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Coshocton Tribune Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 3

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Coshocton Tribune, The (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Coshocton, Ohio To programs for saturday october 3 t 71 18 80 Zanesville 4 Columbus or Poms is Tiv m the Holt Howwton to wbn5.tv Nwosu to a St to Wurf to 6 10 34 9 7 Columbus Columbus Columbus Steubenville Wheeling Abc lbs Edue lbs Abc Jedde Woody t Boob Obj for Mas from a Eccie Woodjr Tea ave Auer or. Toad motor bus of sues Baum see cd. It cad Rasner see of fat Luj cd. M 1 tit lace inc see cd. Is Rowie see cd dotage Pink Csc. Is Seeck Lemis see i. Is see cd. Fott Matt the is Seech. Masoo Sty be Scase Fua Boese see cd. Is Aires Foa Boose see cd. Doc me oils boys Doo the Doo see Ca. It the Makees baseball Nicch. Is jeans see cd. Bartall Abc cd. Is see i. Rider Skot Boner Derby see cd. Is Pio Derby see cd. Baa Datu Abc cd. See Derby Leasse i. In pro upbeat see cd. Is programs cd. Baseball Abc cd. Is see cd. A pro final nil Gas to u is see cd. Is Smcnea Rietl Blue Raste quartet see cafe. Baseball Abc we of hid of Beverl Jones Abc baseball Tom Jones Abc baseball Abc old of spes the a adv Tiack sports base Bao web tent Bracken Abc lady see the. Troop leu make a Vallyn Wagoner baseball impossible Williams chs see cd. Laurence m three impossible see cd. Is three see cd. Meat Marv Tyler report Marv Tyler Moore Cash Ala Mississippi johs3v Cash Norci report report. Late Woody Slovie Ala Mississippi movie late veus. Aia Mississippi movie 43 Cleveland 5 Cleveland 8 Cleveland 61 Seveland 23 Akron 10.00 61 ten gladiators 61 great Chase 43 brain from planet Arous 5 Hov. To marry a millionaire s Francis 61 Black room 23 life begins at 90 6 Tea 4-00 43 red skies of Montana 61 creature with the atom brain 43 behold a Pale horse 4 Mirage 43 great be 61 Dracula s daughter 9 two flags West s Viva Las vegas 10 Tea 23 never wave at a 4 Kitten with a whip 43 death is nimble death is Quick Hoar Heram of Jerry Toad motor Psia a bucs Toad motor link secret Groove lick secret Public attain Uncle Leuis Jose the scooper double Decker Lewis scooper double rovers Roy wheels sky show Arshie wheels ski aders Doo Derby roller Martley scene 71 mov outer strip Sunset limits death Vallei five Hawaii twid sports voice old West celebrity Brady old sports Wilburn show let s make a consequences Mission zone Wagner let s make a Saint the game Lawrence impossible my three game Lawrence Welk Marj Tyler a thief takes a Welk Hitchcock a. To Oakball Cinema movie Cinema 79 the Coshocton Tribune week of september 27, 1970 i i 1 i game sword words and music . Whiz to red Skelton monday . I 1 i w Ester from Shiloh wednesday . Whiz to drama thursday . Fth in to series tuesday . Viz to humor Dean thursday 10 . Whiz to television stations Are not always seen on their regular dial position through Cable television. The channels used by Coshocton area Cable systems Are listed below in parentheses with the number of the station s regular Channel if it is different under which they Are listed in this program list Tower communications Coshocton 2 time. Weather 3 Channel 43. Luab. Cleveland 4 wow a to Columbus 5 news Cleveland 6 Channel 61. A Kef. Cleveland 7 Verf to Wheeling 8 wow to. Cleveland 9 a St to Steuben Ville 10 Channel 34. Nwosu to Ohio state University Columbus 11 Channel 23, War Akron 13 channels 18 71, Whiz to Zanesville. Tower communications newcomers town inc. Cable system 2 time weather 3 Kyc to Cleve land not 4 Channel 43, Luab Eland 5 news Cleveland 6 Channel is Zanesville 8 wow to Cleve land. 9 a St to. Steubenville 10 wins Columbus 7 Wurf Wheeling 11 Channel 23. Air to. Akron 12 Channel 25. Viz to Cleveland not 13 Channel 17. Jan. Canton not West Lafayette to Cable channels 18 71. Whiz to Zanesville 4 Channel 9. A St to. Steuben file 6 Channel 5, news. Cleveland 8 wow to Cleveland 16 wins to Columbus 12 Channel 7, Wurf to Wheeling. Make first fold Here keeping cover View. Cut along hits line. Tonao Audi Jossoy g Saroa Anniea s to w 01 up Diun go of App s 331l Obi inv i of 01h3ttd of Job . U03s mj3qezi1 nois3 Jasio udb3 Job pah 19 00 1 v Doc Isom Abii b Junr Aisup 10 Nesmoe it Bui e lust b so Sabin s h 3 a v 1 3h1 she Sivok j3sab3 3iaoiv Siok co Seiv air Nof ippsp.9 Jot Rooh sail t t a Pooh is Obj p Aeq is Obj pm by swords Ash he Steppy p3 Kapok a Oij. Us Jinx Oij Oju Aux so to p3 of 3a07 m to Aux 33v Saa Aav a of Hiya 19 8 it to site jjsab3 Sisi Sisi a Jug Szijj is 3jasjoj of Jsn Sny Sisi is -q3 is id Ciao a iise3 Aira of is o is if is i to Moon of 7 Sisi to Jim j33rs is t a j v is Wedaa Coos ib3s a i Sisi Pasi ti3 is raw Jim Stag Sisi p3 is -53 81 113 pjjoj1 Azja no Risi is 113 i to to apiece a 2soi j re cd Mooja p3 Bott is Ujj ii d site Pef 81 81 to Sisi is to is to do Volm s3d of a1-s.v9a Oak 9 a Alsuk 38.0 Soqr Anjer f 08 8t tax Ziha Jiaqiu Aydag Job spa Perl i 11 01 8 us Tsoi s Al u 01 Al u 01 o Seq a i sri u 01 g a3u3bo s a or b sjb3a 8 Aloiv jja.-.e3 Suomi ifs ub9f opt big 9oy us 19 Isoba 3ubia sbx9x of r3h Nia a Jug ipod Jav ibuoubuj31 i Odside Bijj us d r i big gym s9iubf s3asis a six 9 e Huq Guu Bof ired Sonoi is to 9pi-id 01 9bhobk u9abh 9unf Samn Pibal to maps go abut to snoaj9h e a Nob 3q abut . 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