor. Or. M. So re ton or. Did a it night at h f a her re a re four or e Nort a ast of ii ebb on n Dional Pike near fac k mid. M i 22 i a. Or. N Guldon had then gift re a 2 for an 1- Rene is u a Orsin fever superin Dued by to Ermit fest and w is a great s of err. He a a to in 2 am of exceptional god Habif sober Man i 1-a d a Gaea he p to h s father whom he a i it a it a Fum. In he bin Era c a Reje wed leave farm a a 9 it clock a n Wedes he m or 2 and t e Ervien i 1 t Ike Pla e in. Pard k of a Irti on Centre a Reet at 10 30 of clock. The item r Wjt la a n is. Patirck a scam Eiery 011 lit be Valley Road. Thrice nudes an Rii be lha been keeping accrue of t t Liun Dier of limes to Lias Sung son of her part in up Ltd r Jonathan a from beginning. So far she has Sung ote it in a number 210 time a Wilt thou a or to Rise wings into Ion Harp in to baud an in 18"7 hear a demo Era i Pai 1 \ wat a 1 e a Ighner id again. A i us Vicau leaders a i do Cre i it an i t in papers pro i fued it. In ids we an Guam. To however a in line l a d Ltd Dir with something of Apoc Trypuc v Silt a Idiarte a. When t e a in i dreams a Alib 2a in it a d a chg up from i it ii will a l i a King tans in o. Siver it do to a 1 admirer of Roc be conch go in e act t a by i Atid to tical Ini Egriu a l i Warda Dpi re d his in it thas follows a 1 la Maud is fun i of ii san is Iha Gam Bol on political Grey a As lambs m glue Gra Fia cures one 1 april i in air and South wind Teli what it e iut Nisto do f. R tue buds and blossoms. There Nie quacks and formula a d m str Ruby Iii Load. L Liere re in Abler of i Iapoce and men in but Krun but Organ ize a i util Abor movements i Heie multitudinous makers of tru to eating us Swanee Ltd p pie and feeding Competition a in husks a it she ing fut w Here Tistus to hold Faith Anu keep Lii Lan t f in Aio Tai in j Lrol e has j is Fai in a Hie great Oak Fai s men its humblest. This a in truth Warren co my Ever priv Man who with but h Sid 1 e cd a of of gift tue a i nip re us. Eve Nii acts of co 1-to look i Tutti Avith vim end us Early life. F in l of having v 1 a ii w r h Oil it it gtd. 1 to or in Ahi i Maii or ii tuie name that make i Virginia a n Graf get Mil iced. Titia was e educate n it it Fiu i �?o11 a Fortune 9 Way Aht Dan i even p Eteu-1 i ures. D Iain upon Liftig for r Elf i Amer j a Yed even a who grew into id to at he Weot More Man half Bat he went a almost ignore for nativity. Following is official or Gram f t Arbor Dav exercise to a he a n we tin not Snder in pies of or. D let a i l it a i a n Erica a Meci a i s �. F in. Cd to formation of Parade. Chief mtg Rha a Jame ii. G Den. Aab a go. Kob it ii a k Kard j it. Gray j Fin a k to Vav alter b. Cark. M o had f division a a ii a it a arrive mid landi0 i9 p. Re5 i n. M. A handsome part vent. Arrive Vale Summit. 11 00 p. M. 5 30 p. M. A gentle it in known in this i Ity. Drive cum a Rland. 11 4-5 re m 6 15 p. M. Und who by tia in tin deed of 1 a r 11 v a i a 1 a mks , an Fin i a file m. C. A. Of 4 0 \ c h to h harm be 1 f rept Feln a h to Eilif this cite a Kef of 11 c i o to in i a h r Rin i my f o y. A a. I Vei az4 general manager. P Nib yen an a k club Alto Pond division. Southward. N it it w jux. Leg. . . firary. H 29u 12.15 Cumberland 8 fat 2j?l 1 tie Mcchri in n Send then to t i to vh46 11.41 r ortolan 3?m lie re v a a 4.1ka nation w Ith a in ii Ieni of Fol to. 10 lowing it . . To i # i i o f t ii to ii lit ill u so 625 h Inrig n s2 i5 8jjb a Betm a by Lien 15-Riev �?2 a it. Pm. Bachelder i it Widlar be its a 1 vol. Isab us a Plata Hurt 6 25 12 a a a la a Hieter f Kurpe up Nike a i v i. . 1 40 310 Harrisburg 1 70 10 a a a a to ii or a science India fat by. . P. 4. . 1h7?,�?� so to. F h.tr.1-1 vol. S a Aii 1 a 71 11 a Philadelphia fi.5i 4 2c ,&Quot by j w. Hue �?1 vol. A a n t u u a i of 4.m. 4 8u0 new v to Kofi 7 geology Quot by a 1 vol. A. A. Fol . Agar. of 3 Bright boy. a Pennsylvania k to 1 j maa or �?~1 Nee. Fiji Mimi v n a son f i. Johns i do in eff it february 1\ id. City. <1 e 1 m i to in Oag of 1 a Hrew i i to a k. �?�5 i a i cd at t a a a a a of 1.1� of prior on i. Ave to it i t o umma a Reet to in Quai my. I oink no no 7, 1 no life Accident and steam boiler explosions. None but first class companies >4x fire in insurance coir ii me of a v 1 German a in i Ivr Iii Vivanta i american fire Nati it Nal of id Connecticut of a in More fire 1 guardian. Of l London a sur North Tea. In w of in fail. A re. A it Lia. Of in i ref in. 11�rtf it f i it 11 a Ndon. Eng Ai can re. F engl lit / h r \ ii id i h k i 12 it cd for Vav a is it Ucb. Hart a Gnu Midi j prompt Vort is Retford ten t in eat in Blent of a team i Mutt Hart her a life ,4ti Obi. It a Ven to All in. I a a. 8,731.251 8,931,160 -5 54 1.347 3,i22t 936 2/42,670 2.4 5 .�?~97 2,347/93 602.921 2 100.000 17.000,000 v.0 >0,000 go. J Strain a ukr 275,1 u. Ansur it i o to pox meeting evs. A Lac b got Iii j. Cot id w. >., to. V a i Divitti of a. Leiv i a Charles a. Nhat Fer w Szaf h cot Myrne love be Quot 285, and Waltz song. 3g7. The maid of Minne Lauk opera Singer recently pu<1 Tite Prim d Nna for wage to amount of $464, a i Ging Oreath of contract he having been Dis i wards adored of Iron a of i of whom he regarded Grover Coveland Asa a 1 in 1 a 1 a n conspicuous it pre entity a a attacked m n poly in its very in surrounded by Bone of i s Maria of victim. H Ruck tiie shield of tit h go about three met nth after his death while i iting Kius Oscity mo., i ventured a ced up 0 fits widow. In her somber Hli it m s. E Wirdy appeared an image of nto a. The per Miti Tiou of grief. By Reave meat at lure wed deep ams in a face otherwise with in ter of Nav Ive in Ltd Snow tinged tone of a voice cd iv>4�?� a i in tie c it pan it no p of Liu Ruti. She Oke of her Tiu i ind with an it w mails of Nde m heroic und giant career of one who never Bent his knee to any human divinity her Eif. In Taik which ensued she alluded to Brief reference in Herb of to car y life of tier husband quoted fun so feet. Fish portion of arc e. In Liat it Ine Wigint apolo Genc i detect ii a Dispo a it Ora eci Aliv on per of Fer friends a regard or Edwards As distinctively a missourian a bilt i which a proper regard f or a truth of by tory Quot will not Sanction. Idler Ejinid then i c tend no f r but Little. But b a and now i am prepared to a bit 5�?T Vrginia a of him before m 8ouri knew lbs. Any Hio Graj by. Therefore which ignores Genius achievement. And Kaiue of tvs youth is not a no incomplete but unjust to Ltd soil from Wuicik he sprang Home which nurtured and Peop e who first applaud j a i him. This protest is made Here meet an approving rep use from hearts of ail virginian who Rea l these lint. With them As with i know will comprise a it will comprise and Ais a c. Ward. Marshal of f Danner. Aids. C. N. Wilkinson. Marshal of uni Fer. Aid a i Owaid do dry a. N Frantz. The Farrl i Ivis on Cou its o j r o. U i second Divi Jiuu school Chad run. Id. Tord division will comprise All other r Era that Mav take part. Veicules will occupy left of c 1 Umu and will not be Adu wed to occupy any Otler . The Para be will As Erble As follow first Uit on will form on Baltimore Street Pught re Ting on l Street. Sec do division form on 4v>uth Mechanic str it Light resting on Kaitim re s re to. Third d vision wifi form 011 n rth mesh Auric treet right re Ting on Baltim Ranee which meant Acomb amp to to death and it had to Muer its it and to Shorge i without notice. The full amount protective tar of w steel Point of h claimed was awarded her by jury. At opening of rhe new Girard Avenue theatre in Philadelphia address last d liar j st to it h id him at Lay a in made by col Mcclure who or Oke of tag a a Public educator. Half it it be Rethe Porf Romance lie Gan App i cants for standing room were turned away now Bro hed. For ording to an old and very pretty jewish on join of announcement of i it Truthe Ltd or. To. R it Renbaum and mis to i Frank took pice last evening a re id of or. S. Hamburger. From ode night he Edwards w 1 a k Ned at his Home let a Enger from tie Kan As City time it twice a a corp Gres Man Burne died Traplay a a said me Nger a a and order from tie is you must write n tribute for Tom Strw m Riding s pop less than two hours inter near v a column of faultless malt 1 was placed in tie hands of Type Etters he loved Burne As it gone unset i a Man be another. If regarded him a mis now until wedding ind w ill be r or but Manl and Birdian c a r in k 10 to according to custom As a Brout or , name is never us d after ceremonies performed. Refreshments were served to Many friends who had gathered to witness rite and tiie Happy pair were warmly congratulate 1 Oil Eal firn Ltd de. Am no those pre ent were fallowing or. And mrs. S. Hamburger or. And Kirs Lon is Rosenbaum or. And mrs. Louis Hirsch. Mrs. C. Lippel. Rev. Joseph Kahn or. Jacob Nathan or. Arthur f Rie or Charles Lambert and nephews of Groom or. And mrs human Rosenbaum and or. And mrs. Simon r Isen Lauua relatives. A Large class confirmed. Lat evening right . B shop Latane preached at Christ reformed Epis copay Church on South Centre Street to a Congress and in him he rested much Bop it of a r future of democratic party of that Sta e. Hit lne therefore concludes with Liis lament Quot a gnat ii Gap Lias gone out of no Misouri a great democratic Leader has gone to hire is with lie Blade eve Niber broken in i Haid an his Banner across i daunt it a b<s4otn. It 1 so pitiful. Tuc Days to come Promise mro h of Eil flee and treacherous Woik where than Shail those turn who worship very Nara of democracy to find 11 Ete to to to on . The safest counsel in Cumber a find them when Edward Prince was told that Lai a nun ele its fondness for our native clime 1 rim put o or change and ail devouring tune. By those of your readers who May be conversant with tie career of Job 11 n Edwards it will be seen i have paced in silence Over his Brilliant record As a cd federate Kohlier we rein Hearne Itie if a maj re and his Sut sequent Roj Mantic Exi e Riti it a and two year a Resienee in mex c during Empire of ill fated Maximilian a Tifis for not a reason save j that 11 to an it a Ltd a i much More in. J Dolence in to e biographical mood. Hut 1 he was a favorite of a poor to Lotta As e 1 As of unfortunate Prince. Of him he wrote As a one so fir haired so Royal and 0 of her ask a a stain Sas an Angel girded child 1 proud As Edith of inc s Ash s neck a Queen j of Aii hearts where Honor dwelt never a Mother it a a though god had but a Angello redeem a Barbaric race arid Sanctify a degraded these words were written when it was supposed Princess crazed with grief j Over cruel death of her husband was Ber Elf dying. Then Edwards indulges that a Auti Fui set emulation of hereafter already indicated by a quotation in this paper in Cumber j a somewhere in eternity within some >e8ler tiv i Black Golden Wall where old Imperial iprtve8#r,u 1 be head it a j banners float and Jaun clots keen Furnard to 0 Aii 4.1 r it., 1---------float, and Launcelott keep guard Breton quire had found use s blood it of i Atli Arthurs reign Aii patriotic John Chandos in an is Gnitt ant Kir heroes dwell her Maximilian i waiting Mish at Lussac Bridge a chimed a god help us. Fien we have Large congregation. The Bishop selected j f to everything on either so Ltd of ii chapter of hebrews a a a his text from Xii chapter and fat verse a wherefore seeing we also compasses 1 about with so great a Cloud of witnesses let us Lav aside evry we Gnu and sin which doth so easily be it us. And let us run with patience twice to at is it before in i usual Happy style vent ral e prelate preached an eloquent Sermon making follow Iru App i cations first race to be run Mccond How in should 1�e run and thin encouragement Civens patience. He fat real ted about forty five minutes and was ii tend to with great attention Ami inter is by Large audience. After right of confirmation As admin a stored to a cd no a of even teen Bishop quite feelingly Addreen class Bis remarks by ing Brief but i red to Point. Following is a lit of those confirm a Thomas Alice Mary Jukes Martha John Robbins drive Mary Taylor Elizabethi Estelle Taylor Mary Louise Mason. Maude Anne Filver Elizabeth Anne Allen Margaret Ann Maxwell Emma Dorris Alvara Elizabeth Boris. Lydia Hitchcock Deneen Leah Susan Deneen Stella Noble mrs. Viola Wier Winger Annie Eleanor Parker mrs. Elizabeth Ann Pori Larrv called King of medicines Pue it ugly cd j for i. Bride. The tragedy is nearly Over c 1 Hen. We have f Here i i Start mingled with iter Crim if Ilion. The Crown is Al her it a in in Tju. Beautiful Garden of oui she wiil tin a one a More Monarch listen to him on ingers Olbum a it is against every a fish t a Tinct of j of her youth Man that annihilation is desirable. In i thanking Sentinel for its Courtesy inner being there is incessant revolt and its readers for their patience i will. Against such paganism it is worse j close this paper by expressing sincere ? Farmers and Busi th.,� �?__1 _ 1 i. A. 1.r Ziess Ruten \1 Al or 1 route of p4rade. The Parade will m give promptly at 1 80 p. Rn., Over following route from place of formation to n a rth Centre Street to Centre s Reet school where first exercise a will be held from there to Valley sir it to Mechanic to Kaitim re to George to i Oion Street s to l where Scoti i exercises will be held from there to Centre to Rcpt to Williams to Maryland Avenue to Maryland Avenue school where Iii to will be held from there to Harrt on Street to Rebecca to Baltimore to it it or. O. C. A. M. Flail and disband. The program at each of three schools will be somewhat alike and will be As follows hymn a country to of thee a prayer presentation of flags Quot Tigu Quot Columbia a to of Ocean a Felt extance of flags Ong while hoisting Al Fig 4 1 lie Star Spangle at Centre and l Niou Street schools Flag will be presented by col. George a Pearre Ami accepted on behalf o school by their respective principal pro . A Lams aul White. The Pray ers Al schools name will lie offered by . Vav. E. Bird. At Maryland Avenue school prayer will be Maie by or. E. T no pro Seu tation by . Vav. E ibid and acceptance by prof. J. E. J. By key Gnu Cipani Ltd that school. At a y. In evening an entertainment will Boht d in Academy of music commencing at 8 of Chi k. Rio i topic of Day i be Rte Cuso any Hon. John f. 1 of it i ii it uie Siead and prof. P a a cannot Hupert rodent of Public school of me Kee port i a. Tiie program will la inter per.ed with music and other inter thug Fca ures. To citizens and merchants along Hue f Parade arc re queued to decorate their Homes and places of big Ine. Death of by Veser haltingly. Sylvester Mattingly last of eight Brothers died at his Home in it. Savage yesterday in hi-71st year. Or. Mattingly four sons and five daughter of daughters arc Sisters of Charity another in Arrild and living in Garrett county another wife of or. Thomas Carney Ltd fat. Savage and another unmarried who resided with tier father. One of his sons is . Father Mattingly of Oakland md., who a for Many year As instant of Date father Bic Nan of or. Patrick a Church this City. Tiie dec fed was a old and High la esteemed citizen of this county and will a at a 2b a monthly Illein Fng of tie typographical Union n 2h i. 1 yes Terri a Var. A has. Vav. 1 u Nelly w a elected a dub Gutte flt it Ai e d tin v f i i i 1 i f i fit i f 1 get Terai Ani Iuni a i re to a rape Ricl la 1 ? �1 c he i to june. Tie Typo Marie a l to it a to Ion or. 1 a ii tub 1. Iii fits intention t attending i . Id u n. Late news in grief. Minn �?~1,1 w Sil a Xiii it 65t a Worth at t be world for m newspaper Art ice Igna Tore Bill a i eco defeat 1 Charston will return to Honolulu. Trot Ibl a feat red there. Salvation h in in Huen a Alt have been flow d by get eminent. The plate window Glt \ a at st. I oui is ended and pee will 1 had in .>1. The Minne o a i 1 let paed h a it solution 1 lie t a -, 1 Pitol building Hea hug to k ii Efi by synch cafe w ii ii a to in -1 i i it Ift not for . A a a no Iii ban a n Ltd mixed to build anew rat a fkr i a it in l and Chiean o 1 lie1 non. Now relieved of it big suit. Will i v to a if to t i to k of paying Ott it Del t. The Uii it mortal \ in ? Liko. Wi., in 2 4. To it or i i id h it a i Tell t let 411 y a a a a an i r >11 seed v. M , such riot extent. P. L. 4 v 4 1 4 1 a Lay. No. N y. .5 a st re in full a no a 8upt. Cd a j met of Raj a i n. I be t. My. W1 est i pkg in 1a a Knakal iia Ilvy a t pah voir flux to to take effect Suntay May 25th. 11�0, at 7.-41 Ivl in k ., a ii a bar All previous schedules new and Popi 1 i 1 11 85 j Sitye War Bavei a southward. So ii a it no. Northward. A us arrive 5 to 3 so 1 a�2 a t to 8 . . . . . 11.15 7.0 2.4 7.i�i Cumberland 3.45 Keyser 10.15 3.5� it. 14 w Fern port 5.45 4.2 ?.ri Shaw 5. Is 4.53 9 in Harnoon 9.t 4.53 it a 10.45 7.4b 3.25 12.15 Elkina 6.uu 1.45 . To. . . . J a. Leave. A a rare. Just received a lot or Black Mountain tobacco at Riu it to 1 t i Niertit to ago tuts alarming no r to he new to t end a in safety of i Sani to is due s ii Adron there. A Jer by City me Nanic named rude a invented a 1h.motive which win make eighty Miles an hour. All trams daily except sunday. A it a a Rham ii trains for to Bavis cd in it at Thomas with it. 1.2. I-n<14. No. A leaves i�av.�7a. To triv. At Thomas 7.25 a. Re. No. 4, leaven a Avi la a. M. Arris i at Thomas 1.25 . No. I h aves to Avis 2.45 p. M. Arrives at Thomas i 10 p. M. No. I Ieav a Xmas k 25 a. A. Arrives at pm. No. It leaves Thomas us 45 a. In. Arrives at Davis 11.10a. M no. 5, leaves Thomas h til p. M. Arrive at Davis .55 p. In. No. I Thomas re p. In arrives Cut a a 1 a Davis 4-4 p in. Nos. 3, 4, h and 31 daily. Noe. 1, 2 and a daily except son Lay. C l. Hkft7. G. W. He Huibon Gen. Ai Anaker. Gen. Turatti a rent. T. L. Coulehan no. 50 Baltimore st., Nfay goods. Boots shoes gaiters in City at is r a 34 n. Centre st \ specially is made of repairing of All kinds Kei Nieweg amp ocl raisins to it inc. Chili now is a Raul English Mai \ a s Rio so Dove irn of 4tr<? Iii it system nil a Dps too Ren a Uil t v i. Iii. A t l its t or Keri a hold cares. It k a a sex bilk a 1 nine. The second National Bank of Cumb Liland my. Designated depository of u. S. $�?~00.c00 capital. $150,000 surplus. Aug a to r undivided Profota. Let Lar t it its. Illoyd lowndp8. L. . T James Clark currants. A Itron 117 11 16.5, 167 and i6� Nal Imort it. >11 is. 155 j. Mali f a \ Vav on a is ant a Fok Malk for Kent wanted lost found Etc. Advt. In this column per one nonpareil description it 3. W s v y a. I slut Iti Tift wanted. 1 hip Annh 1. Nie or Elk it. J 1. Is and found h 1 15 4 an 6 so n. A. Kph \ it we. K. Pah cd a. Huntck i a via. I it a ii Sloan. On hand and re a Sam City water refund Init 4 debt 5 per per w an in i. To vide is. Apr by at 35 one a inure front cd Urt House. A l i w. B. Want i. I k v i Crim tax Rland a cent. Ilm 1-. Cutta plan City consolidated cent louds. Kroat Luicir my 4 per cent. Yater Bonds and other inv Esti nent see Riti a. Price and other Tutor nation Given on it a a it a i Cytlou. D. Annan r. Capita ii 100,000 no i surppjs$80,0c0 1zz fj5?st Natick he of Cumberland my. United states depository. Established 1612 organized an a National am 16. I. K . D. T. 8hiiv�r. Vice Pree Liloni. J. L. Griffith Cather. Prill Fine painting glazing amp cd deals six provisions oils amp car a now opem a with a Complete fresh Stock or goods sold to on. positively no Goow Eoto to c0bb1mh. Fine printing and a go to crit2i m amp i on a a t. 1. J0 n. Mec Panu Wagon and buggy painting is our specially. Arllier so River amp co s no. 2h s. Centre Street. It u do by workmen employed and used. No a a cheap work. Joseph Sprigg dip us bolts. A a ii it it work. Thud Ltd m is. Vav t Coul kill in no. In Irebaria st. Wanted person to it t81 Rife i in us w v in of Liuna e a Kkt fur three Lino wanted to rent pm it my a House. Alhck1 a Lewis j. A. My Olhol w is i land j than paganism a w it ship that had its j Wib that traitor and ail readers altars shrines sacred or a ves tem-1 whom i have had Fortune to entertain plea Vestal virgins priests augurs Elysian with sketch of a Virginia boy May Fields gods Gode ses melt i its spirits of1 enjoy pro purity vhf cd seems to be Good and evil but it never had sex Ine Tion. J setting in tide like from tiie nor a. The t ma4. A. I a. 1. Inst and ii ha-1 Sion is Irani Portal in to r a spa Cut to Ufa r Ami e Dure. It had and prometheus Proserpine and acteon Midas and tantalus it had Funes and but Xenides but its future was never without a a marriage of Captain Collins a evidently an old Bachelor Comrade of Edwards exports this tribute. A so this wary old campaigner has been captured at last. So old Veteran Battery commander who never lost a gut. In All four years War in one Brief moment j lost to it oth his heart and whatever May be Lack is blessed Esa of single Fife. 9o tues splendid Cannonier whom general so Elba took As a boy und left As a giant has become As pliant As a woman a necklace in As tender a pair of hands As Errer threaded strands of life with Golden beads of purity and Devotion. Then if these old comrades of a 1 d a he a it. The old states re sources of ir.u and coa1 immeasurable and when titanic forces of develop in it full shod an 1 fiery armed i anticipate a Day in history when she will resume her proud pre Eminence As Best As Well As oldest of americans free dominions. J. B. Oder. There must be some virtue or else Cocoa nut Balm would not sell As it cures scaly rough and red skin better than anything else. Sold by Geo. Hermann. To nervous debilitated men. If you will Send us your address we will mail you our illustrated a amp mph let explaining All about or. Dyes celebrated electro Voltaic Belt and appliances and their charming effects upon nervous debilitated system and How they will quickly restore you to vigor and manhood. Pamphlet free. If Jou thus afflicted we will Send you a Belt and appliances in a trial. Voltaic Belt co. Marshall Mich j Ness men. The Mattingly noted throughout Section for their longevity. Of nine brother none of them died 11 not r of 65, and oni3 of them Liv t d to resell much Riper years. Tai a funeral will take p to Morrow morn tag from st Patrick s Church it. Savage at nine of clock. Wanted. Good Stop r boy to i a Rahv printing business. Api vat Tim s office. Wan i to up mph 1m Sci Akk j history of i Veso in Maryland. Address a a Quot Chic j times office. Mh7tt has a. Greene 8. J. Edwards. Robert suld Vek. This Bank now located in to new building no. 137 bal crore Street. Is prepared with increased 1 abilities to transact a general business q2w-v Cumberland Maryland 1891. 4 roof a r a cum Krlan d. My. I r /. 1 11 wanted. S t. Little amp sons optician will not be Home until saturday but clearance Saie continue Call for prices which sell goods. A bad land slide. Saturday afternoon a heavy land Lide took place on West Virginia Central Railroad at poverty Bottom near Blaine. The tracks were covered with Earth for nearly one Quarter of a mile. Passengers baggage mail and express matter had to be transferred greatly delaying All train. The work of Clearing away debris be Gan at once and to Day trails running More regularly. There also a number of slides reported of Elk Garden Branch. A a reliable c inv a err a Rinney k or for set it org l a Coninnia Ura Xit. Her o f tni.?t in a and a Zinb or land to a 11 exc Yum a i Sta Likit Tampa a or at by of a a pile. Address Rilk times Mai a Cutter lamp my. Rad it and Send it to your out of town friends. Call or and for a copy. 0 we. D. Paisley real estate and insurance 4? Rialto. St., up stairs Cumberland my. Office in a Cerant of resided. 2? Wash no to a Matt oppo it Kph of Vil Church. W in g be prompt attention to any Busine Man trusted to Nie. In Maryland or Tai adjoin us counties of went Virginia. References. Robert Shriver. Kei., president fir5t n.tk Al Kanh. Climb la ii a Maryian t. J l. Or Ertith c Taber fir to National Dank Cumi Erl Ltd i my. William k. Wen a. Esq., president thir i Nati no rank. Custar Ami. M<1. Hon. We a. L. Wilfon. M. I�?T., v. V#., Wadi a c. Julge Jami a d. Army Trona Romney w. V a. Lion. A. In Fleming. Gov. Vav. V a. Charleston w. A. J. We Gilk on fz�j., a Whit South Branch Valley National rank. I Ltd in 1, 54 is. Hon. J. N. Camden l Arkenburg w. \ a. A a Rew in Park st 11 Diacou a a r a que to i of How to make ones he band remain of Home it i a to Der that they have not found out Haf Only to to a it Quot i. Is to a Consul to 1th h "1 hat t me. A min to j w a to Niff it it noting Bim n suppers Ftp 1 have Erie Quot a Rok Sale of it to p a a a v re Eit tif Baltimore Street. 16, at Brandler a Gaea i Zack Lanka a. I. La pkg. Foit Kent. Large and a Iii Kimom within Short i dust Noe of Poapst Fulce. Suitable Lor Lodge room or Cou d be used tor dwelling Pur to a it. Apply it Tim he office. At Seays Lam i Ladett no. 6m a Baltimore Street,1 com Hubla to of i k i. A yet. A a Deal Bah in Fine hardware and cutlery sporting Good a a a it fishing Taefu a guns in i mols .4 ammunition. Shed Coal Yard you can buy first Quality of consolidation and in Thracia Coil Offlee 3h Georrea bids wanted. For Kent. Filling cellar of _ rhe time Hui to. With a fish Etc. Accord m. Rye a. ,. A of 1 1 a 1 agent for Hazard co., a laced Jig to n a it of Tate Roar i of a Quot we \4 it lilo thud cd a Plain and plow Doennig Harvest implement a Aith. An it ii ted same to la filed not n a ,11 i i h i of Zahrte Kelt a i a later than 2�th inst a a further Lafor Asifoa Call at Randall a Eek my co a did f r one of bust husine8 stands 111 Lonaconing my. The to it ire in Kotsen Borg Brtek building Eoma fing two Gloora with or Wiltho t at Lue and Ware Roaena. Sumo Lally f Graa Ryor hardware in 1-ne-a. 1�?Tosscaemn Given june 1,101 at dress u. Eise Niiro. ?5tf Logia Cuning my. M0bs4kne no cure to fee i curse myself. Or. Hamilton. Watheredvule.3aluadr�. A a Orna Nional. Of Rwal i a Pur he i in Horatio not Kturah i4tid fixture frames at Seays no. 2h North Centre Street. Cor. Penn. Ave. And 15th Street w 140l 11 in 1 Oil d. C. Lila hotel a new elegantly furnished and Beauty Tully Ait Atod to a Uiman Ling tewa of tre awry it vote House and Gro Umla. The mall washing Toni Monument a to. And a Firat Clara in. Quot a Picu Terma per Day no up Artl a t. Trego prop. We have for Sale a lot of second hand fight Paa Auger co Che soluble Edithw for arct Fin hotels or picnic excursion Par tie which we will sell cheap. For full particular add Cas herd1c Phat do to mhl9-2w 7?-. 1., a
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