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Cullman Times Democrat Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1968, Page 4

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Cullman Times Democrat (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Cullman, Alabama Quot not set the a Uejio a to irs pin Eaid Colto Tiafu no time to Retreat editors Outlook / the Hawaii conference Between president Johnson and South vietnamese president Thieu served one overriding purpose. It nailed As a pure fiction the report that they had met to order a bombing halt or a pullout of american troops. This is no time for Retreat their firm stand emphasized and any question on the subject which the North vietnamese May have had was definitely dispelled. I Urther de escalation of the War must come from the communists the two presidents agreed for the United states has already taken the first step by halting the bombing Over two thirds of North Vietnam. The enemy must show reciprocal moves on his part before any further concessions will be made by our Side. Hor there has been no response from the communist Side since Stinson ordered the partial bombing halt March 31 last and asked in return that the enemy show a similar re restraint on the contrary the evidence Indi Cates the enemy is getting ready a renewed offensive action within the next two months. The current Lull in the fight Uig it is believed is the result of communist regrouping for the attack and Allied spoiling actions which frustrated them. In View of the enemy s protracted infiltration a cease fire at this time might Divite massive violations As the let cease fire did Early in the year. There will tie no other ceasefire without effective controls and guarantees. Stress in the next few Konttis will be on beefing up the South vietnamese forces so that they can gradually take Over More of the fighting responsibility. I Hieu reported that his program to raise his regular forces to 800,000 by the end of the year is ahead of schedule and another 200,000 will lie available in the paramilitary forces the police and be i Mje lense elements. That is the shape of the War for the rest of this year unless North Vietnam drastically changes its attitude and de escalates the , it will continue with the South vietnamese forces assuming More of the front line action and the american forces assuming More of the front me action and the american forces withdrawn to secure areas not out of the country. Thus South Vietnam would wage its own fight for Independence with american forces in support. Democracy of work hundreds of millions of viewers the world Over will hear and listen to the proceedings at the National political conventions. A consortium of 42 foreign television networks from 20 countries will Pool their resources to bring the Story of How democracy works to the rest of the world. The British broadcast tag company will act As Anchorman. Using footage shot by neg and lbs cameras As raw material a special big production team will put together a 30-minute condensation at the end of each evenings session. This will be transmitted by satellite to London and Tokyo. I rom London the edited film will be transmitted to Europe and North Africa the Tokyo relay will serve Japan and Australia. European networks taking part will include both East and West european countries. Necessity both economic and physical dictated this approach to convention coverage. By pooling resources the 42 networks will be Able to do the Atlantic portion of the two week project for about $1.6 million. Bbl s extra Cost will be Only $100,000. The balance will be divided among the participating networks. By comparison american networks Are spending $23 million. But then it is our president we will watch nominated. The voter s mandate almost on the eve of the Republican National convention it can be said that gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller a attempt to demonstrate strength in the electorate at Large As the basis of claiming the Republican nomination appears to be failing. His intermittent Good showing in some National polls becomes much less impressive when considered geographically. Itiat is the verdict rendered by prof. Paul t. David former chairman of the Woodrow w Ilson department of government and foreign affairs at the University of Virginia and senior author of the 1964 paperback a the politics of National party it was part of his conclusion in an in depth article a the primaries Are deceptive a written for the washings Post. Furthermore David claims that the main effect of a Rockefeller nomination if the polls can be trusted would be to give most of the South to George Wallace and not much More than an even split in Hie vote elsewhere against a progressive Democrat. Therefore he says Richard m. Nixon is entitled to a nomination already locked up. On the democratic Side David finds that senator Eugene j. Mccarthy is the preferred candidate of Young people the Well educated those who live in Suburbia and those who Are opposed to the Vietnam War altogether a minority within . Conceivably they might be Able to prevent vice president Hubert h. Humphrey from winning the election in november but it is inconceivable that they can prevent his nomination. David a study concludes that the fight will be Between Nixon and Humphrey that neither the Rockefeller nor Mccarthy drives can succeed. That has been fairly obvious to any nonpartisan observer for some time. Police officers Reserve for Many years the Reserve officers training corps has been a preparation ground for officers for the military forces. Now that there is an acute need for police recruitment in most localities in the country a suggestion that a police ulcers training corps be established in the High school to produce recruits from the Community bears serious thought. The idea originated in Washington d.c., with the chairman of the City Council John w. Hechinger. It would supplement the metropolitan police Cadet school which serves Wash 4 to the Cullman times Boner so established quot a a Jurat 1901. The Canman 1937� also successor to Canman time Democrat pub each morning except saturday and class Oost Aee Caid tateimtttmal11 Orn ene san p0ocovera�e by United press Robert Bryan. Janies m. Clem. Charlotte Sachs. Advertising manager Peggy Johns. Wirf Jim Helton Edito is Sass a a a a a greatest show a or is it sensing the news the hunger smear in ton by preparing recruits. The pot would begin sooner in High schools and in addition to police methods would train prospects in Community relations an essential part of modern police service. We differ with Hechinger in one Point he would have the police training displace training for the military. That is it necessary. Roth training continues in colleges and universities. Police training can be completed in High school and recruits an urgent need in almost every City in the country today. Thurman sensing the blackening of the reputation of the United states is carried out in a variety of ways in this time of protest and truth�4wisting. But none of these is More unfair and vicious than the presentation of America As a land of hunger and of starving children. Fortunately some congressional leaders have moved quickly to counter the deliberate tarnishing of americans reputation. Thus rep. A r. Poage a Tex chairman of the House agriculture committee has condemned As a inaccurate and misleading if not blatantly false a recent report that lists 256 a a hunger counties in the United states. This report released by the office of economic Opportunity cited some of the most progressive counties in the country As a a hunger counties. Unfortunately some members of con Gress Are using such misleading reports to push the Federal government into bigger food Giveaway programs. . Rep. Frank Horton of new York is one of these congressmen. He said that a a hunger is an american National emergency. It must be treated As a National problem with the accompanying Federal now it cannot be disputed that some children go to bed hungry in this country but that a a very different thing from describing America As a land of hunger. Furthermore the reason that some children Are hungry is not because of a failure in our economic system. No economic system no set of government regulations can give each child in this land responsible hardworking parents. This is where the problem lies. The advocates of Federal food programs do not want to talk about it but the fact is that such hunger As exists is largely the fault of parental failure and of weak moral Liber. Many of the children who Are on insufficient diets in Urban or Rural slums Are children born out of Wedlock. The mothers in Many cases Are teenagers no father is known or the father refuses to accept any responsibility. Every social Agency in the nation is familiar with this situation. Yet the a a liberals decline to recognize this situation because they would have to accept the fact of irresponsibility on the part of the people involved. They would have to acknowledge that some elements in our society Are unfit for parenthood and have no feeling of responsibility for children brought into this world. Feeding children is not a Federal responsibility. It is the responsibility of parents. Yet Many children Are brought into this world before their parents Are prepared to feed them. No thought is Given to How these children will be cared for fed clothed or housed. The children Are simply dumped on society and the taxpayers Are told that they have a a sick society because they done to provide Lar Ger welfare payments and More extensive food stamp programs. This is not the Only aspect of the problem that the a a liberals prefer to avoid. Numerous speeches Are made about the poor diet of Urban and Rural slum children How they subsist on grits and Lack of vitamins. But nothing is said about the Money that slum dwellers spend on alcohol. Liquor stores in slums always do a Rush business. It is possible on a weekend to see Long lines of slum dwellers at those stores stocking up on drink for the weekend. This Means that the adults in the family Are spending Money that should go for foodstuffs. What this evidence proves is that such hunger As exists in America today is overwhelmingly the result of individual irresponsibility. An unfortunately Large number of people Are second class citizens in that they done to accept responsibility for their own families. They look to big government to be super Parent for those who done to assume their share of the burdens. Much is said these Days about sharing affluence and dignity and about social Justice. Well the ends of Justice Arentt served when responsible citizens have to carry the irresponsible on their backs when productive citizens Are taxed and taxed to cover up the delinquency of adults who Arentt fit for parenthood or first class citizenship As for affluence it can to be created by distributing More handouts by redistributing existing wealth. Affluence will spread Only As the desire to work spreads among those who currently Are uninterested in making sufficient Effort to give themselves a decent life. As for human dignity that also is a result of an individuals personal efforts and personal integrity. Digress can to give dignity to a citizen by legislative act by passage of a new civil rights Law for example. Dignity is an inner Quality that manifests itself outwardly through conscious striving respect for Law and by self Reliance As opposed to dependence on big government. It is desirable that All americans have dignity and a share in affluence. But individuals have to win these things for themselves. No one can do it for them. Grassroots opinion new Bern n.c., Sun journal a impelled by signs of Spring and curiosity As to How the motoring Public was responding to natures unfolding Beauty a Man took a two mile hike Down the Highway the other Day. Along with Birds Ana buds Here is what he saw two empty milk Cartons nine empty whiskey Nineteen a Lipty potato Chip bags cans twelve empty in Laen med cans sixteen miscellaneous items and a Hundred and ninety six empty Deer cans. I his mind you was on one Side of one Road in Only two Jenkin Lloyd Jones americans quadrennial voodoo festivals the National political conventions Are on us once again and in the precious phraseology of bureaucracy it is time a to examine their relevance to our current the relevance is Lousy. Ever since they were invented they have been a combination of ghost raising carnival and burning owe Here tics. The ghost raising has involved calling up from the grave the departed party saints. The carnival is supplied of course by the and the heretic burning comes in two parts the vicarious scorching of the opposition party As a Refuge tor a betrayers of the american dream and the More practical scourging of dissident elements in the convention. Sometimes these dissident elements refuse to be scourged and there is a dramatic walkout ers never seem to get elected to anything. The Best they can Hope to do As in the Case of the Bull Moose rebellion of 1912, is to wreck the chances of the regular party candidate whom they hate far worse than the head of the opposition. A conventions High Point of asininity is hard to pinpoint but the Choice would probably be Between the a Daman who nominating speeches and the wild demonstrations that follow Ama who speeches consist of a Large number of sentences All beginning with a a Man who a and describing in rising volume and hysteria a succession of steadily More improbable Virtues. At the end there is the name the name has been known All along but the hundreds of demonstrators who have been packed swe Atily in the wings pretend that it is constantines sign from heaven. They burst Forth in feigned fits dancing Down the aisle in a mad Tarantella while a Dutiful if agnostic organist plays fortissimo whatever has been chosen for the theme song. If this lasted 90 seconds it would be barely tolerable. No sane human being can cheer convincingly for the second coming of Jesus for More than 90 seconds. But it goes on and on under the amazing theory that the invincibility of the candidate stands in direct relation to the ridiculous behaviour of his supporters. After 40 minutes the Lefler to editor dear sir on july 12, 1968, the Birmingham regional office of the Small business administration was honoured in receiving the sea regional office of the year award for the Southeastern United states and the Public Contact a Ward. We worked hard to accomplish these results and Are justifiably proud. However a Large measure of our Success is attributable to the Fine cooperation Given to us by your newspaper in the dissemination of Public information regarding the various functions of this Agency. This letter is to express our appreciation to you for the assistance you have Given us in our efforts to better serve the Alabama Small businessman. Because of the assistance of the press we feel that Many Small businessmen better understand How the s mall business administration can be of assistance to them through Many of its programs. Demonstrators All took like the seventh Day of a dance Marathon and Che entire television audience has visited the bathroom and the refrigerator not once but several times. The second part of this tableau is the attempt to curb it. The chairman Bangs with his Gavel and the exhausted marchers wish they could obey him. But instead they All yell afresh and redouble their gyrations while the Organ Brays and wheezes with new enthusiasm. This is supposed to demonstrate that the candidate is so marvelous it is impossible to Stop adoring him. But nothing can last forever and the hour tor the seconding speeches arrives. Seconding speakers include one woman one negro one Irish Cath Olic one Man speaking broken English one jew one Man with a Southern accent and whatever ungrammatical party Bosses its deemed prudent to Honor. You can put 1924 Down As the beginning of the real dark age of american conventions. That was when radio came in. It was also the year when the democrats were in labor through 103 ballots in Unai conditioned Houston and gave birth to something called John a Davis. The breathless radio commentators stimulated the phony demonstrations encouraged exhibitionists to stage walkouts for the Sake of interviews and because the microphone abhors silence spent hours giving currency to the most idiotic rumours. But it was not until the arrival of television that the convention Tost All semblance of sanity. Not Only did these affairs learn to Mill aimlessly until the ont of prime time but a new journalistic device that of the Eyebrow editorial was invented. In the Eyebrow editorial the commentator Speaks Neutral words but by the momentary pause the slightly lifted Eyebrow the barely perceptible Smirk gives the impression that the whole thing is too ridiculous. David Brinkley brought this Art to perfection during the Coldwater convention. Paradoxically to May yet save the conventions from themselves. A lot of practical american politicians agree with Ike Eisenhower that wed better overhaul the whole show. Ifs bad the Ater too contrived too fake too Long. It is possible that each next month will drive away a Tot of customers copy. To 1968, Gen. Fea. Corp. We hear so much about economic growth and local development throughout the state but comparatively Little has been done about it since the exodus of our Young manpower began from the smaller communities and Rural area. This is a problem in economic development to which sea plans to devote concentrated Effort. We Are on the threshold of another great year for sea in Alabama. I feel that our programs will have a greater Impact on the Economy of the state than Ever before. We look Forward to your continued interest and pleasant association and again i personally want to thank you for the Fine cooperation advice and assistance which you have generously made available to this office. Sincerely Paul r. Brunson regional director Small business administration pm Tomix a-r6\sew4bi.y washed Kef it act quot

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