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Cullman Times Democrat Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1962, Page 5

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Cullman Times Democrat (Newspaper) - February 4, 1962, Cullman, Alabama February i 1962 daily time8-dem00rat, Cullman Alabama coming Home cars trains ships crash As fog cuts across nation special prices sunday february 4r 1962 Verc to Channel 6 5.00 Industry on Parade 5 15 americans at work 5 50 headliners Etc 6.00 this is the list 6 30 your income tax Etc 7.00 the answer 7 30 the be fevers 8.00 Wally Fowler show 9.00 Florida boys 9 30 cartoons 10 00 child a world 10 30 builders showcase 11 00 directions 62 11 30 science fiction theater 12 00 West Point 12 30 or. And mrs. North 1 00 Susie 1 30 byline Steve Wilson 2 00 March of dimes pro Bowling tournament 2 30 Adlai Stevenson reports Abc 3 00 film of fifties 3 30 Gray ghost 4 00 Tarzan movie a 30 Stan Freburg chinese new year 6 30 follow the Sun 7.30 Lawman 8.00 bus Stop 9.00 adventures in Paradise 10 00 defenders. Lbs 11.00 Home theatre Wapiti c Hannel 13 6.00 world around is 6.30 air Force Story 7.00 Faith for today 7 30 choirs of a churches 8 00 Popeye 9 00 cowboys 10 30 Hollywood hit Parade 12 00 sunday Showtime 2 00 what a your problem 2 30 13 theatre 3 30 Palm Springs Golf tournament 4 30 studio 13 5 00 meet the press 5 30 acc hearing 6 00 Lassie 6 30 Dennis the menace 7.00 de Sullivan 8 00 g. E. Theater 8 30 Jack Benny 9 00 candid camera 9 30 what a my line 10 00 White paper la of tonight a Best movie monday february 5, 1962 Werc to Channel a 3.00 religious series 8.30 morning devotional 6 35 Auburn digest a Etc 8 30 farm Market report Roo news Harry Mabry Ros country boy Eddy so news 6 35 country boy Eddie show 7 00 news 7.05 Tom York 7.30 news 7 35 morning show 7 55 Newt 9 00 Amos amp Andy 830 search for tomorrow 8.45 guiding Light 9.00 ladies Home theater 10 30 yours for a song 11.00 camouflage la to make a face 12.00 As Hie world turns 12 30 december Bride 1 00 Jane Wyman show 1.80 seven keys 2.00 Queen for Day 2.30 who do you Trust 3.00 brighter Day 3.15 secret storm 3.30 Young Peoples world 3.35 Bozo Hie Clown 4.00 bugs Bunny 4.30 whirl Birds 5.00 Highway patrol 5.30 Alabama newsreel 5.45 evening report 6 00 risque 8 6.30 Cheyenne f.30 Rifleman 8 00 Surfside six 9.00 Ben Casey 10.00 Pete amp Gladys 10 30 Hennessy lbs Udo late news 11 05 Home theater Wapiti Channel 13 6 00 Continental classroom 6 30 news and weather 6 15 the Debbie Drake show 7.00 today show 7 25 news and weather 7 30 today show 8.00 Captain Kangaroo 9.00 say when 9.30 play your Hunch 10.00 Price is right 10 30 concentration 11 00 your first impression 11 30 truth or consequences 11 55 Abc news Day report 12.00 Hollywood hit Parade 1 25 news and weather 130 Loretta Young 2 of Young or Malone 2 30 our five daughters 3.00 make room for daddy 3.30 Here a Hollywood 3.55 news 4 00 Kukla and Olla 4 05 Popeye and the three stooges 4 30 Rocky and his friends 4 45 Popeye and the three stooges 5.00 Quick draw Mcgraw 5.30 Ala. Tonight 5.45 Doug Edwards 6 00 Ala. News in depth 6 15 Huntley a Brinkley report 6 30 to Tell the truth 7 00 Dobie Gillis 7 30 about time 8.30 Andy Griffith 9.00 car 54, where Are you 0.30 in be got a secret 10.00 thriller 11.00 Jack Paar 12 00 Debbie Drake tuesday february 6, 1962 a Rater a afternoon sin a monday Werc to Channel 6 6 00 san Francisco beat 8 80 bugs Bunny 7 00 Bachelor father 7 20 new Breed 8 20 yours for a song 0 00 Fred Astaire presents 10 00 father of the Bride 10.80 Hazel 11.00 new 11.08 Home theater Wapiti Channel 13 6.30 Laramie 7.30 Alfred Hitchcock 8.00 Tau Man 8.30 red Skelton 9 00 carry Moore 10.00 Dick Power 11.00 Jack Parr 12 00 the Debbie Drake show wednesday february 7, 1962 us Rutt a afters War ctr Channel i 6.00 Deputy 8 80 Abc news special pro Gram 7 00 Straightaway Abc 7 30 Topcoat 8.00 hawaiian Eye 9.00 death Valley Days so naked City 10.30 Twilight zone 11.00 late news 11.05 Home theater st so a mends Wapiti Channel 13 6.30 Wagon train 7.30 rip Cord 8 00 Perry Como 9 00 steel hour 10 00 checkmate 11.00 Jack Paar 12 00 Debbie Drake thew thursday february 8, 1962 Mer a afternoon Sana a it amp adar Werc to Channel 6 6.00 Man without a gun 6.30 Ouie amp Harriet 7.00 King of diamonds 7.30 real Mccoss 8.00 my three sons 8 30 Margie 9 00 the untouchables 16 00 wanted dead or alive 19.30 Tightrope 11.00 late news 11.05 Home theater Wapiti Channel 13 Wapiti Channel is 6 30 outlaws 7 30 or. Kildare 8-30 Shannon 9 00 sing along with Mitch 10.00 Perry Mason 11.00 Jack Paar 12 00 Debbie Drake show pie. Billy it Smith left Korea Jan. 27, is due to arrive san fran Isco feb. 7, at which time he will be Given a 30-Day leave. A member of the 7th infantry division he has been in Korea for 15 months. He was a member of the Honor guard at Camp Casey in Korea. After his leave he will return to Camp Carson Colorado. Graham schedules rally in Ecuador Quito Ecuador up Ameri can evangelist Billy Graham pleasantly surprised by his reception at previous stops on his tour of South America scheduled a rally in Ecuador saturday night for the first time. Graham arrived Here Friday from Colombia for religious rallies saturday night and sunday at Hie sports coliseum which seats 2.000 persons. He said that his reception in Colombia and in Venezuela exceeded his fondest expectations. At a news conference Graham said the world needs the peace of the Bible in these Days of agitation and nuclear threats. Ile said christians should Pray for die communist and added that a prays a a continually for soviet Premier Nikita s. Khrushchev. By United incr National ars trains and even ships groped and crashed in dense fug which twitched wide areas from the Pacific to the Atlantic saturday. In Oregon cars piled up in a string of crack ups on a fog bound i Highway near Wood Bura. A ferry boat with seven persons aboard was missing for 14 hours in dense fog near Vancouver Island. It was finally located at drypoint where the skipper had lied i up for safety. In Indiana a freight train crawling through heavy foe slammed into another freight. Fifteen cars were derailed and four Blair news by Louise Pigg John Sellers Hammond ind spent the week end with his parents or. And mrs. Gene Sellers those on the sick list include Gene Sellers Rev. Ii Slie la it nay. Rev. Bob Shoemaker Tim Tolbert Shine Pigg Jones e. Roberts. Or. And mrs. C. D. Nails at tended the graduation of their i son Elbert who is stationed at i Paris Island s. C. With the marines. Or. And mrs. Basil Watson of Nesmith spent Friday with or and mrs. Joe Wynn. Or. And mrs. Athol Doney visit i de Caid Martin who is seriously i ill or. And mrs. Ardell Pigg o Sardis visited or. And mrs. Virgil Loney. Or. And mrs. Royal Laney of Jones Chapel visited or. And Gurthal let be Rev. And mrs. W. O. Pigg Ani or. And mrs. One Sellers of mrs. Mary Mcabee of round top. also every Clay i do die same for or. Kennedy a Graham added persons were injured the fog covered Large parts of the West shrouded the Midwest from Minnesota into Michigan and Illinois pud enveloped the Southland from the or Bolinas into Virginia and the Gulf states. Weathermen blamed Hie fog on the Snow in the Middle West. They said the combination of warm air and mow on the ground thickened the Murk. In some areas the fog seemed to have become a permanent fixture. California s san. Joaquin Valley had been paralysed by fog for a week and 31 fatal traffic accidents were blamed on the weather. Seventy thousand children enjoyed vacations when the fog forced their schools to close i for every $100 Worth of farm products marketed in 1960, $12 Worth was sold to foreign buyers. In 1950, exports made up Only $9 for each $100 total. A a a of the 1961 Dollar spent for consumption Only 20 cents went for food compared with 22 cents in 1956 23 cents in 1951 and 28 cents in 1946. Marine Cpl. Norman v. Coop son of or. And mrs. Y. Cooper Crane Hill left Norfolk. Va., Jan. 18 for two months training in the Caribbean area. He is regularly assigned to an infantry unit at Camp i Jeune n. C. I be r irs Tirch of the naj Zarner will begin a revival meet i ing monday evening feb. 5 and continue through tho week with services each night at 7 at the Church located at West 4th st Rev. Billy Erickson Nashville and Cleveland is. Tonn., will be the special speak a or at these services. Ile is a dynamic preacher and everyone ii asked to bring their bibles with them. Rev. Erickson was converted a Board a heavy Cruiser Pitts a Burgh As a sea going Marine and upon completion of his tour of duty entered Treveeda Nazarene College in Nashville. Rev. G. A Ball pastor extends to the Public a cordial Welcome to All to attend these services. A Pinch of baking soda added to whipped Cream will keep it from lasting sour when it is whipped. Women can thank the Bec for helping Lieut try them. Tho cosmetics Industry is the largest single u or of beeswax in the nation. Beeswax is used As an ingredient in face Cream. Lotions ointments lipsticks Rouge win other cosmetics a we use alone constitutes Possession. A Jean de la Fontaine. Rev Erickson the first Church of the a Carene will begin a revival ii eting monday evening feb. 5 and continue through the week with services each night at 7 at the Church located it West 4th st. And la Ucland st. Trust not yourself but your defects to know make be of every Friend and every foe. A Alexander Pope to highlights american family and Debs specials feature subjects Friday february 9, 1962 mania a afternoon Saint to Monsa it arc to Channel 6.00 Peter gun 6 30 Tea 7.00 Donna Reed 7.30 the Flintstones 8.00 77 Sunset strip 9.00 target 10 00 route 66, lbs 11.00 late news 11.05 Home theater 12.30 news headlines a weather Wapiti Channel 6 30 Rawhide 7 30 Robert Taylor and the detectives 8 30 Debutante 62 9.30 Fri. Night movie 11.00 Best of Paar 12 00 Debbie Drake United press International i new York up a the american family debutantes and the measurement of time Are subjects of specials on the to networks next week. Abc has another of the periodic a a hallmark Hall of Fame dramas Ana Abc has a musical variety hour starring Stan fre Berg. Highlight details feb. 4-Io sunday Abraham Ribicoff Secretary of health education and welfare. Will discuss medical care for the i aged on abcs a issues and a the twentieth Century documentary on lbs is a puerto Rico i tile peaceful revolution a depict j ing the economic improvements on the Island. A a Maverick will lie displaced for the night on Abc by a Stan Freberg presents chinese new years eve a a musical variety special with satirical swipes at history advertising cultural trends and so on. Ginny tin Frances Osborne Mike Mazurki Petti Regan Gloria Wood and Billy May a band arc on the show. No cd so Dupont. Show of the week has a drama entitled the forgery quot inspired by the Post world War ii Case of the dutch artist whose copies of ancient masterpieces were so perfect that they fooled the greatest experts Arthur Kennedy Arnold Marie John Abbott and Gaby Rodgers Are some of the players. Monday a about time is the title of one of the periodic a Bell system science series specials in Abc. The documentary uses a Story about a mythical planet and its King who decrees there shall be time to study the measurement of time. A arsenic and old lace a that famous old Broadway farce about homicide is the 90-Rrunutc drama on no cd so hallmark Hall of j t Bons Karloff Tony ran j dad Dorothy Stickney Mildred Natwick Tom Bosley and George Voskovec head a Fine cast for this Story of a couple of kindly old ladies who ease pitiful derelicts to to Weir rewards with poisoned Elderberry wine. Tuesday in a the High country on no cd so a Laramie cattlemen and a Mountaineer clan engage in hostilities Over grazing rights. Another a Leonard Bernstein and the new York philharmonic special on lbs is a filmed reproduction of the concert Given last Spring at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. A Henry Fonda and the family i is a one hour comedy revue on lbs in which the Star plays Host to an examination of the importance statistics play in american life today. Dick Dyke a Ara Williams Carol Lynley Dan Blocker Paul Lynne Verna Felton Michael j. Pollard and Klip Mark will appear in the sketches wednesday a Cricket s millionaire is the episode on abcs a hawaiian the singers admirer turns out to be a phony invented by a publicity Man and blackmail and murder Are involved. Douglas Fairbanks or. Makes a rare to appearance As Star of a Nightmare at Bleak Hill quot for the lbs . Steel for some mysterious reason the lonely Young son of a wealthy preoccupied Man lives in constant fear o timing taken away from their secluded mansion by police. The a naked City quot drama on Abc is a a Case study of two tuesday Weld is guest Star in the role of a Mountain girl who comes to new York with her husband leaving a Trail of robberies in their honeymoon Wake thursday a Frontier circus at lbs offers a the Hunter an i the Hunt cd a with Eddie Albert and rip torn As guest stars. Efforts to get a doctor to treat the injury d circus owner Are complicated by a shooting affray in a town dominated by a a lbs reports has a half hour documentary in which poet biographer Carl Sandburg visits the a Lincoln country in Illinois and recounts in Story and song the Prairie years of Abraham Lincoln. Friday no cd so Debutante 62�?� one hour special documents the history of the coming out party with emphasis on the contemporary society girl. Cornelia Otis Skinner is Host is narrator. Specially filmed a a quince of Debutante activities and parties in various american cities will lie shown. Abc a target the offers a Viva vegas in which the underworld a Conri lotions with gambling casinos a probed saturday Perry Mason Gas chore is a the Case of the Poison pen it is suspected that news of a planned business merger has leaked out through the letters of two Little girls resulting in ruinous Stock manipulation and an executive s murder. Abc s a saturday night at the movies screens a with a song in my heart a biographical Story of Singer line Froman. Jul service saturday february to 1962 Werc to Channel 6 5.00 stones it Bones Etc 5.30 time to grow Etc 6.00 country boy Eddy 7.30 cartoon carnival 9 00 video Village 9.30 mighty mouse 10.00 magic land of All Kazam 10 30 my Friend flick 11 00 the texan 11 30 tel sports digest 12 00 Cameo theater Wapiti Channel 13 6.00 big picture 6.30 morning devotional 6 45 farm Roundup 7 00 Farmland u s a. 7.30 Popeye amp 3 stooges 8.00 capt. Kangaroo 9.00 Shari Lewis 9.30 King Leonardo 10.00 fury 10.30 make room f or daddy 11.00 sky King 1 00 All american wrestling i 11 30 2 00 wide world of sports 2 30 3 30 professional bowlers 3 00 tour Abc 3 30 5.00 Mattys sunday funnies 4 00 5 30 grand Ole opry 5 00 6 00 Tea 6 00 7 30 leave it to Beaver 6 30 8 00 Lawrence Welk 7 30 9 00 fight of the week Abc 8 30 9 45 mall that spare Abc 9 00 10 no film if Ute fifties 10 00 11 of Home theatre 11 00 1 30 Nev headlines and w Collier adventure time Bull Vinkle father knows Best David Brinkley a report All Star Golf International Showtime Everglades Walt Disney Bonanza have gun will travel gum Moke Wells Fargo saturday night movie an automatic Yard Light will maim your property More attractive a a a More useful. Its Ideal for Homes farms or businesses. With outside lighting work can continue after dark. This Means greater flexibility. Higher production. Done to let darkness halt your outdoor activities. A. Plan now to let your property come to Light with one a or More a a Light watchmen. A was Low As$2o5 a month % v this Low Price includes a Light a pole a installation a automatic controls a maintenance a electricity for Light tinder our new outdoor lighting plan you can have a Well lighted Yard for a bargain i a a one lows Price includes everything. Well install tho Light wires switches and All material on a Power pole. We even maintain the unit make replacements and Supply the electricity for the Light. And remember the a Light watchman is completely automatic. A built in photo elect i ii cell turns the Light on and off automatically. This inexpensive a Light watchman services offers you convenient reliable outdoor Light where you want it. Here Are he rate. Lamp size monthly charge 375 Watt Mercury $2.80 4<x Watt Mercury $3.80 Here Are some of the places thai you May need a night watchman Yards private Estul driveways barnyard night work area outdoor storage area trailer courts private streets Hospital sign anti billboard. Resort cottages automobile sales tot housing developments schools churches isolated building. For More information see any employee of. Cullman Power Board j. Ii. Call manager phone re 1-2343 200 first Avenue Eft space b Nazerene Church to hold revival in training

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