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Cullman Times Democrat Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1974, Page 2

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Cullman Times Democrat (Newspaper) - June 16, 1974, Cullman, Alabama Jowh Titi Tim Cullman times editorial opinion father s Day american fathers make More Money than those of most nations and give their families a higher living Standard. But in spite of such plenty american families Are not much of an example to the world As to permanence child behaviour or juvenile behaviour. On the contrary american children Are pushing the juvenile crime rate to record highs the nation s divorce rate is constantly increasing and the breakdown in the rate of stability and endurance of the american family seems to parallel the breakdown of paternal authority in the Home. One of the major reasons for this turn of events is the a a dunce role so often played by the american father these Days. Whether the average american father is brainwashed by television programs constantly stressing female dominance Selling women the products being advertised or whether he has simply abdicated his role As the Rock of stability Security and authority in the Home is a question. Psychiatrists Tell us wives want a husband they can respect look to for guidance and the maintaining of discipline in the Home. Too Many of them Arentt getting much of it from american fathers and husbands. As wives and children remember them sunday on father s Day this is something they should of thinking about. Mideast amp . On All sides its admitted the United states role in producing disengagement agreements on two fronts in the Middle East is outstanding achievement and one which enhances . Prestige All Over the world. President Nixon a and Secretary of state Kissinger a accomplishment however is not the end of the Road there. The Arab countries and Russia fully expect the israelis to withdraw from the Arab territory israeli forces seized in 1967. The . Has repeatedly called on Israel for such a withdrawal and president Nixon publicly endorsed this position earlier this year for the first time. A final settlement of the bitter War threat dispute which hinges on finding a decent solution of the problem of hundreds of thousands of displaced palestinians now living in squalid desert Camps and Arab acceptance of Israel s existence is Likely to be More difficult to achieve than the recently signed disengagement. 8 Washington dealing with a new israeli government will play a key role in the Geneva Effort to reach such a permanent agreement. If Israel can somehow be guaranteed Security a settlement including withdrawal from most of the 1967 seizure should be strongly urged on Tel Aviv. Only through that accomplishment can the fuel threat and War threat and thus both economic and military catastrophe be avoided. Judiciary Reform under a democratic form of government its difficult to Reform the judiciary but like All other branches of government from time to time it cries out for updated Reform As shortcomings become obvious. One of the shortcomings of americans Anglo Saxon judicial system for which we Are forever indebted to Mother country England is that judges Are allowed to Rule on court pleadings a which involve themselves. Obviously for instance if parties to a proceeding feel the judge hearing it is prejudiced or that its impossible to get a fair trial in a certain locality its less than Ideal for them to be forced to ask the very judge they feel is prejudiced to Grant a change of venue on the allegation. Such a pleading should go before a Neutral judge few judges being human can be expected to achieve impartiality when considering a charge that they re prejudiced. In cases where judges Are in the National spotlight they also reflect human weaknesses and often wish to stay with the Case rather than turn it Over to someone else and lose the National spotlight participation in historic decisions Media Praise Etc. Only Congress through Law or constitutional amendments can Reform the judiciary a and since that a overdue the 93rd Congress should begin the process which May require years. The Cullman times 300-4th ave. S.e., Cullman Alabama 35055 successor to the Cullman Democrat established 1901, and the Cullman Banner established 1937, also successor to Cullman times Democrat published 1954-1961. Published each morning except saturday and monday. Second class postage paid at Cullman Alabama 35055. Complete news and photo coverage by United press International. Robert Bryan James m. Clem . Mcconnell Brenda Lindsey Bill Shelton Elmer Fulmer publisher advertising manager production superintendent make up supervisor sports editor circulation manager subscription rates in Cullman and adjoining counties 4 weeks$2.39 13 weeks $6.36 26 weeks $10.07 52 weeks $16.96. Subscription rates outside Cullman and adjoining counties-13 weeks $7.42 26 weeks $12.72 52 weeks $22.25. A wonder what happened to them a Yea runs i seen Sellin for i thirty. Schwan cents a Pound i i # by Holmes alexanders j senator Buckley i versus the i regulatory ethic Washington . Senator James Buckley of new Yorkus conservative party is Welcome proof that the lord still loves America a or anyhow Hasni to totally deserted us for the Way we be squandered his blessings. Buckley selection in 1970 almost had to be an act of divine intervention. It have happened except that he was in a three cornered fight where his two opponents were downright fools who seemingly were placed on Earth to Divide the sap head vote and Send Buckley to Washington. Ifs Plain to me that somebody up there cared enough for America to arrange for the Senate to have one member who would think and speak for the conservative cause. Buckley a Only boo boo to Date was his ill considered demand for the presidents resignation on grounds that the Constitution can to Cope with 20th Century problems. But everybody makes mistakes and the senator is habitually sound on other subjects. He is Adamant for instance in his opinion that the United states must Arm itself to the Teeth against soviet Russia. No amount of social welfare and civil rights enforcement is going to preserve our liberties unless we Are militarily stronger than the avowed enemy of our democratic and capitalistic system. Jim Buckley in another example of conservative fundamentalism is unyielding in his championship of free Enterprise. No code of wage and Price controls no form of economic paternalism is better than the open marketplace when it comes to doing so much for so Many americans. Buckley is aghast to find on Capitol Hill a positive aversion to economic Freedom in the United states a raging vendetta against the corporate producers of our wealth. He finds during the past two years Long before the Arab Oil embargo a heaving a a passion for governmental intervention into business a a new regulatory ethics which assumes that Federal control Over Industry is not Only desirable but imperative. He recently told the National chamber of Commerce that this compulsion to regulate has reversed the old assumptions concerning our Way of economic life. A it was once understood that our Economy functioned Best and for the Good of the greatest number when it was left to the interaction of a million daily decisions by private investors manufacturers Sellers and Consumers. It was understood that government would intervene in these decisions Only when necessary to protect an overriding Public need and then Only to the extent required to meet that need a he said. But the new regulatory ethic demands intervention for the Sake of intervention. Alexander Page 11-a f by Jenkin Lloyd Jones the riot of expectations a a prof. Irving Kristol of new York University has raised two fascinating questions Are free men doomed to expect a happier life than they can Ever achieve and in their disappointment will they lose their Freedom in an article in the current Issue of the alternative prof. Kristol Points out that Western Many a insatiable desire for perfect social orders first led him into Mille arianism. The medieval Christian concluded that the world was hopeless and he yearned for the second coming when human institutions would vanish and All those Worth saving would be reborn in perfection. When the age of reason came upon us beginning about 250 years ago philosophers became More optimistic about life on Earth. They believed that our brains would prove our salvation and that if Man Only became sufficiently rational the perfect state would emerge. There followed the age of science in which discovery was counted on to give us All limitless riches health and ease. But science had distressing fallout like overpopulation due to the prolongation of life smokestack and water pollution and the chilling Specter of cataclysmic weapons. So now Hope has turned to the age of government based on the theory that Laws and Public servants can cure our ills. In a a a a a a a the endless proliferation of government Kristol fears the Advance of authoritarian states that will of course destroy Freedom. Stable or reactionary societies Are characterized by a limitation on human expectations. Many years ago Stuart Chase quoted an exasperated american Salesman in Mexico who excoriated the peons for their a damned in progressive societies a steady escalation of wanting was credited with putting a Spur in Industrial and commercial vigor. Within limits this was True. The Man who wanted a Model t tended to work harder than the Man who was Content with the old buggy. His desire was translated into More jobs not Only in Detroit but in the mines and the Sale rooms which generated wealth spread among More people so that they too could buy More. The whole Power of advertising is aimed at making people discontented with what they have so that they will forever be crowding up to the Selling stalls. This was not unsound As Long As it impelled people to save so that they might buy. But then it was discovered that if credit were vastly expanded people who had not saved could become buyers. Millions began to View their net Worth not at the figure at which they could liquidate but at the figure at the outer limits of their credit. Jones Page 11-a by Paul Harvey another kind of War just when it appears that antibodies May rid the world of War with big War too devastating to contemplate and Small wars too debilitating to tolerate we let ourselves begin to believe that peace is possible. Surely we reason Mankind cannot devise any More hideous ways to wage War. Than suddenly he does. The kinds of War we now Call a a terrorism and a guerrilla warfare Are As old As old testament a a pillage with this difference the huns and vandals carried off women and treasure As spoils of War. Today a barbarians have found our Achilles Heel they barter with the lives of kidnapped children. They use our sensitivity a our singular sacrificial love for our offspring a As leverage to blackmail us. The israelis surrounded by hostility cannot afford the luxury of a filial compassion which could escalate to their extinction. When Arab raiders invaded a Border Village and held most of too israeli schoolchildren hostage the israelis knew what they had to do and they did it. They advised through Tel Aviv radio that capitulation was under consideration while in parliament they stalled a until israeli commando troops could Rush to the scene. Those troops stormed the schoolhouse freed the captives and killed the captors. Yes there was much risk and some died. At last years Elyj pics a similar Gamble Cost lives. But any less forthright response and every israeli schoolchild would be in jeopardy. The Fri under j. Edgar Hoover always sought to discourage payment of Ransom because director Hoover knew criminals feed grow and multiply in direct ratio to the timidity of their victims. If political blackmailers can Trade captive children for whatever they want then the rest of us Are no match for them. Is there no option other than to sacrifice captive children Israel did no to sacrifice them. But neither did the israeli parliament pussyfoot. Nor did the Rescue troops fool around advising the felons of their rights. Nor did they shout halt three times or say please even once. Nor did they diddle around with warnings or tear Gas or stun guns. They waded in throwing hot Lead and left that vicious Bunch cold dead. Of course there will be other Bunches. Even uncompromising counterattack will not exorcise the world. But neither will the children of today a Israel cower piteously behind locked doors and shuttered windows hoping for mercy while their own fear a feeds the insatiable carnivorous appetites of despots. Their parents have seen the end of that Road. Tom Bevill Washington Washington . This week the . House of representatives voted Down the land use planning act of 1974. I opposed this legislation and voted against it. If passed this legislation would have established a $100 million annual Grant program to encourage land use planning by the slates. While the intent of this legislation May be Good a that of protecting and insuring the Wise use of our land a i feel that it would be an unnecessary intrusion into the affairs of the states and local governments. Traditionally local governments have had the responsibility for land use and planning. And while i can see the used for better planning and better use of land to avoid overcrowding in some areas and to provide adequate land for recreational use. I still believe this Type planning can be and must be done at the local level. I opposed this measure because i believe it would simply be the first step toward increasing control by the Federal government. The right to buy and use land is one of the Basic rights Given to the citizens of this nation. It is most important in my judgment that state Ana local governments retain control Over land planning and use. What we need is less Federal control Over the affairs of our citizens not More. Congress studies legislation to Cope with shortages of vital commodities Congress is presently considering legislation which would insure that Congress and the administration would be notified of possible shortages of essential agricultural and Industrial goods. In a recent report to Congress. The general accounting office said that there is no system to Cope with shortages of vital commodities. The present program which oversees commodity problems is fragmented among various departments and agencies and is not effective. For example despite the highest rate of inflation in 20 years we continue to Export certain agricultural products which Are greatly needed Here Ai Home. And there has been a steady increase in the importation of minerals metals and fuel products undermining some of this country a industries such As the steel Industry. This legislation would establish an Independent National commission on supplies and shortages. I believe some new approach. Or some new Agency is needed to oversee the Economy for the presence of shortages and to advise the government on such shortages or surpluses. I plan to give this legislation close study and consideration and i will continue to report to you on its Progress in the Congress. Letter to the editor Deak Sik on behalf of the american cancer society i wish to thank All volunteers from Cullman county who through their support made the Pap test clinics such a Success. I wish it were possible for me to personally thank every person who helped with the clinics but since that is not possible i would like to thank the Cullman county health department nurses and personnel the local doctors the county nursing society the department of Security the cd service and vol Cullman count american canc we Are mos ounce that 312 Given in cull a 26, and a total of administered a Alabama. Thank you for out cancer in Therman e president Cullen american canc

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