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Cuero Record Newspaper Archives Oct 22 1972, Page 4

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Cuero Record (Newspaper) - October 22, 1972, Cuero, Texas Page 4 souvenir edition sir., oct. 22, 1972 4 to editorial by Ken Long our opinion to if it second Hundred years it is interesting to note the close parallel Between a Newborn infant and the life of a Community As a child conies into the world he is unable to fend for himself and rather pitiful in terms of function such is also the Case of a a new born town it is totally susceptible to its environment and can Only grow and become useful under the guidance of concerned citizens if the infant child is not carefully nurtured it will die. Again the same is True of a Young Community it can Only survive if its leaders work hard for the upbringing of the town in some instances the citizens tire of pushing or being pushed then the town begins to deteriorate the end result is death and very few citizens will be on hand for the burial sometimes even fewer than witnessed the birth it is a great tribute to the City of Cuero and her citizens that after too years we find our town in a great stage of vitality we owe much of this to the generations before us the Pioneer spirits who accepted the Burden of Community leadership for too years. Through those years Wise decisions were made great efforts were put Forth All in the interest of bettering our town now in 1972, we can Lex it a at Cuero and visualize her proud past we can enjoy her present and we can anticipate the great potential of her future. Certainly a town bearing the Brand of an a All american City is built on a firm foundation and will reap the harvests of Many Many years to come. We Are entering our second too years., thus we in Cuero Are on the horizon of another great Era. As it was Back in 1872, we must either do what needs to be done or Start to die. This new Era like those of the past will bring changes in our social economic political and religious ways of life. Each Cuero Ite should understand that these changes Are not to be fought they Are to be welcomed As progressive indications that Cuero will live for at least another too years. The Cuero record takes this Opportunity to Welcome All those who Are visiting in our Community during the Celebration of our Centennial and Turkey Trot. Enjoy yourselves and join in the fun. But done to be fooled by our beards old fashioned clothing and fond reminiscing. You see its All part of what has made Cuero great. We Are people who Are participating to make things succeed. We Are a doers who will not allow our Community to die. Today a features Perot a payoffs Anderson Washington a h Ross Perot the likable loquacious Texas millionaire who has link rolled Many of president Nix ones favorite projects has been Given a Fortune in medicare contract payments Over the strenuous objections of social Security experts in one Case the Nixon administration overruled social Security which handles medicare at the very time in 1969 when Perot was cranking up to Back president Nixon s Vietnam policy with National newspaper ads Only a few months before Perot had agreed to serve with other Well known Moneybags As a trustee on the Richard Nixon foundation which will fund a ii Barry and museum for the Nixon papers earlier Perot had personally paid the salaries of six employees of his electronic data systems while they were on leave of absence to work on the 1968 Nixon presidential Campaign again in 1971, Perot a Good works for Nixon coincided with administration approval of Perot a medicare contracts this time contract approval in five states had been held up by social Security for More than a year some experts at social Security doubted they should be allowed to go through at All. But the log Jam broke within a week after Perot decided to pour $64 million into a failing Wall Street firm at the personal request of then attorney general John Mitchell White House aide Peter Flanigan and other High administration persuaders. The White House wanted to save investors from disaster but the failure of the Wall Street firm de Pont Glore Forgan also would have been personally embarrassing to president Nixon. One of the merged firms making up Depont Glore was formerly headed by Maurice stans Nixon a Commerce Secretary and now his chief Campaign fund Raiser. Perot s Progress hundreds of pages of Public records in the two cases while they do not show any direct tie with Perot a pro Nixon gestures do clearly establish that Perot got special treatment from the administration when Nixon came to office in january 1969, Perot was under fire for what one social Security expert estimated was More than too per cent profits on his Texas contracts. Perot says it was Only 14 per cent. After careful study social Security finally said in june that it Wasny to going to fully reimburse Texas Blue shield on the Perot contract demands. Blue shield took the Case directly to health education and welfare undersecretary John Venemann a office. Qty cum or Roth vol 78 no. 249 sunday october 22, 1972 second class postage paid at Cuero Texas established in 1894 published every afternoon monday through Friday and saturday morning by Cuero publishing 119 e main Cuero Texas 77954 Telephone 275 3131 p 0 Box 351 William k Todd Kenneth h Long mrs Jack Howerton Donald l Catherman la h h be Neh t Grant sorrel Al Gonzales Pat Laake publisher president and general manager vice president vice president advertising director news editor mechanical super intended circulation manager subscription rates daily amp saturday Horne delivered by Carrier one year $16 00, 3 months $4 of i month $1 to by mall in Dewitt Victoria Goliad Karnes Gonzales i Avaun and Jackson counties one year $12 00, one month $1 of elsewhere Iii Texas one year $14 of one month Al 2r> by mail in i s outside Texas one Yea Sio >0 i month v1 to Semi weekly editions Ltd wednesday by mail Iii Dewitt and adjoining auntie oui veal >.4 of 6 months $3 of elsewhere one year v4 so 6 months $3 a to official Organ of tie it of Cuero and ounts of Dewitt National advertising representatives Texas daily press league inc 906 Ila third bldg Dallas South Texas press association Southern be paper publishers association United press Intel National win services in /972-, tex press association j Perot met personally with Veneman. Although neither is sure exactly when it was Perot told us twice that there was no talk of contracts. Veneman recalls contracts were discussed during their private meeting. The undersecretary through a spokesman said these were not Texas contracts but a proposed California contract that was turned Down. Whatever the truth Venemann a office took Over leadership of the Texas Case from social Security. In october 1969, four months after social Security had turned Down Perot Veneman made the ultimate decision to give Perot the payments he wanted. This is the testimony of social Security health insurance chief Thomas Tierney. Tierney also told a top aide or. Thomas Bell that a the hew decision is to go with Ross Venemann a own hand picked aide on the Deal James Mclane now Deputy director of the Cost of living Council also affirms that he made the recommendation and Veneman approved it. Veneman disputes this. In any Case even As Perot was getting his Way on Texas he was looking to new contract payments in Indiana Iowa Massachusetts new York and Minnesota. Strange coincidences again there was Strong opposition within social Security. But a freeze of 15 months on the new York contract thawed suddenly on March 23, 1971 a six Days after Perot salvaged the Wall Street firm for the administration. The other four contracts also were quickly approved by social Security Perot in two Long impassioned talks with my associate Les Whitten insisted that the contracts had nothing to do with his bailout of Dupont Glore his Vietnam ads or other pro Nixon actions. On the contrary he said in Milwaukee California and Washington d c., he was treated unfairly on contracts. Where he succeeded he said earnestly it was because electronic data systems did a better Job at a cheaper rate. A i have done no favors for president Nixon a said Perot. A the things that i have done regarding the prisoners of War and regarding the investment in Wall Street were done without regard to who was president i would have done the same thing As a matter of conscience had senator Humphrey been president. A footnote representative. H Fountain d-n.c., has been digging into Perot a contracts for medicare computer work. His intergovernmental relations subcommittee is quietly drawing up a report for release in 1973 Browns of Ohio once again on november 7th, millions of americans will scan their ballots and place their Marks beside tin old familiar names. The names Long in Louisiana or Kennedy Iii Massachusetts or Brown in Ohio Are Worth thousands of votes Ohio citizens have been voting for Browns since they elected Ethan Allen Brown to the state House Back Iii 1818 today Ohio politics is positive v teeming with Browns William j Brown an unknown attorney until his first try for elected office in 1970, is now state attorney general lieutenant governor John w Brown was a state Highway patrolman until lie stalled run rung for office Ted w Brown thanks in jail to his name has served continuously As Secretary of state since 1950. Clarence j. Brown who was elected lieutenant governor in 1919 at age 25, wound up in Congress for 27 years. When he died in 1965, he was succeeded by Clarence j. Brownjr. Former postmaster general Walter p. Brown sex Secretary of state Thad Brown and sex judge Clifford f. Brown Are still political Powers in Ohio. Now Justice Lloyd Brown is running for re election to the Ohio supreme court. His opponents Paul w Brown and William b Brown. Worry clinic by George w. Crane ph.d., . Today is the Day of our big Centennial and souvenir edition a and the cooperation from clubs organizations businesses Etc. Has been fantastic. We at the record Hope you enjoy browsing through your copy Reading and re Reading Cuero a history and that you will find it interesting for years to come. A Man were better to relate himself to a statue or picture than to suffer his thoughts to pass in smother. Many a biggest Battle is not Between Good and bad but Between Good and Best. A rancher in Texas struck Oil on his property and after he got All his debts paid he still had More Money than he knew what to do with. One Day he called the carpet shop in town and asked if they had any deep soft carpet. They did and came out to install it. Some weeks later he called again to ask if they had any More. They did but wanted to know How much he needed. A a you la have to come out and measure it up a said the rancher. A i knew i always wanted Wall to Wall carpeting in my Bath room and now i like it so Well i want to run it All the Way up to the House. The doctor was pleased with his patients Progress. A a you re coughing much More easily this morning a he said. A Well. I certainly ought to be a grumbled the patient. A live been practising All a thought for1 the Day american author and philosopher Henry David Thoreau said a the mass of men Lead lives of quiet the role of the badgered Quot Ecret Arv of the irascible Sheridan w Hillside Iii tile television version of i he Man who Amie to dinner ill he placed by screen Star Lee Hornick. Mil will telecast the of Niin Etc Comedo on nov. 20. It Irson it Dies is w hit Side. \ future is so rial Vav ill he i in Broad w a musical with Lauren Bacall starring As she did Iii new York Aud on National tour. Flans Call fur a i Quot Quot How to he taped in i Ondon when she Apih ars in ii there. Publisher Hall alerted me to the unique club described below. It renders valuable Aid to weary mothers. And is also a vital Means of stabilizing children in their emotions As a Superb gift for birthdays Christmas or mothers Day follow the suggestion below Case v-524 publisher Wilton e. Hall recommended me for membership Iii a very unique club. It is Cash a the a Sittin no rocking and its badge is the Good old fashioned rocking chair As a psychiatrist i am growing More convinced of the value of rocking chairs. For they let us relax in a comfortable manner without needing to smoke a cigarette or mix a cocktail. And they also permit Young mothers to Rock their babies women can to do that As Well in a straight backed chair. And they can to Rock a baby properly while seated on the Davenport or in a typical easy chair. So Lack of Early rocking chair experience while they were babies May technically have caused some of the present hostility of modern term agers to parents our hard working grandparents obtained peace of mind and wholesome rest just by dropping into their favorite rocking chair for a few minutes. In the 1971 summer Issue of the newsletter of this unique a a rocking club the editor also cites a Superb example of the psychological benefits on children of a rocking chair. Ruth Cordner is a re tired school teacher of Bismarck n. D. Slit describes the splendid therapy she used in her 5th Grade school a Ltd it a by Means of a Small rocking chair. It was a child a Rocker which she brought to add a Homey atmosphere to the Christmas tree. She says the kiddies loved it for few of their Homes had a rocking chair. Of a youngster skinned his Elbow or knee miss Cordner would say a just sit in the Rocker for a while and you la feel one Day Little Johnny Bonneville arrived at school with Eves brimming with tears for his pet dog had been killed by in automobile. A sit Iii the Rocker. John and you will feel better she said. And John sat there All morning till ins grief abated. Iii fact children email coining to school a Little Early and saying Quot miss Cordner i didst finish Reading All my history lesson last night so i thought id come sit in the Rocker and finish it miss Cordner would read to her kiddies every Day and always one of them would ask Quot May i sit in the Rocker while you read a sin finally had to rotate the kiddies in that Little rocking chair. And for 20 years that Little Rocker served As Superb therapy in her fifth Grade room miss Cordner Callet it her a magic chair and has now passel it along to tin first Grade teacher. She and her Little pupils believe it exerts a magical influence when a youngster is Hurt or ill or comes to school As a stranger. So i wish to Laud tile psychiatric value of a rocking chair and Salute editor save plus his vast throng of members of the a a sitting n rocking a rocking chair us Ltd to be the focal Point for toddlers clustered around their Mother or grandmother and if it were to regain Val liable role Anam i am sure there a be far More Lov e and respect in modern families As a gift. Present Mother and grandmother a Rock ing chair so they can also join this unique a Rockin chair organization Law by. Write to or rime in n of this newspaper. Earl it in a a Tampa dressed envelope and cent to cover typify and print if coat when you rend fur one of Hil it ook Etc i copyright 1972 8 color program Simla october 15 4 5 w0ai kens 12 sat 6 of 15 30 45 7 of 15 30 45 8 of 15 30 to 4 big new s e world of Disney neg sunday mystery a blues for Sally a Rock top of the until Anna Ami tie King m a s ii Sandy Duncan Dick Van Dyke a Mux t 45 Hudson 9 of 15 30 45 ion flit gallery the protectors police j silly Pun of i i big la of 15 30 45 new s a Texas tech football pol Utica 1 tonight sunday news lbs Moville a legend of Vlah Claire a Kiln Novak Channel 12 report controversy the i b i sunday mov the adventurers a Candice Bergen twelve Fina 1 a Riel Royal Star schedule subject to last minute changes

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