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Cumberland Daily Times Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1891, Page 3

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Cumberland Daily Times (Newspaper) - April 6, 1891, Cumberland, Maryland T Ezze x3a-ix-i3r ti2�.es a . Or. At=t?.tt, 6, 1031 Pat his Al times thy neighbor and thyself let Ere to no item con Emins our sister it is i t to Siat of Maryland West Vir-9i. A not f. It p a c a v Ai Morany county pm a Cettl Pooh Loiku i t the i it \ i i in let s \ Atli Branch it it Hii Iii s ban a my april a the Lavt i us Fri no i h Erest l Ijar i it it uni seems to by a h l to i k has c Nitro need Scain on the canal after a i it Lay of seven it eight <1 is Oil be count of Ltd w and rain. The lumber has at last arrived for the construction of the new waste weirs Aid with a Short period of Tuai weather or. Kelly expects to a have i divison in condition for navigation. The health of the people through this settlement i very bad at present and Many Are confined to their houses with cords and Feyer tin ugh no fatalities have occurred l t. Savage Lap a ii Iii a. Mrs Ltd. April to. A or. Patrick gait be who has Tver ill during the entire w inter is slightly improved Kev. 11 Chard o Nell of a inti Nylon d. Has been brought Lionie to i Quot ninth r a seriously ill. Franci 1. Miller and William Pollock have Pooh Iso i lots front the in upon Mitt ing company an 1 will shortly erect re to Demecs. Contractor by i i it a of fans durig to Rushing the Stone work of tiie Guiou mining company s tenant h uses. The engineers and firemen w t r engines have arrived on a this Side a it it it on the entire Force will in located to mount Henry h got with i gang i it Tiev excavating f a the Union mining company forming an immense Cav dump number land and Pennsylvania liar Road c Rupany enlarging round House f r reception of engines but bin Ding Adl rep Irrig tolling Stock a a i in n mining company arc to k leg fun i Imp. Current Tolie we m mrs. G Thomas an old resident of this town who died on for a last. A a interred in moff c w cemetery yesterday gone leaves a in band and two children but h grown. She j was 66 years of age and a consistent member of the m. E Church. Shenasa native of Pembroke. S nth by h a. Mrs Thomas Fra or of Fng e. Colorado arrived by re yesterday in resins a to a ministers to be loaned. Wymen May be Eit cud set wards fila amps i burrs or sunday school superintend a n a privileges allowed by mesh Dis Proi Tsanis. La he methodist protestant conference at i. Faye cute Avenue Church Baltimore Sal or Lay settled the question of loaning Nikii i Gnu is to the i and a i deut methodist 4 Nurches and toothed p aces which excited Mich a live debate on Fridolv. The report of the committee adopted and j the s a Vittis Rcv. John s but ver it to st. John s Stinett 1 m. Church Liev. T. O Crew if to it hat swot ill i. M. Churell and Rcv. J. T. Murav s it feral agent and Secretary of the Maryland tract s it Ety. Or. B Wen takes the place of k v. Or John ,1. Murray who has served that Church for ninth years this settled the Quintic to for Thi car in accordance with piety Cut Spray cry a stat ment that the Church had lion i itself to 1 loan these minister for this year but it came up in another form on a Resolution presented Hgt or .1 h. Catotti of a a x unlit i. Yea and Llev j. D. Kinzer of it. J Lebanon Church. The Resolution was Luoie the special order of business for tue lev at 10 a m. A motion by Rev. Or. .1 an j. Murray to Lay tin on the table was lot. The Resolution is As follows worn is the sense of this conference Tea the loan or Aoji ointment of its ministers to serve Independent churches i i prejudicial to the inter st odour Cli urch Honl operates As a practical denial of right which properly belong to our local churches a d should let a Dis countenanced and discontinued therefore that on and Atter the Confer i Mai lace will report to it the conference and on that report the Amnia conference takes action to report to the general con Ference which nuts in Westminster in i sir. Academy of music to Morrow night a a pair of Jack a is a new Faiee coined \ 1 j by ii. Grattan Doun Colv author of a a no to i ral Gas and a later the dialogue j a of a a a pair of .1 news is said to possess More lit Ray Merit than is usually found in farce comedies. It is sparkling in witty and without plot or p a would of its if in Ece it Dingis enjoyable. 1 tie Story of a a pair of jacks Quot though is interesting i and Well fold. I lie incidents follow u h other with a Rush and there is a a go to j the piece int is irresistible. The via Elev 1 of the play is really catching. The Situ t tons arc exceedingly ludicrous Ai d there is a whirl it it fun accompanying the per i Mormance that is refreshing and health j promoting. Seals now on Sale. There will be an excursion train on the Cumber-1 land and Penn Alvann Railroad. Dress Gingham so three Hundred pieces of Choice scotch Zephyr and French Bug Giaui i at Maui Cletous. Rehearsal of Ermine. To night Tipiere will lie a full Orche anal and vocal rehearsal of the opera ukr mime at the e is Hail on s it Utti l Liertz Street. Or. Piggott will be present and a Tine re lie Ersal is anticipated. All of the Singer a my Well tip in their parts and the orchestra fully under the control of prof. I incr s Baton Che opera will be pro muted very soon tin Date however not having yet let a a n Detron lined upon la it the Simiu care to detail that has made the oth columbian Washington d. It feb. 16th, 189l As a result of my investigations i find the Parrish baking powder composed Only of the highest test grape Cream tartar bicarbonate of soda and a Small percentage of Corn starch and much Superior in purity and strength to All others. E. T. Fristoe professor of chemistry in it of National medical College the daily times for on k Kaif to a Virv m l to a sweeping reduction on nil goods purchased of us in the next thirty Days in order to make room for uni my Stock ence it ear of 1s9�?T., the Lonn or App it int mint j or productions successful will h1-o of minister Fri pm the conference to a serve Hiudt pendent churches not methodist Proi Esuf in name i i form of Chuich get ver i Mug lie discont tunc it i. A a a that Ltd ii and a r the Confer enoc Sion of tm>2, win re in mob a of Fiji conference consent to serve ent Gnu cues not myth Xis Proi count in Iii ii and form it f ii urn government. Bring Tiibi pre mutation up to n Standard of excellence eur a a it d by professionals. They such a let ii Sll no lie considered a Hurghes by am hoi it \ tin lit of this confere a serve us or under the i tie nut Cut do wind of Winter fun to fun Burnog Hui scaly Humours of cured by Corm i Ermaun. Skin. A i of w hich or a Talon. S it Iri try Jeo which will arrive shortly. We Oltorf it our customers a this suit an in Prescod he Tod Opportunity to become pois eased superlative bargains and we expect that the announcement of the Sale will sweeping of wears Lar woman i Stion i Hen the Wom titi came up in a Lively manner on the run Lerinc of Tim re p i of the mini it it in Sut Trage an i kit a s Ity l i Sconn it to a is to join e i to the Asi c inference to con Ider i ques iou whether it a n let de to a p it Iii w. Meir a is Ewan. C i Aderi an us t i m i Iii site l t it i is i created an Lute re big debate af11 r which tiie re Telegram is a Hugh b Ain. Or. Henry t w travelling in the s. Fam a a a n Friday. Mrs. John h. Phil a her res Dence Berk or. P Wynn what from natural cause i. Douglas Avenue Burg be Erda by a erred m rhe Frost Ini or. John p Wel. I re e 1h am i in. Re who Hal ironed Een his i v1 very a cd led on for the age o take to f i a train in Latch Holie Ceme 11fined to tii it at. Of v. To w Fri i in Flam oar try distil in in so 1.1 l continue to it fail in n. You r Mun Cip Al e a i i which place to Day pro tubes re it re a a excite g. Bir ti.-. Gears a i o Arr a 8 seem on la i increase n our midst. a against Law to h and Sun i to i f 1 i it a n of be. And re Ena. It b Juniou the age c sell Olad. So i worm elected Hool twing v a it the l a a Tew a u it or of so for Opi a w edit blk a y a lass eader a ii b til t of the of that a Recti of 4 of tin Art Cilc h to e Vijil i i i v. A o 11 it if file r t r t 1 v min Ian i a ?. Ut%4 v rotifer to lib to. Shui a Ivet a by Rich i ii am to Reh<1 a Fol to a s. A Virv nuts it or in full c pm d Fellowship. Tit v u s i t h us to Wenty a. 11 be to i re a a Conti Mial dropping away the the continual breaking of lamp chimneys costs a Good Deal in the course of a year. You can Stop it. Get Macbeth s a a Pearl top a or a a Pearl you will have no More trouble with breaking from heat. You will have Clear Glass a a Ltd no reduction instead of misty Fine instead of rough right shape instead of wrong and uniform one the same As another. You will pay a Nickel a Chim More and your dealer he i the most Complete reference Library and work of general Reading in the world sweep the town i and it can to obtained Only Fri a Tiik times in rett county Maryland and minora county w any it a. D 1 car a o Are it after Money shall be no object in Thia a a now. But room and we intend that Money if you want to know what we Luau by a gnat Kasai work of ii i a r i i i i nut nk1? ind will by pc now to fat Necin a fun st Ira dem ret wives a delicious Ard Lastina Cliv a Chew. The Only encyclopedia Complete up to due. Nov will lose gain in Good will what in Trade he will Widen be. Call and get our prices on suits and overcoats for men youths or boys. It a a dictionary of arts s a descriptions of american c growth Cirii us Carat to plat a Cia Toj and Broil Niclai Down new am a. Or. It mum a. M a1 ii1 4,000 Quot 10 Large handsome void on Vij Ier 2d arcs. 1 a a Carriage depot Recti. Pm fill agn. Cd v Cumb Ching i st re. Come v the a see it in. X m it Ltd lit eve \ Aden office removal. Get Light company hav1 of tiv to no. It South Liberty or a ave the of it rent a it fire. Ive your Bill i mounted. To s Ory of 7 to jacks. Of a a pair of Jyh k e at Rohte any. = h a it i i u1c to Sylv r a a a Ai i iof sex i aug Abie or it e a Ich n decided produced fish error night. Sex Cumberland m d member in tui Rodiun Iunius i he Alt med Tuc a it gelt Yeav Shad in eligible Nal to the Hill tit co i it. E. S Ewell a. I b a. Lame it. Atm i Hen lire Dicu site a if i Lively o Antei of a Usami to l tra Iirvin Auu Aler to a f r Victory a Tea great Sarong Methodi to Defin no Tiomi in the Church. Rev. S k. Murray of by a suggested Iton should be Dander women to a it v on it Force a ure Tipiere Waw nut n of to Hurc printed on extra tid while tiie Lioom Lusta o be and a in ii. In these Days ninety six coloured maps i was a a As in Vii ice Ulra pied of the time Runny i Psi of fro 8ract he ii w dint tires causing great de on of property throughout a country it is the duty of Robertv real and per full look into to d to. Schwarz Ems acid showing of Vry co in the m p Worl a Vised w h a it Are no a t it the Down i a ment Der i Tut Uei Hurt a Wom to to the but he it a tiie n. He w lieu a re w As a of m at a regular or comm tee Veteran to iry and v Lun ears. Eting of to it be pc in Ive e fir to Maryland infantry per As of Tion \ ten a. Ai it was Dee lived to hold the Twenty fifth banquet and reunion in had smore on wed Lessway tiie 27 h of next m in. The meeting a held at the. Effiee of Gen. Jno. R. Kenly 130 ear Faye e Tret. It Surv if is of the regiment Are Art red throughout the Union and Cotoiu unfed tied have i Een received a number t f them in other s t a signifying die r intend in to attend the reunion. New i i a Roods grand the latest novel tes in dres Glt Bleton a. Of Enine of his at Ham a camber a the Hou in i is on a was Vei to a Loar f f Roni est frantz�?T9 bread and lads truly said a wife. Wit ii a level h veg i i id lie Letb be that 1 delegates it was b tent Ion of the Chyrel demand for t prod it braver a it a teen so at ii u and Fri a tie Chu d at Ion Chines on my Nve Beenu a after for years i find the there is to demand natives in conference for workers in the c fail to Ltd have Suc h w. Men to kers of a false anti Vieni again Lem Loving w a stewards Ala or and sunday school six a to Ere Are p aces w u re women can be profitably emf Loe it i As Steward a d where Hgt a inn do duty Vaselas . And Tubert arc a great Man places where they can do duty a sunday school superintendent. It Hall such churches tie allowed to place women in these offices is the ties Ion. A a there is no demand that Quot or w men Milr to it taking the of there has been us de h this ret i it Nim i Reo it As y. Or Exeen King Over the Field it is Ucb a Lemand. Flt a women represent Tut there is n demand a Reh. And shall we Hea a Ltd of it r. Thing baked can <1 thai s mad Complete Lour and milk that Sweet la f Tab is or. And up rant. The re to d Fri s ii pm Bui frug 1 Indra missing if Here squid ire unsexed. You would. The Law too feminine Cut lie i tangy does not f tin i st w Ards Clas tool Supeau Intoe them. To Sutlic 1 wiil s it is try i a working and 1 had h Woma a you. A of a ii o a a 11 Ilia to do it if i Guieb Are and it cart hat making ii i sunday is to male me i of my views on this h 11 Earl in in v rain a a Alary of Foft to t be care of it u 1 tie re i owners of p son to. To care insurance Aga parlance of at be of cry Ati mat Insi Fanroy i nested with Ai i i every w Lions of dollars. You will be s Low no companies it Quot my Vos a Ana of Hartford. Hertford of Hart. Re. Phoenix of Hartford. Fire association of Lii Adelphia. . Of a Amati. Pc Oil of new Yota. Hayai of liver Cetl. Liver Al and London and Globe. A oin merc Al men. North Bra Thih and mercantile. It o v air to v con t1ik and the work is fully ill is ban of -3 jul ted. M j0 Quot a m t 2 my my Quot b a re is <0 vhf i i r v i r is 1 is ? a. 4 v a r Rich a net Ulra for the above and son will Lead in ome Rea it Ana Arr no m Itter us i in any of the Fol Cut Irb j it i7s, a a -4 -14 4 -us.4iv Ltd Skol Nils a a 4,-v-c. A a it u 14,lt�. U7 ii 14.-41,4 it 11 at popular one Price Clothier and menus furnished of in Bisoi cell Toj v Dis it i in f Eft h t a re i m Baltimore Street Cumberland Maryland. A. Zub. Visci Meek land to. Of be in Fostof hcs Block. Cademy of Husk Chas. White in respect of tin 1 utmost Cire in the in o subjects. Not one us that Many of the themes interest. There Are Man in the nature of the Case h of int details of h Storie est a work distinctively Britan Tinct velv american. For in All the details of the by will be More concerned about the decisive Battle of the civil Mytr. Work of amendment have been Troi nothing of old Yyi orld interest might might be made to those grand person the history of America the wonder and admiration of the the regular Price of this work 35, 10 and 4 George Gessner no. 8 n. Mechanic st., i a a a a Ai a a or a it a. Re a Umbra Landl. My. Valuable Iii is ii tip fur silk. In Are no example. Tie of a ter Loo a a who e the a me Ricton Reader lilt of tiie by it tie of a it Tyson re. The Iio a it re of condensate toil i f a Luht with Phi Lal care it i or or tiit be of it ted. And the a d nor of renew. It witjes4 Nev ends which have Niiva e Large 8-room Brick at n o. 41 Oldtown Road. Lilt 1 n the Gay of pumper Mim Kina m i lord. Ateiya o t he i of h improved with it Trees Anil Ltd 1.� tvr s of n j. Barley. W the pri>.? fiiutr4m White a Fink. I Ltd Ltd a a a riot managers. Your or her Olid a a to a and it it ii of Whei in h Nar in a lock. Keeps a Arnii z Fri a bread for it. K. And if you d have your Hent i made go and adv has fat in tap y Nomi you la but �?ofia-.t7. Far f incl Foo h be one and he re to Rai Vou d design Nuj Rifo i Ell we 1 to w 111 a the 8�?~ w Nigist Bri Ilian in i l a has Blivet Ilia Iii in tii at it l tiie throng of people we Iii Vemer to he unusually Large gave t it ii Mil a Thorou Lilart quite a eid tied a Peci. The new electric Light were by Ruig for the first time and the general Verdi t w s that the City a Money could not better be exp ended than in he a lights. There Aie four of them on Baltimore steer and me of Centre Street Cor Ner of Bedford. They Cost one Hundred Dollar a year a pie a or five Hundred Dollar for the five. They Are o bum the i me Trot u was a Alary. I told Biro i w old n in Nate a id i. He i signed a m if. Who was m i Xiv Fie Yar o a and in Ron Ferem e and ides. A in it cd Light Oal Way Arii the Monarch of re Tina fair of jacks carpets i realizing the great benefits to be derived from the ? a work of reference and anxious to see the Happy 1 i of the Sfat blessed with this greatest of literary try i it or to a me a Gnu n Lias secured its Bali Sivc control Tishi Ltd Ard i Imp if he Steward we and i in or Natti to it Ebie health in it she cime to the reported that a Ury raided Basules he Prtt Ltd me i h a it of clothes Exira. J applause j tout a Doi e where a Mao a Steward f is Edt it mlle h e Rooney Ana comedians who make Yon laugh there Are Many such rises. I do not want a. A ,. ,. Tip a Brethren to put their toot on Thi realists who Delight the ear i merely because of Formati y life i not a specialists who please Shoy Vanir a Large and select patterns new and Stock in All grades. Handsome. And in order that its readers May have the opportune i full advantage of this unique scheme it makes the foil or reaping ing i Lead let Hus who can pollen. Spring style hats for 1891 now in Stock at a offers re of. Grafton Donner. Author of a Rural Glt a it and Quot us a i of a illustrated by dancers who motion admission Charm by Graceful whole year r and of m dark until Day i rank and Evn on Moonlight night they wiil ,4h and Glare putting the Pale beams of la Tua in the background. A 25. 50 and 75c. Peat now m a o or Morrell and Shaft Nyht Jfe without extra charge. A Cursi m train of c. P. Road. Women to be Cail do collect rsm mid w Here they Weie appointed a c is readers and sunday school Uperti get Udemi she was sure no one Wou d object Rev. S. B. Tread a it form Ray of this City but now of Kent county off. Red a Arm dment that the oui a question be Laid of it r for one year but it v. A . Tie Corni the opponents of the re port for wanting women to work while denying f. Are All moing now top into your Home for the next ear and the w great 33 store form it in a in my reality and if a lit s a Rue one it Wilt not take on the form of the old Celis a inv. John j. Murray sail or. Presi Dent according to your own statement there never has Btu any obstacle to the working of Wouten in tvs pieces and i a n i tii Ink there i any n cd of to Radical Ami old Eri plural a Chang of our Law. Or. Murray Theu ent the mater could the to be _. Settle., by an her dment author ring up your Homes Vuu in us or Enid of i Hilj �?T1 a a a of Ieth Aneina ussry the Celebration of it fiftieth anniversary of the Maryland College of pharmacy will take place in Baltimore Fri Lav april 17, and the Day will be the proudest one in the history of the College. The in to event of tie Day will be to e c Nev Sci is at Harris a a a demo of mus cat Whit h the Rev in a. F. M. Litis will a liver the anniversary oration add 1h91 will receive their diplomas. In the Chuab. A thou gift it a Pagan sentiment afternoon from 4 to 0 of clock the College w hich opposed women tor such positions building wid la thrown open to invited 6 men working robs no Man of an of guest and a reception will be held. Pro port Unity to work in the Church s Broad Fessor Jung Urkle orchestra w ill give a fid. It is logical list w a men going Pray concert a d Harris will serve a collation. Tical should also Enjo ome of the j in the i ening j. Banquet will take place Digi Ity in the churches Gib. This Opp Esi a to Eutaw House of which wiil be Hon reminded him of the Story of the. _ invited tic la Itie tithe medical Coil Ges j irishman what when his doctor recon in buying cheap toilet soap Large of bait Moi prominent stale and City of j tue Jed him to Send i sick writ to a hot cakes. Buy Good soaps pure find if mis pharmaceutical j or Naltsas the j Ler climate said a doctor. 1 Haven t the afe otherwise you May suffer with velvet cares body Brussels tapestry Brussels wish pkg also the class of them the dignity of recognition by the into larger and More Cummo Dilim a uart it a from he land Rtse a no. 14r Ita t More Street to the new Steed 38 Baltimore st. You can buy a or at arg it a. Now. At the o d stand and and the end round at the new. Of . Greenfield. You save nothing Brussels Hall and Stair carpet three ply All Wool super amp extra super Ingr Aias Wool filling amp Cotton ingrain. Our proposition a for fio Davs to will sell this Groat in Fine cloth binding at the Low Price of $27 in Fine Library or binding at $33, and in half goal Morocco binding at $36 a Pava monthly instalments of $2 25, $2 75 an 1 s3, according to the at vie o binding. The Complete set of encyclopedia wiil be delivered it on payment of two months instalment. Where full amount is paid a deduction of 2 i be a i on the sheep and half Morrocco bindings Xvi 11 be mad. Important to remember every subscriber to this great work will be entitled to receive the daily times free for one year. Law a a it. Kavai i n i 1 a 1�?o m reb., Opp. Windsor hotel. I a i ii the Cosine Stetson an a the non Len i get Ltd a to Tran t Fenoff h its. it is dry h Jtj Ltd a it a Zmyj a a o prices the very lowest i Call on us i t e books Are now on exhibition at Jno. T. Taylor store of. 30 n. Centre Street and at p. ?. Smiths pc Niento no. 90 Baltimore Street where they can by seen to Tion can he obtained. If not Donven ent to Call Rop a Telephone no. 04. An 1 we wiil have our represent at a a a w j Sample volume. The books will also be on exhibition at our com it Imore Street until 7 30 at night whore they can be s t co a Elev a d full i Post my Roo a style. A it. Nor. do cd us a Turc. 17 Ratt lord to r. Can. R h inic. P. To i.? la to Tanto. To. a who a or of r x. Cavior to. to umber Lai d and All Ganv county o Straw matting in Sartre variety. Some special bargains in Good qualities of same. Parties residing out of the City or to not can Avail t above Liberal offer try having the monthly payments Gua lie full amount re pm it bed Ems div 4nteed t is paid Annuli Hrisi f he that or to i in on a pies Honl a it it a Petit pharmacists of tit#1 country to meet to a members of the College and alumni. The College has adopted White and Blue As its colors. The stars of april for in it it depart ment of natural piillosophr.7 six planets Aie visible to the naked Eye i Dur ii the month 7-Utgury, oat urn Lara and Primus As evening Etaf Jupiter and j Venus a morning stars. A Little pains Takii g will bring Imbu out in their appointed places Jupiter and Venus Aretti conjunction at 4h. 25m., of a. It on the 7thof april. Jupiter is Only 13m South to Venus. The planets cannot be seen at j 1t die but on the next morning april to thy can tie seen by the Early bards. J Thev Rise at 4 a. Man hour and a Quarter before the in. Jupiter will be a Little to the re to of Venus. Observers who Corn Nidd a View of the of Theo of Horion will i eur Lei a ively picture when the Tiyo Large and most Radiant members of the solar family Shine Ide by Side in the morning sky. Venus is not half so Brilliant a it she was in january her Light number being at that time 2.18, while now it is Only 91. Her diameter was 04 Sec., it is now Only 15 Sec. On april 8th it 9h. 33m. 24 Sec Venus m a a my 011 met for Dan. April 9lh at 9h. 33m. 54 dec. I8 a eve bed about 41 degrees above the horizon at that time. . Take your watch to Little eat for repairs. Heart to do i you do it other conference matters. Ii a lengthy debate occurred on the report of the committee on the application j of Rev. S. Yvo. Be of North Mississippi conference into the Moyl Hud c-�?Ton.?-ence. Ale co Kimico reported against receiving him formally but in favor of placing him in the hat is of president is Tayer to be employed As he sees fit and finally he want so placed. Or. Coe is serv. Ing the Church at Howardsville Cecil county very acceptably. Rev. Or drink House spoke of him As the peer of any Man on the floor. He i. 65 years old and has some property. The report of the women a foreign Mission society a communication for it a Washington Branch of the same and also a communication from the woman s Christian Temperance l Pion were referred to committees for report. The faculty reported the following candidates for ordination Ai d they were ordained yesterday at 11 o clock at Lafayette Avenue Church h. Yvo. I. Johnson in. E. Mccullough a. S. Blaine and d. L. Green. On motion of Rev or. John j. Murray the report of the committee of the general conference on tiie amendment to the articles of Faith was referred to the following committee Rev. Or. John j. Murray j. K Nichols. J. L. Kilgore l. 1. Y Ailant w. R. Graham and messes. C. W Button e. H. Van Dyke s v. Yantis w. R. Ruton and j. S. Scarborough. The sore bands and face. I can give you elegant toi it soaps at reasonable prices. Or. J. F. Zacharias near Central station. Geo. . Go. F. Rodnicka Grose amp h0enicka, no. S. Outre Street Cumberland Maryland monuments tombstones latest patterns and design always on hard pc competent workmen employed. All Hall orders promptly Atta dad to mrs. E. Bolte has opened a Large Stock of Oro eerie Saud confection Aries next door to f. Land s wholesale establishment on n. Me Chadic st where he will be kit and to have you Call and examine her vane Stock. Soda Fountain for Sale cheap. Apr Law Chas. We x3i x Quot a Quot ass no. 46 Baltimore Street Cumberland Maryland. J responsible banker or merchant unless the Sample Page and descriptive circular f a a Wyt a Quot a Quot it pi1�?�?i hta Moa Walm big. Umbe3lan Mary �5,000.00 fine1 seed Oats ear Corn re men tar the times has control of the enc crop Allegany and Garrett county my. An i Mineral county Yyi est y the above Fine will by imposed on every person Dot Reading an i to Nippy Iii with the following advertisement we Are now open and invite All to Call and in pct our Stock. Pm. D. Rohrer no. 154 Baltimore Street. Fine Grix Erles flour of All a Rafft selected Tias pure Coffee and spices. Butter and cheese from the Best dairies. Foreign and Domestic fruit. Canned fruits and vegetables and a full variety of other goods usually kept in h tar or Elass store. Goods promptly delivered free of expense. Tuhi7 baled Hay. Everything in the feed line at lowest Cash prices. W. T. Coulehan Telephone Call 91. Basin wharf. The ge9t dress cutting school in Maryland and the Only place in Maryland where ladies can learn the Art of dress cutting Maidi. Draping designing tacking and finishing by potatoes potatoes j . Our a. Basque a a a a a a. Mrs Charles Sanders c. Elder i n. Uberty Street City a it to Chambersburg a. Send for of regular. I have on hand Choice potatoes for Sale in car Lota. For prices address f1.sn .75 the gentleman s Friend. Our perfection he rinse free with eve a Bot tie. Is clean. Prevents stricture. Cures g. And g. In 1 to 4 dats. Ask druggist Bent to any address for $ 1. Malyd0r manuf�?T0 co., Lancaster 0 sole agent Geo. Hermann 141 Balto. It c c has purchased the one thoroughbred stallion raised by dryer bros., of new York with the following Pedigree 1 Cain acteon f imported i f Panthea Hiawatha. 1 i 4 Wagner i daughter of Wagner. 4 i sister to Birmingham \ ask Sla i imported Glencoe. C a n r m in cd Wynne. Vandal. Florence night ingate scud Diana 1 Cornea or fila Cioc 7 Manuella i sir Charie 7 Mana West l Sultan 7 to a pole you want to know what he Why this shoving or old goods on the Public. Don t be duped you want Good goods at reasonable Price go to t a a v i v v. A a to t w i. The jeweler. Cut Glass at l. C. Roessler a jeweler it no. 116 Baltimore Street i daughter of Tranby. 1 ran 4 of Meara Farasina. Loci a j Iraq minted Glencoe i Ltd Oti Iurii imported Leviathan of a no a Elaml. Maryland Marta Shelby books open for the season of.1890 at we. Korn Hoff a stables 106 n. Centre st., Cumberland my. M wok i Biff Teriong from Tae a a a a a c f a Mth Ful errors. Erty c. L la to and a Valu Shle i sea s a a. Front sizing fu�?~1 particular for Boms Enra. Frez of x up lend id medical work should be read by every Man who is nervous and debilitated. Andreea. Roof. F. C. Few less. Much
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