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Cumberland Daily Times Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1891, Page 1

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Cumberland Daily Times (Newspaper) - April 6, 1891, Cumberland, Maryland A timely rhyme Quot uni Are the Geo. Tet musings tics Ami l to Hii Rufi it Quot adv i t is. In the Tim a 1 a a a s a this is the Ordek first a Baltimore 434,000. 2nd cd Berum 13,000 3roi Mir Sturm i . Mart Sand s Large cities to Point of population. B eth so Kish i no. 217 i Cumberland. Md., monday evening april a i 1891. Art a Blish an is i pm i Ltd a a \ ominous military preparations Blaine preparing his answer to Rudini s last note. Tbs of my re Sanper or con Lri a i . Iii Lii ii it i Rry it la itt ii to it i of u mail .1 a it 4louiil in my a lint a Gould sat tin italian i Larrv m ill not Art. I t 4 Iii Tierce a or no Ihk. Is i Noton. April 6 viral it is in Nom ii 1 that the state he Hartmont Quot ill have Coli Iii to make Public at present respecting the italian Ivor Spon Dence. The to a Tenient ill departmental Cirves Over Baron fun Van in m Haub Idel anti tha incident will it is a lie cd. Tak its place in the Ordinary calender of out in diplomatic matters ii Lis a sit Ion is usually h Retei i my it Lelia re Tion and Wjk trient inv Nti nation. In Udipi s reply May not Lee made Public at All. Except in so far As its to to May i Mcyr Porat Ltd in Secretary Rhone s response. If this Troy eminent coned drs re question of indemnity. It i it sail that inquiry will in mad As a Ltd the Stu dim in Italy of the a p italian sub pets whether or not they a re compelled to leave j Italy for trim committed or attempt. 1 it is now intimated that the recall of j Baron fax a is virtually nothing m than a have of Ai ence. Haron h v. With of u a hat Lietty or. Unfitted to Iii Verdi s is till Tom. A in re a. Ilmoni inc at Al in 4fu\t� it nor. Verdi of defense. Ali. Put in. I 1 his a a Rimini Iii april 6. The this cite. So or View widely published has caused Many severe reflections upon his american so. And the do i or has Pink Hod a card. Defending himself against such insinuations. He sat in part everything tha is Der a to me is american and in America. N no i am Jagt i 11 r e�1 out by newspaper rep hits Hgt an italian using violent language against the amec twist Thi i it res it mutely i am an american sine who would never i his adopted country Lerica every Day of Niv ult Ess. All the Honor 1 e country of my adopt amp is sincere my loyalty cast Back with scorn Marge to the Contra to. Ica is i pro t a unfair and untrue citizen to the a sub Trinch i duty to i thank Ltd a for an. Life. I owe my is have received to tin Tion my Alley iam is indisputable. I and insinuation or in lie i Gigli it 11 in a 4mt1� o order cd Kimii i to st Bengt Loii its Quot ullity. Orrow v. April important an a a cements confirm the previous statement that general Herl it the new chit t of the can Ailian militia brought so Vecial instructions from the English War office to ape Odily str Mithen the defences of Canada and prepare to it it a a necessity of putting a Large Force in tin Field. A r quest to the government which has the Force of a command is to double the usual Ai it prot nation this year for drills that the entire Force of 45.000 men can thoroughly drilled in june. Never is fore has tin Millier of men drilled exceeded 20, too men. Secondly timer Al hurl vat has left for Halifax to Confer with general sir John re is commander of the Royal troops m i . With res is of it the Desensi s of the Atlantie a a Oast Partlou Luvly at Halifax where a new fort has Lieen c4 instructe4l. One do a ton gun has recently am id at Mali fax from Bug Laud an i to Luis others Are an of to is shipped these Aro the larg to guns on this Ide of the Atlantic. A strange find. \ Ito Mii min a a a Rcd a in Ali hot Low of a try it a. St Lons. April strange woman who tvs m the hollow of a tree has a it non discovered in the swamps inuit a i and a half from Madison. Ill she i described As a blonde Alx iut do a a Irsom with some traces of not Autv it i 11 in her Falt a. The discovery of her when a vats was made by Mie employ of the merchant terminal company win approaching an old dead tree were a prised to see the woman come Forth. La a a a at them in a scared Way and Start to walk hastily away. When spoken a nhe Foj a ii. Maintained a dogged ski enc and then walked off. She seemed to n familiar with the ground and soon i to need her pursuers. The authorities of a h n county were notified an i have commenced an Mvi ligation. The Woi an will in taken in Ham is and at. Fears of violence. Prospects for a months Battle in the Coke regions. St. L�?olt4�foit i it the Nti Lilli a it 4.<��?the Listl has it Lioret it 4>nl> to u Tintie Luibil 4 omit v a i he 4>f-tif ers in Inni Ishiki Studli Iii in it of t he a it a i a it it a. Hacked to death in to tests. M r. Vesant. April <1 two More it ii it lib so saturday from injuries a Ives it d at More Wilid thursday morn no. They Are Paul Salinsky. Donnelly and loss it pm Klauman of Mullins. Hie no but of their death a it h thrill of a Xci Teun it through the Region and gave Rise pm rumours of Boxx shed and i onus. There were rent run from All my Inta of the Region announcing gatherings of striker but no Vii Dence has then re sorted. While the Day Baa 1 teen 4me of comparative quiet in it. Pie ant. The people Are not 111 an Ebay Frame of mid a it to the it Utcy tin of the present to Tuple. Hie strike has i ome to a As a Longton tinted cd nth a st in which the saying pm twers of the two Sid will n drains a to the utmost. the one hand is thu United Money pm it ver of tin immense 4, it rations on to lib a other a great army of organic so drawing up Ort for in the ent re Central portion j us Hen \ 4 i Lorna rpm Lum mint 1�?~mrlliat Flint nil Millili o if in wife. A Kiiski inv n. J., april 1 Ward a Lla Lingar Dolored is sail. Has n 4�?~ii a preacher and pugiliat.1 mule red his wife m a most brutal Man nor at an Early hour yesterday morning. The we Man had a gently lift him on account of cruel treatment. Hallinger while a Motte Ltd with liquor forced an edit Raiv into the House where his if was stopping and n Gati rating her on the head with a lathers Hatchet. Again Ami again la Sank the we Imti into the woman s Kull Kven Fiir the woman was Lead the infuriated Brut kit strik might with Ali Hatchet and when lie finally desist1 the. Woman a Skull we crushed to a Breeding mass both her anus were almost s4vet>sl from the body these having Nin Cut while she raised making Lii in in an Endeavor to Ward off Tlle t blows Hal linear then attempt Eil to kill himself. Me had Cut Hin self a verely Anait the head when tin polium i am isl and him. The m fugal of the woman to again live with him was the reason Given by the nor Derer for his terrible Eristin. He addresses a Phoenix meeting. Park the Sii Hje 4t if in Oishi Mil re my Tienshu Rny it a id lie Annert Lott Ltd Lutol Lone Lle eel veil it ii a a Tinli ii Siml no a a 1 4 Feli Ileal the Tion it it of i Rionero Lii inn Nuril solar halos. Wit made to establish her identity. 1 lure l ave been several i Apt Araluce a inter from st. Louis Ami Vicinity a it Cour ted for. Arid Nav be one of tilt if the state fighting for its own it to and Momii a ready to it u a a Alln it ibo Luea l it get 4bta>ui.g the do la a a 1 end. I lie effect of a in torn flt get either Side will a Iii Omentum it \ let it him off it in let to. The statement thai the Baku be of he strike n a broken of the a Riv in of the Tate to Tooji is by no Means Correct the tips have for the time restored order in the look it it Gion. But while the strikers have non fru tra Tisl in any attempts tip injure the property of tie companies there a still remains the firm determination to gain the it it for which the strike was inaugurated. The haulers of the Lux re organisations Are n do something which Many possible Vir. To key p Fht Coke but i a strike and at tin same a vent them Fri m getting into i Hittiii Irnel in a if Mhz it 11 ill Rilki lit. A \tfri,04>. I a. April i a wonder display of solar nil its was witnessed saturday afternoon. About 4 of clock a Circle of White Light in the piano of which was the Sun. Apex Are Al encircling the heavens parallel with the the h it Rizon. At two runts which with in Divide this Circle in three equal the or Bun april 6.�?1the in i amnesty amx a nation held a me Tibig in Phonix Park yesterday to protest against the continued imprisonment of Irish and Insh american political prisoner Annit 2.dm a a sons attended and or f�?Trtrri4ll was one of the so Nair. . Parnell acc Seii the Lin ran of always political prisoners while the tories released them. It might occur again he said that John Dale Anil other Ron Victel of political 4-Rimes during the tenure of the Linthi would a Lily Randi by the Donner valves. . Trail a tone did not hesitate in to am ram the opinions of Dyn miters in America is to whether they would Ai i ept the borne Rule Bill he said even Rei living t Hise persons at 1 la Warden. Why therefore had he not Relea de tile prisoners who were certainly no worse than Thoa with whom he had Morgaine Ltd a voice by did you riot make their Rel aae a condition of a a i Epting the Liberal Alliance some he alvites Hie pm Ltd n cry Quot kill him. Lunch him Quot or. Parn la it tool unmoved and re Pinsl without a quaver a the Iri a party has never mail conditions and inc Adte Vrtis rants. Miss Jukes. Home made a cake cd pie bakery and confectionery of Quot Dairy lunch Anu to Tice Cream Parlours no. 1 in Ltd the Michand stat it. A new clip. White Metal Light Anil neat Tiye inched Long 5 cents. New Musi Uge stands. New Calendar paper weight. New soapstone slate pencils. Fine Job printing. We Dixo invitation. Note Hill ii Kuh. Envelopes his. tidies Job printing depart my to. La into an it comm it a Iai Jet it w Ltd a its Tite it with no Lima <1 d risk. H. It a my of tip it Tomt Inoru sr., 4 it Tinl it i l u. I >91 Garden tools ask it a farming implements Jno. A. Mckee s hardware store a he Yonai of Erv Denult end Centre Streete. John a. Fulton amp k k. tree a Cumberland. My. Take notice. A great reductions in a shoes hats trunks i Iii Saklis u4u�k st new Nuran it i Imi to t a make room for or it Rit g Arrivin Quot at j arts. Were two other a Prem nations of prisoners a gum Raiher not than that suns except that they had no brilliancy should. Frying t j t hink in i worker tonic Primi Bif t 4 my Solil 4�ut 4 Man Ali. That have not been Thi Range woman missing parties. From what never in Oil. An l f t he r Nati. Ver Van 1 m it t Hife or an in any Osiier for language i i Laud. Y Yee a of ii i the slay. I Ini rence at 1 View to an it ral Traer rudins intention. Ali in Perniler merely Xvi nth Al to formally protect. ,1 Terv Seiv be Ami Olti or. at than tha g it in t new y Jung t air Prei he Del not Ben and Jay hat a Short. Inlets a Al 4 hat a 4ouhl talk. Washington april6.�?mr. Jay Gould and i son 4-alled on the president. Secretary 1 of ter a id Secretary 1 Quot i it y. And Sis it a Ort rime in the sooty or each. . Found said to a report r a Quot thl italian. Flurry is not going to it. A st Rions. Our government is Roveil in a Auk eminently a manner. I do n to see a a list what Italy ran do in the 111 t Tel Quot. Quot will the International gift fences of opine n damage a air Are it Quot Ial a Dona Quot Quot hardly. Yon see How the Market i to Day pries Are up and find. Ali prot is Are favourable for a Tiff acre y summer in financial circles and when that is so the majority of the people Are Happy. Swarming i Roj a Lal,4�rer. Washington. April immigrant inspect a at Newport. It. A re Portil to to get Treasury department that the present superficial inst Section of immigrant from Canada do i of prevent the admission Iff Large numbers f immigrant from Euion Ean a. Intones. Who in his opinion Are either under contract to la its a in some it of the Interior Fate or who Are Likely to Lecome charge s Ltd the Public. Hot says that he expects of this of immigrants to enter his District alone during the next f. It or months and that an equally Large a mix a will engr through the District of or. Albans Island and Beecher Falls it. A Hlaic Triin in Printer min. Washington. April the strike of the Job Printer of Thi City for less hours and increase d v the. The printers won the employers having to their demand with the exception of two firms. Gen. Sherman a remains. They Mill a a Ninipo l in c amp Dianep u Atli i Kex it of i m i a. St. Louis. April remains of Gen. W. T. Sherman Are to lie removed and the detachment of United states troops that have Lieen detail to it to guard duty at the grave will watch Over the remains at their new and temporary Tomb. Before his Tleatha Geu. Sherman gave directions Asro i last a Ting place. An Ltd it is in order that the wih May get complied Voith that the a Iii Ains will get temporarily tsi from the Sherman plot in Calvary to the receiving vault of tie cemetery. It a. The wish of the general that i remains should not be buried in an Ordinary Grae in the Earth but that they to Laceil in an apartment und r not und which would be built of to it it Ai. 1 Concrete and covered with a heavy Marble slab. The sepulchre will la tilt Laige enough to receive the remains of the general his wife and to children that now rest lie Eide him in Calvary. Want to hang of Malley. The the und exp i \ in Fina wad lean men re a unite or men Partie irk. April social from j tes the Marinis i Ludim As j it he la Al no intention of push i demand and was Content with i no taken one positive step a a pne a a inst what he we it Lei to u Lieve. I Ime. Was a neglect on tie hit f j United Static government to protect in a italian tin zen in americ i r the provisions of the treaty. He. Ted pc aware tha to do i Hing More at this juncture a it grave error on i. Pert As he hat or Confidence in the sincerity ant the inn Jority of to i men r. It a out made Wax and a the net of Liv �?Ti1 la i i a �1 a it Lle Money. They a an he Ltd o lit it 1 East a month yet i whore Force t a in a i concede to it the Eom Cumiea to it in is. J Ile in Tref reas -11 red by t in pro once o f the Milit a. Will make to 1 111 it wit to it it Hll Iii them no lion ail. Uni i in Tylij Coul. Iii tii Quot of the sir be is remit la in it Halle. L a j an i a r. Isl a fun it t u quit Reali it a we Koile this quiet li.-r-. A in i i the \ Ith it Lra a of tie to is win be the i it Oil. It in fear 1 tha it s in ill ,1 t fit he u a it a leave t in to to. I Kcf nil \ vill at teit it t urn to e a u i t e who have ext a u thu in for the a a 4 it n 1 1 or that ment. Donly a or it of the United Statts Gove Illy lie said Quot i shall now r for further detail. the n affair of the Charar t of the slain. F the action of the Louisiana a cities and of the int Tion of tin states government but who fhe May is. I am sure a eth thoroughly satisfactory a to both will be found Aud that the t Friendship which binds the two nations will remain unalterable and a big fire at Lowell. New Orlean vols Jimut com Millie m ill Tiki the Law ill their own h Orleans. A �nl6. 7 a Igi Laime committee saturday held a meeting and considered what disposition would g made of of Malley. There a t Strong sentiment in favor Iff hanging him Coin the Clay statue at once but it a finally agreed that he a it uld b permitted to Tanil trial and if not Ron Victel to a summarily dealt with. Is the ii Elict ments so far a found on such flin evidence that acquittal is pretty Sun if an Imp Anial jury i found interesting events May f How. As o Malley v Lii fight and a friends behind Linn. The Felt in Thlork soil adjoining Len ill ill it Lett lev in Mizuki la. Lowell. Mass. April kids a by Lack. Owned by the Wiman heirs of Baltimore was bume it i yesterday. C. To. Maynard amp co. Bee h c. Church amp son. . Either losses swell the aggregate to of emf . The fire apr a cd to the masonic Temple adjoining and this with its contents was badly damage. A. A. Mitchell amp co. Who were h rated on the first floor. It get their entire Stoi k of shoos valued at . The Public Library Wuth 41,on a it plums. Is Matisi on the second floor was badly damaged. There is an insurance it it a the Library of $30,1 info. In the May Iise quarters fitted up at an expense of f3rt.0t.t0, the damage was principally by water 300 mylar regalia Worth Al int $�?~23.0o0, were damaged by water and Sny in be. rubber company suffered a Small by wat a. The building was damaged about 7,000. Fugitive assassins. A a Irr Lary Hlali of Nln Lliott Mac lure i mur4lr�r. . Pa., april Al. District attorney Darte forwarded to Washington saturday at request of Secretary Blaine through governor Pattison the facts As to the murder of Pav master met Clure and stable is Hugh Flanagan Over two years ago. a nose it a Michael Rizzolo. Was the Only on of the three italian murderers who and handed. Guiseppo Beverina and \ Intenzo Villali est Airai to Italy with the $12,000 and Italy ref Seii to give rom up. Liri ital murder of in 011 get a. Goshen ind., april commie Ity was startled to learn of the brutal murder of Alexandi r Snyder. An old citizen who was found dead in his by d yesterday morning with a in the. De of his had. Two tramps were found shortly anti r the discovery of the or u a with some of Snyder s tilings in inc r Possession and were arrest etl. Is Pinion is Strong against them. Sny Ltd wife in Ltd child Are living in new York having him on account of Domestic differences. 11 Tun it i Quot nil Ltd on Natter Whit be fact lit to tie a whip Oxel with w Hue we Eric tin i igl Itee toned run Thi div Point it. So tuu Iid u any of the so works Aero. A a idler con d not fire a Jit it is. Tit Mcclure cd Oke c Lemon rated its fear it it Fri works in f Tynett county the sheriff of their danger Tion of Atli taut general will in Calle to Thi 4 on n11. I Les the a a were the a which it to Rel feet Ith Regn f w. Res the to t my More a fax strike i r get a Tion. It of the cars ent is to of the two it a re holc on the line the at the to Sipany has �?�1 Nee to its by notifying that ten my a Lel Laius state of affairs another i ircle Surro Tineil the Sun and Etc Ndell nearly to it the Zenith. The is it a Tion of tin Circle which Wax nearest the Zenith was a Brilliant Rainbow and at its highest a hint a Revi rss a Cirile also displaying the prismatic colors joined it inside this Circle was another which was of a fainter Light. Brilliant Sun dogs wan also visible on either Side of thi1 Sun this display lusted at it it an hour. The sky was Clear at the time but the mature u came noticeably of Lott during the Celistial display and tin Mercury registered thirty degree alow. Booth s Farewell. A 4.1, it in t Iii islam tar a dts in it unit a -l��t�4-h Fri tin Thi actor. New York. April of a Lwin Booth Eti 1 1 i saturday afternoon at the Brooklyn Academy of music giving a performance of aft a the last curtain the applause was Jiro Gigions and wildly Atel it it Ontic in d for a longtime. The Trago Xian came Forward and Susik As follows Wigt gent Lumex a Scarci in in a what to say a i it i it 1. I ran Only make my usual speech of thanks Anil gratitude. I thank you your great kindness. It will never Lee forgotten i hop that Thi is not the lat time that 1 shall have the Honor of appearing he for it i when i come again i Hojui that i ill he Able to give greater attention than i have Ever Given to w whatever part i May Piny i Sioja that my health Anil strength Mav be improve so that i can a a a re von be her Ami i Hull always try to deserve the favor you have shown or. Booth withdrew amid copious .1 us. Lie. The immense audience j. B and an order from the governor author Izig the militia to act in in Atli Counti is exit act -1 Man. Distribution of the from the Wardrop get of 11p Phanith sex Jan Rte a from Italy to diagrams furnished with our Cost. The Warden s son in Law. Ali in my j carpets made and Laid in a few to k�4 , which amount Sicily and Nail. S r. Hours. Carpets 20c a ten year prisoner Shiichi f�4-fipe from the t Olimba . Cot Muht s. O., april Al. A a harsh Al of xxx. A ten year prisoner from Lucaa county. Made a bold <sc8ix from the Penitentiary Lief re dinner. Elk rail was 4xrused from Church lie cause of Meknes. But instead of going to the to Pital he went to it his cell on top of the Range. He then a Sonji a through the ventilator on the roof Ami then he de i embed into Warden dyers Candence in the prison. Elwo Ixl s4 s-t4d a suit of citizen clothes or. Thompson lie went out the front door but avoided the guard at tie front Gate by going to the Gate near the female Dopa Tel it. Several persons saw Eiwen xxi in the prison Yard but the prison fun Thorntie dial not discover his absence fill the prisoners were marched to dinner. His first and last trip a Kraken Ian in i Ottily Killel in i cd in vision i the it int Iii hit no Thorn. Cini inn at. April Al. A northbound freight no. La on tin Cincinnati Southern Railroad on approaching Ludlow shortly before noon yesterday ran into a switch engine and fourteen car which had pulled out on to the main track. The Engineer of the incoming train saw the danger whistled Down brakes and revered his engine but finding that he could not Avert the collision Jumpei in time tri save his life. A Hie crash was weather for Quot it. For Western Pennsylvania. Eastern Ohio and it Virginia Fei w and r southerly winds warmer tuesday. Big s�1h a if Timber land. Milwaukee. Wis. April 6.�?one the biggest Sal set it of pin fall Ever made in the s state a Quot a just la a concluded. The tract r Cludus l ?.0ix acres and is Cov re 1 with about 2ihi. Ski wifi feet of . The Price is Sai i to have out a s-i>0, the names of the Syndicate making the Purchase will not to made Public until the Jim it is have passed. For Al it it i Itro Fhi r la lug. Grand , mich., april 6 a to unas Garfield the Only brother of the late Jires ident who Luis lived on a in Jamestown township Ottawa county. F it a the last Twenty five years is Slov. By dying from acute rheumatism lie l Vars old. Troops. Arr i if in for up really in utting Down any did Turku intr. It a it a. April Fly there have is in non a arrangements As to the distribution of the to its Jim. The of filers in command have be a busily engaged All Day studying May of the Connellsville Coke Region and Complete plans have been drawn up of All the Public Roa it is. Showing the shortest routes la tax i in the various works. With the Aid of these the troops can is quickly trans felted to any part of the Region when Disetti Brancer May occur. It a probable that the troops w ill la kept in tie Vicinity of it. Pleasant. The stake in a Dud so Many different works that to distribute the soldiers among them would leave such a Small in ruler at each place that a concer Teil Attai k of the strikers could not by repelled. In View of this fact it has Lieen thought be to to hold the larger portion of the try xes Here in readiness to respond to any Call for Aid. The Challenge accepted terrific and both engines were wrecked. M at Horn Prat Nim some Affili Achi j twers cars wars tuna shed into kindling Acatino h. C. Frisk. Wood and Brake Ian Dayton. Who was set tale. Pa., april Fly Secretary in his ii st trip Over the Road was in a Wathom is indignant Over the re a Mil killed. Other trainmen a Seax a with a few bruises. The loss will of about $2o,rt00. The meeting pm ssi a to in tip is rail ing on irishmen at Home and abroad to work to s4ur� the release of the prisoners. And demanded their speedy and in conditional liberation. Germany seeking information. To if to lib or subject in the i tii Feil a Tut 11 it air it Al it but. Lonison. April a. A it is state that the German Govier Muentz sent instructions to it minister to ascertain what if any. Guara tiv of Protection the american government gives to German subjects resident in the t rated stat. The present controversy item own America and Italy is Vii Weil with no Little Ati Fai Tion at la Ilin. And the worst i of if form Given to it by the German pro Octie rally. The Imp Tive is not As much Mafrie inline to the United states is to a put a Stop to German emigration which is already making itself severely f. It in the la k of Lala Rirs for agriculture. The cons4rvative party and the Large latin holders generally Are in fax r of prohibiting emigration. Fat Rall exp per i we. As is done in Russia. The government i j not Prixa a 1 to go this far but none the Lei approx iat Stile effect of the Drain upon Ali industries of it Terra try. The Imp cd Ion is then fore sought to it la 4 reat4i that America is a Lawless Conn try. An a that scenes like Lue new or leans a Murt Are of Ordinary occur rence. End of new tipperary of no Nti throwing the fms Lei i Jan the generosity of their 4m� . I cd in it it a. April is Tat isl that Smith Narry a notified i tipi weary agent. . Townsend to make Liberal terms with the tenants returning to thir farms. Tenants have been gradually coming Back for the Pat four months. Thia is the end of new tipperary which has Cost a Nav the a uranus of in i in is to the Irish National league Ami its Supi orters m America and Australia. The reason f it a Tom surren Ler of the tenants Ai this time is their anxiety to take a Vantage of tie Irish Purchase Bill Trail with Italy. A me. April total value of Opp. Post Toffick once applied twill last the year and you Are free of vermin All the time and it out 1 it Hydu rest to race. Thi a won t mid t a not Ilott whee it Roiann t Inee t pow a r s . The it liquid la aeplii<1 to Cornn Riclo it i Keti Bouw re an j into and you will Hare Asma t d. Rent for the year an1 no te1 Hiril i bother you try it. Tut up Arul soul Only by Geo. Hermann. 14.1 Baltimore st ret. Own Youk Home. Edwards greatest one Price shoe hat and trunk store in All Maryland. A Lamaj Fly holism Milb Mem Jim i pm so a Quait terhof Chr ice Ilse Lionva t key a the hat. Brick Al Welling select Frt my in Elm a Spring Yoe Erk Khi. A it need. A. 3h Pear st. A. £1 a Miler to 21 or Odway st. A Pilut Tuta st i 4 k tf., st. 10 and 12it Eli Nolc st. Fast a to st ext and Cal. 11 front st. 4 it Fout st. Kar of no. A y. Centre to. Fra a dwelling. 331 Maryland ave a to Tajfel. 3ab Quot fit Rrt to. A a Aii dwelling 1> Mary land axe lit Tav or or. 14 men st 11 i Ena st. 17 i Ena st. I. Madia it a st. Fayette t. Extended. 71 h go ipod st. 44 n. Mechanic st. .34 Hanover st. In Vitle Frame a 17 Wallace st. 14 a 4 m uie st a. 4-1a Iol bombast \ Ai ant Lota. Quot Alnut in t. \ scant lot i a euh.4 set it. Near it it w11 get free. V a it an ii mar it and Avenue. Four vacant lots. V a i a. A ant i a v Mechanic Triet. So feet 4 Otier tiia st., of it a. Kim. Lit j7 feet Columbia st., near Johnaon s Alier. P opt try known his Helut a Van card it or in Street a no a. Farn a in Van it us Sprta of the 4>uny. At eve named Propertius can to get Purv based on easy term. H. Holzshu lass Tasci an.1 heal a state Macj w in 10 itc48 tits Worth 15 pieces r 1 tit us n a 10d pairs .50 a p 1 lot c by Niue it rth 40 ladies use on Artia s cd fit polka Jeri a Only Lri Dot curtain 3 vgo it rth 15 cents. It uis Gham our Tail Orth $2.50. No a fast Black Host no 35 cell it to y 20 s i of Ith a1 lean arid Fane 1c dress Loht n 25 pict 25 cents 50 Pic 4y cents. 50 put 5 cents. Grand ones at tin 01 Igo Xii 3 at ill is fan a c Enta 1 paid Gru Tig of Pat i ool Black Rorth 65c. Serges at prints at prints at i re dress j1 by it More st. Comb a Rind. carpet bargains. Matting bargains floor Oil cloth Yiambi Lew i a a jul a. Akm i Stoit s Iiene in fir tax i is store urn her an i. My very Fine. Moist purposes. Chipping. Hams of dried beef for boiling also. Choice dried beef for Fine sent $12,100,0 #. Fruit. Which was mph Maitil in the Rhode Island election. Piave pm Jorulf our Glicr All ii Ihen it a . Providence. April 4.�? the return Fri a i election As crr"t4. Shew tie vote for governor to have Leen As follows Burton. Nationalist. 34 Davis. Democrat 22.249 Ladd. Republican. 30,99.� la it. Prohibitionist. 1.n29. Res. Figurs show that Davis plurality Over Ladd was i,25t, but he marked 969 votes of the majority necessary to elect. The complexion of the legislature shows a Senate 22 republicans. 7 democrats. 1 Independent and 6 to la chosen House 34 republicans. 19 democrats and 19 to la chosen which will give the republicans on Josf ballot a majority of l with their present strength. To 0c., at will h. Shepherd s 61 Balto. St., near Liberty. To no. 15, North Centre Street Cumberland Marva and i pianos organs and every variety of musical instruments. The lowest prices for the highest Grade of goods. Sold on easy payments Well Worth a visit to be convinced j. P. Wiesel s. X. Jewellers 40 years a i. In clearance Sale until May 7. Prices c goods since we closed our Grafton w. A144 Baltimore st. Too Many parted interview with h. C. Frick in which the later made certain assertion about the re immobility for the present trouble. My. Wat com says he will produce affidavits to show that i. The a. Frick fraid for the passage of workmen from Europe to America. He further a erts Fiat Many of the men wer forced to go into the mines against Rii in will by armed men. Bishop Gilmour. St. G. F Natii 44 111 erect Monon Tentis. Scott Pale. Pa., april 8.�?it is said that tin labor organizations will at the termination of the Orrik urge the Purchase and erection of monuments in memory of the dead men. The town painted red. 44 Lite and it Ini Decatur. Ills. April 6.�?the town is painted red White and Blue with decorations to Welcome the 4,000 Delegate an a thou anus of \ visitors to the Encampment of tie g. A. A. Which begins today. The Silver anniversary of the Ryan in it iou of the Ord a. Jen. Veazey Omma a a -in-chi.-f. Romander Dir ton. Mrs .1 a in log Iii. Gen. A v Wallace x it Boci Cor Ogu by and governor fit a and staff vill be among the notables in attendance. Nil apr la a la Rcpt red la it ing in Florida. Augustine. Fla., april8.�?father Hock Secretary to Bishop gil4f Cleveland. . Reports the Chain is of the recovery of the Bishop Vei a slight. He has been prostrated a re in or several weeks with a complication of diseases. Bishop Mccu Losyev. Louisville. Ky., arrived at the bedside j of the dying prelate saturday. Bishop j Gilmour is famous in Ohio for his stand against taxing parochial schools. Pittsburgh a Black sunday. A nixed their 81tr it Antn Pemberton. N. A. Ajril the bloodiest tragedies Pembina county occurred near Bower mon., yesterday at the resilience or Robert Irwin where Fred Bartlett a hot and mortally wounded Thomas Mcconnell and h. G. Hill and shot Irwin in the Amonie and an hour later blew his own brains out. Mcconnell was shot five times Ami Hill twice. It appears 5h .1 that Fred and Thomas Bartlett knowing 8 t no a i Thi Bitch in this t it that Mcconnell was at Irwin a House went then for the purpose of killing Bim. Claiming that he ruined their sister i under Promise a of marriage and then Marrie another woman. Mu81c Stork. A Baltimore st. Combo run. . Littles 60-Day gut or Liq Pale. A it a reduced. Branch store. Look. Khz winery goods. Look. Mrs. In Anzer has just returned from new York. We Are receiving the handsomest Sto. K of hats Flowers ribbons in Lall latest nov pattern hats and bonnets on exhibition now at our store. Call to see them. 11 for prices. It. N h , a deut i at a Raily. East Brady. Pa., april 8.�?the town 195 Baltimore st., Cumberland my. I is or Early excited Over the la ath of mrs. John me bin on wednes i 12 45 on wednesday Jfhn me middling shorts and Coin and Oats chop to do h off go paints of Varni Sites in a neighbor and a doctor to a attend to v4j i us lieu Uusi i Init wife who wits by it ung prof rely it a bound in the Groin. 31 onto is Lii a Quot Milur and this our Quot. Win1. Was i>i4-- King ffux1 Lytton Iii Hui i. Abound in the Groin a los. Me bin 4vas Pittsburg. April 6. A Ali. Sudden t0� weak to talk and died without la no change to Ravy Vul Wea h a Bax tight tej be came by the wound. Lied the hold of the grip i the throats a that he came Home Ati. 12 29 and found his wife in that no 104 n. Centre Street. Cumberland Maryland Maii order receive promo pc attention. The i m Illand a Ciu to have again received a Lack to. Physicians say the grip this Star in its resulting More fatal than smallpox or Scarlet fever though such general alarm Hasiot been ult. Sunday 4v? memorable a Ftp in the City in a Cream Mournful was owing to the fact that last week broke the Roccor i deaths. Every Hearse re ski eatable Quot Igon and a airing was chartered. And traversed tie Striet from Dawn till dark As some hearses were used for several different funerals. of Cumberland. ,. Tin new i la Cote re. All of the cough Peru a that have re a put up. Nothing will compare with Shiloh a con j you have h Ard your and my ghz. Is sumption cure for the Pellet and cur of Breu to Sirur about it. You May yourself be one of i Natisin. Croup a hoopla Cousby to Uthina Etc. 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Kings new Dos Popery Ever after holds a Pla e in the House f you have Pevc us d stand should Beaff cited Wjt i a cough cold or Auy Tiro fat lung or c Best trouble secure n bottle at Odee and Ive it a fair trial. It is every time or Money refunded. Trial bottles free at w. E. Turn res drugstore. Tie i oot it a nil to Tny a her were talk a about a Case of serious illness due to a neglected cold and rapidly going into consumption. A hich was promptly cured by pan Tim cough and consumption cure. Trial Battles at of. Turners. . No Sirut in be Lincoln nf.b., april a a the Legi it lature Lul Journett it 1 o clock sgt Ruay without having i ass it the legislative a Pixel Louie it Bill. Governor Bov a says Tuat he will Call an extra session for that Puri to a but the time is not yet fixed. Lk.410n i. Ii r. Iti wonderful of d on the , Storne a i a Towel Kuzic Ait kit Ltd it. . Yio Leys Lemon elixir is a peasant Lemon drink that positively curs All bilious Ness. Constipation indigestion ail Hick and nervous headaches kidney disease Dimain so los of appetite fevers chills palpitation of heart and Alt other diseases caused by disordered liver stomach and kidneys the first great ava�?T1 Quot a Tov pop cause of ail fatal Dise Het a. To it. Und to ppm t in a to Hon 1q Baltimore bottle cold by druggists. Prepared Only by. I Aii Anta a. 4lo���t tilings and 4viee to 4jyt them who Quot til bait ignore is at Lanzt Aoma a restaurant. No. 9 South Liberty Street three blocks from Camden Delait Baltimore and Ohio rail Road. Tins is the season for partridges Blue Wing ducks dial loud pack terrapins Iotis ters Iyun Haven Bay oysters where also the Choc a st Bra Quot do imported cigars old , brandies and win a my lie bad the Row Ider will do we i to Reemt this place and Avail himself of the Opportunity to enjoy the h Mozley m. La Man hot drops. For coughs and colds take Lemon hot drops. a sore Throat and Bra Mckitis take Lemou trouble with Throat and lung affections such special notice i take pie Asur in it Alling my Mauv patrons notice to the fact that the season of the year is fast approaching when nearly everybody is hot drops. For pneumonia and lure Ogitis take Leinon hot i Ops. J for consumption and Catarrh. Take Lemon hot drops. For Haemorrhage and All Throat and lung diseases take a Mon hot drops. An elegant and reliable preparation. 25 cents at druggists. Prepared Only by or. H. Moke to. Atlanta. A. Us coughs colds asthma whooping coughs bronchitis and croup for which i Cun confidently recommend Shiloh a cure. This preparation 1 have sold for Over twelve years and consider it far Superior to All others if you Are afflict d with and of the above troubles try a bottle and if it does you no Good it we i Cost you nother g mothers do not be a thong it. H. Lanka red Lien pharmacy. Sci Fri. J lion. To Ltd a n 1. A a a maker by Traffie Puiul Vieara in i Cju it Htiu off a wife la Ater. \ thorough inv Iiga Tiomi will la Uitile into the affair. Bini Allpow thu Interi Quiry. Chicago april 8.�?a Case of smallpox has la in discovered at the county infirmary at Deerma. The patient a la eur isolated and All of the Ignatew will be vaccinated it is hoi by the authorities that k general unread of the j disease in the Fust it u Tion will let a averted the first per hmm a you Are run Down can to cat can to sleep can to think can to do anything toy it or satisfaction a Dyo wonder what ails you. You should deed the warning you Are taking the first step into nervous i prostration. You need a Norvo tonic and in electric bitters you w la find the exact remedy for restoring your nervous syst Era to its Norm healthy Condi Hon. Sure lain results follow the use use of this great nerve tonic and alterative your appetite returns Gool digestion is restored and the liver and kidneys resume healthy action. 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You i it it any style Aud Price you May desire from a. U. F. F Luh Shutz Why Scotia the Cook when von tile a a Hill Alex 13 North Centre st., Cumberland my. 17 Ull can always Hare Good bread if Yon use Good tidings flour. To be had Only at e. H. Welsh a fancy grocer amp Coffee roaster. Cumberland my no. 1.50 Baltimore st. Stockholders meeting. The 8tockholders of the Muren City Glass company will hold Thor regular annual meting tuesday april 7, 1891, at the office of their works to South cum a Erland. From 10 . To 13 no on. For the purpose of electing seven direct is. To serve for the ensuing year and for the transaction of such business a. May properly come before them. Wjk. H. Allick mh37 Secretary. Tear Masck. Jamaica Ginger ale. Beck s Iron phosphate. Indian Sarsaparilla. Champagne cider. Cream ales. Birch Beer the Al a Lam pm v 78 and 7� Park Street and 40 and 43 Williams siret f. H i i r Lily . Duke Hart so Porter. Burt us seek Ala. India Pale Ala. Dukehart Brown Stout Standard lager Bear. Export Iaeger Beer Wise liquors j Cumberland my. Bonded Kye whisky. Cognac Brandie. In it Noel Kama Gotland Gin. Quot Blackberry Brandy. Port and Sherry w me. I mail Telegraph and orders promptly Teh j Hona filled. Igancy for the National Bra ing Export Leor Baar. In posted. Jul press Brown Stout Basso ale. Boas Pale Al a do in Gerlai
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