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Cullman Times Democrat (Newspaper) - May 29, 1977, Cullman, Alabama Tai mid opium where does Gallup poll the Gallup poll has for years been cited As the number one Public opinion Sampler in this county. If Gallup says most of the people of the United states favor a particular question then it is accepted almost As gospel. But from time to time the inveterate pollster comes up with questions and results which cause us to wonder just where the poll was conducted. Who were the people asked such a poll was released a few Days ago in which Gallup says 49 per cent of the american people favor a program whereby the Federal government would a invite welfare families living in ghetto areas of Large cities to move to areas of the nation where living conditions and Job opportunities Are better. The government would pay the Cost of moving As Well As living costs until these families found Gallup s findings indicated that 49 per cent favor the idea 42 per cent oppose it and nine per cent have no opinion. These figures supposedly correspond for the nation As a whole rather closely with the poll of individuals having incomes Over $20,000 a year. In surveying non Whites the Survey found an overwhelming 76 per cent in favor of the proposal and those people generally on welfare families with less than $5,000 annual income found favor with the proposal by a 63 per cent majority. There must be some kind of Validity to or. Gallup a polling practices but we find it hard to believe that a majority of citizens in the nation would favor such a proposition As the paid relocation of great masses of the population. We find it even harder to find where Gallup conducts his surveys. We have never in the entire history of Gallup polling found a single individual anywhere in this country who has been asked a question by a Gallup pollster and As scientific a sampling As the polls Are supposed to represent we have serious doubts that the poll results take into account the feelings of alabamians say. Or the South As a whole for that matter. We Are sure that the people of Alabama would oppose a Federal scheme such As the subject of this latest poll. We believe the people of the Southeast Southwest Midwest and Northwest also would oppose the scheme. That leaves the megalopolis areas of the Northeast and the West coast As the formulators of the premise that americans favor the idea. There is where the nations real welfare problems Are entered. There live the individuals in the nations monster cities who really care Little about where they Are supported. One location is As Good As another though a government paid excursion to another area might be a Welcome change. Its sort of like asking a horse whether he prefers Corn or Oats for the evening feed. A License to criminal acts published statements made by a Madison wise., circuit court judge in sending Home rather than to a detention Center a 15-year-old youth charged with rape were to say the least ill advised. The judge was acting in the Case of the youth who pleaded no contest to a charge of raping a 16-year-old girl in a High school stairwell. The youth was reacting a a normally a to prevalent sexual permissiveness and women a provocative clothing the judge said in his ruling. Mentioning newspaper advertisements prostitution arrests sex stories nude dancing in bars and women who appear in Public wearing revealing clothing the Jurist asked a should we punish a 15 or 16-year-old boy who reacts to it normally a he said the Madison Community is Well known to Bethe Cullman times 300 4th ave. S.e., Cullman Alabama 35055 successor to the Cullman Democrat established 1901, and the Cullman Banner established 1937, also successor to Cullman times Democrat published 1954-1961. Published each morning except saturday and monday. Second class postage paid at Cullman Alabama 35055. Complete news and photo coverage by United press International. Robert Bryan James m. Clem Ben Payne Bill Shelton Kay Cagle . Mcconnell Steve Kuperstock publisher advertising manager executive editor sports editor feature editor production supt. Circulation manager subscription rates in Cullman and adjoining counties 4 weeks $2.70 13 weeks $7 90 26 weeks $13.25 52 weeks $24.50. Subscription rates outside Cullman and adjoining counties 13 weeks $8.30 26 weeks $16.60 52 weeks $31.80. Sexually permissive. We cannot take Issue with the judges decision to remand the youth to custody of his parents under court supervision. There Are ramifications to the Case which probably did not appear in Public print As in most cases of this sort. And the Best interest of the youth and of the Community might Well be served by the sentence handed Down. But for a judge of the courts to make statements to the effect that crime such As rape is a a Normal because of society a prevailing mores is an unconscionable admission that society no longer can impose restraint upon wrongdoers. It gives free License to other youths to commit the same offence without fear of severe punishment. In commenting As he did the judge dismisses a crime against a Young girl As if it had been no More than a traffic ticket the boy had received. And the upshot of the judges statements is that females in the Madison area now Are Likely to live in fear of attack since the crime of rape has been virtually condoned by the court and women branded As the real criminals for a a inviting attack by their Mode of dress. Surely the circuit court judge did not mean this interpretation on his remarks. We would rather choose to believe that some thoughts on the moral decay of society were being verbalized by the judge and that he abhors As violently As we the crime against womanhood which prompted his statements. We can Only comment however that pronouncements by someone in As powerful a position As is a county a chief Jurist should be weighed most carefully for their possible interpretation and the Impact on the Community that the interpretation might have. Fetter to la Edili a sir dancer is touching nearly Ery family in America itis tics show that one out of by four persons will have Leer in their lifetime Wenty two countries in the rid Are legally using Amin b 17 to combat cancer other name for Vitamin b 17 laetrile. It is not a drug i no after affects have Ever in found. It is not recon need As a cancer cure. It is ter known by cancer patients a control for cancer nettling they will have to take the rest of their life. Those that have taken it or Are now taking it say it is As necessary to them As insulin is to a diabetic. If you Are one of the Lucky Rich you can go to another country for treatment but if you Are an average american you can to afford to leave your Job and go for treatment. In this land of Freedom we should have the right to choose to use this Vitamin. Three states Alaska Indiana and Florida have already legalized this a Freedom of Why not Alabama we certainly Are not immune to this dreaded disease. Have you Ever been asked the question a what does something mean to you a has the answer been a a my i know some people that have cancer and the word laetrile literally Means their life. Without it they will surely die. Please help give these people a Chance at life. It Means As much to them to live As it does to you write your congressman and your representative today asking their help in legalizing this necessary Vitamin b 17. Name withheld by request gauge f. Up godspeed to 77 graduates san Diego Calif. On a Hill overlooking the Bay under the sort of slightly overcast sky that people Here consider i clemency san Diego University recently conferred upon me the commencement speakers privilege of dispensing gratuitous advice to a captive audience. I was tempted to lecture sternly about shoes. Academic gowns focus at Tention on the shoes that protrude beneath and i tremble for my country when i see sneakers and Semi platform shoes worn to commencements by the rising generation. Fortunately the other end of the student matters More. And this Small University is properly proportioned to function so students Here have their minds Well tended. Having turned 36, i am entitled to lecture the Young i am More than Halfway through my allotted three score and ten years and am on life a downward slope. It is traditional to pour upon graduates syrupy talk about the future belonging to them. But it is better to be Able to offer congratulations because the past a a belongs to them. The am Etta scene in % us Bolt 9wjtaw Montgomery a regular legislative session adjourns an extraordinary session convenes and a Small army of politicos get ready to run for a variety of offices in 1978which is to say there is no political Energy shortage eyebrows raised Ever so slightly when gov. Wallace tacked on an executive amendment to a state trooper pay raise Bill an amendment which would have assigned two troopers to Wallace As bodyguard aides for life. The amendment did not spell out the name of Wallace As the beneficiary of this proposal it simply said it would apply to any governor who while in office was disabled by a criminal act. Both the House and Senate killed the amendment. Pad Home count your chickens tomorrow is Here. There a More of every thing in it. Come and get it there a got to be a fourth of july every year you know. That a what the positive mental attitude pm rallies Are All about. The fruits of Freedom Are not something won for us once and for All at Ticonderoga or Valley forge thereafter forever to be consumed in Leisure. They must be replanted and tended and harvested Over and Over again every year of every generation. That a what the pm rallies Are All about. Our 1976 Bicentennial Binge was a lot of fun but the steam blew off in the whistle. Our enthusiasm in a ailing out again. Individually and nationally we need our batteries recharged ceaselessly. That a what the pm rallies Are All about. Call it a positive thinking or Call it a Faith in the future or just Call it a counting our chickens i mean it. Count your chickens this next fourth of july lets declare our Independence from the hackneyed pessimistic proverbs of precaution which have intimidated us. Presently our leadership is preoccupied with a a conservation with thinking smaller and fewer and cheaper and less. A philosophy of less is not like us we americans Are dreamers of big dreams from Prairie schooners to spaceships we count chickens before they Are hatched we Cross Bridges before there Are Bridges there done to misconstrue the expedient of resource conservation is appropriate. Momentarily our account is overdrawn. But what in a saying is that a philosophy of less is a Retreat. We be not let despots turn out our lights lets not us do it this country was hacked and sawed and dug and clawed and mopped and Hoed out of the wilderness by Bare handed men who asked nothing for nothing. But what they did they did with courage and with Faith in their god their country and themselves a in that order. The committed themselves during this earthly while to leave the woodpile a Little higher than they found it. And most did. That spirit is not dead in our country. Its dormant. Its been diluted by the unbecoming spoon feeding of grown . Its been neglected due to our preoccupation. With other than Home folks. So that a what the pm rallies Are All about. We Are not going to sit Back and do less and use less and have less while our Muscles atrophy and out stamina stagnates and our Energy is exhausted. Chicken counters a sound off every Pessimist in history has been buried in an unmarked grave. This will be the decade of the doers moving us a . A up to the front again. Tomorrow is on the table and its delicious. Come and get it that is what the pm rallies Are All about. C 1977, los Angeles times Syndicate with very Little fanfare state sen. Lionel w. Red Noonan of Mobile withdrew from the governors race last week. Noonan had announced several weeks ago that if his Mobile supporters could raise $200,000 in pledges then he would make the race. His decision to abandon the race was an indication that the goal was not reached. If you have wondered the answer is a a yes it. Gov. Jere Beasley was not at All pleased when his close Senate ally sen. Joe Fine of Russellville made his decision to run for attorney general. Beasley had hoped Fine would play a leading role in his Beasley a Campaign for governor. Agree with what he said or not most Capitol redbirds were of the opinion that Wallace a address to the opening session cd the special session last week was one of his better performances in years. He came on in gangbusters like fashion much like the Wallace of old. It was obvious that the Prospect of a political Campaign upcoming has got the juices flowing in Wallace again. A predictable problem has already confronted a lot of political hopefuls Money is hard to come by. Several certain candidates have confirmed that they Are running into All sorts of excuses from people As to Why they will not contribute As much As they did in the past. It is a Good bet that �?T78 will not be like campaigns of the recent past 1974 excluded when gubernatorial candidates were accompanied almost daily by big name entertainers. Members of the Fra gathered at the governors mansion last week end for fun and Fellowship not the future Farmers of America but the Folsom family association. It was quite a show and a bit sad when a string band a including a couple of the original Strawberry pickers a were conducted in a spirited version of a by a All come by a sightless big Jim Folsom. Hopefully history will be Kinder to that Man than Fate has been. State sen. Sid Mcdonald of Arab who has always earned High Marks for Candor did it again in the aftermath of his statewide to appearance. Mcdonald who wants More than anything to be the next governor said his show provoked a great Deal of favourable reaction. But very Little Money. A teacher of mine was fond of saying to me a i want to make philosophy Genius proof not it was painfully obvious to both of us that i would be no obstacle to the Genius proofing of anything. But his Point was this the world has suffered much from the Bright ideas of Clever people who Are so uninformed about the past that they do not know that they Are addressing old wrong questions in old wrong ways. Understandably undergraduates have employment on their minds. But they should be protected from the acquisition of merely a a useful knowledge. Commencement would be a melancholy ceremony if those graduating had devoted four years to looking ahead nervously to the next four decades of Necess Itous employment in the workaday world. Rather education should be primarily an inoculation against the disease of our time which is disdain for times past. Emerson lamented that College education often was a ship a made of Rotten Timber of Rotten honeycombed traditional Timber without so much As an Inch of new Plank in the but education should produce people Laden with traditional Timber not brimming with new ideas. After All most new knowledge is false. As Princeton a president Woodrow Wilson wrote often and Well about the University As society so seat of vital memory a an a Morgan of recollection for the transmission of the Best traditions. He regarded education As a conserving Enterprise a Way of making Young people artificially a a old by steeping them in seasoned ideas. A we seek to set them scarcely Forward at the Point at which the mind of the race has definitely arrived and save them the trouble of attempting the journey Over again a Wilson said a we Are in danger of losing our identity and becoming infantile in every generation. We stand dismayed to find ourselves growing no older always As Young As the information of our most numerous voters. The past is discredited among them because they played no part in choosing some people think that such reverence for tradition violates the spirit of democracy which they think involves nothing but deference to opinions of the most numerous voters. Gajc. Chesterton knew better is Only democracy extended through time. Tradition May be defined As an Extension of the franchise. Tradition Means giving votes to the most obscure of All classes our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead. Tradition refuses to submit to the Small and arrogant oligarchy of those who merely happen to be walking about. All democrats object to men being disqualified by the Accident of birth tradition objects to their being disqualified by the Accident of death. Democracy tells us not to neglect a Good Many a opinion even if he is our so the class of �?T77 should live with a Crick in its neck figuratively speaking a Crick in its neck from looking backward. That May not be a heroic posture but it is prudent. And it is the duty of conservatives like me to affirm Homey Virtues like prudence at movable feasts like commencements. So wherever they Are heading i wish graduates godspeed or such Speed As is prudent while looking backward. C 1977, the Washington Post company the first lady As Diplomat after some weeks of White House Spanish lessons first lady Rosalynn Carter was scheduled to leave today on a diplomatic journey South of the Border. will visit seven nations of South America and the Caribbean. Her first scheduled Stop is Jamaica which lies in the Caribbean sea about 480 Miles South of Florida. Jamaica is a former British Colony and a member of the Commonwealth of nations. It is the worlds largest producer of Bauxite the Ore used to make aluminium. The current prime minister has been in office since 1972. He has made Jamaica a Economy More socialistic and has had Friendly relations with communist Cuba. Do you know Jamaica who is the prime minister of Friday s answer a Eddie Rickenbacker once owned the race track at Indianapolis. 5-30-77 veg inc. 1977 Quot ill Tell we what. You Call off this silly Campaign and ii buy we a Nice

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