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Cullman Times Democrat Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1962, Page 3

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Cullman Times Democrat (Newspaper) - February 4, 1962, Cullman, Alabama February 4, 1962patly to mfg Democrat Cullman Alabama Queen s court Pfulb 8 surrounding the varsity Queen Kathi Wilbanks Are John Holt Evelyn , Joe Franey Charles Kallmeyer Wayne Bowling Ronnie Mckone John m. Dowd and Spike Pearson. John m. Dowd and John Holt and coach Richard were in eluded in the introduction of the Queen s court and their official escort. Members of the varsity team were official escorts. Excerpts of judge Griffith s denial for change of venue in Redding trial the following is excerpts from the statement of judge j. K. Griffith As he denied the request for a change of venue in the Bobby Redding murder trial a i am glad to hear or. Riley make the statement he has As an attache ctr this court As Well As Che defense attorneys As attaches or officials of this court. I realize that All concerned will con scent Tuou sly do his duty which i appreciate. You know it is hard for people to keep in mind and to differentiate Between Justice and mercy and morality and morals. A i realize the pre s has obligations in keeping the people in formed but we All As human beings get enthused sometimes to the extent of Foo hardiness and when the press or radio or to go too far then it puts a great Burden on the court. A there is no judge that takes the oath of office and tries Case Day in and Day out that is not apprehensive at All times about whether or not a Man coming before him on a criminal or Civ i matter wont get the full Protection that the Law affords him in the due process that he is guaranteed. A a Man stands innocent until he is proven guilty not proven guilty As the word would commonly denote but proven guilty beyond All reasonable doubt to a moral certainty and i think that the news Media today would do a service to the people As a whole if they would keep that constantly in mind in every kind of Case in criminal cases end also in civil cases that the Burden is on the one who charges the other person of having trespassed upon their rights of their property and in the criminal Law it is doubly incumbent on the state to show beyond All reasonable doubt and to a moral certainty that whoever they Are charging is guilty. The people should know that the jury is charged that by this court. A a Man can have a fair Trail in the opinion of everyone that knows the lilies of the court and the rules of evidence but no whether or not the sentence he gets is Justice is a matter of opinion and it will always be that Way. Tile could will think one and the citizenry will perhaps think another so done to lets get confused on those two principals or jurisprudence. I think that i Many people realize a defendant standing before the bar of Justice has gotten All of the constitutional and statutory rights that is afforded him during the Trail that the jury has been charged property to look to those things and tho a things Only that the court charges them to look to and that they will agree he had a fair trial. But when the time comes when the Hammer of Justice Falls and the sentence is imposed either by the jury or by the court then is when opinion will differ. But where the newspapers and radio or to Are exhorting the people to be aroused to some existing condition or circumstance involved in our society then they ought to vigilantly keep before the people that it has nothing to do with a fair Trail according to the rules of the court when the sentence is to be meted out and that would save a lot of trouble Ani a lot of misconception and misunderstanding if they would just do that. If they would insist that every Man have a fair trial Tihey would be doing a great serv be too to the Public to the court and to the attorneys and the courts officials. I would be a despicable judge if in my heart i thought that any Man or person of whatever persuasion coming before me get a fair trial. A if there was any doubt or Cloud before my mind a that this defendant get a fair Trail after testimony was in and my charge made to the jury and the citizens of this county i would change the venue in this Case but if under those Circum stance i would not change the stance i would not change the head in shame. A i appreciate your efforts Here in this deferments behalf or. Berry and or. Galin i think you have made a Good Effort and i think you have made your Point and i believe the information Media have gotten the Point that sensationalism has no business a round the court of Justice where a mans life is at stake or his property involved or his liberties challenged. It just has no place Here. A i respect you evidence but i think in my judgment the petition and the motion should be . Judge turns Down bid to desegregate Mississippi Jackson miss., up a a. S. District judge Sidney Mize saturday turned Down a negroes bid for a court order which would have desegregated the University of Mississippi next week. James Meredith tried to enter Ole miss in the first school integration suit Ever filed in this state. Mize a Long time member of the Federal Bench said the 28-year-old negro failed to prove his application was turned Clown for racial reasons. Meredith sought a permanent injunction allowing him admission in the second semester which starts tuesday. Otherwise his counsel said he would graduate from an a inferior Jackson state College for negroes w Here he now is a senior. Mize a decision said the evidence a fails to show that the application of any negro or chinaman or any one of any other race has been rejected because of his race or no segregation a the proof shows on this trial and i find it a fact a the judge said a that there is no custom or policy now nor was there any at the time plaintiffs application was rejected which excluded qualified negroes from entering the University. The proof shows and i find As a fact that the University is not a racially segregated a native or the North Mississippi Hill country Meredith applied for admission to the 1961 Spring semester shortly after leaving the air Force. His application was rejected. He filed an suit in May asking Mize for a temporary injunction allowing him to enrol. The w Hite haired judge ruled on the Case in december rejecting the request on grounds race had nothing to do with the University a action. Appeals court the Case went to the u. S. Fifth circuit court of appeals in new Orleans which said last month that the record in Mize a initial hearing was too hazy to permit it to Grant the injunction. But it asked Mize to hold a speedy hearing on a new motion for a per Mamont injunction and decide the Case before the next semester start.-. Mize held the hearing last week. The additional testimony offered in that hearing he said served to strengthen his former finding that race was not the cause of rejection. When the University rejected Meredith a application it said he failed to meet two requirements. One was that he lacked five letters of recommendation from Ole miss alumni. The other was that he was trying to Transfer from a j non accredited school Jackson state. Since then Jackson state became regionally accredited and the appeals court declared the alumni requirement unconstitutional. The fifth circuit asked Mize to decide the Case without considering the two previous requirements. Mize said he did that and still came up with the same findings. A the evidence shows rather conclusively a he summed up a that he was not denied admission because of his st. Bernard s new York club sees new Orleans the new York club of st. Bernard College with its Moderator Rev. Timothy Harrison of a spent three Days seeing new Orleans during the recent semester break. The group left the Campus after supper and alter an All night bus ride arrived in front of the famous hotel Sheraton Charles in new Orleans the next morning. After a Short rest the 34 students and their Moderator began a steady and continuous two and a half Days of seeing the sights of the fabulous Cre ent City. They enjoyed the trolley car rides on canal Street the ferryboat. Rides on the Mississippi As Well As just walking through the old historic area of the City. Not one of the visitors had Ever seen the historical City an i they were intrigued with such sights As the st. Louis Cathedral the French Market Bourbon Street and the French Quarter after dark. W Hen asked How they enjoy i new Orleans All replied that they were ready to go Back tomorrow dry Ponds yield no fish by Hoyt Sherard area soil scientist if has been observed that a number of farm Ponds in Cullman county go dry or almost dry because of leakage. In most cases these Ponds were built on Well drained Upland soils. From information collected by soil conservation service employees and Farmers it has been found that leakage is caused in Many cases by taking building material out of the Pond area to increase the size and water depth. The water escapes through the materials for most dams Are free of water at the toe. To Correct this Type of leakage often costs about As much As the first construction. Many of these can be successfully corrected by placing one or two feet of Sandy Clay or Clay Loam soil Over the floor of the Pond where soil material has been removed. It is also suggested that soda Ash be applied at the rate of about one Pound per Square Yard and be worked into the top six inches of the Sandy Clay or Clay Loam soil before packing with something like a shoe psf oot roller. Some rules to follow in future Pond building Are Given below 1. Let pcs personnel help you select the Best site for a farm Pond. 2. Be sure to Cut Core into Good water holding material throughout length of dam. 3. Select i Htow pit outside of Pond area for building material. 4. Do not deepen water line within about too feet of dam. 3. Do not Clear Pond arca by pushing up live Trees and stumps. Instead saw Trees Down. It is Best to remove dead and Rotten stumps and pack Good Core material in Ducci it one stump Hole. 6. Make sure Good soil material is used in the Core of the dam. Some of the bettor Core materials Are Sandy Clay Sandy Clay Loam Clay Loam and Clay. Avoid plastic and Sticky clays. Five More qualify for May primary five More candidates have qualified to run in the May i democratic primary. 1 two of the candidates have tossed their hats in the political ring for state representative. They Are Jean Vav. Dee be and Herman Tillery. Others who have qualified Are Jack Sterling place no. I commission on education Clanton Goodwin beat committeeman. Beat 26, and Vav. C. Harris beat committeeman beat 12. Candidates have until Midnight March i to qualify. Toy fair bans children Nuernberg Germany up children again will be barred from the Nuernberg toy fair feb. 11-16, it was announced saturday. The to land will be Only for persons concerned with making and distributing the toys. Predict sales Wilmington sales and earnings of Burlington industries the j worlds largest textile Complex for the current fiscal Quarter should approximate the record results of the first Quarter ended dec. 30 vice chairman j. C. Cowanjr. Told the annual mating. Service news Dorothy e. Duke woman Marine pvt. Dorothy e. Duke daughter of or. And mrs. Fed h. Duke of route i Bremen is serving woman Marine at the 1 Eltoro Marine corps air station Santa Ana Calif. Before entering the service in october 1961, miss Duke was i graduated from cold Springs High school at Bremen thieves get 2500-year old necklace in million grab g Roseto. Italy up thieves chopped a Hole in the door of an unguarded etruscan museum during the night and stole a 2,500 year old Gold neck lace and other jewels an i Art treasures valued at More than $1 million police reported saturday. It was one of the biggest hauls in the series of daring thefts which have stripped museums and i private Homes in Europe end the million Worth of Art trea ores in the Pas year. The robbery was discovered saturday morning when the museum guardian reported for duty. He found a huge Hole in the front door of the museum which is to j rated in the ground floor of a downtown school building. Missing were Bhe filigree Gold necklace. Etruscan rings earrings and other gems mid 15 roman Bronze statuettes. Expert said tho necklace while Are theologically priceless had a commercial value of about $960. Too. The necklace was about 12 Inch of Long and adorned with Pend j ants. Museum officials said it was made in the 5th or 6th Century . And was sold to the City of i Grosseto by a private collector in the year 1885. It was the third big robbery of Art treasures in Italy since the first of the year. On new years eve $180,000 Worth of paintings were stolen from the Home of a wealthy dentist in Bergamo. Early this Momi ngh. 26 paintings valued at $500,000 were stolen from a Villa near Como. The rash of thefts began last feb. 22 when a portrait by Bellini was taken from a museum to Dublin. It was later returned however. But there a been no sign of �?59 paintings by Utrillo and Matisse valued at $2 million stolen from the Annonciade museum in st. Tropez France on july 26. A to modern paintings include tog works by Picasso Ani Miro valued at $375,000, stolen from Hie heme of industrialist g. David Thompson in Pittsburgh on july i 29. A eight masterpieces by Paul Cezanne valued at nearly $2 million stolen from a gallery at Aix in province France on aug. Is. A the Goya portrait of the Duke of Wellington valued at $400,000. Taken from the National gallery in London on aug. 21. Today weather map tit View of Tiff Cav forecast to 7 00 pm. It i 4-ii Niimi i atm Irro Toast o showers of m Snow �3 Thunder re run b a storms freezing Shn of slut rain mixed with Snow is forecast for sunday in the Northern Rockies the upper Mississippi Valley and the Eastern portions of the Northern Plains. Snow is expected in the Western parts of the Northern Plains. Generally Clear to partly Cloudy skies Are forecast elsewhere in the nation. Colder temperatures Are in store for the Northern tier of states from the Pae Ifie Northwest to the great lakes Region. Warmer readings will prevail from the Middle Mississippi Valley eastward through the Ohio and Tennessee valleys and the Northern and Middle Atlantic coast states. Little temperature change is anticipated elsewhere. Maximum temperature fore easts include Seattle 52 Denver 60 san Francisco 62 fax its Angeles 70 Duluth 3ft st. Louis 62 Little Rock 76 new Orleans 74 Boston 38 new York 48 Washington 56 Atlanta 72 Jacksonville 74 Miami 79. I want to represent Cullman county in the state legislature Jean w. Deese dear Friend i am a candidate for Hie office of representative for oilman county. I have had a desire to serve in the legislature since i was old enough to understand government. I chose to run at this time because i believe the next four years will he important years for Cullman county and Alabama. I believe the action taken by the legislature in the next four years will determine the destiny for t ii 11 Man c county and Alabama. And i want to Render service in an offic Fai body that will guarantee continued Progress for Cullman county and Alabama. There Are Many important issues that will face the next legislature such As Waterways Parks conservation Industrial development Etc. Hut there Are issues that Are most important. 1. Schools i am very interested in our Public school system. My son Robert will enter the next semester so you see i have a personal interest. We must never without sacrificial Effort permit our schools to close without a full term. Recently a in sales tax was enacted into Ifim for Cullman county. The present division of the lax is very unfair to the county. 78/r of the school enrolment in Cullman county is in the county system leaving Only 22r. Of the school enrolment in the City system. I believe any unbiased person will agree that the present distribution of the in tax is unfair to the county. Your representative has a responsibility both to the county and to the City. He must not pit one system against the other hut work harmoniously with the two. I propose to Amend the Law at the earliest possible Date giving the county a More equal share. The amount will have to he worked out with your senator. I propose to ear Mark All Revenue derived from the tax exclusively for schools. I also favor a minimum appropriation for the state department of education. I believe this will do More to help the schools than any other Way. I believe a minimum appropriation will slow and perhaps Stop the consolidation of schools. I will fight for the preservation of any school if the majority of the effected oppose the consolidation. 2. Roads oilman county has not received its fair share of Road funds under the present administration. We have Cullman county men who formerly worked for the Highway department in Cullman county now working on roads in oth it r counties. Others have been Laid off for Lack of funds. We must bring them Hack to Cullman county to build and improve Cullman roads. We must not permit our Road building program to stall for Lack of funds. I will vote for and support up to a $100,000,000 Road Bond Issue to see that the Road building program is seeded up. And we must see that a greater Par of the Money will be spent for farm to Market roads instead of super highways. Should Alabama elect a governor unfriendly to Cullman county and i become convinced that we Are not receiving our fair share of Road funds or being discriminated against in anyway i will not hesitate to introduce legislation to change the Road system Hack to the county. The Issue should be settled by a vote of the people. 8. Reapportionment a t am in favor of a reap. Portion Clit Bill similar to the Hill in its original form introduced in the last regular session of the legislature and voted upon. This will give it Ullman county a full Lime senator and two representatives. I believe with a harder push by North Alabama legislators we can have reapportionment in the next regular session. Also the final disposition of the 9-8 plan will face the legislature. I propose to do everything with in my Power and use every Legal Means at my disposal to see that the seventh congressional District is not chopped up destroyed or weakened in any Way. 4. Aid to the aged a As the Cost of living continues to Rise we must see that those who have made Cullman county what it is today receive in old age increase. But i believe it is time we begin to place greater emphasis on the dependent children. They will he part of the future of Alabama. We must either care for them adequately today or we will care for some in prison tomorrow. However i believe the greatest Issue that faces the next legislature concerning Aid to the aged will he medical Aid for the aged. Regardless of your feeling in the matter the fact remains that the Federal government has taken our lax to Washington but has made it available to us provided we Supply Small additional monies. We must see that our tax monies Are returned to Alabama to be spent in Alabama while at the same time and most important we will be helping those who Are unable to help themselves. It is our cod Given duty to help those who Are unable to help themselves. I served on the local pension and Security Hoard and know a Little of the problems of that department. 5. Prison Laws the Alabama prison Laws have Long been out dated. Should one steal an article valued As Fille As $25.00 they must be charged with grand larceny. This Law should he revised in keeping with Justice. Also Alabama has More prisoners per capita than any other state in the Union. Aid and additional emphasis should be Given to the present parole system. With More parole officers and More strict parole supervision we can parole More prisoners and let them care for themselves and their families hut we must never go the extreme and permit hardened criminals to be turned Loose on the citizens of Alabama. If you agree with the program i have outlined i ask for your vote your advice and your help to get these Laws enacted f am in the fire and casually insurance business in Cullman. My office is centrally located and will be easy accessible to All Cullman count ians should you have a problem to discuss with your representative. I shall represent Ullman county first and Foremost. All of my action will be with you the citizens of Cullman county in mind. Your Friend u. Decade. For state representative x Jean w. Deese paid political adv. By Jean Deere Cullman Ala

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