Crossword Puzzle Clipping from Indianapolis News, Tue, Apr 6, 1920.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, April 6, 1920

lt;*«*f f«*r Vbare* Ptoflrf.| Thoee who wilt take part in thaN.w Pi u,q.* which trfU be given by the Phllathea claw of the Downey Avenue Chfigtlaa church tonight !p the church hail, include «ip|mHNrjla: Stella B. Harvey,WmmBmmr Mm. Laura vLgvirig*. Eva Andtreon. Mre. Ray Hamilton, Ida Keaftdy, Mabel Le Ferre, Con Kitchen. Mre. Harold Window, Mn. ffittF Jthodee, Nellie Hester. Josephinei Franklin. Stanley Seliick, Dahlef McKinney and Albert Coil. Mre LloydBill man will be the planiet and reading* wli! be fllren by Ralph Mattingly, Floyd Wittenberg. David Milligan, Dorothy Monahan and Vida Norman. The program will be given under the direction of Miae May me Roberta. -Faaeral at Mra Jeaeph Xrhrllif.