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Creston News Advertiser Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1961, Page 1

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Creston News Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Creston, Iowa Creston news advertiser vol. 80. A number 290. Daily since dec. 5, 1881 Creston Iowa saturday March 11,1961. Seven cent jobless Aid now up to Senate reds in Laos Are showing new strength peace plan is threatened by Patchet lao Vientiane. Laos Patchet lao forces showing a new strength that threatens peace plans sent government troops fleeing in two different directions today from a showdown Battle for the Sala Phou Koun Road Junction. The rebel assaults drove government defenders eight Miles North to the High ground of neighbouring Sala Pou Keng. Other Royal troops abandoned the strategic Road completely near Muong Kassy 22 Miles South. The Junction controls the North South Highway in Central Laos and lies less than 100 Miles North of Vientiane and Only 40 Miles South of the Royal seat of Luang Pahang. The Patchet guerrilla action apparently stalls the governments intended incas i o n drive into the Plaine Des Jar res the rebel stronghold lying eastward along Queen Astrid Highway. Loss of a big stretch of the Road from the administrative capital of Vientiane to Luang Rabang is the governments biggest military setback since january. But systematic destruction by government troops made the route useless to the advancing rebels. The government said the Northern sector around Sala Pou Keng was holding firm with Royal artillery in command. The fighting near Muong Kassy was said to be guerrilla style with no heavy losses on either Side. Volunteers wont give up search for boy 4 Large audience sees Junior play a three act comedy mystery by Vera Caspary and George Sklar was presented successfully at 7 30 p. Friday in the Creston High school auditorium by a Small but convincing cast of juniors. There was a Large attendance at the class play. Barbara Ingham in the title role did extremely Well As a a girl Quot whom men of the cast found highly attractive. Bill outhouse was equally successful As Mark Mcpherson chief detective investigating the murder in Laura Hunts apartment. He fell in love with her portrait a Well done likeness and a focal Point from the first to the last curtain. Jerre Waltersdorf As Danny Dorgan 19 year old Rock and Roll fan Mike Terrell As Shelby Carpenter Laura a unfaithful Fiance and Lanny Green As Waldo Lydecker Laura a rejected suitor All played their parts Well. Particularly smooth was greens performance As he swaggered around the stage and Over dramatized himself right up to the moment when his unusual walking Cane turned out to be the murder weapon and he the Slayer in a Case of mistaken identities. Wanda Hauser added much to the play As Bessie Clary Laura a devoted maid Donna Caldwell As it mrs. Dorgan Laura a impatient Landlady and Joe Wilson As detective Olsen did Well in bit parts. Another prop which played a big part in the performance was the White Telephone Over which Many communications were carried including the last which the audience never heard. The play was directed by Larry turbot who also designed the effective two level set. Janet Abbott was student assistant . H. Driver Hurt As truck hits tree Shenandoah a Lyman Cecil of Cromwell was injured when his truck crashed into a tree on Highway 2, near Shenandoah. He was taken to the Clarinda municipal Hospital for treatment of a broken foot and severe cuts. He has returned Home and in getting about on crutches. Deep snowdrifts wooded areas being combed Winthrop volunteers a who just can to give up a continued to probe into snowdrifts and wooded areas today in another attempt to find Little Jimmy Franck missing since last tuesday. While the boys Mother turned to her Bible for Solace the search went on for the 4-year-old boy whose disappearance touched off a massive search around their farm in Northeast Iowa. A we thought wed make our last search Friday a a a county official said a but those people just can to give up. They went out again this morning and in a sure they will be looking again sunday. Hope wanes a but i m afraid we wont find anything until those big Snow drifts hundreds of persons turned out Friday tramping around Everett Franck a farm in a vain search. The boys father joined them. Mrs. Franck waited hopefully in their two Story Frame House. A i cling to the Bible in my loneliness a a mrs. Franck said. A Jimmy liked to go to sunday school Quot said mrs. Franck wistfully. A it was a Happy time for him because he got to play with other the Sun had come out to melt a Little of the Snow drifts that piled up last tuesday evening. Little Jimmy had wandered off several hours before the storm hit while his father was doing chores and his Mother was in the House. Not a Trace there was not a Trace of where he went. Every foot on the 280-acre Franck farm had been searched and the Countryside had been scoured four Miles around. A a we la continue to search As Long As there Are volunteers Quot said sheriff Emery Hart As he prepared to organize another group today. A i Hope now that Jimmy a been kidnapped a said the boys father. A a in a say id be Lucky if he has been kidnapped. Its the Only Way Well Ever see him alive a the lord is in charge of this now Quot said mrs. Franck. A fall i can do is to accept it the Francks have three other children ted 12, Lee 11, and Peggy Ann 9. Iowa Soldier killed in crash in Germany Heidelberg Germany of a a a the . Army today identified two soldiers killed in a car crash thursday morning As Donald r. Cristy 19. Of Idaho and Daniel d. Rieks 18, of Iowa. Riekse parents or. And mrs. Ewald Otto Rieks live in new Providence Iowa. The two soldiers were members of the 24th Engineer group at Kaiserslautern. They were killed when their car swerved off the Highway while negotiating a Sharp Bend. Two German girls were Riding with them. The kidnapping theory arose when neighbors reported seeing a strange Man in a Blue car prowling about the Vicinity of the Franck farm the Day Jimmy disappeared. Everybody in Buchanan county with a Blue car has been checked out. Sheriff Hart reported receiving Telephone Calls from All Over the nation with suggestions on How to find the boy. A a we re trying every Hunch a he added. Merger petition is circulated petitions asking for the merger of the Colony township school District in Adams county with t h e Cromwell consolidated school District Are being circulated after a meeting last night at which the proposal was discussed. About 28 persons in the Colony township District attending the meeting last night at which the merger procedure was explained by Thomas j. Moore Union county superintendent of schools and John h. Solomon Cromwell superintendent. There Are 38 eligible voters in the Colony District. The District school Board expects to have the petitions signed by most of the eligible voters within a few Days. There Are eight sections of land in the District which is in the Southern part of the township. Moore and Solomon explained that the merger procedure is a simplified one whereby a non High school District can be merged with a High school District without going through the full procedure of school reorganization. When a petition calling for a merger is signed by at least 20 percent of the eligible voters in the non High school District it is filed with the High school District Board. If approved by the High school District Board notice is Given to the voters in the High school District. Unless a petition objecting to the merger is filed by at least 20 percent of the High school District voters an election is called in the non High school District. If the merger is approved by a majority of those voting in the non High school District the merger becomes effective on the following july 1. The Colony township District was one of those included in the recent reorganization proposal with the Creston Community school District which was dismissed by the county boards of education of Union Adams and Ringgold counties because of objections from the Kent school District. Amft Queen Speaks a wearing a powder Blue dress and a tall hat with petals. Queen Elizabeth ii Speaks at luncheon in i mrion welcoming her return to England from extended foreign tour. Left to right Are or. Geoffrey Fisher archbishop of Canterbury sir Bernard , the lord mayor of i Ondon the Queen and her husband Prince Philip. A Nea telephoto. 2 Iowa democrats considered for Federal Job farm business dinner March 23 Newton Farmer will be speaker Washington Ltd a a two iowans former democratic congressman Leonard g. Wolf of Elkader and Leonard Hoffman Iowa Falls Farmer Are reported under consideration for Federal jobs under the Kennedy administration. Sources said that Wolf who. _. ,.,was Defeated for re election last ithe Cal it Ken inn West of tev lather Mother and three Chil fall will be appointed to a ton on thursday evening a Dren required Hospital treatment $18,900 a year Post As a special March 23. Willis Hoakison is for s71 a inhalation. The annual Farmer business Man dinner of the Union county Blind couple and 12 children rescued from fire Detroit of a Blind Mother and father and their 12 children were rescued today from a pre Dawn fire in their Home. They were William Joyce a Wayne county assistant prosecutor his wife Bertha also farm Bureau will be held at sikh less and their children the state enlarging Road maintenance Yard he re the state Highway commission will sell buildings from four lots on East Page Street which it has purchased for expansion of the Highway maintenance Yard Here. The buildings will be sold on april 10, with sealed bids being received until 1 p. M., on that Date at the commission s office in Ames. The commission has purchased property on both sides of the 700 Block on East Page Street. The property formerly was owned by o. W. Johnson Irene Breo and Clara m. Clark. Buildings to be sold include a seven room House four room House three room House a 12 by 27 foot garage two storage Sheds a Chicken House and two outside toilets. The Highway commission said the property is needed to enlarge the maintenance Yard in connection with the Maintenon Ance garage. The additional space is needed for stockpiling of materials and for storage of equipment. Ner Hoakison said a smorgasbord dinner will be served at 7 p. Assistant in the International cooperation administration. Hoffman one of the organizers of the democratic farm Campaign in 1960 was reported in line for a $15,000 Job As regional director in the Midwest for the agricultural stabilization Merrill Anderson a Newton and conservation division Farmer and a director of the ask. Iowa farm Bureau federa Wolf has been studying Span tion for the fifth District will ish in a division of the state be the guest speaker. Anderson department and is scheduled to was one of the speakers at the study portuguese later. It was National farm Institute held repaid he will be assigned to the gently in Des Moines. Chairman of the 1 Arm Bureau Joyce a Leader dog a Labrad committee arranging the Din a or retriever suffocated. The fire of undetermined origin was confined to the base office of latin american affairs under a Post which would not require Senate confirmation. It also was reported that three iowans Neel Hill of Webster City Fred Mclain of Nevada and b. Pm. Metcalf of Nichols Are being mentioned for appointment to three positions on the Iowa ask committee. Serving on the committee with Hoakison Are Gerald Swan ment of the Home but fireman William Murphy said that a the storm window made the whole House like an the children Are Patricia 15 Barbara 13 Margaret 12 William and Michael 11-year-old twins Kathleen 10 Daniel 8 Sally 7 Janice 6 James 4 Carol 1, and Robert 4 months. All have Normal vision. Patricia William and Kath Rudy Weisshaar Wayne Crit Leen were hospitalized. Neigh injures hand in Corn shelter Corning Franklin Rogers 15, who lives on a farm near Corning suffered an injury to his hand this morning. He caught the hand in a Corn Sheller while helping Shell Corn. He was taken to the greater Corn one w As seriously injured the Unity Hospital at Creston other one slightly. Where he is undergoing surgery. Hoover declines peace corps Post Washington former president Herbert Hoover has declined an invitation from president Kennedy to head a citizens advisory committee to the newly organized peace corps the White House disclose pendent and Don Seeley. Boy trapped in Home Freezer for an hour Chicago Iff Johnny Cleary 4, is warming up in a Hospital today after spending More than an hour trapped in his family a Home Freezer. He we As discovered by his father Martin 37, who noticed a chair standing near the closed Freezer in the basement of the Home last night. Johnny a smother Eileen had telephoned police who were scouring the Cleary a South Side hours took in the others. Courageous action on the part of Joyce two of his daughters and several neighbors was credited w Ith preventing a tragedy. Joyce groped into a second floor bedroom where his seven daughters were asleep aroused hem kicked out a front window and passed his children to safety on a porch roof. De today. In a Telegram Hoover told neighbourhood when Cleary re Kennedy that his age 86, and Jurne from work and found the Long standing commitments pre of vented his taking on the peace corps assignment. Farmer killed in tractor mishap Grinnell of Harry Morrison 61, was killed Friday when he became entangled in the pow de Takeoff of a tractor he we As he was crouched in the Freezer half conscious. He could Only moan when his father found him. At holy Cross Hospital doctors said Johnny a temperature was 95 degrees nearly four degrees below body temperature. A and that was after he s warmed up for some time a one physician said. The boys condition operating on his farm near Here. Was described As fair. House voting machine is wearing out sometimes it forgets to record vote Des Moines Cpin the voting machine in the Iowa House is in delicate health and there s a growing feeling among legislators that perhaps it should be retired. The machine is one that electronically records the Roll Call votes of House members on All the Bills that come up for passage. Its a venerable machine a the oldest one still in use in any legislature in the United states says William Kendrick chief clerk of the House a and it has rendered Yeoman service through the years. But for the past several sessions it has been increasingly showing the infirmities of age. Mistakes sometimes it forgets to record the vote of some legislator. That happens at least once on almost every legislative Day. Occasionally too it makes mistakes in addition so that if you believe its figures you a think the House had already been re apportioned a with maybe 135 members instead of 108. And twice in the current session it has broken Down completely. This requires an emergency operation to put it Back in shape. Because of these annoying foibles More and More legislators Are saying the machine should be sent to wherever old voting machines go when they die and replaced with a newer Model. Rep. A. C. Hanson a Inwood chairman of the House appropriations committee says there a quite a bit of discussion about replacing the machine hut nobody yet has proposed a Bill to do it. Cost High the Cost gives them pause. Kendrick estimates a new modern machine would Cost in the neighbourhood of $80,000 to $85,-000. Hanson says he a heard estimates ranging As High As $130,000 to $140,000. Its probable said Kendrick that the lawmakers instead will decide to spend around $4,000 to $5,000 to give the old machine a new lease on life. The machine is one of the More interesting features of the House chamber. It consists of a panel above the speakers Rostrum listing All the legislators. Beside each name Are two lights one red the other Green. On each lawmakers desk Are two buttons. To vote for a Bill he pushes the one that turns on the Green Light. He pushes the other one to vote saves time the machine saves a lot of time a and consequently a lot of taxpayers Money a when its working right. It can record in seconds a Roll Call that would require several minutes if each of the 108 legislators had to be polled by voice. But the delays when it does no to perform properly Are annoying to All concerned and Many representatives Are saying something should be done about it. Kendrick explains that parts for the machine have to be special made. They Arentt available on the open Market. Sheep producers meet March 16 Wickersham will speak at meeting Tom Wickersham will be the speaker for the annual Union county sheep producers meeting which will be held at the Chicken inn at 6 30 p. Next thursday. Wickersham is an Extension animal Husbandman at Iowa state University. Wickersham will discuss the Outlook for farm flocks. He will present the results of the lambing program conducted at the Grundy Shelby experimental farm near Beaconsfield. Mary Hardman and Leslie Mathers Union county 4-h club members will present a demonstration entitled a a swordsmanship. The demonstration features the use of Lamb and other foods in outdoor cookery. The girls presented the demonstration at the county fair and Iowa state fair last summer. Recently the women a auxiliary of the Iowa state sheep association presented them with a Cash award for featuring lambs in their 4-h team demonstration. The award was made at the groups meeting in Waterloo. The girls Are members of the Lincoln beautifies. The banquet is being arranged by the sheep producers committee in cooperation with the Union county Extension service. The committee includes w. A. Winkler Darrell Kingery Bob Norman Dale Denton Bob Hardman Gerald Mayne and James Mccann. All of Kennedy program has been passed by House Senate will begin hearings on Bills tuesday Washington House has completed action on president Kennedy a emergency unemployment benefits program. The Senate has barely begun to work on it. A voice vote Friday sent to the Senate the final piece of the two Bill package a a measure that would make children of the unemployed eligible for the same benefits now received by children without parents or whose parents Are disabled. Hearings tuesday the House last week passed the companion measure which would provide up to 13 weeks additional unemployment benefits to jobless who have exhausted their present rights. 71118 measure has been stalled in the Senate finance committee which we ill open closed door meetings tuesday to consider possible amendments. As passed by the House the extra jobless benefits would Cost an estimated $990 million to $1 billion. Like the child Aid measure it would expire june 30, 1962. If All 50 states chose to take part in the child Aid program and a number of states already have indicated they will not a it would Cost the government an estimated $305 million with its 60-40 Federal state Matching formula. Iowa doubtful government officials reported earlier this week that 10 states have indicated they May not participate in the program because of Lack of Matching funds or other reasons. The states Are Arkansas Florida Georgia Iowa Mississippi North Dakota Nebraska South Carolina South Dakota and Virginia. The Senate finance committee completing Public hearings on the 13-week Extension measure Friday heard a plea by Secretary of i Abor Arthur j. Goldberg for approval of the House Bill without change. Mid april goal Goldberg urged enactment in time to Start extra payments by mid april. After the Bill becomes Law he said there Are administration Steps required to Start the flow of payments to Long Idle workers. Sen John j. Williams a de said he planned two amendments. One would substitute pay As you go financing for the deferred plan in the House Bill. It would step up collection of the 0.4 per cent increase in employers payroll taxes by making it retroactive to jan. 1. Seriously As a result of propos the Bill now defers collection de plans outlined for the Road f the tax until january 1963, by our place. An j january 1964. The Concrete part of the High Williams also wants the Bill to Way would continue As it is now. The commission is asking a strip 22 feet wide to be taken off the Collings property in front of the Chicken inn As no. 34 right of Way. The strip would Widen out to 32 feet at the East and West ends of their property. This would bring the Highway right of Woy up to within 26 feet of our building or. Collings said. That is pretty close. It takes away a sizeable Section of most important parking space. Plans also Call for a four foot deep ditch to run right in front of our building. It would be easy for cars turning off the Highway to inadvertently turn into such a ditch. Only one Entrance More seriously however from the Collings standpoint they said is that the proposal also Calls for closing the Southwest Entrance leaving Only the Northeast Entrance open. There would be just one Access and Only 35 feet wide at that. Among the services we offer they went on to explain is the handling of Large groups such As 400 persons at a dinner or banquet. We can seat them and serve them easily. But that takes a lot of parking space. The area that would be left by the Highway proposal would seriously jeopardize our facilities for handling such a Large group. And that would in turn affect our business they declared. Each Friday night the Cal Lings sponsor the Chicken inn teen age club having been do continued on Page 5 tells views on condemnation Access concern at Chicken inn the matter of Access to the property and of parking facilities about it is providing the chief problem in connection we Ith negotiations relative to the shoulder widening program past the Chicken inn on Highway 34 West of Creston. The Chicken inn owners or. And mrs. Harold Collings we Ere named along with three other property ownerships along no. 34 in connection with condemnation action filed by the i o we a Highway commission recently. A Board of six appraisers Are to View All of the properties March 23 to arrive at damages involved. The Highway commission officials have offered the Collings $435 damages. The shoulder widening program is step no. 3 in the Highway commissions primary Road widening program. No. 1 was to add strips of paving along the sides of the old Concrete Road no. 2 was to re surface the entire Roadway with Asphalt Concrete. No. 3 is to Widen the right of Way in such fashion As to provide adequate shoulders and also substantial ditch ways. Favor Good Road we Are very much in favor of a Good Highway on no. 34, or. Collings said and want to cooperate in every Way possible with this program. But we have a situation at the Chicken inn that concerns us prevent retired workers from receiving unemployment compensation. Goldberg asked that he hold this amendment until the president proposes changes in the Basic unemployment compensation Law in a later Bill. Another amendment previously we As announced by sen. Joseph s. Clark a who contends that As written the Bill would reduce benefits available for unemployed pennsylvanians. The weather forecast for Southwest Iowa partly Cloudy a Little colder saturday night lows 27 to 30. Considerable cloudiness Little temperature change sunday highs 47 to 53. Creston observations Courtesy Isu temperature last 24 hours 3 p. 54 7 a. 36 4 p m. 54 8 a. 37 5 p m. 53 9 a. 40 6 p m. 50 10 a. 43 7 p. 48 11 a. 45 8 p m. 46 12 noon 47 9 p m. 45 1 p. 48 10 p m. 43 2 p. 48 11 p m. 42 relative humidity % at 7 a. 76 2 p. 62. Wind at 2 p. From be. Barometer Reading at 2 p. 29.55, steady. From Creston official weather station High past 24 hours 56, Low past 24 hours 32. Reading at 1 3u p. 49

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