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Creston News Advertiser Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1971, Page 1

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Creston News Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Creston, Iowa A Bright picture on o Rainy _ labor rejects Nixon talk Miami Beach Fla. A president Nixon s Blunt pledge to press wage Price controls whether organized labor likes it or not has met with brusque dismissal by a hostile Al Cio convention. The confrontation apparently signals a major presidential Campaign clash in 1972. Labor sources expressed mixed views Over who came off Best politically in the rare pub a lie clash Between Nixon and president George Meany of the Al Cio at the federation s convention Friday. A a Nixon was speaking to a National audience Quot said Peter t. Schoemann a member of the Al Cio s powerful 35-Man executive Board that earlier won convention approval to refuse cooperation with Federal wage controls. A White House aide said Nixon came Here against the advice of All his advisers. The aide pictured the convention treatment of the president As Quot studied Many labor leaders viewed Nixon s speech before some 2,-000 delegates alternates and guests As the opem. Sally in the president s bid for re election. Quot he did t win any friends Here but i m afraid its going to have a big effect in the nation Quot another Al Cio official said of Nixon s face to face showdown with labor critics. Nixon said whether he gets cooperation from labor and other groups or not Quot it is my obligation As president of the United states to make this program of stopping the Rise in the Cost of living the audience at Best gave scattered polite applause and a delightful Between seasons picture features mrs. Roger Nurnberg and her youngest daughter Stephani to 515 West Mills Street. Halted by a red Border of their transparent plastic umbrella the Mother and daughter Are an attractive pair. Minus the raindrops the red accents against the Evergreen background seem to speak of the approaching Christmas season. News advertiser color photo. Delinquent tax list for 1971 published today the delinquent tax list for Union county for 1971 is published today on pages 4, 5 and 6 of today a Creston news advertiser. The list includes properties on which taxes Are due this year and in prior years. There also is a listing of delinquent personal property taxes. The delinquent tax list is running about the same As last year. County treasurer Glenn Conard said although the delinquent personal property listing is less than previously because the legislature has exempted much personal property from taxation. The delinquent tax list will be published again next saturday. The annual Sale of property on which taxes Are delinquent w ill be held by the county treasurer and the county auditor starting on dec. 6 at the treasurer s office at the court House. The Sale will Start at 10 on the first monday in december and will continue at 10 . Each Day until there Are no bidders for the remaining listings on the delinquency list. Properties can be removed from the list at any time before the Sale. Jeane Horning named president of station Sib mrs. Jeane homing has been named president of the Southwest Iowa broadcasting company succeeding her late husband e. M. Homing who founded the company and station Sib which it operates it has been announced by the Board of directors. Mrs. Homing has served As Secretary of the company. Arden w. Mckee ame Berof the Board has been named Secretary. Terry homing son of the homing has been named acting general manager. He was also elected to the Board taking his father s place. Other off leers of the company Are mrs. Frances Olson of Atlantic vice president and mrs. Belle Livingston of Creston treasurer. News of the Day raise for miners Washington a despite opposition from the Public members the pay Board Friday approved a pay increase for striking Coal miners about three times higher than the Board s own phase 2 guidelines. Members of the Board disagreed on the percentage amount of the pact s increase with opponents claiming the agreement provided a 16.8 per cent increase on hourly compensation during the first year and supporters saying 11 per cent goes for salaries and four per cent for the Union s welfare fund. A spokesman for the . Chamber of Commerce immediately called the raises Quot obviously inflationary Quot mass on Border phenom penh Cambodia a thousands of South vietnamese troops and armoured vehicles were seen massing along the cambodian Border Early saturday poised for a possible attack against North vietnamese and Viet Cong bases. Earlier the cambodian command s chief spokesman said a South vietnamese thrust into enemy bases in Eastern Cambodia would help ease pressure on cambodian forces near phenom penh and on the northeastern front. Governors for Butz Washington apr. Earl l. Butz president Nixon s nominee for Secretary of agriculture Friday received the endorsement of the nation s Republican governors while coming under renewed attack from Senate democrats. The governors urged Butz immediate confirmation. The democrats said he scorns Nixon s welfare Reform opposes consumerism and environmentalists and is unfit for the Cabinet position. Foreign Aid Bill Washington a the Senate agreed Friday to vote monday on a bitterly controversial the Creston news advertiser vol. 91 no. 195 daily since dec. 5, 1881 Creston Iowa 50801 saturday november 20, 1971 ten cents Iowa a magnificent Terrace Hill laughed when Nixon contended that his 90-Day wage Price freeze was a remarkable Success and that Quot if you Don t think so go Home and ask your wives who go to the grocery Meany and most other labor leaders Are waiting Only for the democrats to Settle on a presidential nominee before throwing All their support that Way. Democratic presidential contender sen. George Mcgovern of South Dakota got a comparatively warm Welcome in a speech backing labor s pay demands. He suggested that Nixon be Quot phased out Quot of the White House next year. Many of the labor leaders Here talked More favourably about a democratic ticket headed by sen. Henry m. Jackson of Washington with possibly sen. Edward m. Kennedy of Massachusetts As Jackson s running mate. Quot while some of you May be against me politically and some of you May be against my party i know from experience Over the last three years that when the chips Are Down org presidential Campaign financing plan. The plan is proposed As an amendment to the $27-billion tax Cut Bill under consideration in the chamber. Campaign costs Washington a House Senate conferees trying to put together an acceptable foreign Aid Bill say they Are optimistic they can do the Job but they won t get Down to specifics until the House returns from a 10-Day thanksgiving recess nov. 29. Rep. Thomas e. Doc Morgan j d-pa., chairman of the House foreign affairs committee said after the first conference session Friday Quot All we did was ferret out the major differences. I think we can work out a Bill Quot but it is going to be Quot the toughest Ever Quot of foreign Aid conferences. Sen. J. W. Fulbright d-ark., Morgan s counterpart in the Senate reportedly complained about the House s revival of its $3.4 billion Aid Bill killed by the Senate. He wanted the House to consider the Senate s separate economic and military Aid measures totaling$2.67 billion. Abolishes parties Bangkok Thailand Apfield marshal Thanom Kirtika Chorn abolished All political parties in Thailand today. I Hanom a National executive Council announced Quot no one is allowed to form any political party from now overheated motor at Junior High a motor in the heating distribution system at the Creston Junior High school overheated this morning causing a smell of smoke in the building. Firemen were called by a custodian. Firemen found the overheated motor in the Industrial arts room and disconnected it. There appeared to be no damage but the motor was to be removed for inspection. By Robert Spiegel editor Mason City Globe Garetto distributed by Iowa daily press association Des Moines it was in 1865 that b. F. Allen a Des Moines banker selected a dominant Hilltop on which to build a magnificent Home. The Hill was Quot far out of town Quot West of the Prairie town erf 7,-000 persons. The View must have been magnificent then As it is today. The Hill now at 23rd and grand pm the West Edge erf downtown Des Moines overlooks the Valley bisected by the Racoon and Des Moines Rivers the Valley in which Des Moines began to grow. The rolling and Rich Iowa land stretched grandly to the four horizons As construction work started. Today the City of 200,-000 lies at the feet of the Hill on three sides and flattens gradually to the West. Cost $280,000 George Mills a longtime Des Moines Register reporter and historian wrote in his Book urge higher pay for state supt. Des Moines a the state Board of Public instruction has voted to ask the Iowa legislature for authority to set the salary erf the state superintendent of Public instruction within limits. The Board voted Friday to ask the legislature in january to Grant it the Power to set the superintendent s salary but to set its limit within $2,000 of what the highest paid local school superintendent earns. The state superintendent s yearly salary is currently set by the state legislature with the salary now set at $26,000 a figure less than that of 22 local school superintendents in Iowa. State Board members say the lower pay scale for the state superintendent created a 10-month delay in finding a replacement for state superintendent Paul Johnston Johnston s replacement or. Robert Benton school superintendent at Council Bluffs will take a Cut in pay when he assumes the state Post next july. Board member Robert Beecher of c Reston proposed tying the state superintendent s pay to the top local school superintendent s salary saying that without such a limit the legislation Quot does t stand a Board member t. J. Heroin mus of Grundy Center agreed and said the proposal had been submitted Quot Over and Over Quot without any ceiling and Quot they re not going to give this Board unlimited authority to set this he added that if the salary of the state s chief education officer is to be geared to any other pay scale Quot it seems to me it should be with the local however mrs. Earls Leverson Avoca contended the salary should be tied to those of the presidents of the three state universities because of the prestige involved. The state Board has voted to exempt two More Amish schools from meeting minimum state requirements. The Board voted the exemptions Friday for Lebanon private school in Van Burn county and Koscoe township private school in Davis county. Quot the Little Man with the Long Shadow Quot that it Cost Allen about $250,000, Quot a really amazing amount of Money in the Post civil War Des Moines had no Railroad in the 1860s, so 16 mule teams hauled the materials for the mansion. The mid victorian architecture was adapted to the Iowa Community by w. W. Boyington famed Chicago architect. It is regarded today As one of the finest examples of that period architecture. A Brick and Stone Tower crowns the three Story Structure. Built at the Crown of an 8-acre tract forced to sell the depression of the 1870s crushed Allen. He was forced to sell. The buyer was Frederick m. Hubbell a rising Des Moines businessman who had a More modest Home not far from the Allen mansion known As Terrace Hill. Hubbell bought it in 1884 for $55,000. This is the stately mansion that recently was Given to the backfire causes fire in truck a truck owned by Kenneth Stoenner was damaged by a fire that started when he was trying to Start the truck in Alley behind his Home at 606 South Maple Street at 7 10 . Today. Firemen said a backfire throughout the Carburettor started the fire. The flames damaged the wiring to the motor and also caused some damage to the Radiator. It spread into the car where some damage was caused. Firemen put out the Blaze quickly. Postpone phone hearing 5 weeks Des Moines a a five week hearing delay has been granted in the controversial Iowa Telephone co. Rate increase Case Here because a Public consultant says he has uncovered evidence to prove the firm is entitled to the boost. Leo Steffen the Public consultant sought the delay Friday from the Iowa Commerce commission until dec. 27. Inc chairman Maurice Van Nostrand granted the recess but not before an attorney for the Knoxville firm Donald wine charged that Steffen and members of the inc had made an $867,000 error in their calculations and were seeking the delay Only to cover up their mistakes. Steffen denied the accusation and said the recess was needed to give his staff time to review new evidence in the Case prepared by the Telephone company. The Iowa Telephone co. Is seeking a $267,000 rate increase. The request was filed in 1967, but never acted upon until last june when the inc attempted to give the firm a $154,-000 raise after negotiating behind closed doors. An investigation into the proceedings by gov. Robert rays office ended with the governor reprimanding the inc and the firm for the Way its business was conducted. Steffens evidence is designed to show that Iowa Telephone s current rates Are already too High and that the inc should reject the increase request on these grounds. State of Iowa by the Frederick m. Hubbell estate. The last of the Hubbell left Terrace Hill in 1957. Gov. Robert d. Ray has named Mills an historian by instinct and interest As chairman of a 35-member committee of iowans to make recommendations to the Iowa legislature and the state executive Council for development of Terrace Hill and its preservation As an historical landmark. No committee has Ever had a More handsome setting for an organizational meeting Terrace Hill. Winding entry Road the entry is on a winding Roadway that cuts through the Well tended expanse erf grass and Trees past the Brick Carriage House to Terrace Hill itself. For one who has driven past countless times yet never reached the hones Ite this is a particular treat. Terrace Hill is higher than you Ever imagined. It is 100 feet or More above the floor of the City scentral business Dis stans in Moscow to talk Trade Moscow a Secretary of Commerce Maurice stans came to Moscow today to talk about Trade with the soviet Union. Premier Alexei n. Kosygin told him Quot we Are pinning great Hopes on your visit Quot the Premier added that he hoped Quot an important positive shift in our relations Quot would be a result. Quot we Don t expect any momentous decisions on this one visit Quot Kosygin told stans in the Kremlin. Quot we do expect to reach some understanding to prepare for future important decisions. Quot i feel we could decide on the order of things draw up a program of approach. Develop our Trade and economic ties Quot Kosygin said Quot when i said we expect no momentous decisions it does t mean we Don t want to reach agreement. We would like an Kosygin added the he thinks Quot we must do some fruitful work Quot during the 11 Days stans will be in the soviet Union. Kosygin cautioned however that Quot it does t depend on us alone. It needs a Mutual Effort Quot u. S. Correspondents were allowed to sit in for Kosygin s opening remarks. Then they were ushered out of the office. The Kosygin appointment emphasized the importance soviet officials attach to this first visit to the soviet Union by a member of president Nixon s Cabinet and the first visit Ever by a us. Secretary of Commerce. The Secretary and his hosts Are expected to tackle the problems and obstacles which have kept Trade Between the two countries at a Low level the weather partly Cloudy and colder saturday night and sunday. Lows saturday night in the mid 20s, winds northwesterly 20-30mph. Highs sunday in the upper 30s to lower 40s. Probability of measurable precipitation in per cent saturday night and sunday 10. From Creston official weather station High past 24 hours 46 Low past 24 hours 37 Readow at 11 30 . 53 strict perhaps on a level with the 10th to 12th floors of the equitable building. A Large swimming Pool built in the 1930s, is on the East Side of the Hill. It looks More like an abandoned roman Bath. The design of formal gardens remain. They easily could Rise again. Then there is the mansion itself. La excellent condition it is in excellent condition maintained constantly by the Hubbell estate. A caretaker lives in the Carriage House the present one is Charles Carl Burg a Drake University Law student who estimates the Hubbell estate has spent $95,000 on its Upkeep in the past 15 years. Proof comes with the Mere opening of the great arched doors As you enter. They open noiselessly easily though perhaps 9 feet tall and made of Walnut that is 3 inches thick. The balance of the doors is Superb As they swing pm hinges made of Silver plate. As you enter the front door a towering lobby confronts you and the Sun s rays slant through stained Glass windows that Are set above the first Landing of a wide staircase. Carlburg gave the committee members a tour through the 20-room mansion. This was the drawing room with a Large and sparkling chandelier in the Middle then the receiving room the sunlit parlor Quot the Hubbell family spent most of its time Here Quot the Library a dining room. The ceilings Are High the windows plentiful and Large. The Kitchen Carlburg explains one has been fixed up in the basement the original Kitchen was in a separate building. Paintings tapestries books and an occasional ornately carved chair remain. The floors Are covered with Oriental rugs faded but still Rich in texture. Carved a Nodi Way the second floor reached by a curving staircase or an elevator has seven or eight More continued on Page 2 All commemorative Stamps of 1971 to be in mini album stamp folders miniature albums which will contain All commemorative Stamps issued by the us. Postal service in 1971 and the two 1971 Christmas St amps that were issued on nov. 10 will be available at the Creston Post office. A firm Date for release of the commemorative stamp folders has not yet been set. The Creston Post office has been selected As a distribution Center for the folders because As a sectional Center it is a focal Point for distribution of mail to 35 associate offices. This is the first time such commemorative stamp folders have been Matte available on a nationwide basis. The starter kits which will be sold at the Creston Post office and at Many of its associate offices contain 24 commemorative Stamps and a mini album with a description of each. They Are designed primarily to encourage stamp collecting by Young people and will Cost $2.50, postmaster m. E. Anderson said. Quot we Are pleased that we can make these attractive mini albums available throughout our area Quot he said. It is expected the folders will be on Sale within the next week or so. Aniced labor is for America Quot Nixon said in one of numerous appeals that fell All but Flat. Al Cio officials refused to introduce Nixon Over their Loudspeaker refused to permit live television coverage erf his speech and sent their musicians out of the Hall so they could t play the traditional presidential greeting erf Quot Hail to the there was no escort committee for Nixon when he finished his speech and Meany Cut Short Nixon s Effort to Duck under a rope to shake hands with some labor delegates. Nixon appeared shocked and continued on Page 2 Louise county to vaccinate 3,500 for measles Wapello apr Louisa county health officials plan a mass inoculation program next week to guard their 3,500 school children from an epidemic of nine Day measles in neighbouring Des Moines county. A a ederal health officials declared Des Moines county in Southeast Iowa an epidemic Region with 187 outbreaks of the measles reported in recent weeks. Nancy Pierce the Louisa county Public health nurse says More than 15 cases of the measles had been reported in that county by Friday. She says the cases have All appeared in recent weeks. While the . Public health department does not consider 15 cases an epidemic the precaution of inoculating the youngsters against the nine Day measles is seen As a safeguard to prevent the disease from spreading. The Des Moines county epidemic the first in six years has drawn special attention from the . Public health service Center for disease control at Atlanta ga., with a team of disease specialists arriving in Southeast Iowa Friday. Local officials said the decision to expand the inoculation drive from Des Moines county to Louisa county was made by Richard Gunn of the Iowa department of health. Gunn made the decision after inspecting the county officials reported. Jackson will y enter 4 primaries Washington sen. Henry m. Scoop Jackson of Washington an acknowledged a underdog Quot announced Friday that he will enter primaries in new Hampshire Florida Illinois and w Wisconsin in a quest for the democratic presidential nomination in 1972. He conceded the new Hampshire test to sen. Edmund s. Muskie of Maine but said he is confident he has a Chance to make a reasonable showing. The 59-year old senator was accompanied by his w Ife Helen and his two children when he made his announcement to seek the democratic nomination in the primaries at a press conference in the Senate caucus room. Jackson said he will begin his Campaign in Florida and estimated that it will Cost $1 Quot to get to Wisconsin a the fourth of his planned primary contests. Jackson joins sen. Georges Mcgovern a so and mayor Sam Yorty of los Angeles As the remaining declared candidates

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