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Cullman Times Democrat Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1974, Page 4

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Cullman Times Democrat (Newspaper) - June 16, 1974, Cullman, Alabama Lake residents protest Road conditions soy causes loss of Revenue for county by Kay Cagle times feature editor the overwhelming majority of fish Camp and Marina owners on Smith Taake lashed out at the disgusting condition of roads leading into the recreational area saying it is a disgraceful shame that such a tremendous Money resource for this county is being ignored left undeveloped. Harold Speegle of d. B. Speegles fish Camp said the biggest complaint they hear from persons coming into this area from adjoining counties and states Are the roads. Speegle is vice president of the Smith i Ake association. A these people complain that their boats Are receiving severe damage pulling them Over the roads and i have had people ask me if they could leave their campers at the Camp so they wont have to take them Back Over the roads a he said. Continuing Speegle said a the income for this county would double and that Means tax monies would double. About 75-60 per cent of the people who come Here Are from other counties and states and they say they just can to believe the condition of these roads. A for instance one Man came Down with a Friend and he was going on about How the roads to years ago in this county were in better shape than they Are More and More people Are flocking to Smith i Ake to enjoy the fishing and recreational facilities. Fish Camp owners say the reason for this is because other water areas including the Coosa River in gan Martin i Ake Tennessee River and backwaters of Guntersville Are becoming too polluted for recreation. Norma Glenn of Glenn a fish Camp said the greater Depths on Smith i Ake Are drawing people from Logan Martin Lake a because they Are tired of tearing up boat props on the stumps sticking out of the water there. A the majority of the boat stall owners from Birmingham Gadsden Huntsville and Decatur say this is such a Beautiful Lake. We have so much Here and the biggest Gripe i get Are the roads. This Lake brings in All kind of Revenue people spending Money in this area and its wonderful. A i just can to understand Why they can to find the Money somewhere to fix the roads a she said. Harold Speegle said he was told by representative Tom Drake that the roads to Guthrey a Crossroads and the county Park would be paved. A it May have changed since then. It was several months ago a he said. Referring to the Story published in the times tuesday on a county Road work bids let to improve 37 Miles a Speegle stated a this Road or none of the other roads Down Here Are included in the project Grant. A i have Over 1,000 cars come Here in a months time. I know because i have the Gate receipts. That a just the cars the people would run into several thousand. A we have been Here since the Lake was developed and there has been a steady increase every year but this increase would Rise if we had better roads. We have one dirt Road that cuts Over to our Camp and the people pulling boats and campers will come Over it instead of the Hardtop Road. It kills their soul to have to pull their campers Over these roads a he said. Smith Lake called the a spotted Bass Capitol of the world is drawing anglers from throughout the Southeast. A they Are disappointed when they get Here because of the facilities not offered. Before they get Here they think a of boy this is going to be something and when they get he Here they have to ride Over a rub Board for 25 Miles. By the time they get Here it at the Camp they Are ill and mad and when they done to catch fish they say they wont come Back a Speegle stated Spencer Hill of Smith i Ake fishing xxx age said a i know a lot of Guys who come in and have told me they wont come Back to this Damn Lake. I saw one boat coming Down the Hill to the water and the roads were so bad both wheels came off the trailer and the boat went scooting Down the Hill. This was an extreme Case. I got pictures of it. A we have been Down Here 12 years and i have been Selling Road tax Gas on this water. I have gripped about these roads and it did no to do any Good. I finally bought a tractor so i could keep up part of the Road myself. I scrape the Entrance to my Camp once a week. Its beginning to rub me the wrong Way a he stated. Speaking of Smith lakes resource potential he said a i have guests from As far North As Indiana Ohio Michigan and new York. They say ifs absolutely fantastic that this resource has gone untapped. They Are real outspoken and its embarrassing. All you can do is take the embarrassment and keep your Mouth continuing Hill stated a a it a crooked politics. This county has the worse roads in the whole state. I have never seen a Man like Tom Drake and him stay in office. Apparently they can to even drop Rock in this county unless he okays blasting the state Highway department Here he said a fall they do is drive five Miles out to the site in the morning fog up their windshields and turn around and drive Back in the evening. Of they May get a Little shovel and put tar and gravel in a Hole and then Call it stressing the fact that Cullman county is advantageously located in the Center of North Alabama As far As Smith Lake is concer de Hill said the county is losing Money. A most of the Marina owners i introducing Nitro 9 having problems with emission controls today s new Breed of cars have a new kind of problem emission controls. These devices Rob your engine of efficiency a loss that can Cost you in performance and mileage. 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Distributed locally by Good Hope Cycle shop by. 12, Box 163, old Hwy. 69 sout Cullman Alabama 35055 205 734-7636 have talked to Are afraid to put More Money into better facilities because they have to get the roads fixed first a Hill said. Ted Wagnon of big Bridge fishing Camp echoed the above complaints of the other Marina owners. A the business is going into Walker and Winston counties because the roads Are better. It would definitely double Here if the roads were better. A these people coming in Here Are tearing up their boats and trailers. You can to blame a Man for not wanting to pull a $15,000 camper Over the roads. A they keep saying the big Coal trucks Are tearing up the Road but the Road was in this shape before the trucks were Here a he said. Ruth Bailey of Bailey a fish Camp located in Winston county said the roads in her area Are better. A they have holes but from what i understand they Are much better than those leading to Cullman county Camps. We did get help from the Highway department for the boat docks but my husband had to do part of the work too a she said. At Scott a fish Camp Joe Scott says they can to even get the slag they need. A they Highway department did haul four loads in Here but i had to haul four loads myself. We Are on a mail route too. A when i try to see someone about the roads they refer me from one to the other and it finally winds up to Tom Drake. Nothing is done. A actually that a what it amounts to. I can to get anything done. People come Here and say they wont come Back because they re tired of having to spend so much time cleaning up their boats getting the dust off them a he said. With almost 600 Miles of Smith i Ake Shore line Scott said there was room for Many recreational areas but does not understand Why big signs have been put up showing the route to Smith Lake Park with no other signs indicating the routes to the other marinas. A a there a no signs that say we even have a Smith Lake Down Here further than the Park. They Black topped that Road from Highway 69 to the Park. They had Money to do that but did no to have Money to do anything Down this Way. A we had a Culvert to Wash out Down Here and it was dangerous for people to even go Over it. I called the Highway department Here and was referred to someone in Decatur and it finally wound up when they told me to Call Tom Drake a Scott concluded. Marina and fish Camp owners Are not a a knocking Smith Lake Park but cannot understand Why the facility is receiving funds to keep the roads up its been open to the Public for a year i while the others have been on the Lake for years and have not been Able to accomplish much at All. Paul Stricklin who is in partnership with Tom York both of Birmingham said As soon As he became a voting citizen up Here he was going to do some a we Haven to been open Long Here they Are located near big Bridge but we can to take in enough Money to warrant spending More for facilities until the roads Are fixed. These by roads Here weren to patched right to Start with. I am sure. Money must be available somewhere but someone must s be ignoring it. There were no Deer Hunting seasons in Illinois from 1901 until 1957. In 1973, 13,730 Deer were harvested by 55,440 Illinois a these people just tear their campers up coming Down Here a he said. But with the complaints listed above it was a different Story at b. B. Calvert s Camp. Mrs. Calvert said they were located in Bremen accessible into their area by freeway and Highway 69. A the roads Here Are Good a she said. In conclusion the Marina and fish Camp owners feel it is a shame that the Smith i be resource is not developed into a Money making area. Harold Speegle said Quot i done to know Why Cullman county does no to have better roads but i think As Many people As we have maybe some organization like that one a keep Cullman county Beautiful some group should get together and find out Why we done to have roads and Why there Are no funds and can prove it. I think that our education and recreational recreational facilities Are far advanced to the roads in this county. The roads in this county Are far behind the rest of the Economy. A i think if there was another sales tax that the people had to pay that they would probably be willing to pay it if they knew the Money was going for better keep on trucking this spreader truck struggles to escape the clutches of the rotted Plank on the a role Burnt Bridge Road just off Alabama Highway 91 West of Hanceville. The truck belonging to Jimmy Overton charter Marlow and Lawrance Cornett fell through the decayed boards of the Bridge wednesday. The Driver credits Only a rusted Metal Guardrail with protecting him from a 25 foot plunge into the Warrior River below. Residents of the area pointed to Bridge supports that had completely rusted away As Well As other rotted planks. They said in places the Bridge was unsafe to walk Over much less drive Over. A similar mishap occurred on the Structure Only a few weeks ago residents reported. The Bridge is on the Cullman Blount county line. Times photo by Rusty Paul Paramour Law gets Shaw new trial by Ann Arnold Austin Tex. Up a because of an old Texas Paramour Law that allowed a husband to kill his wife a Lover if he caught them committing adultery James Dillard Shaw won a new trial wednesday on murder charges. The Texas court of criminal appeals in a 3-2 decision reversed a five year sentence against Shaw for the aug. 20. 1971. Slaying of Eugene Hintz. Hie appeals court ruled that a Houston judge failed to Tell the jury that convicted Shaw of the existence of the Quot Paramour Law Quot that since has been repealed under a new Texas penal code. The appeals court on March 20 had rejected shawls Appeal and ruled that the Paramour statute did not apply to the Case because Hintz was fully clothed and standing in the Kitchen with Shaw s common Law wife when Shaw kicked open the apartment door on the couple. But wednesday the court reversed itself and said the Lury should have been asked to decide a what would any reasonable sensible Man have concluded from these circumstances Quot the court referred Back to an 1885 Case that held a husband did not have to find his wife actually engaged in lovemaking but Only in circumstances that would indicate she had committed adultery in order to be justified in killing her Lover. Shaw testified Al his trial that lie knew Hintz was with his wife that he drove by the apartment and decided to demand she come out when he saw the lights go off. Quot there would be Only one reason for the lights to be out and that is that they would be in bed Quot Shaw testified. The woman admitted she and Hintz had made love shortly before she saw Shaw drive up. She said Hintz was dressed Only his his shorts and she had to hurry him to dress. Jude . Morrison one of two who dissented from the majority decision said the reversal was unfair to the Houston trial judge who gave jurors instructions to consider Only the self defense Issue raised by Shaw in his testimony. 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