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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Cromwell Argus (Newspaper) - December 23, 1884, Cromwell, Otago Vol. 819cromwell. Otago Nze a a tuesday december 23, Lufi a. Price sixpence. Hotels. C o at m k ii c i a l hotel com Well. Me c. A. Motto they i ate i get tape Tiki Iii Quot a to notify to his friends and the Public generally that he Lias Puglia at a the above hotel from my a Owens. My Mun Only fully Lecog Leing the fact that a first Dass Ijo tit Villi every accommodation for tout and traveller is an absolute necessity for Nii Jewell intends to make such improvements that it shall be Teco fid to none outside Dunedin. The Comfort Anil convenience All will be studied to the utmost and 110 pains will be spared to make this a first class hotel. The private hotel has been fitted up with a special View to the privacy pm Liliee and others Bath room and every convenience being provided. The cellars will be provided with the Best obtainable Branda wines ales and spirits. The stables will be under the care a first class experienced Gronro and great attention Mill be paid to this department the business. Lobe hotel Cromwell Junction Mel More and Erris at rets. G d. Muhley proprietor. D. Murley has pleasure in intimating to his friends and the Public generally that he has fitted up the Globe hotel with every convenience and Comfort without regard to Erpen amp a and can confidently assure those who favor the House with their patronage that no Effort will be spared to meet their wants. Travellers will find the Globe a most comfortable Home with ample accommodation. T he stabling is commodious and the greatest care Aud attention will be bestowed on travellers Horecks _ the proprietor intends to make a speciality his Stock wines spirits and Beers none but the beat brands w hich will be kept on the premises. John Marsh Bridge hotel Cromwell. Value for Monet. A Hite Hart hotel Cromwell. A Collings proprietor having purchased and entered into Possession the Quot White Hart hotel Fred. A. Lolling desires to assure his friends Aud the travelling Public that no Effort will he wanting on his part to Render the House one the most comfortable in the District. Every attention will be paid to the requirements his patrons who will Iid at the White Hart All the advantages and privileges a Home. Wines spirits and Beer the beet Quality Only kept on hand. Excellent stabling accommodation and horses properly looked after. Booking office for Pasee Gera and parcels for Kauaka lakes the coach for which leaves they it Hite Hart every wednesday and saturday at Oon o y a l Oak hotel Alul Wtown. R Thomas Patchett proprietor late William Welsh every accommodation for families and travellers commercial Sample rooms. Good stabling under charge an experienced Groom. Port Philip hotel Clyde. A s. Dickie proprietor. Late John co under the new management this hotel will be conducted in a manner unsurpassed on the Gou Fields Aud in soliciting Tho support my Orienda and the travelling Public i Cau but say tithing will be spared to give them every satisfaction. Pin Yang detached cottage for families the a West brands liquor kept. under careful management c re Terion h o t jul Alexandra. 1 Jiffy Toni ill proprietor. Fcb toil ill begs to inform the travelling Public that this hotel pass cube every convenience and trusts by strict attention to the Comfort travellers and the Public generally to Merit their patronage. A private parlor and bedrooms. Large and commodious billiard Loq to and Alpopo a prize Tab in ti1 Best wines spirits and Beer Only kept. Cal we sri specially attended to sad a Rublino Sot Dolfl. V Ottoria hotel Cromwell. James Stuart late the ferry hotel Bannockburn begs to intimate to his friends and the Public that to has purchased the above hotel where he Hopes by strict attention to business and by keeping the Best wines and spirits to Merit a Abare Public patronage a Hrat class table kept and Superior eight stall Stone stable Replete with a very convenience for travellers unsurpassed in the District. nearest hotel to the court House. Jakes Wanaka and hawed tourists and visitors to the above lakes and the enchanting scenery by which they Are surrounded can reach Pembroke either by coach from Cromwell twice weekly wednesday and saturday or by Way the Crown Range from Arr Wtown which is now available for vehicles to the Summit whence can be obtained one the most magnificent panoramas in the Middle Island. Pending completion the Road for wheeled traffic right through to Pembroke intending visitors should Send a Telegram to the Wanaka hotel Pembroke when mrs Russell will Forward vehicles to the head card Rona Valley thus enabling tourists to reach Lake Wanaka in a few hours pleasant drive. The hotel is Replete with every convenience and Comfort and charges Are strictly moderate. Boats buggies and Saddle horses pro curable at All times with guides to the chief Points attraction desired stables Large and Well appointed under charge an experienced Groom 0. L Russell proprietress. Ibb Ston hotel deep Creek Kawara. R. D. Owens late the commercial hotel Cromwell begs to inform his numerous friends and the Public generally that he has purchased and entered into Possession the above Well known establishment carried on for Many years by met it. Enrigh tand he trusts by civility and strict attention to their wants to Merit a fair share the patronage bestowed on Bis predecessor traveller Sand tourists will find every provision for their Comfort and pleasure and no Effort will be spared to Render the Gibbs on hotel a first class House in every respect. G h Arp Erin hotel Beach Street Queenstown. Mrs j my Bride proprietress. Tourists excursion lists and the travelling Public generally will find at the Harp Erin hotel every Comfort and Couveau Leoce no expense having been spared to make this the most Complete hotel in the lakes District. Families on a visit to the lakes will Realise every Home Comfort at the Harp Eric combined with quiet and retirement in specially fitted suites apartments. The growing necessity for suitable accommodation Aud the continued increase visitors to the Bouse Baa induced the proprietress to Render everything connected with Tho Harp Erin completa and Tho first class an such As will favor a continuance the Liberal patronage hitherto bestowed. Reliable Hacks suitable vehicles boats Etc., obtainable at the hotel by visitors who May desire them. Guides provided required. Mrs j. M Biride proprietress. Annandale arms hotel great Kinq Street Dunedin a George Atkins proprietor. The above hotel is situate in one the most pleasant spots in Dunedin within a Short distance the museum botanical gardens Aud other places interest Anil Beauty. Tho hotel is commodious and elegantly Furnis cd throughout and contains every convenience including hot and cold water Baths private sitting rooms Etc. For families the accommodation cannot be surpassed and the proprietor invites the patronage his old friends on the Goldfields and guarantees them every satisfaction. Charge strictly moderate to t rams pass the hotel every five minutes. H Alif Erin livery and bail a tables Beacie Street Queenstown. The above commodious stables have been eased by and Are under the personal management George mulls whose experience May be accepted As guarantee that every Caro and attention will to Given vehicles every kind Uyai Pablp for tourists and others with thoroughly quiet and staunch horses Saddle horses can to had at All hours. Terms in this department very Liberal. A a a coach runs daily to Arr Wtown and Back at fates within the reach All. George Mullis w Lessee Cronn Roh by Abb Tamoua Emonts. David a. Jolly amp cd a wholesale and retail pamily a Botehs wine spi11it axe general Merck ets to desire to intimate that in order to meet Tho growing exigencies our business to have lately built substantial Stone additions to our former premises at the urgent request cur numerous customers we have added to our other branches business that drapery crockery amp Ironmongery. We would further notify that having engaged a buyer in connection with oar business to select special lines consigned from the homr and Melbourne markets we will in future a amp in a position to offer Yueh Superior advantages Vannur customers As will not fail to ensure a continuance their libera patronage amp not a More esp Ciany will command the attention and Confidence the Trade run holders and Larga buyers. R Quot David a. Jolly amp co. Our grocery Stock comprises teas excellent flavour in chests half chests and boxes _ coffees from the pure bean ground on the premises j Cocoa chocolate the Best brands sugars crystals every Shade and crushed loaf Bacon cheese butter weekly supplies from the Best dairies jams jellies and pickles tobaccos. Imperial aromatic oals twist Superior a water Lily Over the water Navy Sixes Cameron a celebrated brands Havelock Golden Cut tobaccos in Pound half Pound Aud Quad bar Venus tens a Ter Pound tins Aud in Hulk. Barrett twist in Quarter threes and boxes. J. Wines and spirits brandies Hennessy a associated Vineyard Martell a in bulk and Case whiskies uld Glenry Islay Long John a in bulk and Case rum Lemon Hart s port Fine old Offley a six grape a. Sherry Gnu Ola six Diamond Giu a a Khz Genova nectar an Kumme old Tom burnetts Bernard a. Claret St. Julien s candles Best Branda soap treble Crown Blue mottled household scented in bars cakes and boxes Veat amp a by approved makers Salt table Fine Aud coarse raisins Muscatelo sultanas and Elemes oils salad Castor and kerosene sauces Lea and Perrins mushroom Nabob and. Assorted Musella no. 2 flock Gold Leaf Ginger wine in bulk and ease ales Tennent a younger a and colonial Porter blood a Byasse a. Guin yes a and colonial a cordials assorted Sarsaparilla singletons Townsend a bitters seiners Stoughton a. Ironmongery Stock consists blasting powder and fuse Gunpowder Caps and shot Long and Short handled shovels Spades Sluice Forks. Picks and Pic handles Gold dishes Hose pipes drills and drilling hammers a Manilla and flax ropes. White Lead Castor boiled and Colza oils a galvanised and corrugated Iron stoves and piping Canvas saddlery Billies and Pann Ikins Tea kettles Iron and tin galvanised Iron buckets and tuba Iron boilers enamelled and tinned Stew and saucepans axes and axe handles nails Cut and wrought tacks clout and american Cut Garden rakes hoes and Spades cutlery a Large assortment carpenters tools every description. And Brus h Ware. Dress materials winces French Merino Al Wool plaids prints flannels Calico bleached and unbleached blankets rugs quilts table covers bed and to let Covera. Cocoa and Felt matting he amp Sian bed ticking carpets top Waterproof and Tweed Coata j Etc., Etc Holt a sewing machines Cabinet and hand. Drapery and clothing department. Suits milk mixture Galatea Paget Sac Boyes do trousers and vests Mozgiel silk mixed Tweed Doeskin shirts i White dress crimans scotch twill Tweed pants and undershirts in flannel lambs woo Merino and Cotton hosiery and hats boots amp shoes. Boots menus elastic sides watertight Hau Hayward and North British gum Boot women a and children a boots shoes and slippers in calf kid and Cashmere. goods in this department Are marked at Low prices. Crockery Are breakfast dinner and bedroom Seta Complete a China Glass and earthenware goods every decamps a Parlour hanging bracket a eur option filters vases and Lustres. Fancy goods. Electro plated Britannic Metal Tea and coffeepots Meerschaum and Briar pipes a Choice selection a Patent medicines stationery perfumery. Colonial produce wheat Oats chaff Pollard and potatoes. D. A. J. Amp co. Have been appointed sole agents for the Sale Butch Bros Superior silk dressed dour bran and Pollard j and arc prepared to promptly execute All orders within amp radius sixty guaranteed. Terms Liberal. I. G Allek Steir and q 0., iia be hand the largest and Best selected Stock any up country store in a bakery boots Ironmongery crockery wines Ancl spirits special attention devoted to Menius and boys1 clothing do Lect f1�om full own factory. A Large Stock furniture and building materials always on hand. Agents Foll Robertson amp Hallenstein s celebrated silk dressed Wak tip flour Good so itly Dias i Bdl cd All kinds always on hand i. Hal1enstein amp co. A a Otice extra a a Ordinary to meet the times e. 1m u r r e l l watch amp clock a Lilily Bias reduced his charges for cleaning watched to 7e 64, 6d, to1 a other repairs reduced in the above Aro. Cash prices Only All Avo he c u o n. Boot dealers miners and a a Lingual Stojin by wild , arc warned Agni at buying mining gum Luot got up to resemble the manufacture the North British rubber company both in in my and appear Anee a to deceive All but the Moat care Ful purchasers. All Tho boots manufactured by the North British Llumbet company hear on the Heel and instep the words a a North British rubber company Edinburgh Quot and inside Tho thigh Are stamped with the Seal Tho company a Mir Stilt Duy Nnttie from a Day yer Neill and co., limited Bond Street Dunedin. A sole Aue to Fob the North British rubber cd Peaky. Cromp a Roll business a noun Como amp to. Imported direct from Home manufacturers drapery crotiii3sto, hoots Jet wholesale pm vices at w. Talboys importer London House. Head this Price list drapery. Clothing. To o�i1 suits 22s 3d�?uhuli Salo Price Itlene Yuchu Tialii suits is cd Saddle Tweed suits 45s twi de Anil digit i its is to gtd trousers and visit wholesale Price in Spiel trousers uni Vust. ¿2gd White and coloured moles is g1 Andy Ishik suits wholesale Price 1�?Tilibi�?~il annl pants is let i mos Grid 7i flannel a shirts 4a�?win Desale Price crimean shirts from 1b 11.1 White dress shirts 4s cd a men s Felt hats 2$ to Bays la Alloa sox 5s per ladies underclothing a fun to jackets and millinery. Prints 4d to cd wholesale Price my amp Lins cd Good Hollands fancy dress Grotle go and Black find coloured Lustres 8j and a Cash Sci cd la 4<j�?wholesale Price newest fabrics in die a goods at wholesale prices costume cloths full dress 3s Grey Aud Wobito Calico is 3s lid per dozen turkish towels 9d, and 1b White and coloured quilts 5a Long curtains 4s 64 per pair Short blinds 4d�?wholesale Price 20 Doicu Cotton Hose All colors per pair Large Stock save 4s. In the a Bir purchasing the a Tali boots. Beat watertight boots 14a Balmoral and elastic sides 14s boys watertight 6a 6il Aud Fra go menus nailed Blucher Ida beat Copper toe elastic sizes 4 to a 7 to 9, a a Gil 10 to 13, 6s it maids 7s cd women a a 6d and 9a 6d menus leather slippers elastic fronts is women s leather slippers elastic fruits 48 children s kid boots from 2s Gil ladies kid bouts wholesale Price grocery. New season Tan 121b box22s Curcon Pound tins. Is git two Viewn Fine us Pei Lex Brce Eromo a soap 13s per Box dates 8d per pounds wholesale Price a Omen soil milk Best Brand 1 id to Obster and Salmon ild por tin sardines 7d and lid oysters 7d a a oilers marmalade idd figs la per Box candles Best 10. D latest novelties in toys fancy goods japanese Ware amp books. A Talboys would solicit inspection his Large anti voided Stock. All goods marked in Plain figures at Dunedin Avaio resale prices tiny having been imported direct from the manufacturers with a discount for Cash. Hawkers and Small storekeepers have acknowledged they can buy cheaper from Quot a. T. Limn in Dunedin. W. Talboys importer London House Cromwell. Geeb Wood and company wholesale and retail wine. Spirit and provision merchants. And general store keepers Belfast store Malili 10k� Street Cromwell. Sherwood a a co. Desire to intimate to the Public Cronvell and District Eliut they keep constantly in Stock a full Supply every requisite in above lines. Their goods Are specially selected in the Best markets and Are choicest Quality. I he prices will be found to com Jive favourably with those any other firm on the Gokl Fields. Specially Low quotation s to Cash buyers such As will enable a them to Realise the advantages dealing with thu finn. Sherwood and co. Have such arrangements As enable them to have always on hand. Flour bran poll Aud and go ral farm produce Best Quality. Dairy food Ucb fresh butter cheese eggs regularly from one the finest Utieri Ihms. A too goods delivered in All parts the District families vet ular y waited upon age i foe orbits r and dy.v41j Rij univ Init Risco co. W Anaka a u d Cal Ditona Stoklin. W ii 0 Lesa l e a s d r a t a / Robert m Dougall amp son general Mee chants in returning thanks to their new aus Patron fur favors received during the ten years business connection with Tho District beg to in form them Ami the Public generally that i hair establishment Couta Iua a will assorted stuck All go Nils necessary to a mining farming and la Aster a Community amp my a they arc purchased in the Best Market in thu colonies they Are Una Blud to Offir Valtion equal to that any other business establishment in the Interior to Jieu Stour comprises a a Ruc cries and provisions o All descriptions men s Fready mile a lathing in purred and mos Giul mahi ladies Centano children Dorns in great variety. Drapery a Addlore Kartic narc Aryl fancy c by Winca spin it Aje and in i Tiv Host to in u mining and Faun look i Ryan Vinci re White and id , , and Lirt ipod a Dik blasting Jin a sporting la Idt r and Luu Caps Torti Cuoq inc it up it i it a l Kul flour , Kiriu oat Daiil l Fri posts rails shingles and sawn Timber. Dread and biscuits made on the Prou discs. Lint Clu ring Carrion on. Agile left fur the Flo inv with Mph out Jat he to vacs a arts taif .1 Iri r fist a and Man Tiuch or Rule to and for the Norwich Ninn a iry insurance a us icy. Robert m Dougall amp som. A r 1h ii c Rak . I v ii a ii u i it it s jul Pavi i i a ill to Jirku a u i 1�?T a i i. M m k s r i i Ai i a w m.i., dread and disc itt dake1�, in la i in l.,in.,li.i�?zr3 ,.f ,a,., ,.�?zl lib Mcl muru a tract i rom Wlch til it i Suim Woji Fiir the ii Xoai u Flud 11 Puli him a Juisti a he ing Ini a u.-.-, in Vii t did a i Bat Liu Lias Rule in l into or rat a Ranju Ivl a Nihei Wivi cd an for i Odtis and Dartau Nielli As Mill Enrri c imn to Montinne to it it Oppsy ills cd amp a Lycra n Ilii i Cal Miltun i re ubi other articles in the Trale a thu my lieu rpm by. Small Foo big tri1 i i i a . Regularly delivered in All parts thu District. I Anil tech Aud h try Vii cd . Lieb to a Adf. Butch ,iv-1 a. It i. I 1 Erja 11 k t a v 11 Laii Sale and Ltd i la Cisom will or. In Asi i Knelt 1�?T,, l Lei 1j la it loll a. Quot Acup Plympt Bisof my Tun vent , 11 a a a a Imu j hanging a Mili i r a in and filings Urr Bacon &c., , , it Riemor Quot mint Sileli scrod at town Price Lirui Ghomi 1 Quot in Trach fur Lnu ral la painting a. A , a a strict us sign tinting. 1 Kanji to dark no King ;