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Creston News Advertiser Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1970, Page 3

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Creston News Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Creston, Iowa Visiting with neighbors by e. J. Vianor tend Day in Day out Caisson news adrift flu sat., oct. 10. 1970. Voting this fall will take a Lith More time than Lowans have been accustomed to. Those of us living in places of less than 10,000 population will have to sin an affidavit of eligibility before we get a ballot. Was first done in the school election in september. A new thing a just voted by the last legislature and into effect come july 1, hence reason it Wasny to required in the june primary. I it a is like a poll tax Man Euver. Sign a pledge you can vote or words to that effect. Actually it is a move to make sure we Are who we say we Are. The old system was lax. A person just walked in and gave his name. There was no Check on whether he was eligible. Election boards in precincts like ours know most of the voters. A relative stranger by giving different names could have voted in All five Creston wards. He can still try it with the affidavit thing. But he does sign and that is quite a lever if something looks amiss. Cities and towns Over 10,000 have permanent registration which the voter has to do 10 Days before election. So they sign ahead of time As it were. There. She has operated a Linotype for some 41 years formally retired in february of 1969, but now operates part time for the Montrose newspaper. No doubt quite a few around Here will remember Ruby. She worked at the news advertiser quite a few years ago. She and her husband moved out to Colorado in about 1947 because of his asthma. They first lived at Sterling then to Montrose. She worked on the Montrose daily press for 18 years. They have a son living in Omaha neb., whom they visit regularly and next time Over they Hope to come on to Creston area for a visit. Think they Are acquainted in the Prescott Vicinity also. Newsboy Day oct. 10. Art Wallace familiarly known As poke is spinning a bout a bit these Days a with personal autograph from Johnny Carson of late night show Fame. It came by Way of the wallaces talented daughter Marcia who is Active in new York theater work. Marcia was in a party that included Carson and of course conversation with him. Among other things she related she had worked for her dad in his sundries store in Creston that he had fired her six or eight times told of his sales tactics with some embellishment she is her fathers daughter and so on. She joked that poke would about lock the door on a prospective customer not let him out until he bought Etc. Carson got such a kick out of it he sent poke his autograph adding a postscript a a done to sell this. By the Way Marcia is slated to appear on the Carson show one of these evenings. She son the Merv Griffith show quite regularly. A connection with former Creston residents came through a visit this week by or. And mrs. Tommy Pyeatt of Roswell new Mexico. He wanted to see our offset printing operation. He is with the Roswell paper and they Are installing the offset process. They were Here visiting because mrs. Pyeatt is the former Gilda Ellison daughter of or. And mrs. Wayne Ellison former Creston ians now of new Mexico. Wayne used to do Maytag service work at the old Creston hardware. Likeable Creston folks who Are heading South or Southwest for climate reasons Are or. And mrs. Harold Simmons. The cold Damp weather is giving mrs. Simmons some fits. So they Are going to do a bit of searching see where living fits Best with the health. Elpaso Texas is their first Stop. They might Drift Over to Arizona. But they will be re locating. Sorry to see them leave because they have been Creston mainstays for just quite a few years. Harold was a fixture at . Until his retirement a few years ago. Hope the move does bring some Relief. Around the Rotunda May move school for police to Waverly site poke spun in another Way on a recent trip to Chicago. And he advises done to get into a cab with More than one person in it. He did As he left the Congress hotel for the train to Creston the cab pulled up at the door in the regular lineup discovered too late the cab had been hijacked by two thugs who in turn Blac jacked him about two blocks from the Union station and left him on the Street dazed and minus what Cash he had in Billfold. An off duty Chicago fireman picked him up some later and got him to a Hospital. He was there several Days before he came Home bruised Noggin Black Eye and ail. The other Day we wrote some things about the possibility of City and country combining certain forces into a single Over All governmental unit. They do this in Hawaii our 50th state. And it works. A couple of Days later noted a Story in the Oelwein la., Register. They were reporting on a number of Community meetings about Many problems one of them being City and county government. Here Are some of their suggestions use same Engineer and staff by county and City coordinate sheriffs office and police into one unit use county conservation staff to supervise City and town Parks and recreation facilities in county. By Harrison Weber Iowa daily press association Des Moines idea the possibility of using the abandoned air Force radar station Ai Waverly As the site of the state s Law enforcement Academy is being explored. Far the Federal government has not declared it surplus property. Tie course Load at Camp Dodge is presently limited to 36 Law enforcement officers. The Waverly radar station was equipped to handle 180 men. If new buildings were added at Camp this week the attorney Gen Lodge to triple the course Loa i 10 re tel a hii1a/i 1 a f unlike mrs. Bud Frederickson of Creston recently received a clipping in an Exchange of letters from mrs. Dale Ruby Yeadon of Montrose colo., telling of mrs. Yeadon a work it seems quite a few places Are thinking about coordinating and combining. Interesting development a this Way the county unit becomes More prominent. The other alternative is to make the cities and towns More Independent of the county units Combine the county units. We Are not so sure this is efficient business but the larger areas Are going to push it in an Effort to remedy their own financing problems. And they have the votes. Eral s office ruled that under existing conditions the Academy must be located at Camp Dodge which is just North of dc3 Moines. Not Only does the state statute creating the Law enforcement Academy specifically state that it quot shall be situated at Camp Dodge quot but the state has entered into a special agreement with the military to allow the Academy to use a portion of the grounds at Camp Dodge for this purpose. It took an act of Congress for the state to get this permission. Although an administration building costing approximately $250,000, has been constructed for the Academy at Camp Dodge some members of the Law enforcement Academy Council see some advantages in moving the Academy to Waverly if the site wore to become available. So it s estimated it would Cost in the neighbourhood of $1 million. On the other hand some Council members think the Waverly installation could be renovated for approximately $200,000 to handle nearly 100 men. With so Many demands for More state office space it s presumed the Academy s administration building could find other suitable state tenants. However this might require another act of Congress As Wellas action by the Iowa legislature. George Orr Iowa crime commission director Anda member of the Council emphasized that discussions thus far have been very preliminary. Quot to just want to explore the alternatives quot he said. Lights out shades of Lyndon Johnson and his Light bulb Economy kick in the White House. One of the recommendations of the governor s Economy committee was to turn off unneeded lights in state office buildings at night. Estimated annual savings $6,7o0. This is one of several dozen of the committee s recommendations which has been implemented by executive action. Altogether it s estimated by Hugh h. Clarke budget Economy coordinator that upwards of $5 million will be saved annually by recommendations which already have been put into effect. Drugs rep. Willard Hansen a Cedar Falls has requested an attorney general s opinion on whether state mental health facilities can be used for the treatment of drug users. He also wants to know if the attorney general feels that Federal funds can legally be received for this purpose. Hansen notes that unused space is available in some mental health centers in Iowa and wonders if this could t be utilized to meet the mushrooming drug problem. Lawrence e. Lamb m. D. Lose 10 to 20 pounds a year with walking by Lawrence e. Lamb . Your social Security a must withhold from Domestic or farm pay by Martin a. Gundlach manager Creston District social Security office if you Are having a problem controlling your weight a change in your physical activity May help a great Deal. Fat stores develop because you either eat or drink too Many calories or Don t exercise enough. Exercise programs and diets often fail because they Are undertaken on a crash basis rather than As permanent living habits. If you want to use exercise to lose fat you done to need to work the heart and circulation at the High Levels resulting from jogging running or a number of competitive sports. A brisk 30-minute walk each Day will cause most average weight people to lose at least 10 pounds a year provided they done to increase their usual calorie intake. If you need to lose More fat or lose faster the Best approach is to increase your walking time gradually. An hour a Day can eliminate 20 pounds of fat by the end of he year. Losing fat by exercise does not always mean losing weight in fact you can gain weight while losing fat. This is Why the bathroom Scales done to Tell the whole truth. 1 11rst Learned this by studying Young health men put to bed rest to find out How weightlessness during space a Lilit would affect the Astro nauts. The explanation is that one Pound of fat tissue contains five times As Many calories As one Pound of lean muscle. Theoretically if you converted All the calories in one Pound of fat to muscle tissue you would gain four pounds net weight. With inactivity As the calories in Muscles Are converted to fat you lose pounds but not calories. If five pounds of muscle turns to fat you will lose four pounds net weight. The difference in calories in fat and muscle explains Why so Many people who go on a combined diet and exercise program fail to lose weight. The Waistline May slim and the body become firmer then when they step on the Scales they Are disappointed to see that they Haven to lost weight. The Best Way to Tell if you Are losing undesirable fat or not is to feel a fold of the skin around the Waist. Any major fat Roll under the skin is evidence you still have work to do. Remember if your goal is to lose ugly and unhealthy fat stores regular exercise daily even in Small amounts can do the trick if you Are patient and stay away from the calories. It is persistence that counts. Newspaper Enterprise Ann editor s note in this and articles to follow Martin a. Gundlach manager of the Creston District social Security office answers questions frequently asked about the social Security program. Question i pay my cleaning lady $30 per week. I know i have to take out social Security tax for her but must i also take out income tax answer no income tax is not withheld from Domestic or farm employees by the employer. Question i am 19 years old and receiving monthly benefits because i am a full time High school student. Up graduate next year and i Only need to enrol for two subjects and one study period which amounts to 15 hours per week. Also up spend 15 hours on a Job that the school jul obtain for me As a part of my course of study. Jul i be enrolled for enough hours per week to be considered a full time answer yes you win been round for enough hours. You must be enrolled for at least 20 hours per week and the Job hours the school requires you to Fiu jul be added to the other 15 hours. The Creston office serves residents of Adair Adams Cass Clarke Decatur Montgomery Page Ringgold Taylor and Union counties. If you have any questions concerning social Security write or Call at lie Creston social Security office 316 West Montgomery Creston. You can meet a representative of the Creston social Security office at the following locations oct. 12, West basement court House Corning 9 . Oct. 12, Library basement Greenfield 1 30 . Oct. 13, City Hall Clarinda 9 30 . Oct. 14, Liberty memorial budding Shenandoah 9 30 . Oct. 15, City Hall Atlantic 9 30 . 10 years ago King Frederik and Queen Ingrid of Denmark were per Soncuy welcomed by president Eisenhower As they arrived in Washington . For a state visit. The school reorganization plan to merge the present Orient Community District and Thema Casburg consolidated District and adjoining areas of Madison count into a new Community school District was approved. Bill outhouse Steve Collins and Howard Waltersdorf spoke to the Creston rotary club. They were introduced by Robert j. Beecher 15 years ago or. W. Culbertson head of the heart research Center at the University of Iowa Hospital addressed a meeting in Creston. He told the Reston rotarians that each Man in the room Swul a serious interest in heart disease the biggest killer in american history. Alice Cameron Mary Quick and Norma George freshman at Creston Junior College entertained their big Sisters Shirley Schafer Marlene Huber and Regina Bender at dinner at hotel Iowana. Two showers for or. And mrs. Bill Richardson and daughters of Orient whose Home was destroyed in a recent fire have been held. 25 years ago the temperature at noon was 58 degrees. Phe Detroit tigers captured the 1945 world series title. Donn w. Harper was installed As commander of the Cre Ston american l Region at a Stag dinner and business meeting held at Crest Moor Golf club. Mrs. Roy 1 rus has been elected As temporary president of the Union c county health improvement association. Letters to the editor letter from our Reader. Opinions sex Prev de Are those of the writers and do not necessarily represent the views of the news advertiser. One Way traffic and our youth editor news advertiser As we All realize by now the main topic of almost everyone s conversation is either the Cowie Way streets or How our youth Are acting. Imagine the ones fighting the one Way streets now will be just As perturbed if we change Back to our former Lane of traffic. We Are living in changing times and will have to be flexible enough to adjust ourselves Togo along with it. We do have a perfect set up for one Way traffic East on Adams West on Montgomery and from Elm to Walnut. But Why foul it up by bringing in the rest of the streets in on the system such As Mills and streets West of Elm in the future if More one Way streets were needed they can always be added on. We do have Large trucks and a lot of traffic coming from South on Elm not familiar with our town that should go West on Adams that creates quite a problem. And to get to our Young people they Are not All Lazy and All bad have had and do have some of the finest in my employ and know Many others and can not see Why the majority should be judged by the minority. That is Why we should be flexible enough to look Forward and backward. Let s look backward a few years when we were their Ages. Is there much difference fads came and went then dress music dancing Etc. When you hear so Many say what s the matter with their folks quot letting them run like that and not knowing where they re did you Ever Stop to think they May not know where their folks Are. With so Many Busy people there Are two age groups that do not fit in our modern Day society both the youth and the aged and yet the two most important far More than any of us who try to exclude them. Our elders made us everything we have much More important than wealth and our youth will take Over tomorrow so let s All take time to show them both just a Little More respect. Ramblings of Inez l Hoffman Creston attend parents 50th anniversary Lorimor or. And mrs. Donald Shower and family of Maryville to. Spent sunday with or. Showers parents or. And mrs. Arvid showers who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with an open House. Visiting with friends and neighbors on sunday were or. Leonard Deaton and son Ray and daughter Margery of Des Moines and formerly of Lori mor. A group of 15 ladies attended a Tupperware party at the Home of mrs. Bertha Verwers. Following the entertainment delicious refreshments were served by the hostess. Or. And mrs. Glen Campbell attended the Macksburg Community picnic on sunday. Read the want ads Cut Aston Laws Adsa tilt l j. Van Nostrand publisher published afternoon except sunday by the Gatton publishing company 503 Watt Adam snoot. Second Dot Pottage paid at Jetton Iowa 50801 vol. 90. No. 158 oct. 10, 1970 official paper for Jetton for Union county and Union county Extension Servian member of the Inland daily pret association. Member Iowa Dally pret association Des mome news and business building. , 508 shops member of the associated press. The associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for reproduction of All local As Well asap Newt dispatches. Subscription rates a in Cretton by Carrier 45c per week. By mall in Union and and Oinling counties $11.50 per year $6. Tax months. Outside above of uncles and within 150 mile radius of Creston . Zone 12 $12.50 per year. In Creston if you fall to receive your paper dial 782-2141 before 615 . Monday through fridays by 5 . On saturdays and a paper will be dispatched to you. Super Valu Creston Iowa specials for sunday monday and tuesday Only oct. Ii 12 and 13 Only right reserved to limit Swansong a new Frozen to dinners Spaghetti of a or Macaroni of Jiffy Frozen entries beef amp Gravy # Chicken k dumplings # Turkey amp Gravy i beef Stew save 30c 32-oz. Size faultless Spray starch 22-oz. Can save 37c new Johnson a future for floors 27-Oi. Bottle save 20c wizard Spray room deodorant can save 21 c regular or Lemon Lysol disinfectant Spray 7-oz. Can save 20c Borden a thirsted smash Orange drink 64-oz. Plastic Jug Madera Ripe olives no. 300 can double s. Amp h. Green Stamps wednesday at Eastern a

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