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Coshocton Tribune Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 2

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Coshocton Tribune, The (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Coshocton, Ohio The Coshocton Tribune an Independent newspaper published each evening and sunday mornings at 115 North sixth so Coshocton Ohio 43812, phone 622-1122 second class postage paid at Coshocton Ohio de w. Thompson editor Dick Salvage. Circulation mgr. W. Glenn Smith business mgr. Joe f. Ely advertising manager Clay uptick president Allan h. Land general manager All it takes Bates by we per week by motor delivery cd Vance 3 tto Oths 97.80 to oaths. 1 year. By drop Cal or try Jutes were mis Lorene Mast. Millersburg. Miss Lucille Lockette Giaver Butteri. Dolly . And Wilkinson of . Mems ers of the Muski Ngum Valley Dora association including Cam Coshocton other communities attended a banquet held at stage coach tavern. 50 years ago sept. 19. 1920 Corn dropped 25 cents in the local Market saturday. The Grain was being quoted at a current bumper crop in Prospect was affecting the Market. Harry Caton gave a talk on organization of Rural districts and Grange at the Pomona meeting held at Perry Grange. Jack Anderson sky jacking planned Anderson washing Tox our investigation into the sky jacking Story has produced two startling discoveries 1. Several Days before the multiple sky jacking. Israel tipped off United states authorities that the pales Tinian guerrillas might pull such a stunt to dramatize their cause and to upset the Middle East truce. 2. The secret service uses electronic and Ultra Violet devices to prevent the smuggling of weapons or explosives aboard White houss planes. If the airlines had been willing to take the same precautions air piracy probably could have been stopped Long ago. The israeli warning called attention to the possibility that palestinian fanatics might at tack or seize airliners belonging to Israel or the . The israelis correctly guessed that the popular front would be the most Likely to attempt this kind of drama in the sky. The popular front is led by a fervent Christian Arab George Hab Bash who used to head a band of nuns before he took com Mand of the guerrilla group. He is determined to Block any Middle East settlement that in t decided by Arab arms. The israelis figured Hab Bash was desperate and daring enough to plan some sky jacking. A warning therefore was delivered to . Authorities and to Israel s own airline. Al Al. The u. S. Unfortunately ignored the warning. But Al Al thanks to the Alert not Only thwarted one sky jacking attempt but barred two suspicious passengers from another flight. The two men subsequently boarded a pan american jumbo Jet bound from Amster dam to new York. The Odd couple Al Al spotted the pair and alerted the control Tower which notified the pan am Captain As he taxied the huge Airliner into position for take off. He searched the two passengers who. Incidentally carried senegalese passports. He found nothing apologized to them and roared Down the runway. Less than 30 minutes afterwards the pair produced pistols and hand grenades seized control of the jumbo Jet and brought it Down in Cairo. The guerrillas later blew up the s24 million plane. Clearly the big airlines Haven t taken proper precautions to protect their Passen Gers from air piracy. Until the recent sky Jack drama the airlines simply did t con Sider the risk Worth All the trouble and expense. Experts have told this column that the airlines if they had wished could have stopped the sky jacking. Footnote perhaps George Hab Bash himself unintentionally has offered the Solu tion to air piracy. Talking about Israel he once said we have to stand against whoever supports Israel economically militarily politically maybe the time has come for airline passengers and workers to stand against nations which support skyjacker. Passengers can refuse to Fly on planes that go to these countries airline employees can refuse to Fly or service the planes. Cuba is the worst offender. Only three airlines Russia s Aeroflot Spain s Iberia and Cuba s own Cubana Fly into Havana. North Korea which has also refused to Deal with skyjacker is served Only by Aeroflot. In the Middle East three countries have harboured air pirates Egypt. Syria and Jor Dan but Jordan probably is powerless. These countries Are served by air France air India a italia Boac. Czechoslovak airlines ethiopian airlines iraqi airways Japan air lines Kuwait airlines Middle East airlines Pakistan International pan american Qantas. Sas Swissair syrian Arab airlines and Twa. Slip of the Tongue was it another slip of the Tongue or was he revealing untold plans president Nixon in a recent telecast with Art Linkletter. Beamed primarily to children said in 19so you will go from Washington to los Angeles in an hour and a that s How fast Well be moving with the new planes that will be available that could Only be in the controversial supersonic transport plane. As opposition has mounted to government subsidies for the set mainly because of the annoyance and damage of the sonic Boom the administration has replied that the plane which goes faster than the Speed of sound will never Fly Over land. Has the president inadvertently revealed that there s really no intention of keeping such a Beacon journal i personally resent their air of superiority because and they n Street thoughts on utter pollution editor almost every Day you can read an article or two in the daily papers about pollution and utter in our country and around the world. Here Are some of my thoughts on the subject America the Beautiful i always longed to travel through Amber Fields of Grain to see the purple mountains above a fruited Plain or soar across spacious skies and sail on a shining sea. But Beautiful America had to wait while i raised my family. Perhaps i should have travelled in the Ore pollution Days before those Scenic wonders were hidden in a smoggy Haze. So i guess i la stay at Home my taste for travel has turned bitter. Who wants to sail in Oil Slick seas or wander through the litter Betty Holskey Coshocton route 4 let us together build editor thru the thoughtfulness of a Mutual Friend clipping of the editorial red Man s ghost haunts the that appeared in the sunday August 23rd edition of the Coshocton Tribune was sent to me. The red Man s spirit walks the land because this is his sacred land it is pan of these races for the Earth is their Mother and the upper layer of the Earth is composed of millennia of their flesh and Bones and blood. You will note i used the term for before the Whiteman and the Blackman set foot upon the sacred land now called the americas six races were recognized Here and this hemisphere was known to the ancients of ancients As Kawah Tah hah you say Well when you Point up that it is suggested we should try to emulate the Beautiful Way of life of peace and Tranquility of the orthodox Faith Amer native the american Indian so called. For this people Are the keepers and guardians of the great Law which contains among others the Laws of peace and happiness. You say Well also when you remind your readers that the pre columbian Amer native lived in Harmony with All creation which you Call and was a better Christian than the invaders who stole from the native his sacred Mother the Earth his Home his life and his very soul. The pre columbian Amer native was the world s first and to this Day the world s Only True conservationist living the first great commandment of the creator enjoining earthling Man to be the Husbandman protector and guardian of the Earth. Where the Whiteman and the Blackman walk the land before them is like the Garden of Eden and behind them it is a desolate waste. Those races think of nothing else except the mad exploitation of the natural resources including the senseless destruction of the forests and the game creations which the orthodox Faith Amer native considers As gifts from a Kon Dah the great Light and and As such were revered and Hus banded. Because of the Whiteman s canted history Many third that the Amer native Farmed his Fields until they were depleted and then moved on. Nothing could be farther from the truth for even the Whiteman s history books Tell that the Amer natives taught the first settlers How to farm and How to keep the soft Rich by using fish As fertilizer not inorganic chemical fertilizers that Poison the soil the food and Man. It is the Whiteman who must always move on because he depletes and poisons the soil pollutes the air contaminates the Waters and wantonly destroys Mother Earth s crowning glory the Trees forests and vegetation. So because of this Man faces mass death by suffocation thirst starvation famine and disease. Where the orthodox Faith Amer native walks in dignity disturbing nothing and leaving Mother Earth As he found her with nothing to record his passage except a footprint or a broken Twig the Whiteman and the Blackman plunders and wastes and shouts frightening and desecrating the great silence with his braying laughter and his cursing bringing himself to the Brink of self destruction. The Indian did not know scalping and savagery until these practices were forced upon him by the White invaders of his sacred the Whiteman offered Bounty for Indian scalps. The natives had to retaliate Fay offering feathers for invader s scalps. Let us not forget the Amer native was fighting to preserve his land his Home his family his very life and soul. Let us also not forget that it was the Whiteman who used the nuclear bomb to wipe out entire cities men women and babies i the twinkling of an Eye. In the state of Ohio and in other places upon this Earth there Are Many Mounds remnants of the ancient race of Mound builders the people of the spirit and peace. These Mounds Weie prayer places of the ancients. Split Power plants for peace. These prayer Mounds and the philosophy that created them must be reactivated and restored to prevent Anima Listic earthling Raan not having spirituality from making Mounds of ashes of our babies and children. For so it is written. Lei us together give a rebirth to the prayer Mounds for peace the great tree of peace the Longhouse of brotherhood and Liberty and the spirit they created in Man to bring peace to All the Earth. Tee pee Yaka Yee Yoa Shata a peace will come at our Call when we become Warrior gods and goddesses the Poh woo Kan a Dah a Kee tee let us together build a world Community of Beauty Light and peace. May you always walk in Beauty and your eyes Ever be open to the Beauty and glory of the red and purple Sunset. Tee Wanna peace unto you Lightfoot talking Eagle -527 w. Spruce St. Canonoy City a. Long hair rebellion Aifiti god dear or. Cassels and youth of America i would like to comment on an article of outward appearance which appeared in the Coshocton Tribune on August 22, 1970. Before i proceed with this letter however. I would like you to know that i am not an eighty year old Granny with old fashioned out dated ideas that could not possibly be of value in this generation. I happen to be a 19-year-old College student who loves my country and am concerned about the Low standards and moral issues of it. Or. Cassel. You Are Correct. I Samuel does say for Man look eth on the outward appearance but the lord look eth on the however when one gets his heart right with god by accepting him As their personal Savior and believing in him acts he should no longer have the desire to do the things that he once did. Ii Cor. Furthermore i Cor. Says doth not even nature itself teach you that if a Man have Long hair it is a shame unto when one has Given his heart and life to Christ he will not Only desire to get his hair Cut but he will realize that Long hair is a shame to himself As Well As to tile god who created him. Or. Cassels and youth did it occur to 3 of that the father who made his son get his hair Cut shave quit wearing hippie clothes return to school and quit using drugs set these rules Down because he loved his son you claim that we should not be so concerned with youth s outward appearance. True we should not have to be concerned about it. There should be to question As to whether a Guy should or should not get his hair Cut Many Bible believing Christian s feel that Long hair is a sign that the youth of our nation could care less about god and Are outwardly rejecting him. I this is True our nation is going downhill fast and unless our youth turn to god and forget the drugs Long hair other foolishness we Are headed for self destruction psalms i can Only say in closing that i Pray More parents will not be afraid to Lav the Law Down As this father did. And that our youth of this great nation will turn to god before it is too late. A concerned teen Ruth Ann Steyer Coshocton route 1 Cedarville College Cedar vice Ohio 4-5311 by United press International Republican policy chairman Gordon Allott of Colorado criticizing plans for South vietnamese vice president by to address a March for Vic tory rally oct. 3 president Nixon certainly does not need any gratuitous advice on How to win the peace in Vietnam. He is doing Fine on his Phrom Peth a senior cambodian Field officer commenting of the continuing Battle with the Viet Cong in his country the Viet Cong Are very very intelligent they Are trying to Wear us Down bit by South vietnamese negotiator at the Paris peace talks saying the Viet Cong s latest cease fire proposal was Merein a propaganda they have got to try to appear Chicago White House press Secretary Ronald Ziegler Reading a presidential state ment about american hostages in Amman the president wants it clearly understood that the holding of american citizens As hostages is to be abhorred and also that those who hold american citizens As hostages will be held responsible for their newspaperhhchive0

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