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Coshocton Tribune Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 4

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Coshocton Tribune, The (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Coshocton, Ohio To programs for thursday september 24 to programs for monday september 21 a pro rom listed in the Adf her All programs listed on the half hour 71 1880 Zanesville 4 Columbus 6 Columbus 10 Columbus a St to Wurf to 34 9 7 Columbus Steubenville Wheeling Edue lbs Abc is. 18 see cd. News i Street is i St is sesame Street news see cd. Cd. 18 see cd. Room capt. Kangaroo Jack Lal Asae capt. New capt. A Caroo see cd. Is Mist oar. Today capt. See Ca. Jack disco Paul Frost David toyshop Luci s an Roaper Koa Donahue Art phased Jack Phi place Dixon Phi Frost Shoar Corner science Luck show see cd. Is listen Beverly him Biu is see cd. Of Century Holh Good Donahue see in. Tha affair love of affair see cd. Is sesame Street of life see cd. Far a. Kotae Tio what club 5s-58 world news search Street where heart is Nova report teacher technique search for tomorrow see c with Clab see Cha. My a Hendreb make a talk As world heritage Ste cd. 13 listen Art As world 5re cd. Of oar lives the Cluj. Is see cd Gra Haiti Virginia guiding see cd. Is listen. Posed a iding Ligia see cd City Bright cd. 25 cd. Hospi Iai to scorn Edge of saved secret stors Sec cd. Is Edge of see it. Ca is Star Shack is Shoa Early Street Ectner see Csc. A sesame Street Flint stores trek love Jicy Shosie Early Star trek danish Soose Friend la giant Star Danirri nightly see cd. Yailen Bis s3 eyewitness wide total 1 Asmon shortcuts waiter see cd. Vandyke see cd. Is malt s3 family carnival report Lisas world Fanti la affair Sec cd. Anson cd. Is see cd. Licota Rahors Jim in review Nabors see cd. S net playhouse Jim Rahors see cd. Cd. 18 see cd. In Park Odd playhouse movie see cd. Is net movie see cd. Martin Dean is. Is see cd. Immortal the. Century movie see cd. Is Folk Goltar movie Ste cd. Weather spas tonight see in. Dick news total news report Merv Griffin see cd. Show Toni Fai cd. 18 see cd. Cavett Dick Griffin see cd. A Merv Griffin see cd 43 Cleveland 5 Seveland 8 Cleveland 61 Cleveland 23 Akron 43 Coleen Ruby Keeler. Dick Poveru 61 Highway dragnet Richard come Joan Bennett 10 Torch song Pic Joan Crawf Orci unde Kangaroo explain d a dozen room Lucy Julius Caesar Marion Brando James Mason 43 the Pink Panther Peter Sellers. David Given 61 repeat performance Louis Joan Leslie 10 the bravado Gregory Peck Joan Collins 43 night fighters r o b e r t Mitchum Anne net Cork highlights Abc Matt us cold returns Vince to to. Still bearing the title doctor but this time a Kerr a world of night Phi Lalanne women s knowing that Donarae love of is late or. Pase that Bunny of every Biss camera search Cleveland Captain of Evem Hing my children let s make Cost world my let s Lake a game dating Thomsa guiding Dennis the game dating Bunny Hospital oae life to Boad adventure Huckleberry Hospital one life to racer shadows Pyle Merv planet add Anis shadows in space lost in . Griffin men. Frost David Walter smart 1 love news beat the Frost Matt or Famh Van Dyke Star mat Baa Lincoln Nabors Jim trek candid Lincoln la Park Odd Mason Perry Park Odd Alfred Dici Dillon Dick in his clinic. Patty Duke is the premiere guest. Cavett Dick Cavett Dick 71 18 80 Zanesville 4 Columbus 6 Columbus 10 Columbus 34 Columbus Wurf to 9 7 Steubenville Wheeling lbs Abc cd. 13 cd. Scene news. 1 see co. Is see cd. Cd. S see cd. Ruora Jack Kangaroo capt. Nov Kangaroo see co. Is cast Kangaroo cd j2c- Diioia paid Frost David toyshop a i s cover cover. Roora Phil Doc Hiie Jack Lalane Phil Dixon Phi do Frost groping Shiv preview preview show see Ca. U be iriv Hillbillies see cd. Of douche Inch. Affair love of me. Art sesame affair see cd. Is love of ? see cd. Club -.3-5.j world news search Street for heart is noon report search for tomorrow see Chw a. Hub see cd. My children let s slake a talk As world of. See cd. -3 As the u orid see cd. Of our Thor cd. Is cd. 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Ron Randell 61 storm rider Scoti Brady Llala Powers 10 Darling furher Howard keel 7 clubhouse Uncle Kafano Captain 23 papers 43 lonely hearts Lov room the Lccy Kerr a world of night Pfail lass a woman s Garden of Cooper. Susan. 7 4 Boom f. 1 i 2 a b e t h Taylor. Richard Burton 43 value for Money John Gresson. Diana Dors 6lf last of the madmen George Mon somen Imichael Caifee that Donahue love of la Lanne or. Pafe that Masy of everything camera search for Cleveland capt. Of everything world my children let s make court As the world my children let s make a dating think Zaidins Dennis game dating Bunny bosons life to raid adventure Huckleberry Hospital one life to racer Johnny Merv planet Addams shadows Dudley do 8 36 hours James Garner. Rod Taylor 10 sigm and the City Richard Widmark Gene Tierney item corf highlights Abc the silent Force pits de Nelson Lynda Dav and Percy Rodriques against organized crime wit ii the heroes winning every week a space lost in n.. 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