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Creston News Advertiser Newspaper Archives Dec 19 1970, Page 1

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Creston News Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 19, 1970, Creston, Iowa Creston news advertiser vol. 90 no. 217 daily since dec. 5, 1881 Creston Iowa 50801 saturday december 19, 1970 ten cents first prize Christmas decorations Santa s Sleigh is pulled by a Skeleton of a horse in the prize winning Christmas decorations at Creston High school. First prize display is the one above in the biology room. The first period biology class taught by Charles Eilers will Mil Pfeffe urn Basket club elks hold Charity Ball for club tonight the elks Charity Ball annual event in Honor of the Christmas Basket club will be held this evening with Dennis Wesley and his orchestra playing. Richard Buck exalted ruler of the Lodge and mrs. Buck Are heading up the committee in charge. They have been working the past week getting the elaborate decorations in place about the Lodge Home. This is a highlight event indeed of the Christmas season. The visits of Christmas Basket club workers to the various nursing Homes about the Community Are now being made. Most of the visits which Are being made by members of the Home builders class of the first United methodist Church of Creston were made a amp ter Day. A few being made this weekend. The visits included gifts and treats for the residents. There were about 150 persons remembered. Mrs. Ralph Hollibaugh again headed up the Home builders committee in charge of this important part of the Basket club s annual Holiday program. The canned goods which students in Creston schools Are contributing for the baskets will be gathered up monday and taken into the elks club for packing. This is the annual quot project share quot program and the kiwanis club is in general charge of this. Circle k member sponsored by the elks head this up. The packing of the baskets is to come wednesday evening Martin Gundlach expediter for the club said. Packing time is set for 6 . And it will be handled in Short order he promised. This will be at the elks club. Members from the Lions rotary and kiwanis clubs and the elks Lodge Are joining in the packing Job. Or. Gundlach will have the baskets cardboard boxes mainly arranged in Handy contributions received today Edward l. Peak family. $ 5.00 or. And mrs. Lee Light Ner. A a a a a a a 2.00 Jack d. Robinson and family. 10.00 a Friend. 2.00 or. 5.00 or. And mrs. Rex Wilder. 2.00 Dave Pettit family. 5.00 Dorothy Kies Ling. A. 2.00 Nevin Ville ladies Aid. A 5.00 received today. Previously reported. $ 38.00. 753.45 total to date.$791.45 fashion for packing. All packing will be done that evening except the perishable items such As milk and butter and the fresh poultry items. These will be put in shortly after noon thursday. And then the big delivery Effort will get rolling about 2 . Thursday afternoon. Again members of the rotary elks Lions and kiwanis groups will be on hand to take out the baskets. The . Girls did the elaborate Job of wrapping packages for the gifts the toys for the children and fixing up the treat that goes with Many of the gifts. And sunday evening starting at 6 30 . The annual caravan of lights tour of the City to see the decorations. The Lions club is handling the details for this with help of various volunteers. Starting place is the Crest Haven Home site on East Howard Street. The tour has been Laid out to visit All of the places about town. If you want to join in Fine. It should be quite a string. The annual dinner for the residents of the Union county Home was held this noon with the Catholic daughters of America of Creston As the hostesses. News in Brief around the world Washington a the government s announcement that an ant pollution phosphate substitute in soap May be harmful has prompted its Developer to halt production. Washington a a Bill authorizing nearly $10 billion for two More years of interstate Highway construction has cleared the House As the Lam Duck Congress attempts to unfreeze its Calendar before Christmas. Washington a a Senate subcommittee closing its books on an eight year probe of the tfx warplane has accused former defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara of wasting billions of dollars and damaging the nation s defense posture by ignoring warnings about the aircraft. Washington a Senate sources say the Nixon administration knows its welfare Reform plan is dead for this session of Congress but still is insisting on a Senate vote to test sentiment for the measure. Rio de Janeiro a the kidnappers of Swiss ambassador Giovanni Bucher have submitted a list of 70 prisoners they want released As Ransom and Brazil s president met with his Cabinet today to consider its authenticity. Washington apr trying to unravel in private the legislative tangle it wove in Public the Senate has turned to negotiations in an Effort to undo a threatened epidemic of . By Harrison Weber Iowa Dally press association Des Moines idea attorney general Richard c. Turner has overruled the state Revenue department by holding that close out farm sales Are not subject to the state sales tax. Turner s opinion is contrary to the stand taken recently by the Revenue department which issued a circular stating in effect that not Only were farm sales subject to the tax but garage sales As Well. Although Turner s 11 Page opinion does not touch on garage sales specifically it s presumed the same Rule would apply to them As to farm sales. Turner held that the Farmer going out of business is exempted from paying the sales tax on possessions auctioned off because this is a quot casual in response to a question raised by senator James Schaben Turner said it would take a quot strained and artificial quot interpretation to say that the final quot going out of business quot Sale of a Farmer s equipment even though conducted by an auctioneer can be a recurring Sale by the owner of the property. Gross receipts from casual sales Are exempt from the state sales tax. State Revenue director William Forst said he will abide by the attorney general s opinion and will withdraw the circular As it relates to farm and garage sales which fall into the casual Sale category. Schaben who is an auctioneer at Dunlap asked Turner to define the status of auctioneers in All sales. Turner replied that if an auctioneer owns an interest in items being sold at auction such sales would be subject to the sales tax. Otherwise the casual Sale principle would apply. Quot it also necessarily follows that when acting As an agent for one who is in the business of making recurring sales for mid Crest 4-h Council elects new officers of the mid Crest Extension area 4-h youth Council for 1970-71 have been elected. They Are Brad Waller Weldon president Steve Wood new Market vice president Debbie Mcalexander Beaconsfield Secretary and Ann Shaw Stuart reporter. These officers will serve until new officers Are elected next fall. The Council voted to sponsor a project to raise $250 to Send care packages to 10 Rural schools in Nicaragua where Randall Boswell of Corning is serving As an if be Delegate. The Money is to be turned in to the county Extension offices by Jan. 1. The Council will meet on Jan. 18 to select two members of the state 4-h youth Council. Regular meetings will be held on the fourth monday of each month. Duties of Council members and How to choose the two state 4-h Council representatives were discussed. It was decided to select the representatives from within the mid Crest Council but to consider setting up a different Way of electing them for the future. Profit a sales tax must be collected quot Turner added. In 1961 a Harrison county District court held that the tax commission s rules exempting farm and garage sales were lawful. A year later however the Iowa supreme court said contrary to the departmental Rule the legislature had not made any provision for a casual Sale. The tax commission which was to be reorganized into the Revenue department then amended its rules to eliminate the exemption for garage and farm sales. Although the 1963 legislature enacted the casual Sale exemption the 1962 departmental Rule pertaining to auctioneers was never amended. When the Revenue department recently restated its Rule calling for farm and garage sales to be taxed there was an immediate Public outcry. Revenue director Forst said he will now void the 1962 departmental Rule. Clean air Bill goes to Nixon Washington a president Nixon has been handed a stringent ant pollution Bill its chief congressional sponsor says promises quot clean air to breathe in the 1970s" and critics claim could shut Down the Auto Industry. The Compromise measure which passed both houses of Congress by a voice vote Friday sets Jan. 1,1975, As the target Date for dramatically reducing the level of harmful emissions from new car exhausts. Auto Industry executives say they can t meet the deadline. A House Senate conference committee included a Compromise provision allowing a one year Extension of the deadline if the Industry proves it s trying to find the technology to make pollution free cars. There was no immediate indication if Nixon would sign the measure which also authorizes $1 billion to fight pollution Over the next three years and provides new Federal muscle against a variety of private and Public polluters. But before the Bill left the Senate there was discussion of a letter from Secretary of health Elliot l. Richardson which asked the conferees to Grant More time for the industries to improve their ant pollution technology. Higher income and sales taxes proposed for Iowa have a quot Coke quot party As its prize for the Best decorations in the contest sponsored by the student Council. News advertiser photo. Farm garage Sale exempt from taxes Des Moines apr iowans goods quot delivered quot in Iowa Rath to replace Revenue from the would pay nearly twice As much or than quot sold and delivered quot in personal property tax which personal income tax and four the state $10 million. Would be replaced $44 million instead of three per cent sales placing a one per cent tax eliminating the part of Home tax in 1972 under proposals of on income from dividends and Stead tax exemptions based on the legislature s tax study com interest to replace the present school costs $20 million Mittee. Three fourths of one per cent increasing the individual in the committee finished sever sur tax on income above $9,000 come tax $45 million al months of work on its recon a year $7 million. Establishing a quot business pri emendations to the 1971 Legisla a 20 Mill statewide tax on Pilege tax quot of one per cent of Ture Friday. Corporation owned property the assessed valuation of Busi much of the proposal is designed to ease the Burden on property taxes. A heavy share of the Load a $60 million would fall on the sales tax. Another $45 million would come from the income tax boost. Those Are part of the committee s $232 million Revenue pack. T Berry the code name for the age to finance a massive tax re. Nesses $28 million. One important question which the committee did t answer is just How the income tax will be raised. Instead it decided to ask the state director of Revenue to present quot alternative proposals quot for raising the needed Money and at the same time making the income tax More progressive. Another nuclear Council will test shot leaks Mercury Nev. A Bane form plan. The committee has atomic Energy commission s a a a 22.,,. Isis Terr Marion. Although the group s plan was virtually Complete Friday the committee set a meeting for Jan. 6 to find ways to pay for three components of the package a school property tax freeze a went off normally and created a spherical Cavern 900 feet below the desert Sand. What followed five minutes later Friday was t Normal the dec said pressure from the blast equivalent to Detona Star Uon of about 20,000 tons of tot county share of welfare costs to radioactive dust from one Mill and a government con the shafting which nuclear Soli dation incentive plan with a $34.4 million Price tag. At this Point the plan is Only a recommendation and sure to bring much heated debate and discussion. Vice had been placed. A dirty Brown column of dust arose and within minutes reached 8,000 feet. Within hours it spread Over 1,000 Square Miles rep. Elmer Den Herder. R of rent abno8t a a quot item Sioux Center chairman of the House ways and Means committee said there would be a the dec evacuated 600 of its employees near the test site but said that nowhere outside of the re1 Effort to get the Prog pm mediate area of the Shaft was ram through virtual tact. Fallout a to human however he conceded Trepac m or health it Talt areas it was the 17th time an under Wimch might have to be scrap test quot leaked and Ped. Dec officials said the Only com the major measure for easing ble relea8e radiation Fol property taxes is a proposed of wed a 1965 test mini stun foundation plan of the most contaminated state Aid to schools. The com cles fell to Earth near the $332,957,000 of the s643.570. Investigators found radiation 000 committee members think Tevels above 25 is a a Cal tte6u hour the Federal radiation Council says humans Are end an specific measures designed to a a exposed to More than 25 replace the property tax and Roentgen a year the amount they Are expected to produce include eliminating the agricultural land tax credit and changeling Money now appropriated for it into the minimum foundation program $18 million. Adding one percent to the sales tax with credits to ease the Impact on Low income families $60 million. Changing the corporation income tax Law to base the tax on beef producers offer Reward for rustlers Des Moines idea the Iowa beef producers association anxious to dramatize the problem of cattle rustling in the state has offered a $100 Cash award for information leading to the arrest and conviction of thieves stealing cattle from beef producer members. President James Stevenson Goldfield said that livestock thefts May be costing Iowa agriculture quot As much As $3 million a Stevenson said his group feels the Best Protection against rustling is neighbourly vigilance. Quot if we All make it a habit to keep a protective Eye on neighbouring farmsteads and to Check out anything which looks suspicious we can discourage livestock theft quot he said. Ambulance and car in collision an ambulance driven by Spencer Sandeman 606 South Park Street and an automobile driven by Randy Rusk 217 South Peterson Street were damaged in a collision on Highway 34 at Wyoming Avenue about 9 30 . Today. Rusk was going East on Highway 34 and was turning onto Wyoming Avenue when the ambulance started to pass his car. The ambulance was on a Call. Boosters sack Candy for Santa members of the South Side boosters club last night prepared 1,150 sacks of Candy for Santa Claus to distribute to children in his visit to Creston today. The club met last night to prepare the treats for Santa s visit. There were 15 members and one child present at the meeting. Mrs. Larry Loghry won the Turkey Given As a door prize. She said she will Cook it for serving at a potluck dinner of the club at its next meeting on Jan. 25. Refreshments were served after the sacking of Candy was completed last night. As the Cloud drifted slowly away officials said the radioactivity dropped markedly. Nobody outside the Nevada test site s 1,350 Square Miles was evacuated. At warm Springs a gasoline Stop near the North Edge of the site 80 Miles Northwest of Las vegas dec employees measured radiation of about one Mill Roentgen an hour. The Cloud drifted Over sheep and cattle ranches mines and a handful of towns with fewer than a dozen inhabitants but the dec said the radioactivity was less than 10 Mill Roentgen an hour in the Cloud and Only one on the ground. Tense quiet in polish cities Warsaw a after quelling mobs with Rifle fire in the nation s biggest shipyards police and troops in Poland have placed another darkness curfew on the country s rebellious Northern cities. Rioting reportedly spread to a fifth City Friday but there were no confirmed reports of new violence today. Quoting newspaper accounts radio Gdansk reported Friday night that some of the thousands of rioters in the Gdynia shipyards fired on the troops and police. Quot there could have been Only one reply to this quot the broadcast said quot a Resolute Gdansk Gdynia and Sopot clustered beside the Bay of Danzig were torn by rebellious mobs Early in the week. The fighting spead to Szczecin 180 Miles to the West and outbreaks were reported Friday at Slupsky a City of Light Industry 60 Miles East of Szczecin. Authorities reportedly used tear Gas at Slupsky to restore order. The government says up to 20 persons have died in the confrontations and hundreds have been injured. Radio Warsaw said the polish news Agency Pap reported that quot Calm prevailed in the whole of the triple cities quot today with Supply Trade and transportation working normally the communist party newspaper Tribuna Ludu conceded that the government s increase in food prices of As much As 20 per cent prompted the riots though it said those who rioted spontaneously did so out of misinformation. Quot instigators took advantage of the change in retail prices introduced a few Days ago quot either quot by disorientation quot or quot cold premeditation and hate toward people s Poland quot the newspaper said. Indochina War is 24 years old Saigon a the Viet Cong marked the 24th anniversary of the Start of the Indochina War today with two attacks on . Troops and the first Rochet attack in Saigon in a month and a half. There were no american casualties from the two 100-Pound rockets that fell in Saigon but six vietnamese civilians were killed and eight wounded by the missiles. Most of the victims were children. Four other youths were wounded in a bomb explosion that damaged a Saigon vietnamese language newspaper Plant. One of the two attacks on american forces was a 12-round mortar barrage that hit the Headquarters of the 2nd brigade of the 25th infantry division 40 Miles Northeast of Saigon. Spokesmen said some americans were killed and w funded but they gave no figures. They said Over All casualties were Light. The second attack on americans was an ambush of a . Convoy near the Hai Van pass 13 Miles Northwest of Danang one american was killed and four were wounded. . Headquarters said. Damage to tin. Convoy was said to be Light. There has been a series of anti american demonstrations and terrorists bombings in Saigon and . And South vietnamese Security has been tight ened with measures including stepped up patrols by american military police. Three americans have been filled and 14 wounded in the past week in three terrorist bomb and grenade attacks aimed at . Billets in Saigon. The american casualties in today s actions added to the 44,144 . Troops already reported killed and the 292,917 reported wounded in action in the 10 years americans have been fighting in Indochina. The number of vietnamese civilian casualties in the past five years is estimated at More than one million including at least 300,000 killed. Today is officially commemorated by the North vietnamese and Viet Cong As National resistance Day. It was on dec. 19, 1946, that North vietnamese Gen. To Nguyen Giap issued a Call to arms and vietnamese troops attacked French colonial forces in Hanoi triggering the Indochina War. An ordinance that would make changes in the one Way Street plan in the Creston business District will be brought up for second Reading at the regular meeting of the Creston City Council monday night. The Council will meet at the City Hall at 8 . Monday. The ordinance proposing Chan Ges in the one Way Street plan was passed on first Reading by a 4-2 vote of the Council on dec. 7. A motion to suspend the rules and adopt the ordinance at that time failed to carry on a 4-2 vote since favourable votes of three fourths of the Council Are required for suspension of rules. Unless rules Are suspended an ordinance must be passed at three meetings. The ordinance which was suggested by members of the business District task Force committee would provide for two Way traffic on Adams Street Walnut Street and division Street. Task Force members said these changes would solve several complaints about one Way streets and would provide for two Way traffic on streets a round the perimeter of the business District. Montgomery Mills Oak Elm and Pine streets would continue with one Way traffic As at present. The Council also will hold a Public hearing monday night on amendment of the 1970 City budget. The budget would be increased by $114,000 to permit spending of Bond Issue and additional Revenue funds which were not anticipated when the budget was adopted in August 1969. No increase in tax Revenue would be necessary. Appointment of a new councilman at Large to fill a vacancy caused by the resignation of Keith c. Hemphill also May be made at the meeting monday. Mayor Marvin j. Taylor asked councilmen to submit suggestions for the appointment at this meeting. False fire alarm Early today Creston firemen were called out at 4 05 . Today on a false alarm. Firemen said a Call was received from a Telephone operator that there was a fire in the basement at 109 North Oak Street. As they were answering the Call the operator reported that the Call should be to 1109 North Oak Street. The Call said there was a bad fire in the House there. The firemen were diverted by police radio to the latter address and off duty firemen were called to assist them. Several Volunteer firemen also answered the Call. Firemen said Uliey found no fire at 1109 North Oak Street nor at any of the houses near that address. The weather Clear to partly Cloudy and colder saturday night lows Zero to 10 below extreme North to near 10 above extreme South. Mostly Cloudy sunday with Chance of Light Snow developing West in afternoon or evening highs in teens Northeast to lower 20a Southwest. From Creston official weather station a High past 24 hours 32. Low past 24 hours 11, Reading al 1 30 . 16. Precipitation tract

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