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Cumberland Daily Times Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1891, Page 2

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Cumberland Daily Times (Newspaper) - April 6, 1891, Cumberland, Maryland This id-a.xx-�?o5r in xxx a 135=1 Giro Oil a a a a a a a a. Enter eat the Post office at Cumberland my. As second i amp a mail matter. Jno. W. Avirett editor and proprietor the circulation of the daily times is larger thin that if any other daily in Maryland outside of Baltimore. It is published a very afternoon except sunday at no st and 59 Balti More Street Cumberland my. This Date in history april 6. 1320�?death of Raphael Painter Horn 1485 in it a Albert liner. Artist to Nuremberg. 16j9 Henry us fwd Mut d on the a to reach the indies by Way of tie Polar m As. 1 Ifill 1 on Coney Island and then sailed up the Hudson. A to Jean Baptiste Eotis Sean five non it. Us in in farts 1773�?jam still. A Storian and nol Ideal economist father of Joan Stuart Milt to it in it it a 1 s Jtj 1866 death of in wham Nami toe. Scot i met phys Iii la it in i fuss i5ui self Shik h to v \. A it try n so re it in to Cut federates at 5 a a a at 2. A p. In Gen. Ibert Sid of Jonns n retired Ivou Suim. And so in bed of Haemorrhage at 5 a we. In t to remnant of la Ren and who trains with Hue an 1 runs a try Bounds and make him out a Moat undo sizable sort of a fellow. Now who i a Good and True Man thus treated by the Kepu Licati Rolt 1 it t a cause he is a Democrat Erl ecu a he is Farmer it cannot he the Forir because or. Wilson was j Intel by two la Epulio cans 111 his visit to the office of the net. It must therefore he the la1 ter. Trie Recario of republicanism and its present attitude towards tit Farmers adds the damning certainty alone required to insure the perpetual hostility of the Al j Ilance towards a party that first in Jures the Farmer and the n insults him j when endear orig to Tucture tor Hini Seifu and fellow Requadt before the Law. The ass Cia it f or. Wilson in Allegany county can he relied upon to Rem Ember 1 that they Arlt men As wll As Farmers and. To a venire an insult to Mau and Farmer alike. Y it no an Jav Jaunt a preserve Whiten and Civ e your Chapital rough and red hands a face a to i v annl Balm. F old by Leo. Hermann. A m is Beauregard says the than a to half his army was then utterly in it a to act Juty. Wei us on const transferred toi Igland. Iso 1 f a i Tirc Flat on Tower Lii Acy ntt�?T1 of tiros a Cal 7lit . F tie Congress pm to 1 $ 813.095.082 a first con Jurss 1 1.005 270.474 the s Joel s to it Ere p a e. S s ice it was general v adn it de at first resulted in the it Fet of ids card d to and he i be Quot of the met Artyv be tvs of n aunty i s a a claimed the few tories in he division v to i tor pain ids n an. Lehi election s in . Which pan t 1 report ebis in parliament shot is he s g Gre there and 1 a Good reasons f r not doing co Ciusa is t v resign g and going a fore the lectors for a vindication. The drafts c e 0 v Aga to or. Parnell a d lie wiil have to g it. B t w e i cuts to 6 King a new paler As vied Quai lied he Trout begins. Set Rotart b use in a i n to g or recognizing Quot the Principe e of i Memnry. And Taat the to ted mat is u 1 h d in to a \ Agea the a i. A a put h.3 it got in it at fun Ltd d i in. Letter to Ito or h i a a t. I in struct�?~00 to minister pour at u me. There is cd proc then f r s cd rec in i Iri. T f a ii or in to e tot tue k 1 of aria rid in new Orleans in j to e air lv5c>, or of to c . K on the c. D 1 2 a Kov t to Quot scr Fula is that impurity of the blood which produces unsightly lumps or swellings in the neck which causes running sores on the arms legs or feet Winch develops ulcers in the eyes ears or nose often causing blindness or deafness which is the origin of pimples cancerous growths or Quot Humours Quot which fastening upon the lungs causes consumption and death. It is the most ancient of All diseases and very few persons Are entirely free from in How can it to cured by take a Hood s Sarsaparilla which by the remarkable cures it has accomplished has prove itself to be a potent and Peculiar Medicine for this disease. If you suffer from scr Fula try Hood s Sarsaparilla. Quot every Spring my wife and children have been troubled with scr Fula my Little boy three years old. Being a tenable sufferer. L i t he was one mass of sores from to feet. We All to k hoods Sarsaparilla All Hue been cured of the scr Fula. My Little boy is entirely free from sores and All four of to y children look Bright and w. B. Atherton Passaic City n. J. Hoods Sarsaparilla he a new is it or overcoat perhaps both. The hour on it. Yet a a com t invest your Cash More satisfactorily than in Tho Purchase of Iro Oti mum clothing. Done to 8 him your dollars in a Hap Hazard w in. Done to you do it done to believe the �?o008111 not announcements you so in the papera every Day. Done to even believe Hap you 8e��?~. Done t Yoi do it Uono to imagine that any reap table clothing a conc can Wal give Yon so i Ethin of for not a Tihano Ilia ambition May be to convince you that Hia object in life in to Adl goo it is it Naif Price but thit i All .1 delusion /. And a Snake done to tie up to an absurd argue nit of that sort. Done to Yoi do i i done to imagine Fiat because the l. Hirschi co. Are Young merchants that they Lack tin Power and Force Foo a Annial to successful Trade. We be made our Meu Vantile Pouf a Eli ill in tiia Community and us far As Power is concerned were sri Kunti Usu lit out from the shop list Era getting in solid business Lihz is that proclaim us winners of a. Ron age. Done to imagine that win to we Sav we Are never u n Der sold. That we make the assertion just for the Sake of saving something that hounds big. We be convinced hundreds upon hundreds of intelligent buyers that it is As True As. Truth itself we re Iii it Here six Days in the week to convince you of this fact an i we can do it As Easil As rolling off a log. Done to part with your dollars a poo suddenly we be shirks upon at cos of elegant stylish new desirable and form fitting suits and overcoats upon our counters that Merit your appreciation. Scores of attractive patterns in All popular weave Gss clothes Tivit arc correctly designed garments that must and i 1 give absolute satisfaction. Gome right tip and see us and we will Tell you about our Lov prices which will be All the More appreciated when you be examined the goods. The l. Hirsch clothing company no. 102 Baltimore Street Cumberland Maryland. Rosenbaum Brothers 9\ b Limore Street. Annua Spring announce sent Large consignment4 of new Spring goods have arrived and Are daily arriving. Our by yer is now in the Eastern markets and is making extensive purchases. New carpets new Spring wraps new embroideries and laces new Oil cloths and matting. A i Imojo ii i i a moving time is approaching and a great Many families will want More or less in this line. Ail we have to Sav is Call at once at our establishment where you have the largest assortment to select from and where the lowest prices always prevail. Ingrain carpets 20, 25, m and .35 cents. All Wool ingrain car a Eta 00, 05 and 70 cents. Brussel carpets 05 and 75 cents. Sold i get by c. I. Our arcs to. tiv prepared Only cd a co. Apothecaries Lowell. M tit. Too doses one Dollar 5 a Creco pm Auree Mei i t it a 1 u Al t 1 amp Al Blanks. Landlord and tenant a cements a appraisement a t f r it itnes9e�, ate m sirs not k a in at Vizents Atu rement Etc Agniz spaces in on attachment plane pants made to order extra Quality footwear a Large line of Moquette velvets and body Brussels. Rug carpet 25, 35 and 45 a Al Tings 10, 12, i a 20 a i for t embroideries and laces. O m c 8how the largest and City and our Price Are Al wave re Dom est line exhibited in this Isider ably lower Tolian can be bought where. Give us a Call and Yon w la be convinced. By never before have we he n Able to offer so Large and varied an orm 0# fresh Ami plea my styles. We have the shoes that meet the expectations and gratify the taste. Pull i a Iii i i Viboit in luos Host for you Spring Yon Wil soon ave Nice Spring jacket is a beaded capes and fiscal Jersey Jauker discard your a flu want. Ave Ai Mansbach t or r your business red n Tan Cohar and 1with ets $3 Lapes and a the place of d and Tassel d 4. Tan Obb a at 5. Art a of a c on ctr tra r and i a a Hix a m not tra. K a,1. 7 Imp my freight c Irha e j out edit a Pouch of Aji of dying Auto Iua i Coupler to new equip in us. Kven greater Progress a Lee it made with the hut francs 150,c a cars i e no equipped i h them on the fist of the Vear. And roads controlling 7 9l> Miles of track and 6t8.475 cars having to put the automatic Brake. On Al. N w cars. The Reform thus we a tarred s sur. It a to. A quit tenancy Var to of a p pm with lie Plevin Bond attachment on judgments. Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc. For Sale at daily times office m Roderick. Or. Superior goods and prices that will Surprise y of \v11 be found in each department and Grade of our for a nut ppm he of Iii Dia u in v 1 i 1 u j. 10, 94 Baltimore Street Cumberland 4akylan i a grand eclipse in gents children swear. The profit own come see and wonder at the values we give boots. Shoes slippers and hats. A Tauth Oriz d agent for the Sale of the celebrate Youman hat. Sing to a to be greatly sex lend d in and Lidd s a Oil brim to de to litre in 1�?~. Dents to freight to.it.-, the to Quot of life Sof Feird by future the Gar of i How sex to a tuber of Arci Oid yet ice Early Brake men. Peac y. Re a in in Rke Reg 00 and pub c Nurer at centers in tiie Disu s built of to the Coroner a a jury h t we her it e i a i us Iii y lies pro it to 1 a z i he Cut 11 i l i w id not a Fil in Teste d anti. Re a 1 red to it a t1 Teji Decury. 1 Coroner so j unit a re i of Iafa Jib to nod w i messes or n t Down n the Light Lii rules of t i tiding inclined to give Lear my and u r 6?Ion? for fact. A band o r w or roughly armed men Prol a r i a i is in t e direction an Admi ted of Tive or nit Al 3 Ojoe a in the prior inc co h id y be called a peaceable Demon str it i. The governor cited w tii wis Dom in i the Ndini try until tire civil a it tire c ulv had to Aust edits p wer. The response Bilitz of the local peace officers cannot let a made too prominent and it i a bad prot a a d lend to has a Derrr Razz Trion of to e a r iffy spot a to a n 1 in the Mill Ary i n in leans of repro Ion Are exhausted. A Zheng Htam Wilso j a the rept divan Pat y a a cd to be Nown by its work in the fifty first c or a t. It chief a by the Mcky Nley bid of i ice or. Blaine so to by Aid that it Ras of no Henefy to the Farmer thar i Mied additional hard t ies up a him w Ali it and equivalent advantage. In other Fords it did not Oren a Market for an and Lyional Hughei try what r to Irrel of p k. The Fanner Aeeti or that they must or Anize for their Protection against such Continua of Prev Ion at the hand of the dominant to it Arr for the but a a Garter Ltd of a in turn lids a and m Ole their Power Felt n a he n Mbere it a i u s. Froin the outset the Orcar Izttie n has received the Arae treatment at tire band of the Republican party As had been bowl awards the individual. Abuse costume a. I Dicue and falsehood have been turned against it and the Sluice Walof rhe lie puff ican it Ress has Overfi it wed w Ith All sorts f foul and unseemly attack upon the Turners organization eve n As Republican legislation a All along been hostile and just to them. Finding that the farming element of the country in sheer self defense was mar bal no its lines against the iniquities of re publican methods this party of , subsidies and Barin Iai Protection at he expense of the people has pour it by very Means through its Pess and Felt mls Rostrum to discredit the Farmer but t remained for the Organ of the Republic in ring in this county to pass All Bounds f journalistic Courtesy and political usage l its insult to or. M. R. Wilson a writ Nown and highly respected Farmer and eau a Forsooth he is an Alliance Man a presenting the Farmers of the county to Are members of the Alliance. Not Content with its initial violation of ii join distil precedent in misrepresent in the information Given by or. Wilson Ila Tive to the convention of the Alliance and treating its deliberations with scant jute syn the Organ of the Republican arty the mouthpiece of prominent re publican aspirants for office and incur a its of Public position proceeds to style. Wil in a a a Henchman who is playing in part of a traitor to his fellow Farmers bred by Clayton Howe Montgomery county by sired by Rod Erick he by Meni Brino Legrande he by Highland chief he by Mern Bro chief. Roderick a first dam by Halcom second dam by Downing a Bay messenger. Roderick first darn by Kentucky Prince second dam by Odens 1 Rekett. A Pattrin �?-?20 insurance. H. Ladew 0 u m Ber 1 a n a Maryland. Pish Jim i st st in of Tell it h la shim4ii st of of m re land i l.xi.1 t risk d. I it mint a a it i 1 ii urn Quot r a Quot it put Fth to in ral a Seibly of 1 4, i do hereby it urn Ute wednesday the eighth Day of april next As Arbor Day Anil recommend the to it be re weaved by the p. Pit of the tute Iri Emi Fermi y with the res. To Ion. N t i t Ink try rut and Vine. Ii me or u. T Ion a t Forest err eth and cd it lire in the a Lorain. T put it ii arum Riv ate urdu i Ltd hid , us in 3u�?~bother manner As Mav be m Huru Iony the Cha Raeter of the Day so be apart. Who e the Day is t of a Tejral hoi Day i h it be the authorities will cans it to be o served in a i Trie p lie Teh ans and teach an important Lee ii to the Hudren in our state a a a give und r my hand and the 1 the great sea a of mar it an a at the Cit a teat it t Anna o on the 1 tit Day of \ sea \ Maich 1> old a Yueli he e. Jackson. B tii gov nor e w. Lac Compty. Secretary of site. Mario something new. Come and examine goods a. Jack boosts p selections it it of Gentl emf it garments feet in Quality perfect in style perfect in fit Ible to o Perfec and a it is hiring variety per Anshin. A shall try to demonstrate that i Are the. Leader of Low prices. No. 68 Baltimore Street. Cumberland my. Leading merchant tailors of Western Maryland fit and Good workmanship guaranteed. 121 Balto. St. Cumberland. Maryland. Jew try watches. Etc. 7 Iii Ike Iun Uva Alibi ii pics 8tebling Silver vhf. Onyx clocks. Brilliant a Weij. Gold watches. Chains harms an1 no it lacks. Am new and in Uto get design at the new jewelry store 113 Baltimore Street Walter Powell the Cash jeweler. County commissioners meeting office of the Roaro of a cou5ty Commissi Moks of co., v ., March st 1891. I not1cf. Is hereby Given that the county commit i Iners for Alle Irany county will meet at their office in the court House i Cuil Erland of monday april 13, 1891, to continue in session during the week and longer a Ouid the business a quire for the purple it self hearing appears making transfers Uit it a the county u it it intent us oks. And transacting such of ii r business As May regularly com la f a re them. A 1 persons de iring their assessments corrected Are in Eby no titi d to appear at hisses non. As no alterations in As.-e-6mei to will be it Bonks after t he adjournment of the ensuing regular Appeal term. John st wart clerk stationery below Cost. We have a few broken b is of paper and envelopes t at a a fair i Quality fully suit Able for correspondence which we Wiki sell below Cost. Taylor. A co., 10 n. Centre Street cumb6rland,toys notions and novelties. J. R. Garman veterinary surgeon. Livery boarding and Sale stables. He a Large Siorek of Fine horses constantly on hand. Satisfaction guaranteed or no Sale. First class stables and attendants. This is a position we of till appreciate and ret ize the important of protecting. We shall make this Spring a grand kah1bi Iton of the finest and Best goods in the Market. It will not Only he a grand s. Bat also of any present sex Likibi be Small space at command we can there of there of a magnificent eclipse or ail our own previous is Tion of similar goods by others. I but faintly outline a picture Here Panorama of fashion. Mrja pit p but. Done to Spring too contemplate having a a. The very thing Vou can do if Vou i full famous brands of the h it. Is to Spring to see is and everything that a new stylish and fashionable Well show you. M my \ an Are no a Ltd a Marc Iscon is ii i address All orders to s i the makers of cloth Are certain to comp him n sow Many Beauty Ful designs and with r k you la comp1 Rookie to it Iii Ings be have bought. 50 Bead of Fine horses 1 i in is a on on t.h-?�?� tit halide l fan he seen at the stables either Riding. Driving or work horses. Handling several car loads a. Month i can fill any demand at any Price Telephone la 06 i and every horse As represented or Iuo Sale. A t. X3. To. S., 51 and 53 s. Centre Street Cumberland Maryland Cumberland brewing company a Awe have the largest variety awaiting your Choice. The styles this Cumberland my. Spring Are certainly Beautiful. and elegant be Igros in stripes and a a a checks. Handsome plaids patterns which the pen cannot described and mixtures which you must see to appreciate at hardware hardware. Shovels and Garden tools a specially agricultural implements of All rinds. T03e3st in. Not. 34 and 36 Baltimore st Cumber land Maryland children a carriages x. Of vices i ill Stales i we Are the Only manufacturer of n the Donn to to psf sell to you an a therefore y u Gam the Quot Middle Man profit a bettor than , letter a Tyler Ami h a the Iuar be Koffa for Rich und a it kit a. To reduce our Stock we will offer special Low prices until May 15th. Of t tvs ii a a Complete line of coffins an a u nci.01 cqf7lt7 3. Wpc13 1 we a a a Askia Sii Rouda la t��8 and slip Era always in Stock. We Are the Only it Hable Nat a in the City. A Lowies kept from three to ten a it of a Rek Tolless of weather. Kef Revice and testimonials Given when re iut it sted. Cumberland furniture and coffin co. 54 n. Centre Street Cumberland my Geo. D. Landwehr. For Good White Wash Lime a Call on a Johst Jip Piid either by postal or in Parson Cumberland Maryland. H. J. Glickf Landwehr amp Glick lumber dealers contract tools. Builders a and dealers in Sash doors blinds and All kinds of building material. Offoot and factory 51, 63 and 66 8. Mechanic st., Cumberland my Fth Rerp a holler flour warranted strictly pure and made scientifically. My Imperial Patent f it leading it Anchor Mills Leal it i brands Lilly White. B8ande ask your grocer for it and take no other. Orders sent to the n in will receive e prow it attention l. D. Rohrer the leading merchant tailor no. 120 Baltimore Street Cumberland. Maryland All orders by mail will receive prompt attention. M of cd o w do Bone meal double Eagle acid phosphate i a 1 n it for Sale by r. D. Johnson milling co
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