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Creston News Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1965, Page 5

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Creston News Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 5, 1965, Creston, Iowa Creston news advertiser Creston. Iowa saturday june 5,1965, pact three visiting with neighbors by e. J. Van Nostrand Tik pid Clieo of driving Wilh lights on during important holidays continues with impressive effect. Last memorial Day weekend we were out on the highways International craze lights on were for a bit. And cars with numerous. In fuel several checks revealed one third to one half of the cars we met had pretty High percentage. And it did no roads or the interstates. Them on. That a a matter on regular primary set it ing i Ais with lights on does have an effect we must unless. Ill Lack alter meeting quit. A Bunch of them we turned our lights on. Hut the one third i a cent age one met kept Ever before the Driver the fact this was serious i Isiu is. Highway patrol people and their associates were out Oil Masse. All in All. The lights on the ears the patrol stalls and the Good sense of the Iowa Drivers kept Iowa a memorial Day toll to a minimum. These measures Are All Good. And we think the lights on ears in the daytime on these key holidays is a Good system. We Are sure it has an effect. The dutch Elm disease investigation since an Elm was discovered withering on the Loo Foley Yard after its treatment for the disease will i watched with wide interest Here. If the tree had been infected with the disease prior to the treatment in would not he surprising to Sec the bad reaction experts say. Though this Case seems unusual. The important thing is that dutch Elm is known to be about in the state. No traces have been noted Here officially. The dead Elm tree in the Alley not far from the Foley residence will get a Good looking Over by Iowa state specialists when they come 1o rest on next week. Because this could Well in the first victim in this area. And this we done to enthuse Over since we have a halt dozen or so Elm Trees in our Yard. In places where we have seen dutch Elm at work such As around l is Moines and in Eastern Iowa the dead old snags sticking up into the sky Arentt a pleasant sight. What a More they get expensive a having to be brought Down because they will infect other Trees. City officials no doubt will to watching Iho tost with More than passing interest. For infection could mean some citywide action would be needed. And thus another headache could develop. But action would have to be taken. Trees Are important to the Community. Fishing enthusiasts Are wondering what out at Green Valley Lake must he thinking it seems there has Heen a rage of fishing the spillway when it empties into Summit Carp. Seems Carp love to swim upstream water. They can make it up the Concrete one Fisherman of these Days at the foot of Lake to catch against flowing spillway. Here Southwest Iowa history from files of Creston news advertiser 10 years ago the temperature at noon today was 71 degrees. Mrs. Wayne Hen Rich is president of Tow band boosters club formed at Cromwell. It has decided to hold concerts in the town Park each Friday evening under the direction of Loo Foley. Joan Schardein Heads up the committee in charge of planning the chs class of 1951 reunion to be held at the Chicken inn at 7 . June 18. 15 year8 ago the temperature at noon today was 79 degrees. A contract to re-pain1 and service the Creston City water Tower was let to a Clear Lake company. The bid was $2,46t. The new pumper fire truck purchased by the City of Creston will Cost $13,918 minus the Trade in for the old pumper truck. The new truck has a 750-gallon capacity. 25 year8 ago the temperature at noon today was 84 degrees. The ladies missionary society of the Christian Church met with mrs. Ude Krominga. The nurses alumnae met at the Home of mrs. Lewis Debo letters to the editor letters from our readers. Opinions expressed Are those of the writers and do not necessarily represent the views of the news advertiser. For the last meeting of the year. Mrs. Robert ii fib Beatrice Hart assisted Debo. Club and mrs. The doctor says liking one s work Good Aid to health Praise for i cemetery editor news advertiser All of Creston people should give Bill Jessen who has charge of the Graceland cemetery a vote of t hangs for the Way our cemetery looked Over the memorial week end. Wore it the Flowers Beautiful a and the Avenue of flags we think it is the most Beautiful cemetery there is. And Wasny to it thoughtful of tin Spaulding Young folks to make those Nice containers Forus All or. And mrs. John Boll Creston. Edmund Valtman Hartford times fishermen Are snagging them in goodly numbers. Catching them seems to lie the main fun. And they do give things quite a flurry. Fishermen have Heen pulling them off and throwing them Hack Over on the Grassy area to the West of the spillway. Here comes the sad news. Seems one Fisherman in the Carp business did no to pause to discriminate his catch. For tossed Back amongst the dead and rather pungent Carp was a big Bass. Estimates Are it weighed four pounds. Apparently it had Heen mistaken for a Carp. Of course it was in such a state when found display was the Only service possible. Pat Tilley the Alert Iowa conservation officer who patrols those parts Roj Mirts lie is having a Tough time convincing folks that boats on a Lake have a limit of occupancy. Most have it marked on them a three masons or four persons. And of folks wearing life jackets. These Are rules of the state Waters lint folks will lapse them tor one reason or another with great danger to themselves. Over the memorial Day weekend to came upon a boat so overloaded and without jackets. He was so upset he just ordered Thorn off the Lake. They could have been fined. These Are j safety rules of the most important nature. Lake Waters let a it a highly innocent until a Boa i overturns. Safety checks Are easy to make and take. Just not Worth inc chances especially with children aboard. A few years ago Harold Arnold who was serving As chairman of the Creston planning commission tried his Best to have some plantings installed in connection with the new parking lot on Fine Street. But folks talked him out of it. Said land scam a Corners or areas would be a catch All tor liver cans Etc. Well Many towns Are now landscaping their parking areas. I p at Charles City they have planted some areas and residents feel More should be done. Des Moines does it. So do scores of other communities. As time passes and More parking areas Are developed we will find tree and Shrub and Flower plantings will be More the Rule than not. And if a mall is built then still More plantings. Glamor izing the parking and shopping area is the order of the times. Over at Washington. Iowa they put on a massive drive for funds to build an addition to the . Building and raised some $225,000 in outright pledges. This is a pretty heroic sum and certainly a High compliment to the cooperative spirit of the Community. There were a couple of interesting asides to the Campaign. One donor made the . The beneficiary of a $10,000 life insurance policy. That would be a pretty Fin contribution to the cause. A Farmer agreed to donate a 400-lb calf each year for three years to tin fund. We done to know what the Market Price is on a 400-Pound cull but in dollars it could run up towards $100. Three of these in three years builds up pretty Well. Another agreed to furnish All of the face Brick needed for the new y project. And so it goes a Many ways to help on projects a in a Way of pleasure to the donor and great Benefit to the Community. Such a plan of thoughtful giving to the future can apply to things other than a y a since we done to have one of those. Can lie a Church of ones Choice the county Hospital civic fluids or enterprises of Many hues and use and Benefit. Thinking order. Washington column soviet bombers into North Viet moving Nam Brandstadt Romley these Are causes of Home not d of them first certainly seems in hendersons on senior trip Tingley or. And mrs. E. Clair Henderson attended the wedding of Janet Hammans at Amos saturday evening spent hit rest of the night and sunday at their Home hire and left monday morning with the senior class of the Russell Community school for a trip to new Orleans. Or. And mrs. Doan a stove Brenda and Belinda came Friday and spent memorial weekend with her parents or. And airs. Ernest a stove they re turned to their Home in Mason City monday. Or. And mrs. Doan Johnson entertained at a family dinner in their Home sunday. Guests were or. And mrs. Marvin Johnson and family of Newton or. And mrs. M. C. Been and family of Des Moines or. And mrs. Dale Reynolds and family of aft on. Or. And mrs. Joe Thompson and family of mount Ayr sir. And mrs. Clair Johnson and family and Lawrence Johnson. Victoria africans largest Lake is the source of the Nile River. By Hay c Homley Washington correspondent newspaper Enterprise Assn. Washington a Nea the russians or the red chinese have begun bringing il-28 soviet bombers into North Viet Nam airfields. Military planners believe this is a Lesl operation if the United states lets those bombers stay without attack More will lie brought in. They can in of use Only for bombing South Viet Nam and Laos. Pentagon strategists have made s o in e calculations. Their figuring shows that these soviet ii.-28s, o p e r a Ting from selected North Viet Nam airfields would have the Range to hit Saigon the major f. S. Military air bases and almost any other Point in South dict Nam except tin Southern fifth. A sneak attack could conceivably Caleb groups of . Bombers on the ground. 1ik.ii a Litany officials Are attempting to get defense Secretary Robert Mcnamara to sell the administration on bombing All North Viet Nam airfields now. They favor heavy strikes at red bombers fighters and even empty Fields to discourage the communists from bringing in More planes. The russians Are working on a series of missile Sites around Hanoi. One is understood to he nearly ready for use. Work is going ahead rapidly on surrounding a chunk of North veil names of her airfields with first class antiaircraft weapons of medium and heavy Caliper. Soon these Fields will he Able to Lay Down a heavy barrage of flak during . Attacks. These North vietnamese preparations mean that waiting will make i s. Attacks on North Viet Nanius airfields increasingly costly. This attack the airfields plan is part of a proposal to draw a tight ring around Hanoi being debated in the highest government quarters. Military movements in and out of this Circle would be bombed. Chutung the Northern Access routes into Hanoi would snipe at the inflow of chinese arms. Bombing the routes from the coast could slow tre import of russian equipment. The Aik interdiction in cutting Bridges and slowing traffic would also lighten the economic noose around Hanoi a Litile. Movements of Rice and other food into the capital would inevitably to slowed if the bombing line were drawn As tightly As is being advocated. For political reasons Hanoi wont life by be bombed at present. North Viet names new factories and agricultural improvements wont be touched. These May be hit later in present Iowa wit and humor edited by John m. Henry i a some say you can influence a the Way the Cooky crumbles by putting a Little icing on a Sanborn trucker. A if you done to want your children to hear what you Are saying pretend you Are saying it for their of n a Atlantic Motel clerk. A this Cousin of mine sure is modern. She a just married and already she is fretting. She wants to find time from her housework to go Down town and get a Job says she a been living on her husband s salary for several weeks a Anita Trent Davenport. A i always envied the Man who invented the Bath tub in 1850. Lie have to get Oul of it until 1875 when the Telephone was a Humboldt Pat speaker. A most of the tax returns Are in now and the elusive loophole can a Council Bluffs attorney. By Wayne g. Brandstadt. M in a few decades ago men worked 60 or More hours a i week and still managed to squeeze a Little fun out of life. Now for most Vav o r k c r a a weeks work is 40 hours or less. As automation is applied to More and More tasks a further Shi inking of the work week is inevitable. I am still a Little apprehensive Liat f o re m a n y person this trend is Fos-1 Bering an altered attitude toward work. Truly for-1 Lunate is the Man who has found a Worth while Job to do and who enjoys doing it. It you done to enjoy your work you Are in the wrong line. H is All right to grumble a Little now and then but if you really want to quit working you re sick. When i Sec some of our teen agers wearing Large Roll-1 Loid buttons with the slogan a i hate work 1 cringe. I can Only Hope that they think this is a huge joke and that Hoy do not take this motto seriously. In the words of Thomas Carlyle a blessed is he who has found this work let him ask no other what have our extra Leisure hours provided thus far the answer varies but in Many eases they have made if my ssi he tor a Man to take a second Job so that tie can buy a taster ear. In the heavily populated areas that Are Ever sex Phi five thought or improving painting this leads to the Inis t rat Ion of travelling bumper to lamp or and bub to Hub. In other eases the new car Lias enabled the buyer to shave a Lew seconds Oil Bis race to a collision. To others increased Leisure Means More Sodden hours with great Litera and Art can heal spirit As no Tran Miracle drug can watching violence Sion. In this Case it diversion that is at the use of it to the of the development resources. Setting a on Televik is not the fault but exclusion of inner Ide 20 or 30 minutes a Day for Conte ones mind Ture music a troubled qui Lizer or do. Everyone should have a restful Hobby a place to in sue it and a special time for its enjoyment. The dictionary gives As one definition of a a Retreat a Safe quiet secluded place. If Ever each Man need d such a place it is now. Many of us in the turmoil that surrounds us have actually become i lightened of Solitude. I believe we should try to recapture some of its Healing propensities before it has completely vanished from the face of the Earth. This announcement is neither an offer to sell nor 4 solicitation of an offer to buy any of these ecu Ritieni. This offer is made Only by the prospectus. A new Issue june i. 1965 1,000,000 shares Peter Piper packers inc. Lemars Iowa common Stork no Par value prior $2.00 por share copies of the prospectus May be obtained from the underwriter or its authorized representatives. Dale e. Juergens ins. securities co. Clearfield Iowa 416 Commerce building phone 336-241 1 Sioux City Iowa authorized representative offered to Iowa residents Only. Bombing schedules done to convince Holt i Minh to slow the War. Its reasoned Here that the ring around Hanoi would bring the War closer Home to Ilous government. A slight economic Pinch in Hanoi would be calculated to cause More dissatisfaction among the families of Ilous officials. There is growing pressure from military planners to bomb the Access routes from China to North Viet Nam. This bombing would aim at More than slowing present military Aid from Mao tse Tung. B would he intended to persuade Mao that the United states is ready to meet any major chinese commitment head on thus give him second thoughts about invading Viet Nam. . Officials of course have no Way of knowing what the reds would do if the United states does put such a noose around Hanoi or the psychological effects if the noose wore at first drawn loosely and then gradually tightened. That is. This psychological Mil itary Effort would be experimental. If it is tried and works the United states will learn something that might be applied in future wars it Only natural Gas heat is Cozier a where Are you when the phone rings most often a an Extension phone be there a Kitchen Telephone is endlessly convenient. Decorative too. In your Choice of styles and colors. Stop running. Start reaching. Order your Kitchen Telephone today. Live better with natural Gas. Heat your Home the modern easy Way. With economical natural Gas. A the modern Gas Furnace provides Coz Iest Comfort with closely Corv trolled temperatures plus these added advantages convert hence cleanliness dependability space saving and Economy a it s so cozy. So comfortable talk to your heating consult a it tor or. Noi it Noti n a Creston Mutual Telephone co. Use direct distance dealing idd i and save Monet 5 Hughl Power company its live modern for less a with natural 9a$

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