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Cullman Times Democrat Newspaper Archives May 7 1972, Page 2

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Cullman Times Democrat (Newspaper) - May 7, 1972, Cullman, Alabama Page 2-a sunday May 7,1972 the Cullman times calf love in recent years a trend in the United states has been marrying Young. The a a things today is for teen agers to marry often still in College or High school. In much of Europe where traditional customs Are More respected and where everything new is not necessarily considered better marrying is approached More seriously girls Nineteen or Twenty or older Are less Likely to panic or feel insecure because not yet married. Even More important perhaps their mamas generally speaking done to push them into marriage at a Young age. A British writer analysing the american trend recently was critical on several grounds. He says teenagers Seldom know what they want or what each other will be like a few years later. He says few teen girls can Tell whether their teen husbands will be successful business men or flops. He believes it Wiser that girls and boys wait until they Are More mature and have a More thorough knowledge and understanding of the person they propose to share the rest of their lives with. Further he believes there a a correlation Between marriage and increasing marriage failures. One reason for the High rate of broken marriages and annulments one must agree is that so Many Young idealistic americans get married on daddy a or mamas Money still in school and still in dreamland a love affair which our English critic describes As a calf truth on France Europe and the world is currently buzzing Over a four hour documentary film Baring the truth about France in world War ii. During the late Charles Degaulle a reign the French made film was banned. His death made its showing possible. The Gist of the revelation is that frenchmen contrary to the popular legend and so much hokum written and filmed about France and frenchmen in world War in collaborated with the nazis better than almost any other european people. Most were pro nazi and anti English and Many helped the germans persecute the jews. Thiis knowing souls and germans who were in France during the occupation have Long known. Not Only did the French not fight with any heart when Hitler attacked May 10, 1940 some air squadrons refused to Takeoff in the toughest Day but most were Friendly to the occupiers and openly pro German. The reasons for this Are Many. For one thing Hitler gave the Vichy regime a relatively free hand in Domestic affairs. The British also antagonized frenchmen by attacking the French Fleet in North Africa and by other warlike acts against their former ally. A striking conclusion fairly Well proven in the documentary is that the same people who supported marshal Petain Vichy collaborationist France supported Charles Degaulle after the War. On time Ralph Nader a aviation consumer project recently reported that the nations make airlines often fail to Fly on time without reason or Jib fiction and proposed airlines which pay Little attention to time schedules be penalized by the civil aeronautics Board. Anyone who has sat impatiently on . Passenger aircraft depending on the time schedule advertised and witnessed the casual slow care less attitude of crewmen stewardesses and even pilots thus missing his future connection knows the Nader report is True. Those who ride trains in Germany or England know passenger facilities can run on time. For some reason Little Pride or emphasis concerning on time departures has been exhibited by american trains buses and planes in recent years. Bus Drivers sit drinking Coffee and talking at departure time our trains were notoriously habitually late and now our airline schedules Are utterly undependable. Corrective cab action is More than justified. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a the Cullman times 300-4th ave. S.e., Cullman Alabama successor to the Cullman Democrat established 1901 and the Cullman Banner established 1937, also successor to Cullman times Democrat published 1954-1961. Published each morning except saturday and monday. Second class postage paid at Cullman Alabama 35055. Complete news and photo coverage by United press International. Robert Bryan James m. Clem R.N.Tate Sandy Tucker Bill Shelton Elmer Fulmer publisher advertising manager managing editor make up supervisor sports editor circulation manager an editor s outlooks a a v4�?os a i 1 discouraged because it jeopardizes the Freedom of other people fro pain or Early death. When we speak of a free societies a then we imply those compromises with Freedom that Are required for a reasonable degree of order and Progress. A ticket line frustrates the desire of each Stander to have his ticket Quot Teddy i decided to make Vou de people s Choice a Quot a was in a chaotic shoving match. Quot Quot each person progresses in an orderly fashion to his goal. A free institutions Are saddled with the no Freedom of eventual accountability. The right to Experiment is meaningless unless somewhere Down the line an Effort is made to judge an experiments Success. Otherwise the attempt to turn base metals into Gold by witchcraft would have to be deemed Freedom and Abs drum by Jenkin Lloyd Jones a any teacher these Days who there is no utterly free makes a kid March line up sit thing in this world. A mean Down and be quiet is insane to Dering Stream is controlled by take him from an environment the Force of Gravity and even where he is free to be himself the vagrant Cloud is directed and place him in a rigid by the wind. Atmosphere can and does Freedom therefore is a cause All kinds of relative term involving an and perhaps nothing can endless series of compromises Eyer t the assertion by one with no freedoms. Total High priest of this cult that a to expect every child to learn to read is As unreasonable As to expect every child to play the eventually of time for reckoning arrives. Does a chaotic classroom filled with turbulent or. I. Frightened children really turn from a right hand Lane is Duce less neuroses than one i i n a h k n n i i n i f in which the kids Are lined up and shushed and will an Freedom for one individual can mean less Freedom for the next. The Man who employs a gun to ensure his Freedom to use your earnings naturally diminishes your Freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labors. The Freedom to make a left by Holmes alexanders to strike at a Kina subscription rates in Cullman and adjoining counties 4 weeks -12.10 13 weeks 15.25 26 weeks $8.40 52 weeks $15.75. Subscription rates outside Cullman and adjoining counties -13 weeks $7.35 26 weeks $12.60 52 weeks $22.05. Washington . A what if Julius Caesar instead of being assassinated had gone on to become the roman King a and turned out to be a Dud would Brutus then have been justified in plunging the Dagger into the Royal breast and would Brutus then have been called a the noblest roman of them ally you Are entitled to ask such questions after Reading Richard j. Whalene a Book a catch the falling it is Dick Whalene a autobiography 1967-72, and he a referring to the Lapel Button Flag which president Nixon and most of his aides Wear on their Coats symbolizing Republican party ideals. That a a falling Banner provides the author with his lament and Motif. It explains Why once a trusted Counselor he has struck at a King. A for Nixon is a born second Stringer. A the a a nobility of the act is not at Issue on account of Whalene a close association with candidate Nixon As idea Man and script writer. At no time does Whalen profess to have been the intimate Friend. He telephoned me one night in the autumn of 1967 saying head been invited to join the Nixon Campaign staff and asking my reaction. He told me and tells in this Book that he believed a a Nixon a the one to cure and strengthen what was even then a a helpless pitiful giant called America. As a Brilliant and Independent Young writer then and now Whalen can say whatever he chooses about politicians a head be delinquent to do otherwise. But the Reader borne along by the compelling narrative of inside events will wonder which of two reasons really caused this slashing blow to be struck. Was disillusionment with Richard Nixon a crepe sole Campaign of �?~68 the reason or was it the authors jealous resentment toward those who became More inside than himself it wont be difficult for the Reader to find both these motivations separately and in combination for they Are Flung in his face from Page after Page. Whalen quit the entourage Between the Republican and democratic conventions. He believed by then that or. Nixon had a consuming ambition to be president but not the foggiest notion of How to use the office for the country a salvation. The gop candidate went about rapidly promising an open society Black capitalism a the lift of a driving dream and a secret plan to halt the War and win the peace. This Moonshine sedative was enough to earn him a first ballot nomination and to stake him to a 15 Point Lead Over Hubert Humphrey which had almost disappeared at the end. There stood the Man Whalen writes a who remembered listening As a boy to the train whistle blowing in the California night. On election Day Nixon had reached his destination but there the tracks had stopped. Now he began his improvised Dick Whalen Wasny to there to help him and the Middle chapters recount the break. It began one Day when Whalen was told his badge did no to entitle him to see the Boss. He was sent to John Ehrlichman a late recruit who made disparaging remarks a writer and research types a and Whalen told him obscenely what he could do to himself. Next there was another Nouveau . Haldeman who replied a put the request in writing a when Whalen again desired to see the candidate. Finally there was John Mitchell a this voice a bit thick after dining Well who chewed Whalen out for offering advice. That did it. Whalen wrote or. Nixon a resignation letter marked a personal a but Haldeman intercepted it and read aloud Only the sharpest gibes to or. Nixon. The idea Man a gifted analyst of americans sickness had been snubbed and thwarted by Mere political technicians and publicists. He departed because a i was ashamed of being in the company of mediocre merchandisers behind a facade concealing a sad mixture of cynicism apprehension suspicion and fear. Fear of the Man higher up fear of being found out by the encircling Dick Whalen left a the winners cheerless Camp a and educational system in which a fourth rate capacity for Finger painting is praised As highly As the Mastery of physics really improve the average ability to Cope in a new Book a free schools a Jonathan Kozol himself a Veteran free school organizer and teacher reexamines some of the results. He criticizes the a naive noncritical acceptance of the unexamined notion that you cannot teach anything a that the most successful teacher is one who a pretends he knows nothing and has nothing to suggest to children. And in fact turns himself into a human inductive the conceit by Many rebellious and High educated Young free school teachers from the upper classes that the As intellectually respectable per have rejected traditional As lets say the Salk vaccine. One of the fashionable inventions during the past 30 years has been the a free its most fanatic proponents have argued that values As much As they themselves have is illusory says Kozol. He adds a there is not much that a poor Black 14-year-old can do in Boston or new York if he cannot understand a Street any degree of regimentation sign or read a phone Book. It is interferes with the child a right too often the Rich College to achieve his education a at his own As one Pooh Bah has put it graduate who Speaks three languages at a Price of 16 years of High Cost rigorous and sequential education who is. Most determined that poor whether More in disgust with kids should make Clay vases the Winner or the sentries who weave Indian headbands and guarded the tent each Reader climb Over geodesic May judge. But none need doubt that this blow at the King even where there is great was intended to be politically natural Talent there is no great lethal. In an open memo to a without hard work. R.n., the author closes his Michelangelo steeled himself Book at daggers Point. To the nauseous business of dissecting a embalmed bodies so that the Muscles in his sculptures would be True. The Flag As Symbol of these ideals is falling and i have written to hasten the arrival of the courageous leadership Caruso was forever practising needed to catch and raise and Isaac Stern fiddles m c 1972, Mcnaught syn Ces Santly in private. Dictate inc letter to the editor dear editor we working people of the county now see where the big Money is. Words and promises Are easy to come by. Actions and facts Are what counts. The line has been drawn. Lets not fool ourselves. In a sure we All see that Bobby Jack Camp told the truth when he said he Wasny to obligated to the a silk hat group. Fellow men we have a Man in Camp. He Isnit afraid to stand up for the working Man. He has proved beyond a Shadow of a doubt that he is with which society will respect and he who is not inheriting Money or is not sufficiently gifted to set himself up As a self supporting Artisan has two options he must either learn to follow the instructions of a Boss or be prepared to live a precarious life on Charity. Pleasing a Boss often Means doing a thing that is Dull or difficult or both. The child raised under an educational theory in which his attention Span is never stretched by discipline and in which piddling is praised amps highly As real accomplishment will be ill prepared to develop marketable skills. Then we must ask ourselves this fundamental question will the Freedom to be no educated produce legs frustration and More self satisfaction than that degree of no Freedom which to necessary to perform services us. Now we re going to have to show Bobby Jack that we re with him. Leon Bradley president of of a Cio local Union 7700 pay for the answer obvious. Should be an editors Outlook r copyright 1972, Gen. Fea. Corp

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