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Cullman Times Democrat Newspaper Archives Apr 7 1974, Page 5

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Cullman Times Democrat (Newspaper) - April 7, 1974, Cullman, Alabama A natural the Cullman times sunday april 7,1?74, a 5-a Sacramento Calif. Ronald Reagan governor of California and potential gop presidential nominee does he or does no the a you know half of the Capitol press corps has sneaked Over to my Barber to find out a he said laughing. _ a but no i done to Dye my hair a Tom Pinson he repeated leaning Over and just done to think a Man can be trusted who dyes his hair and wears makeup a he Shook his head. A she really touched a nerve. A i did no to Wear makeup in movies there were some of us who were Lucky enough to be Able to get away with the famous Satin smooth voice became More animated. A never mind what that no makeup or hair Dye impeachment of woman s problem w8s she got pointing for emphasis to his luxuriant seemingly Brown hair. A look at the part and you can see the Gray hairs there. And there a a few More there Are. The governor was interviewed about his health his makeup his exercise program and his diet. Tall tanned Rosy cheeked he photographs so Well that ifs often assumed he wears makeup. Like the Assumption about the hair Dye its an insult he a gotten used to but does no to hesitate to try to set straight. A i got a letter from some woman awhile Back complaining about something and she wound up with the insult a i is requested Birmingham up the impeachment of Jefferson county commissioner Tom Pinson was recommended Friday by a Jefferson county grand jury. Pinson was accused of corruption in office and diverting $17,700 in Public funds to his own use. The grand jury recommended impeachment after studying the findings of state atty. Gen. Bill Baxley a office. State auditor Melba till Allen reported that Pinson owed the county nearly $51,000 for sewer lines he had installed on his private property i in 1971. Pinson is running for his third term As commissioner. An answer no makeup no hair Dye. A i have an older brother whose hair looks just about the same As mine does. Ifs just an hereditary Factor. All i do for my hair is bake it in the Sun. Boil it under the Shower comb it with water and use a Little dab of Bryl Creem to hold it he also inherited what he called a a Lucky a i love desserts so in a Lucky with a metabolism that Burns up pretty much a sought after speaker he survives on the rubber Chicken circuit mainly because he so decided that if you re the speaker there must not be any calories in banquet a it must be the nervous Energy or something the fact you be got to get up there and speak. At banquets in a not As careful. I eat what they put in f front of me and it does no to seem to matter. Its at Home where we watch he said that a like anyone with a time consuming desk Job i done to get out As much As id like and find that if in a not a Little careful a few pounds will creep up on me. A and so every once in awhile when i feel my trousers too tight around the Middle ill decide to get rid of three or four he does no to follow any special diet just takes his usual multivitamin supplement As nutritional insurance and gives up bread a and other things i can do sitting behind a desk did no to come easy to Reagan who before he became governor used to spend an average of three or four Days a week minutes. Running his rattle ranch. A it seems like nothing to do he also used to spend several but you better be awfully rely hours in the Saddle careful when you first Start. Now us schedule leaves Little you do two or three of them and Leisure or time for exercise. A i discover the next Day you re swim when the season is right afraid to cough it hurts so bul like everyone else i find much a he said wincing in a exercise just for the Sake of painful memory exercise is Boring. But i be he agreed that being found one device i heartily governor of a state larger than recommend in fact my people Many countries is a Job that make every decision on the 1 done to know if in a staying basis that i was never going to Young a he protested with a run for office Grin. A every once in awhile thai did not mean he never unfortunately i turn on the set would run again he did for a late at night and find out How second term but he figured if much in be you started trying to cons Der his voice became More the political ramifications of reflective a i try to stay something that must be where healthy but in be never thought people begin compromising consciously about staying with principle. we Don i discuss political he scratched his in makeup a i Vav Viiu Ivo incl Juu i Kil of wok leu i she i hic re u ii is i Arouni Here Are tired of hearing could ruin a persons health ramifications of our decisions. I face in thought. A first of All up l a a the first few months i was d it a t even Ward to hear them. I in a extremely Happy and penal changes needed Brewton up a where disturbances Havi Alabama must reveres out several times ii complacency about the prison recent months system s financial needs and the charges in the two in reinstate the death penalty for dict ments ranged from murder inmates who commit murder and rioting to escape and Granc the Escambia county grand larceny officials said. Be jury said Friday. Names were grand jury representing the grand jury said the state the county where both the has done a next to nothing Atmore state prison farm and about providing funds for the Holman prison Are located prison system. A proper funding1 returned 40 indictments against of the Board of corrections by inmates at the two prisons the state of Alabama is the Only practical solution to the present problems at Atmore and Holman a the grand jury said. Restoring the death penalty could be a deterrent to killings within the prison system ii added. Circuit judge Douglas webb1 sent the report to gov. George Wallace because he said previous critical reports on the4 prisons in the county had failed to bring any affirmative Falkville Bank work started construction on the modern new banking office of the Central Bank of Alabama at Falkville was started last week. The facility will have exterior Walls of Glass and rough Hen Cedar plywood and contain 2,760 feet of floor space. The new building will occupy a Corner lot at u. S. 31 and 3rd St. The present Bank is on Railroad St. The Falkville office of the Central Bank was founded around 1907 and was known As the Tennessee Valley Bank. Dennis Mcmeans is manager of the Falkville Bank. Warehouse groceries enthusiastic he began to Here everything seemed to be sound like an exercise falling on top of me. But there a �?�"s�?�1 a difference now. It s the simplest thing a a i Tell done to mean.,.1 Small wheel with an Axle get a Little embarrassed at through it. n Jap j0 1fneel own on a he stopped twirling his pen lot r and. Holding this Axle you put it on the desk and leaned i Oil out extend your body All the Forward intently. Way then Roll Back. And the a i done to mean to sound Noble Only thing that will Roll you Back or something but along with my is your Muscles. Other Campaign promises which i do 40 of these every Day Rve tried to keep i made Arn it takes less than two myself a Promise. I was going to think this is part of handling the never bored. Sure there Are in bit situations where you kind of i Don t say you Don t make wait for things to be Over but i mistakes and i in sure there Are mean i know what it people who disagree with the would be like to Wake up in the decisions we make. But at least morning you go Home with an honest the former athlete sports feeling knowing you be done announcer actor cattle ran what a right to the Best of your Cher and labor Union knowledge and somehow that a president who during two seemed to ease the terms As governor has emerged political office Lias a Way of As a potential presidential aging people fast but Reagan candidate a continued for looks younger than his 63 years Cerully. To limits to family sold to deniers Vav a a v a the meat store a mum punch detergent giant size 69c any response. A i am not to be so called i numbered among the bleeding heart judges of our land a Webb said. A however i do feel that constructive action must be taken immediately if out state is to meet its responsibilities under the Metal Ash trays asst colors a. ,. N nil open 24 hours Apay water added whole hams Shank portion water added Market mum de0p0rant Maii size april 8-14, 1974 if wind follows suns course expect fair weather. Seed Winter killed grass patches now. General Macarthur stripped of command april la 1951 third Quarter of the Moon april 14. Peppers Are peeping now. Average length of Days for the week 14 hours 9 minutes. Salk vaccine approved april 12, 1955. Sardines Are running now. Pony express began april 9, 1860. Safety pin patented april to 1849. Weather wind women and Fortune change like the Moon. Ask the old Farmer do you remember the old Fly paper that you wind up and put on the dining table to keep the flies away where might i buy one h. E., Sudbury mass. We remember. Likewise the sheets of a tangle foot that you had to haul apart to expose the Sticky surfaces and How the cats got into them. B e believe they Are still made but ask your hardware Man. Home hints next time you make a pumpkin Chiffon pie. Add a Little grated Orange Rind along with the spices. To keep Brown sugar soft store it in a plastic bag in a 2-Pound Coffee can. Old Farmers weather forecasts new England Light rain to Start then partial Clearing intermittent rain latter part and Light Snow in mountains. Greater new York new Jersey week begins partly Cloudy and mild then storm arriving by midweek end of week Cool with heavy rain. Middle Atlantic coastal first part of week mild with intermittent Spring showers increasingly Cloudy latter part then rain and cooler. Southeast coastal Ledmon Early week warm and Nice Inland but partly Cloudy and showery along coast end of week Cloudy and cooler with rain on weekend. Florida Cloudy with showers at first then partial Clearing Clear and very warm latter part then rain. Upstate amp Western amp Montreal Light rain to Start then Clear and warm Cool Light rain at weeks end. Greater Ohio Valley week begins Cloudy and Rainy then partly sunny and mild Light rain latter part. Deep South partly Cloudy and Cool at first then occasional rain cooler with rain continuing to end of week. Chicago and Southern great lakes Light rain throughout Region first part of week end of week mostly sunny and Spring like. Northern great Plains great lakes Early week partly Cloudy and showers in West rain mixed with Snow in East partly sunny and cold latter part then rain in East and 2-4 Snow in West. Central great Plains first part of week partly sunny partly showery end of week Rainy and Cool in East and fair followed by rain in West. Texas Oklahoma Clear and warm except Light rain along Gulf to Start then showers except Clear and hot along Gulf rain throughout Region latter part then Clearing and warm. Rocky Mountain Region Cloudy to Start then Light Snow and showers rain latter part becoming mixed rain and Snow. Southwest desert first part of week mostly Clear with highs in mid 80s end of Wlcek increasingly Cloudy and cooler. Pacific Northwest Clear and warm at first then showers by midweek end of week Rainy and cooler. California Early week generally Cloudy and Cool Cloudy latter part with showers in North. All Righta reserved Yankee inc., Dublin . 0s444 67c smoked hams ii 58c 88c 48c b 67c a 88c Blue Seal Corn meal s la. Bag 69e us. Bacon Bama party pups coneys Raths Blackhawk sausage Resh sliced a pork loins Cut into pork chops Blue Seal . Flour s la. Bag hot or mild 89c fresh from our produce dept. Snow Drift shortening 3 la tin we Haw a Large assortment Al bedding Plank i co Mcva Mon i-1 i b new crop Florida Eif eibert0 irregular peaches be. I Gan 39c Reb potatoes i to a Cullman county set. Potatoes2 29c Crisp fresh Jack-0-Iahtern candied yams lettuce Garden fresh cabbage 3 1100 Heads j to of. King size coca cola 24 bottle Case 1.79 plus Dep. Iorine. 2 f can Jack-0-lantern whole Kernel Pink or White la ounce coca cola t bottle Carton Grapefruit 559c 99c Arno English plus Dep. Corn Kas Elf canned t0mat0s 16 of. Can favorite buns Rous favorite bread i 1/2 la. Loaves. 4 i 4 i 14 i 13 i 13 i aft1 Waii ii air my Ain. Ift a it rat a a a a ,.�?zn, n a for we in Lri vavw1 a it re we a i 48 ounce non returnable coca cola 179c

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