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Courier (Newspaper) - August 18, 1804, London, Middlesex We shall on monday Call the attention of our Reader to the meeting at the Crown and Anchor last tuesday and to the proposal at that meeting to establish Parish committees and county clubs a ropes Al tending in our opinion to nothing less than the Ren enxing and refreshing the affiliated corresponding societies,._ Prici of stocks this Day at twelve. be it reduced 57ji. Or min 7� Prcin. 3-t or ont. Consols s a. T the courier  London saturday August 18. F he last intelligence from the continent justifies us 311 believing that events of decisive importance May be take place immediately. Jaq aparte has no longer any expectation of preserving peace with Russia and it was even said at Hamburgh that the russian charge d Frires had kit Paris on. The His departure did not take place so soon but we believe that he kit Faris a bout the ,8th or 10th of this month. The probability of a War with Russia has induced Bonaparte to assemble so Large a Force at zest near utrecht. The Encampment there amounts to 6o,Coo that they shall be obliged to con. Cent rate , and withdraw it from the Banks of the Elbe and Weber and probably from Hanover the French preserve no longer the slightest decency in. Their demands arid exaction Bremen is attempted to be plundered and because the inhabitants resist the City is blockaded and even the commercial correspondence of that Neutral town a conduct for which no president occurs in the hostile proceedings of civilized states has been subjected to interruption a the first instance and to absolute prohibition to last accounts from Hanover assert that All the paymasters have on a sudden been directed to pay what they have received into the French military Chest immediately. It should seem from this As if the French intending to quit the electorate were determined to Drain it As much As possible and to leave it in the deepest state of penury and distress. Lord Melville who has left London on a visit %0 lord Keith is said to have gone for the purpose of concerning measures for the Junction of the North sea Fleet with fac russian Fleet which is reported erroneously we believe to have passed the sound. Whilst the French Are violating the rights of nations and vexing the Northern Powers the English government affording in its conduct a perfect contrast to that of the French Are using every Effort to soften the severity of the miseries in which the French have involved the Uno fending Imperial cities. They have not enly relaxed. The blockade of the Elbe a favour of the City of Hamburgh but have also agreed to extend the same indulgence to the City of Bremen and to the j Anish ships concerned in the whale fishery. A notification to this effect has been made to count Wedel Jarlsberg the danish Nister and also the m. Groning the Deputy of Bremen by letters from lord Harlow a let not , deserving though they Are of cur attention divert our views for one moment from the preparations and plans of the enemy against this country. " let us not suppose that a War with Russia will make j5o.nafas.te relax those preparations or abandon these , England is the object that occupies his first thoughts in the morning his last at night. Nothing we Are persuaded will induce re. Lih quash the invasion of. This country. He is determined to attempt it and it is the confident belief of his majesty s ministers that he will attempt it immediately Uffre report of lord Nelson having taken one of the hires islands is unfounded. He wow not a weaken his Force by any such expedition the object if Wick of any solid Good and permanent free sch Fleet at Toulon is completely manned and ready for sea and lord Nelson is off the Harbour. The urls experienced this Arnii a Rise. The reduced and three pet cent in per cent and the q minium from 6 to of Pretis ram.  the payment upon the Orann having Asse Over without bees Sioning Iny pressure upon the Market Lias probably be Casio Iid. The Rise. A " the blockade. To the edit onto the courier. Sir a \ in your paper of monday the Ruth inst. You offered some observations to your readers which were evidently Well i anti though they were not politically Correct. As a Marks the medium of your patriotic columns Are Likely to command attention i have taken upon myself to rectify the error into which the writer of the article in question seems to have fallen from an Hasty interpretation of the views of government. You stated As follows we confess we do not see Why at this present Tane when our like forests and full of vessels freighted with East and West India produce the enemy should be prevented or interrupted in the receiving of that produce which they used to do through those ports now declared to be in a state of the object of the blockade had no reference whatever to the direct vent of our own produce in France since it is Well known to All the mercantile world that Tea sugar. And Coffee from Cwi slants never made their Way into that country at any of the ports announced in saturday s Gazette. It inessential to our interests As a commercial people that the navigation act should be maintained As much As possible in its primitive Vigour in order that we May preserve in our own hands the Means whereby our maritime Dominion has been so Long supported. No Mode of effecting this purpose can he More obvious than the prevention of neutrals from taking advantage of our particular difficulties. For Many years the have derived a very extensive foreign Commerce from the circumstances attendant on Bur contests with France. They have also become what the hollanders were formerly the common carriers of produce of every description. To the fair profits of Industry and Enterprise to Liberal mind can object but when they Are found to interfere with the positive interests of another state measures must be adopted to counteract their effects. I would not be understood to inculcate principles either of envy or of irritation but the ground on which i approve of the blockade As a Wise political measure is from the consideration that american vessels were known to have carried into the ports of France the produce of the French colonics thus enabling cur enemies to derive almost the same advantages from them As in time of peace. All the productions of Marfi Nico and Guadeloupe As Well As of the French settlements in the East were transported to France in american Bottoms and thus while the spirit of the f naval Imell Kency. X a August i6, fio me in from off Ferrol and Cai Unna after a Long cruise of near nine a months the Mars 74, Captain Duff to refit and Victual. She left Admiral Cockrane and our. Fleet All Well on that station the enemy s ships As usual in Ferrol and Corunna. Also from a Long cruise off the South West coast of Ireland Ojito Paze 38, Captain Lake to refit. Last tuesday several gangs of caulker with the painters were put on the hib Emia 120 guns now fitting fast or launching in the Dock Yard under the inspection of a Tucker Esq. Master shipwright will in All probably be launched1 the first Spring tide in october she is pierced for and will carry 5 1 guns of a Side Viz. 17 on each of the three decks besides the Quarter deck and forecastle. The two fir frigates Are in great forwardness and will be launched about the Middle of october. This Day the officers of the two corvettes driven ashore and Burnt by the boats of the aigle of 44guns, capt. Wolfe near l Oricht were landed to take their examination for a certificate for the head and gun Money for their Crews As a Reward to our Gallant tars. During the late Gale of wind on her passage to this port Lieut. O. Symonds of the Mars of 714guns, capt Duff in going up the ladder of the Quarter deck jammed his foot so badly by the ship giving a Lee launch As to be obliged to be sent to the Roy l Hospital it is hoped his foot will be preserved As he is a Good Active and intelligent officer. Sailed for Falmouth the lady Warren of 32 guns capt. M Kellar with Convoy. Came in the . Matti Cott and Friendship sheers from i Mouth with deals for the Yard. Falmouth aug. -15arrived this Day the Nancy Cutter capt. M a with orders to collect and give instructions to. The outward bound Lisbon and Oporto fleets also armed the Ranger Saunders for Cork. Sailed the american ship Fanny Phillips for Spain the Mars Bryant for Ion Don and the Lark Taylor for Waterford. Put Back by. Contrary wind the packet Dodd with mails for Lisbon and queers Charlotte Mudce with mails for America the Chesterfield packet with mails a Jamaica and which sailed on same Day As the above two. Packets has net put Back. The Iva Singham packet will take the mail of the 14th inst. For Lisbon. Remain with the outward bound vessels for Newfoundland Nova Scotia and Quebec his majesty s ships orpheus and ran the Prince of Ivales packet is hourly expected. Lord Camelford. His lordship made his will so Long ago is 24th May 1799. In it after bequeathing two unities to Charles Cowper Esq. Oneco 30ar year for or. Cowper s life and the other of a year for the lives of two other persons to pet cow per Esq. I tool. And to lord and lady or Ville 500i. Each he leaves All his estates t0f Mother and after her death to his sister i states that the reason of his giving his brother sister so Small a sum is that he has devised All real estates whatsoever after the death of h3 Mot to his dear sister lady Grenville. His a Otic and sister Are appointed executors to his it ii. The following part is in the original testator s own hand writing. I beg lord Grenville whose repeated roof kindness to me can never be erased from Srb , and leave such a deep or. A. Of conceive that in leaving my property to Ritter Independent of him i have Ever had in Bijj g Baltic Convoy passed enemy were actually supplied with Tho t cd by the the most positive issued to the. Several officers commanding the ships in the use their utmost exertions in equipping them for Jea and proceeding to the Nore without loss of time. -. Last night a tender full of impressed seamen Vaj. Ent from the off the Tower to theote  they have been pm fax cd from the several .c.-Wapiain. , Tom cats line frigate of "in6rcbant vessels that arrived within the last week 36 guns is returned Here after capturing two very a Fot Hettver. T our Teshome privateers. The insurance company him Vii Ali .5099 rupees for the a Purchase of Jpike of ple. The embargo is. Taken off a Vesseis. The Bengal fat sailed on the 10th enemy were actually stippled with those articles which Are the growth of . In this View of the subject the blockade must be highly applauded As a measure calculated to defeat this Clandestine Commerce to intercept the resources thus furnished to the enemy through the medium of neutrals while it will necessarily compel the French to resort to the Continental Market for those articles of colonial produce which they will no longer be enabled to procure by. The intervention of neutrals. Kence our merchants will desire immense Benefit from this event arid enjoy an exclusive Trade. At the same time the French colonies must feel All the hardships of discouragement which Are the inevitable consequences of an obstructed Commerce. That this reasoning is conclusive you May easily ascertain from the present prices of All colonial articles. For with All the superabundance 1.864 Mercator. V " \ \ a a the Kingloff Sweden k is understood departed.frorr Karlsruhe Iri Conser mince of a second Intima a Tion from the court of. . Dispatches a re last night s lord Cam Ben s office to Portsmouth tube forwarded by. The Ball at Malta. The following is an extract from a letter received yesterday Okerland Willi Arri march.14, i8p4l. Captain. Page of for Jamaica Africain Jones and re covery for the South seas Phoenix Gasby for Madeira Camilla Harvey Falmouth Stewart and Columbine Steward for Suriname Polly Ellerby for Gibraltar Eliza for Boston i Hunter Phillips for Barbadoes Starling Brit ton for Smyrna three Brothers Reid for Oporto Gertrude for Falmouth with a Large Fleet of other outward bound ships and coasters whose names cannot learn. P. S. Came Down from Sheerness la Seine frigate. Arrived from a cruise the Zephyr Sloop of War also his majesty s ship ardent. A letter from an officer on Board his majesty s ship sceptre dated March 15, says " a few degrees from Sumatra we took a French Privateer mounting to guns. She was Locking after our indiaman on the morning we saw her. The Albion was with us she supposing us to be indiaman bore Down upon us but when she came almost within gun shot and found we were two men of War she made sail we gave Chace and Iri four hours came up with her she stood"86 shot before she struck was from the Isle of France which place she left on the 9th of j the tartar of new York mounting ten guns was captured on the 20th of june off Henega by a French Privateer. The Spanish re place s. Krar Cisco a Sis Machof from Mogadore for Marseilles is sent into Gibraltar by his majesty s ship Halcyon. Ties Pairish Brig a s. De concepeion Achieva from Amsterdam to Cadiz is sent into Gibraltar of Iii majesty s ship amb Captain it Binson of the hindmost and is appointed to the so tit sure and not sir Sidney Smith the health or this Dis line i shelf Ticer Trot being yet sufficiently re established to enable him to take the Corr need of any ship. A " cd a by thin in his disposal although the right of atom in one Chance More of being respect cd when there be no doubt but he will be equally a Partaker. Part of the last Sheet Cut eff was done by Fri this 16th of october 1 so 1. Camelford. I Thomas lord Camelford of the Parish of l to Connic in the county of Cornwall deliver to i j paper As an a explanatory note and codicil to my r there Are certain of Money of mine in Rhc a i of or. Folin de , who lives to a 590, Rue de l Unne site at Paris with this no Ney he has purchased two estates the one in fun �1 Candy. The other in Lausanne the whole of Ufeo lands with whatever Money of mine May h. In Fujs hands i bequeath to the , in the Sarra Many the rest of my property described in my will after a settlement shall have been made upon him and his wife that is upon their joint lives of a a iary equal to what he from rat. Which i e is some where about no hand Tii and forty pounds a year i likewise bequeath him. As a proof of my esteem and respect for to talents and integrity. I have likewise certain sums of Money in to hands of mrk Nich Tsow sch Opl master c f soil. Square greatest part of which is vested in two ship destined for the South sea fishery these i likewise bequeath to fhe Grenville in the same srm the other that is in the described in my will,1 fifteen Hundred pounds of this Money is a loan to or. Nicholso made on a former occasion for the extending of his establishment this Money namely a 1500i. I bequeath to him As a Reward for his private labours in my affairs but the file Patent machine will go to the Grenville is. " i likewise bequeath to my Good Friend and old ship mate Captain a full discharge of All his debts to be paid by my heirs As soon As May be together with the redemption of in s Halpny which i have reason to fear he has sold and i fur. The More bequeath to him a yearly annuity of two Hundred pounds whenever he is not employed on service that he does not reside in town or within one Hundred Miles of it. " to my Friend Devereux 1 bequeath my Little Brown Hunter together with my guns dog and Mother sporting apparatus which i think will amuse him and tend to drive away the recollect in of the tedious hours i have made him Send. He will under stand what that Means and i beg that the whole of that business in every Way May be forgot with me that is not mentioned by him. Having now mentioned All those to whom i am bound by sentiments of regard and esteem i will say a word of per Linro one of the worst men that Ever disgraced humanity. I mean. He has got the com a. C Trine the the ,. In a. Of or. Mac i of part of her is i As i allowed him to Vest somewhere about five Hundred pounds n her the precise sum a mentioned in the paper at or. Nicholson s. As there a. No doubt but that he will use every artifice in his -0 defrauding heirs i hereby declare that the vessel i do not owe him to my , r. Male Farthing and i advise them to take the earliest Opportunity of recovering their own. " there Are Many other matters which at other time i might be inclined to mention but r will say nothing More at present than that in the present contest i am fully and entirely the aggressor As Well in the spirit As in the letter of the word. Should i therefore lose my life in a contest of or own seeking i most solemnly forbid any of my friends or relations let them be of whatsoever description they May be from instituting any vexatious proceedings against my antagonist and should notwithstanding the above declaration c my part the Law of the land be put in Force against him i desire that this part of my will May be made known to the King in order that his Royal breast May be moved to extend his mercy toward him. / with respect to myself i have Ever entertained an anxious desire that my remains May be deposited in some Region of the Earth Distant from the place of my nativity and where the surrounding  scenery will smile upon me others adorn their abode while living and it is my fancy to adorn mine when dead for this purpose i beseech most earnestly that whenever the times will permit my body May be removed in the cheapest manner to the Island of St Fierre in the Lake of Rienne in Swit Zerland there to be deposited in the Centre Between the three Trees that stand on the right of the Pavilion a Bush or some such thing May be planted Over me but without any Stone or masonry in any shape or form whatever and permission to have this Myja swish carried into execution i bequeath one thousand pounds to be paid to the Hospital at Berne to whom the Island belongs. " i appoint dry be Rex my executor for Al those things relating to. My burial on which i Atrach Mose importance than j f in two of the first clause we Haw thought it to state the names
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