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Cuero Record Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 1

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Cuero Record, The (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Cuero, Texas Micron ser Jato pc Roscom mum a newspaper Texas december ims 300 True Story behind the pet Deer to web a Tuosto Koltor record this article is an answer to the article that appear of in the december Cuero its written by Nina the article was written about Henry Decke and Michael son of it lease in the past we have read Many stories that Are called sob this one concerns our son my a neighbor and we want the truth Luddecke was on his Way Home from town and spotted the wild the court charges killing a wild Deer from an and this is what the Fine was paid he passed our Home and turned around and came he called to Jesse and said there was a Deer on the Nole by my husband told to Michael and told him to go get his gun and see if he could kill when Michael came out of the House with is gun he started to get in his ear and Luddecke said come on and ill take you in my they pulled up to the driveway of the Allen Fetters pasture and Michael got out of the rested his Arm and gun on the window of the pickup and shot the he did hot hear anyone Call to him that this was a Luddecke and Michael drove up the loaded the Deer and came Home and in our Back Yard he Cut the the Deer did not run to the neighbors Yard for Jesse and i saw the Deer Many times during the summer As we went to the pasture of his each time we saw it did not have so it have been gone All sum Mer because we never saw to with horns and we thought the Deer was a when they drove up to Home the first thing Michael said was i think i have killed the pet Deer that belonged to the Richard Gonzales he was sick at heart about this is contrary to the belief of some since he was called a he too was a child once and people would drive through our drive and run Over his these were pets he loved just As any child loves a pet and he cried Many within the hour Bill Drehr came to our Jesse met him outside and he asked if Michael had killed a Deer and he said Drehr said that the Law states that there is no pet and that Michael had killed a Legal we told him the whole Story and so did Luddecke and it in not like the one in the the Deer was not killed by Hunters or a Scrooge passing the Deer was not grazing on any Oats it did not run for shelter to a neighbors Yard and if they called to Michael he did not hear them because he hears Only fifty and the deers Throat was Cut to my Back Yard and not at the scene of the when we read the paper after dinner sunday we went by the Home of Nina Harwood and she told us her information came from Bill Allen Fetters and de this was hard to be Lieve and i called these Allen Fetters said quote i told her that i did not want to put anything to the that i Felt so bad about the whole especially after i found out it was Barron did not even talk to Drehr said he told her that he understood that this was a pet Deer of the Richard Gonsales i have the permission of these people to put this to the the Fetters and barrens Are neighbors of we have been friends for Many our children have grown up our pasture has been theirs to wander in and to fish in the the paper stated the other Day that the pasture was three if they will Check i believe it will be closer to the Deer was shot about seventy five Yards from the Fetters like most ours is no they All do things they should not but we have reared him in a Christian Home and he does know How to Tell the truth and that is More than i can say for some it is so strange that a couple of people can kill a wild Deer and the paper can print a sob with out making sure that the truth is there and they can have the plane facts and not print them at the fever tick was found to our neighbourhood brought Over by cattle that had been smuggled Over from come places have been these Are yet they Are not Why it Jesse Poehnl Tysch Jesse fee Nitsch Jesse Hoenl Tsueh by Viet Cong americans feared kidnapped photo from space this photo of gemini 7 soaring along 185 Miles Over Earth was made by one the gemini 6 pilots during the historic Render vows in a 10mm Hasselblad camera using color Ihm took the photo from Nasa bad weather slows of contributions Cuero United fund Campaign Feu victim of the weather saturday and on Tributino n s a mounted to Only far below the average of 1200 or Bett e r of Texas growth five Rainy weather contributes to High weekend death toll by United press International Rainy weather that made highways treacherous brought an upsurge of automobile col sending Texas weekend violent death toll to its most level in a United Survey for the period Between 6 Friday and Midnight Sun Day showed at least 42 violent including 32 traffic a two traffic accidents claimed a total of seven and four Small children died in a fire Michaels students present Littlest Angel that swept an where they were apartment left without students of Micha e 1s i Littlest school presented a Christ mas play the Littlest an gel sunday evening at the Junior High school at the close of the the children were visited by Santa Glaus who distributed fruit and Candy to a capacity crowd was 5 n supervising the Prog a m were sister principal Sisters Geraldine and Laura and Chester Pat Cusack portrayed the Eichholz rites Are held today funeral services for f who died sat urday in san Antonio were held this morning at from Freund Chapel after which Tine body was taken to Mich aels Church where requiem mass was celebrated at 10 the John Flynn officiated and burial was in grandsons of the deceased were survivors Are two Eichholz of Bay City and Lud Eichholz of Cuero two Roy add o c k of Houston and Olle of san Antonio one Brot h e William Meissner of Cuero and a number of grandchildren and others in the cast were John David Teddy gatekeepers James patriarch Prophet Rob Bie flying master Patsy choirmaster Kathleen understanding Angel Lucinda matronly Angel Eddie Klaus and Billy heavenly messengers Stanley David Cusa c Danny Fischer and Rock Fet Elizabeth first Angel Margie second Angel parti third Mark fourth Angel Tim fifth Angel emmy sixth Angel Mary Beth the Virgin Mary Byron Joseph Pat Mary Rose John and Denise crib first and second Grade r s Sang a Lullaby to the inf an t the special Angel choir included James Macha Donne Alvin Kolodziejczyk Jimmy Lindy Cus Charles May David r a Andy Larry Julie i Hartman and Gerard third graders through the eighth comprised the Barbara Bounan was piano adult a Santa be freight train struck a car at Amarillo Satur Day killing four persons Daniel jul Leon 23 and Cecelia Ann both of Amarillo Riley Evans Rigsby of and car Olyn Jane were the tire parents of four Small children went grocery shopping unday morning in Galveston and returned to find their apartment in killed in in fire were Barbara Eliza eth 5 Gene Wyatt Elmira and Terry 18 it appeared the children had tampered with an open and Gene Wyatt had been gone Only a few min a collision in West Texas Friday night killed three per two cars collided in a ight rain near killing 78 Mary Jane 13 both of Sweetwater and Norman my of Saigon up four pm of an american con traction company Wen feared kidnapped by communist go e r it ilium today White working out ride the big air base at bin 12 Miles Northeast of in a common i s t terrorist hurled a hand grenade at a army dump injuring men heavy of reported Morrison Knudsen said they wort checking records determine the identity of to the four men who vanished while working outside the mine Frojd ringing the Bien the base is Only a few Miles from the communist infested zone in there were conflicting ports on whether fee missing met Wert lotto americans or three and their the attack on Dutno icy Windshield causes Accident ice on a Windshield caused a minor car pickup Accident at this How no injuries were sustained and Little damage done to the according to policeman Gilbert Michael Wayne Hans of to driving a 1963 Ford was in collision with a 1960 Chevrolet pickup operated by James Rob Ert Beverly of Dreier Beverly was at Stem Tina to turn onto Esplan tempting to turn onto Esplan Ade from Newman and Hans was a raising Esplanade to a service station when the vehicles about damage was done to the pickup Ami very to fans Armstrong pleads guilty be drunk charge Armstrong of Victoria pleaded guilty this morning in Dewitt county court on charge of being drunk and was fined Armstrong was picked up sat urday morning by patrolman hush also picked up by Poage saturday morning was s Mccarty of Victoria who was charged with driving while in he was being tried shortly before noon in county both remanded to the county jail Pockky 8cork Berlin up Bea East Germany 32 in an ice match at Dresden Sun it was reported by the of facial East Lerman Agen re Yorktown resident injured in Accident Darwin who lives near remains in serious condition at citizens memorial Hospital in Victor i a As result of injuries receive e d in a car Accident late Frid a y night near his attending physician re ported although Jacob re Mains he is i m proving As Well As could b e sex the physician said the Young Man suffered a Sev Ere concussion and a fractured Highway patrolman at Goliad who investigated the Accident said Jacobs car apparently went out of control on a curve 2 Miles East of Schroeder on the Mission Val Ley Road and collided with an Auto driven by Bernard superintendent of the Mission Valley i depend e n t school staff suffered some facial but was not seriously in his was Young Jacob reportedly was severely injured in an Accident recording Lor the first Days of the saturday tabular i on showed total contributions to the fund to be is percent of the quota and still Short of the Campaign contributor were Joseph and Elsie r e u s town Tau by torn tonight is an Active night or at least three activities Are on two of them connected with the Christ mas boy scout troop 245 i 1 1 Lold a court of Honor tonight at in Marks lutheran Fellowship scouts of troop 243 will have their family Christmas gathering from 7 to 8 at the old Michaels and boxes for the annual Cross the Fransus project will be packed at the american Doty there Are times we consider re enlisting m the it be a lot saturday night we stopped in the 100 Block on West main to Purchase an we turned the car left onto Hutcheson and stopped when we heard someone yell at and heres where reflexes paid a Man jumped out of the Shadow and tried to open the door on the passengers we barely got it the a mum bled something about a Freind needing he May we didst hang around to find rebuttal if a any news accomplished the impossible and printed material that was agreeable to every body it would be a mighty Dull paper which is our Way of saying we know occasionally were go ing to print something that somebody Doest should anyone feel Strong enough about a subject were farm on the ton route who brought a a Cash contribution of red Bowen of the Bowen distributing 201 Frederick distributor of Lont Star and shifter Beer who brought in a Check for Raymond Kasper of East who brought Check for s10 As a gift from him and his wife Ckodre of French whose gift was a set Check to be entered in the name of and Jack Howerton of drive chairman said monday he was a bit disappointed at the Stow the from the 1960 figure by the r Down evidenced saturday be had High Hopes and but my cotfidenee7that Cueto citizen would come him and meet the quota by the Middle of the for the year 096 and the 8 than 30 Are expected to be Ihung Are still a number of individuals and several Down town business firms who have not yet he when these Home in we should be very near the he herring tary for the care United said saturday that final checks to All participating agencies in the 1965 Campaign were mailed out this weekend a Nave been paid 100 she Texas by the year 3080 and thirds of them be a tax 4i the Mere urbanised noun tvs by that Only 15 counties Are consid ered to have any population gains and of sewn a Fol have a population Eft More than 1 Milton and the from nearby the counties surrounding de Witt county also Are expected to show a gain in agencies sharing in the Campaign and the sum received were astronauts debriefed Cape Kennedy up astronauts Frank Barman and James Back on solid Earth after 14 Days in space and another at today Gonzales with a population of to weted to have by in 2009 and by 2020 x Karnes county k expected show a decrease from Fri population of Down to to 3m the Estt mate shows it will men gain to by 2000 and in 7 the most sizeable jump m this is estimated for Victoria Victoria with i960 Popula Tion of will nearly double its people to by Rise to in 2000 and have an estimated persons by water Supply in making its release the relived the record gemini 7 and then return of underwent in the same general Vicinity a lock on Bible thought for today Ami m it preach the kingdom of feat Matthew so often people today consider the kingdom of god As some thing that is going to exist in the yet the Bible As sures us that kingdom of god is Here right now in the and Nui ads of True and dedicated quite willing to allow them to voice their opinion the o u go letter to the one dont pester the reporters and nag More medical tests in debrief Ings that will last until after after a Good nights sleep in the Plush quarters they left 4 for a fiery ride into Borman and love 11 recalled in detail their reentry and recovery saturday to t h e first of the Days tiring but vital debriefing the space champs got Down on paper As much As they remembered about the recovery and then faced a two hour appointment in the doctors later they planned to Dis cuss with engineers the details to web estimates will require a 500 that Texas percent in crease in the states available water the stud was in conk Junction with the University of Texas Bureau of business re with a population of just Over 10 million in required acre feet of water for municipal use and will require about acre feet for the same purpose in the report last years Industrial Rands were for acre feet and this should jump to acre feet by to at other they cant go see the and if not satisfied with his the safety heres some Christmas Safe tips from the Dewitt Borman and Lovell Are of the near flawless operation of their gemini 7 tuesdays program Calls for a Day of talk about gemini to dont overload electric Cir never leave inside Light ing decorations on while away from for frayed or cracked electric cords As danger go subscription like to remind folks that the record will ascription of Send a free the paper to sub any the manned spacecraft Center in Houston on wednesday for More of the extensive debrief the astronauts began their first full Day on solid ground since their space Eav sule roared off into space 16 a y s ago to hold a cosmic Rendez Vous with gemini set new endurance records and up e n up new vistas in the space i from the area who is stationed in Viet response to the offer far has been most it is hard to believe that no one in this area has a near relative serving Over for those who May have missed tire initial announce Here it is any subscriber who has a blood relative presently in Viet Nam May get the re Cord sent to him free of charge during i time in Viet All that is necessary is to drop by the office and furnish his of the i must consider this area As his since the offer to designed to keep him of and Gatoff to Tal water used was million for irrigation but purpose no estimate for the was made for largest counties having More than one million residents projected include nieces and Elpaso the eight counties with a estimated population of front to one million Are Gaw Lub Hidalgo and the 3020 estimate for Harris county population was placed at More than 5 17 per cent of the states the population study is etly related to the forthcoming state water due to presented to the Public a late Spring of Indianola Trail rider Dies in Accident funeral services for Arthur Joe Bubb 30year old Calhoun county rancher at Seadrift who died sunday mor win held tuesday at 2 at Seadrift methodist the Leonard Swinney of West listed by Stuart Root of san Antonio a Fol burial a Fol a so draft be was cad dead m i Jval sustained in a one oar Accident the Accident happened Ell state Highway 185 about Low Miles East of Seadrift two Miles from tees according to Highway Trolman Huri Scute was atom in a pick which apparently do toed it Flea eat went Koto

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