Page 3 of 10 Sep 1897 Issue of Covington Friend in Covington, Indiana

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Read an issue on 10 Sep 1897 in Covington, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Covington Friend.

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Covington Friend (Newspaper) - September 10, 1897, Covington, Indiana The 0 .1 the Fife Nithe Peoples Friend. Established v s no &.covington, ind. Friday sept. 10, 1897. Terms 81.50 per annul bilious Ness is Cirii i quot i i . A Luigi a urm a. In a Ai quot the �1. To i ii �&.j.7h Izz i quot. i i quot. Hood s pills news. Splint Luimit Sov loan. O. Doit Liss a quoth uii ii i Cli quot tic in Moil i in is iii ii 7. I i Viii quot i Buru i Vire i j iii Ian. Liv Ishimi in of wanted whip him. A. Former Fountain Soiu trite in a new Eole Ai hoops Lon lil. An interesting paper on the subject of grape culture and its benefits the Farmer. Ulsie i if let Ltd i ii off a r j ii. Is . Till follow iii Clivi died from Tiu. Hoope Loii 111., will he Hviid i y al. Kron cd the fair Mars ii Oren by . Rea hers in a quot Larto station of Clairv a quot in in. Quot a Tiu a . A a iii iii in county >1o,. By re Qiu a Biblish a paper Roar a win. A Nisi b the Atid Piei Izeat l lat Aluir slav. I Kun. L talk Yon on a Raj a c Alturi is i . J. ,i i a . V dentist. Iii idea iry and Espe Egaily by lilo of i Villi in sly i via get quot us lii i. South a of attire. Losiak kult a one of the its in Pelits people and Prim pal act a lived in Shawnee .-1ini., allotted �zi1 ded tio in. For a nuni Iier of quot i quot Farmer Institute ugh a Suh ,.i u u in. Nilah be of tie too so div a inc every a . A Lar a crowd Tod titi ens i Reniers one . Y aim is of trial locality. Envoi iii a Multi Safion i of this a Liere a been Rishi for of a valuable fruit. N.,Only for Culli diary Livorse vhf a i ii Ait air. Probably so a roses. But al of for lib Luikim of the mixed lii in u is non quot get a Ltd ail >ev.-ra. He pure Ami in u. I ii j Artie Eon anadult.-rat-. Win., for family be. A quot uni i Are al a ii. And i . News i not in i Yar in on Fth quot quot quot a h i Rutan . . Incan enntri.-. A of we be a Inion uner the Nio a Runa in in and Wiful Eosin a. I a a i \ a i but . By . a men a ill 1 a ii 1 \ quot 1 e in v. Not More better and healthier native varieties than any of the imported. A a through we have records of wine be iii made from native grapes in Florida. As Early As . But own Hoos state has the Honor of hav tit the first noted vineyards in its Borders. I they were established As Early As on the of the Ohio River in i swi Zerald county. The Ori final Vine Yards of that time Are now mostly Kon. But larger ones Are be found in that i part of stat . Alon the Reat Ohio. That the culture of the i rape is almost yet in can of . the a Kiiji of wine will one Day Leone of the chief i a Lucas of West i urea Seirei ii. The Iran who h Lay the Iota of free i powder absolutely pure. Olet a. its a i. Leave lung a ired 41 Lui \ a Lupin. A sufi i a quot i a Ris iro Vernmani is As ayin that. Aim and in i1>1ius Ai me a Dii Yommie a an i a. Avriet Verleni. Quot a in l a ii. a i Cne a E \ in 11.1 la r we re the Ieav of win. Sib Lutes spirit i the. lev. Rai a. Itie l a ple Chi Reiza tion. A i Mali. Live Calle As a wish a Osu Tau and thi Lily Shorr. A. Fair and a i a Nav a tax eni not Nien,. Urit we. L.av.-1 a quot quot is get decl. And one part toll. A a air be riven the the Uch that univ. A a Valley and a i reset Ever in ceasing Lor a nov mics. A enee of the. Nunt Tiu the River-�i-. Me of quot a quot i quot their Jud ment. N a quot. I i a e 11 ii quot of Nie Cir do. And my. The re a Ari. Of thai ancient and n a new i Mia. Kevn let Wikiel , win i renown rier Khinie Flave told Nie. A. V i a. A an Lanee an w Side in a i on i . I a iian lain ii e,.iintry , a i a l i Otcie Init the of ail the quot country they the the lii Abov. Ami i al a l inc Indiati. quot if aus vat Aiea later. On tie a slain l All i bor.- of Imp Lake Oie of two ways . Frank Luke. E la Weir Ower. . of the . A a l race Leapli of iii. a Irray. And Inaki a i a. In. A a i quot ter and Joe l ii Lanaud earlier i in a be 1 air via a . A Ari iii eminent a.-. Ord . L i Wal be i Loii ars and w no dentist. To. 1 , and liar niacin druq5, Oli i v rom a tim i 1.\i�o y a i. To n. In o i that la Artemi l grandmother i its Lupine wine Isth Fatlich quot hat she live the Mountain that rim. As i liars and w Wohl swim i much of a the. Rai in of Corn and the Grandf Atimer what is the of a induction in s Side. Wabash Valley an who. As a quot Hristian scientist i a but All i have learn try iii treat the a Neil in Thos mine of . in a the Ami pleasur.-, derived by ii sent Over la Weir Naine . I i nation of them ape Vine. V. D a fan Rdv la Vii Ami i wife parents of a Dav. Lie win a he id. Radii re. The iii an i a Star v the Christian .in-,. . Schenn trea no . Ilei Riim of now Are Multi quot i quot bladder Foi a i. R., vat and million Are. a quot get quot iely. A for in . of tile the american quot any Fune quot quot quot quot a Raih s. Quot Fri i Latex. by Neof two Ahvik a Ileal men have looked upon the Way imperfect of i own file Way from a wintry wit i far. In of View re quot quot quot quot i . of Ltd a ii Latinik health. Prof. . A web in Imp. during quot i a e Nivea Liiv urine in ii an Atli i a intensive practice Oiiver Twenty ,. ,. ,., To . Is is the Whiet of blvd Dpi Vears in the medical profession. I 1 a. T Miles. So the i iai. i a i 1 l Imp Tant a arly every portion of Plov wide i. ,-. Aie while 1 nate. Tor Urpo. In i oar great Nii try. Amie i scially in Vispo a far a any Man in sex quot Fin -.. To i. L rap. In its Wim Olu iii Strom drink from the. Lail Yuse e i an e my. \1 iry Loav ili Cuba. I. Ank in. M Wini Pel. . In kaid . Kev Ople in health must a i a eel laa can a i Rouvim. Wlinich o in n Nave ruin. i me taif Nii i Sivey tical. That . As Liui Lime can state i Liana could b. A a i. . A . I Caltha a 1- in a ten a v ent in a i i a i. Ioe ,1. I of Hart a quote . Win.-, a.loi.,l . Nie iii al p iri. A a in their All far Tineri ii for . ,.i of .ninniin.i-, that Lin i their in was re w o the one of mrs. Hart ,., Elim perhaps ally was . Mansk cat a Intai .,. ,., ,. cult Ion of a i. 1.-1 ii 11 on. ,.i Elk lion. A a. I 1 Lrea a in Vii a the 1. Otth. Iek , i a i ili 1 a. \ m \ Vii in a quot i a 1. U. A i .,0 i div w Roll. A a i. the nam., , and Hin v me in. Toi &-1 "1 ill be \ him., a v c.iunti--. Ami tii. Gonci a us a Tiva Tiomi Leuieu be de quot a o a mini raw her oiler., Naim. X. I quot tie a rail. Will Miichi on be a tiim., i n a weakness Ilise i let. . i Tiff . is Tuai i Baek of us quot m the by in . To lift fre i no a Pai. I convenient a Din i kidney Baek. La a iii y a i air e i i a. I in a Altri la d i female v if . I error i i i in iai 1 n a. a he i of a in Ltd 1 1 no la i a 1, i1 w i Eli al a i 1. K by quot 1 a \ i i and Niitani n i a i a quot do lii.1 u i i a no Init a. Thin an a i l trying that Iran. t i f Imiri a. And ,--an, a rink. A quot a Freni in 5� 1 i quot .11 i 1 i i we i 1 i 1 1-1 1. A Nii . A. Fier for. A. A a 1 iii Eia a v h a 1 Ain i Milit i i i,.i i v ,.,t Rve i cd Recap tile Eilfort a. A hut can tii univ. . pi.i-. Nav. When .m.i. be quot Shine lamp a Union. If win. of Rieara. A not a los a quot quot healt lii a d All l.-vera.--. Ami Livim Ronam. B.-,. A be nver and. I. A ,�?z.-fri.-nd-. We. . I ily Miele an i i . . I find Ait e.,-i-n&-, \ , two by Feizir h he in quot ettlin.c in i eat . / of Illa, rouble. The a1 of. Vera i Narv elect of a Kii Nierva s a ii i a the Ereat y ii Ida i by i oon re Jim ii 1 i Iveine hold ?Len i Dinv 1 s. Lawyer. A i in i. Larto u.-1-�e.i that lie ooh. A a ,. Of . no a Nave i Rma n. S.,m a ,,m Prie put w,., a have iii i where Teek Youh turn .- attention . J in., 111,.m mrk red he Wal i quot iti vation of tie rape Vine. 1 a. Iii a wit h i . N 1. I iii wid p no Kal laa quot a Olua Kay tii in a Neer min a \ i \ quot 1\ in o Vair o. A Tea pre i by Ain. A i. See a in i a la al i be. I i in. A i re ,." Ai i win if 1 i . I a. A -1 a. 1a ave h rth quot Tive do a. Teppe. T Ltd j Jami i tiie a iii an \ enter. To a with far of Eon a tragic Tiomi. Itiat thei a is i of i ii. Rare ii iii Winch i i adv in e in this paper Why pure Iown quot the f.- of mrs. Quot quot quot a if 1 might except wine i a a i one i a liar. For hi�i5. I a i the pamphlet. But eth ent f a mail. Mention the for \ uni Irmi Waii Ini a in. A.�..i . in new liar i. Viii be Lia i been in. and w no tand out. And Calif,.niiai in 1 the Principa. Merv iim.diamp1. V. A lii situation. Than Indiana an is. In Erv a quot of this a i.  .Aiai-.-�?� f this Ifer. Hat lie. Herself ii Ouid whip him i via by own Van Ltd Valley. An j a thu Ivet. . I j quot quot. A 1 be Woad in quot brr i 1 a. a be o quot a. K j .-p.ei,Liy . Ti.,-e of a weak _ . i Kivini pan .aric. Tiyae 1 Prav n. and not Liari quot quot a quot a quot Earth Mon a of . Lie of Mon men Nie. Be Itiat in a Dhiti try . ,. ,.r .--., the ii of . Pis. A i ,. Danvila fair is Grid. Drive. I.--,- Wilip Pipiu iii. Yeai Thia. I a tit in . T Inni,. own hens the Whol. Mme Nice Lia they Havi re a Man lie iii lit .1 f Ero be k tile part be , of Immen a \ lie hav. I in w Lef-.sis Grid. To iii. System. Unlike near.b. spirits e i rally the. Pei a. a. 1. Arate i. To i Hove we pain b i i Vak. A i tie . In. When bet a than .-ey.--. A l-..r a n he Ary if n.i.vitii lil on of,. i. A. J a j. a \ m a i c in i i a Rcpt i ler i n 0. Of. Sipper sent i i der i a i. T -. M. M. I Aat �\.?.ney Law. \ l 1. a i a be i v b in h in attorneys and Counselor l big quot Reznar Kiev . And Manv of tit. A a quot quot . And 1 . e. m . Flu s w-1 a. My a. A Ltd 1 1 in a be a i Kyi w . Ana the Ippe. I quot in a i i \ b tit a Attiat. Erv in l.ii- Wib . A ii a die.i be a i i event a i lei in .-i-,.a be o 1. W i a \ a no a in ivs a la in quot a s in in . l tii. To v Viril a. hts a mid an be v a u. W. Lie Lviv i Are y i a. L e i a. 1 a on e a ,. T a. In i i 1 l o 1 new i. V a. N n a o Init Iive a .,. \ invited a Amend. W 1. A a i -. T Uejio Lej. I e a -.e,- ii in v o i 1 a ten iii. Rien tie i ii Elv a i Arin in i iii 1 i let a a pi.-v-. J lan i. F me , farm. A h i no i n. T a k. A \ in Yar n a. I a y ,. I. farm a �?��,.ul i ctr in quot Bex 1 Arn a ,1.1 a. a ave the -.y. In trn . A. A f.--. If a Iok a. i i ii. I thu. Quot . I the. . I w. A. Vry Fen a of. An i win. ,.arapi -.-- -"ni.-Iinie-. Pine i a wine a Zoubi a. Ltd j Arm no died a i lii pier tilsit a lei. I. A i. I All. I i .1 i lir a. Quot = that t even i. bin Publ 1 1 a .rap. Wie is in Utby a in i ele eid a i Lualdi a i .1 j a cd. Fat. A. I a c l i. Imi i.-?r.,v a lil vin.n_-l. A lit f.,r the. A Abi Upo Aie u will. A a by a frill Tamisy. I Eneta and., Maiden i. a w Nii i the vim Yar he. Mno Rio on i j-.,.. that Are i Ven by hmm n Pic a . To big who think i ,.lherwi-.-. That there is no a. Any in Cd v. I be Kizine ill i Ninny in a that ten Rit of i raise ..-Rinc. Ave vim i b . A ver tiv. Mali Ltd of res of i c 1. A a the -�,1 w of Iive a Stock a . John 15. May. Run. Attorney and Counselor la a Ltd vis Nim. Ref an part fit a Stic i i a in u. A .-Inru ii i a. Way Lillock n. Rth Init c.irct i i . W. Cox. Attorney Lai and Mil office in Mok hn.iinar. Sorth Pele rubble quot vex ton my,.r. Leven Good. A. T. Llvem.oo&. C. A d1 Uye Good like Ngod amp Dice lawyers. Osce octet tiiu cored son but King co. North Side panic Spaak Corington into a i tire ate e wiil Applei note Larid in in the of tech Ehan ,.du-.-i annually ver Nice Mili i Philis of that Cili rated wine i ii Iioman-uti\ated Theca real an Ariy this is 3 jok8 Ierio i of Weir a tory. Ami u.i wine in their sacrifice. L lie cultivation of 1 a nil. More of Van Boren town May be in favor of but not land not Cato and that Means Loraly Mellott nastier. Lii Irini the of the Fountain c Nefy teach err quot Institute Cov Tiu ton. A Tea cider who had not heard of the new Book quot ten Littie Hov received tiie knowledge in a Rainier Ain uini. Via. A lady a ked hit quot slave ten Litlie boys quot quot quot no i Only lately married an explanation was quickly made the of the parties . A Attica new s. Don die Yoang. Ca.scaret&. Candy Cathartio. mos wonderful melt iii a Dif Jovery of the hire pleasant and refreshing in the taste act c Niiya quot fid a i&.s.iivt by on kidijey.&&, liver and Bov is. Cleant ing the entire system Dispa colds cure headache fever habitual cont spation and bilious Ness. Pletke but a ind try a Box of c. C. C. To Day 10, ii. .i cents. Sold and Gaa Raote cure by All . Abstract of title . Antimi Lian 1. . urn in.-m j a inc b men. Aid .1 Ujj go Typ a Hupp away the enr.i al Koholic Timu Timpson of Danvil a. Limit. That . To u.l j saturday in country. Hut in a . Ellis and mis Sara a the Crape and the manufacturing of wine is As old Ashi tory itself and we of in the fir Paes of holy scripture but not much of vineyards is vineyards is recorded up the twelfth , until now. A we loud .s cultivation through All portions of Europe Ami the of the world. We find the Banks of the Rhine an. Its , the mount uns of Hun Kury and Switzerland and the Plains of France and Italy cultivated with hundreds of of this great fruit. own country too. Is not behind those countries especially California where the wide Industry is the chief production of the country. Most of the earlier planted vineyards in this country were foreign varieties but they did not succeed Well own native varieties were adopted and gradually in diminish their be a -.u�k-titut�. Klen a quot lit both of Dlf quot i of . Hould be , and. Better Susti Jandrew a. O.bori., of Coal tute could be found than the pure in forge of ofe adulterated fir ape wine. J Don Toback spi. And smoke your lift i a away. If you want quit tobacco using and forever he made Well. Stroud pfc a Inetie full of new life and Viper. Al Tel al Elj . To Siso Doulass Covi Nitoiu proved until now we have As Many if John Peters. A Ake flac. The won Jer worker that makes weak men Stroner. Many a Ain ten pounds in ten Days. Over 400,000 cured. Buy no Bac from your own druggist who will guarantee a cure Lio Oklet and Sample mailed free. And. Sterling remedy co., Chicago new York. For Sale the Iron hitching Racks and chains formerly used around the Public Square. Posts will be sold 25 cents each Chain 3 cents per Pound. Inquire of the tailor. Jii. received a id l and el�g� line of fall and Winter Trimn rings and a wogs. Call and see me. Experienced cute pressing and repair Lufi a specially. Basement Mccomas Bliefe a

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