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Cullman Times Democrat Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1962, Page 4

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Cullman Times Democrat (Newspaper) - February 4, 1962, Cullman, Alabama Target practice on the White House Lawn to your Good health letters to the editor tachycardia Means rapid heart beat by Joseph o. Molner . Dear or. Molner what is editor i want to express my thanks to you for the editorial appearing in your paper relative to the proposed municipal building. Several factors enter into the urgency for this building. The be j for More space for the administrative department comes first the Lack of working room of skill have differing a congested area for personnel and an adequate vault for filing Alabama politics by Carl logging suggestion a mrs. , this is another of Many instances of differing judgment it in t that the physicians Are a right a or a a wrong per be. Two men Enro Ute with Boutwell Boswell s main planks of _ if you Ever get a Chance to platform will be discussed see it. Gov. Albert Boutwell work a crowd or Small Community then you would understand his just whether or not Boutwell a who Many politicos Call t h e cagey Grey Fox strategy w ill tachycardia would it have any opinions. A. Bearing on a breath problem a that s the patient to do my and storing documents mat must Why Many Alabama political Pun pay 0ff Durille the coming weeks mrs. T a. Whats Only answer is to consult third it Means a heart beat that is specialist More rapid than usual. In a great i doubt that an operation is be preserved Are matters that need attention. Secondly financing the project dits have termed him the a real Sleeper in this gubernatorial election. There a no question that bout Well is a certain death when it remains to be seen. But one thing seems agreed upon by these politicians closely following his Trail and that i so Boutwell will different Type Campaign null a r of c Awa it so. Bahts obstructed that a Dif with t v a will pay rental although Many serv ers have in wont hear much of him until mainly a nervous reaction and air space remains. If the air Cullman Power Board by Aglee getting the nerves settled is the space is answer. It can however lie due Ferent matter. To serious physical defects such As overactive thyroid or heart i septal disease As to a a breath problem. Dictated Boutwell lacks quot Colora rather late in the race a when Algood Many things other than used a the Board under a rental in i spec a Makeig he makes it Means the most. Cause agreement with the City. T h e i up arms apparent failure. Deviation can up in it of for an n me City. Be 17 a per scoping. I Tjuk us a chronic pharyngitis tonsils in Board will in addition pay to the t announcement this week that i fitted adenoids or infected Lymp City a tax equivalent on the por presume you mean a feeling of Hoid tissue in the Throat smok Tion of the property and building shortness of breath which can ing allergy dust smog fumes charged to them based on in Etc. Accompany a fast heart rate. I if in any Case serious physical i conditions Are involved they become Leodile apparent in an examination. So see your doctor. I if it is due to thyroid or heart disease treatment should to and untiring campaigning. Boutwell will quickly Tell you he does not plan to run his Cam creased valuations of properties. I pain wreathed in political fan the reins 0f managing Macdonald Over a two Enty year period the fare. His idea on this Point is Gallion a state Headquarters. 1 .4 us of in a a Fin Tartin 9 in re 1 a. I 1 Cleburne sen. John Gaither will not seek the House seat from his county this time but take Over in or or. Molner i recently had building would be paid out with not to a a Alabama is Birmingham. One of Alabama s Cobalt therapy and would like to a Large part of the Money com this states biggest business know More about . Aav. Big from die electric department this is serious business to boil it Down to the import ant facts a Cobalt therapy is exact figures have not let Een ascertained but it should be sex most Well liked politicians and immediate past president of the the Winner of Severn straight Alabama league of municipal campaigns in his lifetime for a ties Gaither is expected to pro i started if it is nerves that too treatment with rays from Metal planned that All financing will Nous political offices Boutwell vide quot quite a bit of help to Calean to treated. I Cobalt which has been made come from rental from the Board says its his intentions to stump lion s camping for governor dear or. Molner that continuous wearing of Ponytail hair style by a child will j radioactive. The rays Are the is it Truo same As from a High voltage a Ray instrument. In Jer voltage a Ray machines have a a softer 5� ltd it a a ltd a result in baldness will it be rays which do not focus As Sharp temporary or permanent How by but that s the Only essential a do Long would it take to get bold difference spots if such be the Case pm s. I whether the source of the rays and from electric tax equivalent the state without quot music a Cullman rep. And it. Gov. Can at the end of the Twenty year kers. In a Here to talk about al dilate John Guthrie of Cullman Abam ians problems and How to is presently Laid up in Ber with solve them. I m More interested period the entire property will be Long to the City with further rental being a direct asset to the City. Finally the property available located on Clark Street and a the mumps in both in results than in just talking Guthrie believed to be running about them. On a slate with former gov. Continuing the Veteran Politico James Folsom is expected to says. To dedicated to solve he Well enough to hit the Cam editorials a convincing number of cases is Cobalt or cerium or perhaps Nold Street second and third problems of our people and Paten Trail within a few i _. Ii a. Nil i. Tour be Tiro. T. T Natira Kloo or. ,1___ in Lenni in tel line t a or wow Sis a a it a a a a have been observed in which a Well have other sources pre Avenue East an entire Block. Noj 0 entertain them. My Cam sex gov. Folsom is telling the tight a observe that word a Henlly or from x rays the rays can be had for a fair value it pain will be conducted in the cue0 folks these Days a Patter Pony Tail has resulted in loss of Are useful helpful life saving and Jug the Only property available in same winning manner As those s it a gov. John did plug up the hair. But Many Pony tails show powerful. Where we obtain the the downtown area. J a a a. In tho Harkot a he Numis. In with the City s rapid Washington calling by Marquis Childs automation in War Washington. Ai Michlyn or Tomilon the to my Nutgra a looms larger Overy every aspect or life a discussion is going Forward on a policy making level Here about the role it machines in controlling the course of a future War. Certain of president Kennedy s advisers have been impressed by an a Telete a a ltd. Foreign affair Magazine by sir body zucr0r Man scientific adviser to Britian s Minster of defense and chairman of the defense policy committee in 1/mdon. Tho article i based on Zuckerman s contribution to a my Uncertain Powers function and Powers of the department of Urban affairs and housing that president Kennedy wants to create Are left Uncertain in his message to Congress. For example the president asserts that City problems quot arc As Complex As they Are manifold a he mentions among them mass transportation. But his enumeration of the programs and responsibilities that would be transferred to the new department includes Only those of the housing and Home finance Agency. But unless the president plans to Widen the new department s Powers a mass transportation would be excluded and it would have Complete and final jurisdiction Only in the Field of housing and in the allocation of funds for transit surveys just As the housing and1 Home finance Agency has now. Did the president trim his recommendations where they Are spelled out to gain support for this Bill leaving its real objectives to be implemented later As the bureaucratic Structure rises higher and higher no such result Here a what we Don t know whether it affects some people and not others How Long it takes whether it is permanent. My advice Pony tails Are cute and if you like pm use this hair do but Don t try to pull them rays is a technical question for the radiologists. The rays Are the same and we arc devoutly glad that they have been discovered and put to use. 1962, Field enterprises inc. Headaches you can beat them. Write to or. Molner in care of growth. I feel that this development is necessary and will lie by keeping w Ith our neighbouring municipalities Many of which have used this same approach in obtaining adequate quarters. Again thanking you for your info tight that they pull the hair this newspaper for a copy of my Terest and cooperation. I Ani strongly at the a a wrong Angle dear or. Molner Hood i have had a deviated sep Booklet a How to Tamo please enclose a Long since child self addressed stamped envelope and 20 cents iii Coin to cover sincerely. We. R. Griffin turn which has t bothered to Cost of handling too much. Two years ago i de or. Molner is interested in All eloped chronic pharyngitis. One his readers questions and when specialist said to have the deviant 1 Ever possible uses their questions de septum corrected another said in his column but because of the not to have the operation since great number receiver daily to i still have plenty of air coming through the nostril. Have you any regrets that he cannot answer individual letters. College gets $25,000 gift the very Rev. Brian j. Egan Obs president of st. Bernard College announced today that the j we sees no need to raise taxes during my past seven victories. Presently Boutwell is making Many civic club talks and holding organizational meetings with key people in every county he enters. During most of his speeches Boutwell emphasizes that a Ala j Bania is one of the states with the greatest Reservoir of natural resources but one of the lowest in providing for needy citizens. Raising our per capita income could be the answer to a number of Boutwell has been continually calling for cooperation Between its state government and private business a this Way the state can reach unlimited Heights in economic the present lieutenant governor Howe holes in the bucket As he promised last time but he forgot to Tell you be was going to punch out the Lei Tom of it. That a where All your Money has been going. Many politicos Are wondering if Courtland mrs. Esther Hannay s horseback Campaign for Secretary of state will net her a May i Victory or just merely a a sore derriere a. Carl in a rut capital Bac stairs some cheery sunday Reading m from one Kennedy assistant gift stated a st. Bernard College the addition of new business and in a a a j or raise hip Ippi of i Romp. Farm briefs agriculture has More work death than any other Industry. The death rate in and on the Job accidents is higher Only in the relatively hazardous industries of mining and quarrying. A # one hours work today buys 90 per cent More Chuck roast member of quot the Bernard Lay for the elderly the sick poor and than it did a decade ago 4.0 education is to develop the pounds compared with 2.1 pounds. College has received a gift of $25,000 from Edward f. Barry prominent Memphis lawyer Philan Trophis. Or. Barry is a either individual or business. Boutwell has been telling folks and that the Way to get the needed Revenue to provide More benefits Postern on a science and warfare in the Jass held at natos Paris Headquarters under the auspices of general Quiris Norstad supreme commander in Europe. Zuckerman rejects the concept that has pained increasing credence of a War automated a _ by giant mathematical computers feeding out at 16 to 17 per cent of the Gross National pro commands to the Complex machines of modern duct. War this is an oversimplification of an involved argument but his viewpoint is sum Federal spending seems to have gotten into an ascending rut. Since fiscal 1965, budget director Bell told the Senate appropriations committee. Budgets have remained a relatively stable by Merriman Smith up White House reporter Washington up a Bac stairs at the White House want some cheery sunday Reading Mcgeorge Bundy president Neil 0f communication with rus from the Best information available to this government everything Bundy said was either True or highly educated forecasting. It May be that even when and Seminary has served Tennessee and the South for Many raise the level of income. As Alabama a next governor the number of farms fell 30 per cent in the u. S. Between 1953 and 1960. In the same period years when there were no Cath Boutwell goes on he would a men the number of Loans made by a lie institutions on the secondary courage an atmosphere conducive farm credit system increased level in Hie Early years st. Ber a 1 a us a a quot a Nard College educated men in to later in the Campaign More than 120 per cent. Med up in his conclusion in which lie Wains against creating a in a mathematical vacuum situations which Are based neither on past experience of affairs nm1 on any Conception of the innumerable variables and factors that determine social decision either today or a Hie human brain human values human judgements Are still Superior to the mechanics and processes of electronic computers or guidance systems Zuckerman writes. A tile Day this ceases to be Tine them will probably be no human brains. But until then let us use True scientific method As an Aid to human judgement a and not As a hindrance. Sincere is human experience it is not an alternative to judgement and it is certainly not something that can operate outside human Hie Zuckerman argument is also aimed al the a game theory of War which is based on a the Lathema timing of bought the a game theory has bad some highly articulate and influential spokesmen in this country. One is Herman Kahn whose Book a on thermonuclear War touched off a hot controversy. Not Long ago in a discussion with a Middle level group iii the Pentagon Kahn compared tic present world situation with both East and West taking Refuge behind a nuclear Arsenal of annihilation to the a game of chickens played in souped up cars by reckless adolescents. A with All its defects the analogy Between the degenerates game of Chicken and some kinds of International negotiations seems to be More Apt than misleading a Kahn said a even though the International game is admittedly More complicated and Complex. However As a Concession to my colleagues i will usually refer to it As an escalation ladder rather than As a game of an incident that occurred Here recently serves to Point up tile question of men ver sus machines raising some troubling doubts al it out human conduct and the role of the individual in a mechanized society. When War is conducted by a few technicians operating mechanical brains what is tho place of courage of individual bravery dash and daring the Marine corps More perhaps than any other service has had a tradition of personal courage and derring do. It has had too to fight for its existence against the efforts of the other forces to absorb it in the interest As al it May not he Clear to taxpayers just Why tile budget Gnu ratio had to Settle on such a High level. But As or. Beli explains it tile growing population is demanding More and More government services. Many however will dispute this explanation. Iii any Case the 1963 budget Colling for a $92.5 budget expenditure puts it close to the 16 per cent of tin projected Gross National project for that year. And within a few years predicted or. Bell the budget will pass the $100 billion Mark. None should lie surprised when this happens he said. But the Way Federal spending has been rising each year it will be a Surprise if the ski i Ilion budget does no to arrive sooner than or. Bell expects. Legend of Economy and efficiency. In writing the history of the corps colonel r. D. Lleini or. Included a chapter called quot a the right to this tells from the Marine corps Point of View die struggle under president Truman and his Secretary of defense Louis Johnson to prevent the corps from being Cut Back to a kind of sea police Force. That fight carried to Congress and the country stirred great acrimony among those who wanted to merge most of the functions of the corps with the army and the air Force. Now Marine Headquarters Bas denied clearance to a a the right to fight on a policy rather than Security grounds. Censorship Means that the history cannot Ike published. Most marines fanatically proud of their tradition Are Likely to regard ties As a slight to the institution they love. Assistant Secretary for Public affairs Arthur Sylvester says As the matter has not Rome to his attention and there is a possibility that on a Sidal tile action May be reversed. It might be the bettor part of valor not to revive the memory of the struggle to preserve the corps. But marines Are proud of that fight and its heroes As Well As their Long of Battles in every War iii americans history. William James the american philosopher wrote a tile moral equivalent of War to argue the need to find a substitute for tile Challenge of Battle which Over the centuries has brought out Many of Many a noblest qualities of War is finally reduced to push Botton technology tile search for that equivalent May begin in Earnest. Copyright 1962, by United feature Syndicate inc the daily times Democrat successor to the Cullman Democrat established 1901, and the Cullman Banner established 1937, also successor to times and Democrat published since 1954. Published each morning except saturday and monday. Second Cla amps postage paid at Cullman Ala. Complete news coverage by United press International. Robert Bryan publisher James of. Clem. Advert in Monomer subscription rates by mail in Cullman and adjoining counties 4 weeks-$1.00 9 weeks $2.00 36 weeks a $5.00 52 weeks $8.00 outside Cullman and adjoining counties i weeks11.00 20 weeks 16.00. 52 weeks a $12.00 i Kennedy specialist on National Security affaire who now describes himself As a a retired professor a went to new York the other Day to speak to the american management association. His theme was the need for civil defense and emergency planning. Here Are some samples from his talk which escaped nationwide attention at Hie time a if the soviet Union were to disappear without Trace tomorrow the problem of civil defense would become considerably less urgent but it would not disappear. The growth of thermonuclear technology the anarchy of competing International Sovereign ties and the role of the United states in the 20th Century All Combine to expose us inevitably to an Uncertain risk of nuclear explosion within our Bundy who decided to resign from the Harvard University faculty and dedicate himself entirely to the Kennedy administration al so speculated with some authority on what would happen in event of full scale Thenn nuclear War. A in spite of All that passive defense could do a Bundy said a it could threaten not merely our lives but our life As a social sys 1 tem. It could make the Impact of the second world War upon Germany or soviet Russia look like tile gentle passing stroke it a i summer thunderstorm. A it could Lead to a life of continuing tragedy and even it continuing nuclear warfare a for it 1 is a doubtful Assumption that one 1 attack would necessarily end the i Bundy in the same speech i made no Bonos about the possible enemy of w hich he spoke. A it is the soviet threat with which we in the United states must reckon tot Lay a who said. Quot but in a larger perspective we must recognize that in the years ahead other nations potentially danger Ous to us will acquire the weapons of this new age a we must think in terms of a Day in which the chinese communists May have nuclear Bundy is one of the closer ring of Kennedy confidantes and advisers. His feelings to a Large extent reflect Hie presidents thinking. With such estimates of Russia As a Thenn nuclear threat coming from one Wing of the White House it might to difficult or at least challenging to be talking in another pail of the White House with Alexei adz Hubei ltd a editor of Izvestia about improvement in communications and understanding Between the . And the to Kennedy is trying to keep Chan the whole ten new a see Valley. I Day Many of the priests and leading laymen in the communities in Tennessee Are products of this Fine Benedictine institution. 1 am Happy to to a part of it and to help in any Way i Sia quot very widely open a that the government wants to keep reminding he soviet Union that we re not forgetting their big bombs. Factor As see i it Lowell h. Clemmons my As the entire world must by now know my wife has become a grandmother. Along with that i have become a Grandfather and Philip and Patsy have a Beautiful Little girl As yet unnamed. Philip wants to name Het l h in but i done to think Patsy will approve. I reckon that she is one of the three prettiest girl babies Ever bom along with Linda and Jane. For those of you who do not know i should Tell you that As a woman approaches the final Days of her pregnancy she May have a number of contractions which ale unfortunately called labor if these contractions come often and Strong but do not produce any results. Then they Are called false labor of they just occur occasionally they Are called Braxton Hicks contractions. As has happened to Many women before her Patsy had a number of contractions some of them which even s mutated labor. So. One night several Days before the baby did get Here Patsy was having a number of contractions and Philip was eager a for somebody to do Frances remarked that she could give Patsy an enema and it would either Start her up or slow her Down but at least it would be something to do. Patsy voted for Phillip to take it instead and Hank our five year old. In his philosophic Way said to me a daddy. I guess mama could give Patsy an enema but won t Patsy be awful heavy for her to bold on Ber Lap a anyhow at a Quarter of nine feb. I 1962. Miss Macri Ca of 1980 was born. Uncle Terry aunt Linda aunt Jane and Uncle Hank were All excited and i done to think they even went to bed until after Midnight. Philip giggled wriggled jumped around rim up and Down the Hall called everybody he could think of. Woke up or. Burbage and Billy Mcneal to Tell them about it got Ernie Reddick out of bed to get some cigars and in general acted like he had fathered the first baby that Ever was twin. Never he had fathered the first baby that Ever was twin. Never have known anybody to act so silly Over a baby unless it was me when Philip was born. Financed by savings and Loans smart people Are hurrying to save Here before the 10th they re not self employed but they re paying themselves every week and earning now paving marry. But magistrate judge says Bride Mutt learn to Cook let it la Estone England up a Barbara Cairns began cooking them Dow n. Lessons saturday on a judges orders. Magistrate Percy glut 70, told Barbara 19, Friday that she could not marry Lier Fiance until she Learned How to Cook. Barbara and Eric Goldsack. Also 19, became engaged a year ago but her rallies opposed tile nth in ref i How to Cook. Since both Young a sters were under age they went to court to get Legal permission to Gurr turned annually paid 2 every savings account fully insured to $10,000 by a govern ment Agency 4 % times a year a you can to expect Young husbands to live on tins of sardines a lie said. A they need a substantial a i made sure before i married that my wife could Cook a he went on. A it is a Nasty blow to a Happy marriage if the husband can never come Home to a proper serving the Saver amp. Home owner the specialized Job of savings amp loan associations improved savings amp loan association phone re 4-486.�?T 208 second Avenue 411 v

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