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Cullman Times Democrat Newspaper Archives Apr 7 1974, Page 2

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Cullman Times Democrat (Newspaper) - April 7, 1974, Cullman, Alabama A Sud 0 quot 7 we. The Cullman times Ito Ilju a a a opinion by Larry times writer upon learning that president Richard m. Nixon owes Over $400,000 in Back income taxes since he took Over As this nations 35th. Chief executive this writer is reminded of the old Story about the youngster caught eating chocolate cake. With the Black icing smeared from ear to ear the youth innocently tells his Mother he has t been in the Kitchen a much less eaten any of the cake. So Richard Millhouse Nixon has pled his Case since the beginning of the illicit affair called watergate through the present predicament which besets him. For the first time in the history of this country we have had the resignation of a vice president. The reasons were Akin to those of Nixon a tax evasion. Somehow and in a not quite sure Why the word impeachment leaves a sour taste in my Mouth. But if that a what it will take to cleanse the smut from the Walls of the White House then i guess that a what in a for. I voted As did millions of americans for Richard Nixon in 1972 with the firm belief that he would continue to make this nation a Good president. For that Trust since late 1972, the american Public has found out just How a a a politicians uses the office he holds for his own Benefit. The american dream of electing a Man who will be responsive to the voices of All has been made a joke which has been smeared across the globe., in Short Nixon has sold out the american people quot from watergate and its attempted coverup wage and Price controls wheat sales at bargain prices and his latest caper the Energy crisis Nixon and his administration have brought the american people almost to their Knees. Money talks. That saying has proved True to the tee. Now because several a important contributors pumped the Green into Nixon a Campaign fund he has let them pump it to the american Public a in the form of sixty cent gasoline. Long has the average american groaned under a tax Burden which has the Brunt of the weight distributed on his shoulders while the affluent contributors continue to avoid their share through a loophole Ridden tax Structure. I for one am sick and tired of it. Taking a look at the taxes paid by Nixon during the first four years he was in office one can see Why it pays to be a politician. The average working Man pays nearly twice As much or More taxes. Perhaps in a wrong but seems to me like that makes the average american weigh a lot More on the Scales of being a Good citizen than the politician does. One television commentator said that if the president had to pay Back All the taxes he owes it would nearly wipe out his personal wealth. If that a the Case then let him a no make him a pay them Back. That show he got his personal wealth in the first place. A _ a Vajc Belki quot if you go on now you be Riding when it Styfs of i by Lloyd Jenkins Jones Asp j the too familiar i world the Trade balance an unfortunate casualty of the Sharp hike in Oil prices is Likely to be the recently achieved . Trade surplus. Last year for the first time in Many years the nation earned More foreign Exchange than it lost dollars. Had Trade deficits continued another devaluation of the Dollar would have been forced on Washington in time. The balance in our International Trade is still in the Black but it was sharply Down in february a $213.1 compared to january a $642.8. Now that Oil imports from the Middle East have been resumed and Are to be much greater the much higher Cost of that Oil is expected to Force the Trade balance into the red. If this continues very Long it will threaten the stability not Only of our currency but also that of other nations As Well. The abnormal Drain of wealth into the Middle East will also in the View of some economists threaten expanding healthy world Trade and Prosperity. That is Why it is urgent this nation move As rapidly As possible to self sufficiency in the Energy Field. One Hundred years ago the Beautiful miss Julia Dean of Pennsylvania was having an awful time on that deserted volcanic Island somewhere East of Nova Scotia. Having foolishly spurned the affections of a Noble Young Man Charles voila she fled the estate of her father to escape the leering attention of Thomas Adams a a live got Pluck and in be got Money and i am going to have you Honey a so she took passage for Liverpool on the Inman liner City of Boston and As everyone knew the ship vanished after leaving Halifax on Jan. 28, 1870. It Wasny to until after 1880, or two years after her Rescue that miss Dean let the world in on her amazing history. Even though delayed the pamphlet which she published illustrated by herself lost nothing in drama. John Malcolm Brinnin in his Fine Book on Transl Antic liners a the Sway of the grand Salon a recounts miss Deans Story the City of Boston struck by lightning a few Days out of Halifax sinks immediately and Julia alone on the sole surviving raft is cast up on this unknown five years she sustains herself by gathering shellfish and trapping animals while her clothes degenerate into tatters and Here miss Dean has some Eye popping illustrations. Then one morning she is awakened by a Man next All he is bearded wet and exhausted but transported by her Beauty. When she nam9s her ill fated ship he strikes his forehead. A there was one aboard that vessel that i would have Laid Down my life for though she spurned my ,. A a a spurned your love a i interrupted a and. Great god i see it All now you Are Charles voila a a merciful heavens a he shouted a and you Are. No no it cannot be. A a after living in separate Wick for several dreary months they decide to unite themselves a with no witness present save the Moon just risen and the weird music of yonder Waves for our wedding Bells a which makes this about As close to a sex novel As the victorians got. Their Bliss is disturbed Only by increased quaking and rumblings beneath the Island. Finally they fashion a crude boat and Are no sooner launched than the Island gives a mighty shudder and vanishes. Fortunately in a few Days they Are picked up by the Schooner Sally Briggs and capt. A. Do Downey Brease signs an affidavit which Julia reproduces in her pamphlet attesting to the truth of everything. Some Nosy people did get to around to pointing out that miss Deans name was inadvertently omitted from the City of Bostons passenger Manifest still on file in Halifax and that ships registries had see Jones Page 6-a i at the rate Foreman is knocking off challengers the these Days Ken Norton lasted Only five minutes recently in Caracas one wonders whether a is enthusiastic about the trip. He a guaranteed $5,000,000 however and that a a Consolation even if he Isnit a the greatest after that one. George Foreman never beaten As a pro fighter is scheduled to defend his heavyweight Crown against Muhammad a in september. Government officials Odd As it seems have put up $10,000,000 for the bout to be held in Zaine. Where is Zaine ttys the old belgian Congo. By Holmes alexanders Birds Kidnap the 25th amendment a a a a a a a a a a a a a a the Cullman times 3 myth ave. S.e., Cullman Alabama 35055 successor to the Cullman Democrat established 1901, and the Cullman 193? successor t0 Colman times Democrat published 1954-1961. Published each morning except saturday and monday. Second class postage paid at Cullman Alabama 35055. Complete news and photo coverage by United press International. 3 Robert Bryan James m. Gem . Mcconnell Brenda Lindsey Bill Shelton Elmer Fulmer publisher advertising manager production superintendent make up supervisor sports editor circulation manager subscription rates in Cullman and adjoining counties-4 weeks-s2.39 13 weeks $6.36 26 weeks $10.07 52 weeks $16.96. Subscription rates outside Cullman and adjoining counties-13 weeks $7.42 26 weeks$12.72 52 weeks$22.25 Washington d. C. A Side by Side front Page stories in our morning newspapers say something about self government in America 1 a Twenty million broiler chickens were exterminated by order of the environmental Protection Agency Epa As a a substantial health 2 a ten million starlings Grackles and blackbirds have polluted Graceham md., since november and their lives Are saved As much by the no intervention of Epa As anything else. Cancer scare is the reason Given for the action against the chickens. A a negative tests by the state health department on the spread of disease from Bird droppings have spared the Bird pests. Common sense Isnit in the picture anywhere. If the chickens carry cancer through exposure to a pesticide called dieldrin there is an argument for their extermination although the medical authority for the scare is no More than a theory. But the invasion of the Birds is real and present to the 2,600 people of Graceham whose town has been soiled and whose Field crops have been ravished. The people have been allowed to attack the invaders i Only with nonlethal noisemakers at the estimated Cost of $1,000 a Day. By the time this piece is in print the Birds May be dislodged through probably not dispersed and certainly not exterminated. At last report they were headed for nearby Camp David and the travesty of it remains. In hardier times the obnoxious flocks would have had no More Protection under wild life Laws that rats Are Given. Public minded persons would have declared a Bounty on the Birds and gunned or netted them out of existence. Neither by their songs nor plumage Are these species attractive to the world of men though nature Loving Epa administrator Russell train might think so. Only a submissive society would put up this Long with the humanitarian fiddle faddle. Able bodied bureaucracies under the High sounding names of environmental Protection and environmental Quality have shown they will go into action Only when they sniff a faddish social cause. Self government is a victim of big government alas and the apathy of citizens at Graceham is a microcosm of what a happened at san Francisco the locus of the Hearst Kidnap. Whereas the Fri whereas the Strong right Arm of gov. Alexander Page 6-a to Tom Bevill step thu fam Washington the Cost of living increased by 1.3 percent last month while the purchasing Power of the Dollar declined. The i Bor department reported last week that living costs have now gone up to percent in the last year. This is the first time since 1948 that the Cost of living has increased by As much Asio percent in a 12-month period. I believe the time has come for Congress and the administration to join together in a unified Effort to reduce the Cost of living. Inflation in this country is being fuelled by excessive government spending. It is essential that we balance the budget and eliminate All wasteful programs including foreign Aid spending. As a result of years of spending More than the Revenue received the National debt has increased to $430 Billioni. Interest alone on the National debt costs the taxpayers of this nation $22.7 billion dollars a year. As a member of the appropriations commutes i intend to continue doing everything possible to reduce the Cost of living by eliminating foreign Aid giveaways and All other wasteful government programs. Bevill works for much needed housing programs As you know there has been a drastic reduction in housing construction during the past several months. I ast week the . Senate passed a Bill which would in by Paul Harvey i whatever happened to i no comment ? crease funds for housing programs throughout the nation. There is today a real need for adequate housing in the Rural areas of America. To help meet these needs i have co authored legislation which would if passed provide a new approach to housing in Rural America. My Bill provides for the establishment of an Independent Agency to be called the emergency Rural housing administration. Its efforts would supplement Cha and other housing programs. There Are today nearly 3 million families in Rural areas and towns under 25,000 who Are in need of better housing. Over a million and a half of those families have incomes of less than $4,000 a year. And a very High proportion of that group is made up of our older citizens. Most present housing programs Are designed for the Urban areas where the population is More than 25,000. And Farmers Home administration programs Are limited to communities under 10,000. Families which fall into this Gap in our housing programs Are left without any possibility of assistance. My Bill would Correct this situation and make Home Loans and Low rent housing available to the smaller communities of America. Imagine yourself a member of Congress. The Day after election you face re election. Thirty Days after election you learn that clout in the Capitol is predicated on prominence not on your Public service but on your Public image. Ninety Days after election you learn that the Way to be quoted photographed recognized and invited is never to say the right thing say the a a left thing. Whatever happened to a no comments elected members of Congress Are supposed to reflect the opinions and desires of their constituents not shape them. Inevitably however if the Only Way to recognition by the Capitol press corps is to Parrot it the lawmaker will Parrot it. Nor is the old timer on the Hill immune to this intimidation. Rep. Wilbur Mills dark announcing for reelection ensured press prominence for him self by coupling that announcement with an implied indictment of the president for a something worse than what he meant was what every District gossip was whispering that the presidents gift of his official papers to the government came Days late to be allowable As a deduction. Thus a matter properly the province of a tax court was exaggerated by innuendo and prejudged by a Kangaroo court of Public opinion makers. Vice president Gerald Ford persistently prodded comment concerning watergate related a matters might rightly and properly decline publicly to discuss i matter presently being adjudicated. Instead i repeatedly tosses raw meat to it the jackals. He told a breakfast group of reporters that he Ford is a a concerned that tin president May have a a open it himself up to accusations o obstructing then damning with Fain Praise the vice president added that a you can also be Good Legal questions in support of the president a whatever i hat was supposed to mean. It is argued that this persistent probing by a multiplicity of Media is purging oui government of sin. That might justify this sanctimonious Hindsight if All factions were scrutinized equally critically but not when the critique is Cut on the Bias. The leverage of the Washington based news Media on balance is terrifying. Sen. Bill Fulbright dark watches his colleagues Parade past the to cameras with the observation that a so Man senators Are running Foi president there a nobody around to run the historically the senator of congressman sought voter support based on his record today the name of the game ii exposure a see me and the Way to be seen Anc heard this season is to do As you Are tacitly told gut Nixon. Letters to editor dear editor Well its election time again. Time again to hear the same old promises and new promises they can to deliver. It gets pretty rough to hear them when Down deep you know they can to do it. I wonder if Tom Drake after his third term still thinks he can make us believe it. I feel if the men in office now Haven t proven themselves a yet to us who what they promised by now c they think that the people i Cullman county will Back thei again. Are we that Gullible As far for me in a looking flt new blood and help for us Cullman county. Promise promises mrs. . Yah a a a a a a dear sir this gasoline business might be a serious matter but these service stations Are carrying it a bit too far. They think and act As if they Are doing us a favor by Selling gasoline to us. We Are still or. John q. Public and without us they would not have a Job in the first place. For instance late monday afternoon april i i took my gasoline can gallon Legal Container to a service station my Community to get some gasoline for the Lawn Mower to mow some Lawn before it started raining. I got my can out of the car and strolled by the Gas pump be filled and he waited cars while i was the started raining. I Nev waited on so i left after wet. I want these service to know we Are still the whether it be p can of or a tank full of Gas i outrageous Price which us cannot control. Service stations Wai your business is Rocky i i have been a j regular i for five a Jirs a i anymore. Thanks mrs. . Wood see letters Page

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