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Coshocton Tribune Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 1

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Coshocton Tribune, The (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Coshocton, Ohio Cambridge Coshocton 22 River View 14 new Albany 15 Newcomerstown 7 Ridge Wood 14 West Holmes 8 Rittman 12 new Lexington 34 8 Tri Valley 0 Good afternoon the Coshocton Tribune voter registration May be coming sunday Tribune vol. 62 no. 7 Coshocton Ohio 43812, saturday evening september 19, 1970 ten cents guerrillas warned by listed press jordanian military governor marshal babes Almajali today gave palestinian guerrillas tattling army troops in his country a two and one half hour ultimatum to surrender or be shot Amman radio said. The radio broadcast a statement by maj Ali at . Which Saiu. This is the last warning to the broadcast came after Cairo radio reported King Hussein of Jordan had prom ised the egyptian government he would announce an immediate cease fire in the civil War. It was not immediately Clear whether the ultimatum actually was a ceasefire. Amman radio said earlier army troops controlled most of the capital. The official Cairo radio said Hussein made the pledge of a ceasefire to it. Gen. Moharem Sadek egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser s special envoy to Jordan. Earlier the Semi official Middle East news Agency Mexa said Sadek notified Nasser of the King s bid to end the heavy fighting which has torn across the country for three Days. Several previously announced ceasefires be tween the two sides have failed some within hours. Jordanian troops used artillery and tanks against the rifles and mortars wielded by the commandos m a bid to score a Quick knockout blow against the guerrillas. The commandos said fighting spread to Ajlouny and Zerka 31 and 12 Miles North of Amman respectively. In Beirut or. Pierre Boissier the International red Cross special representative boaters gather in Marietta armed a Errilla patrols a ram Tia for tier Kave been declared iterated areas by Post in North Jordan. Farts of the Tejw the palestinian guerrillas Tat reports indicate that muck of North Jordan is still very Nock in Contention. Up Caw photo Fate of hostages in doubt Marietta Ohio a Large number of River enthusiasts converged Here at Ohio River mile Post 172.2 for their annual gab fest. The sons and daughters of Pioneer rive men began arriving Friday from As far away As Colorado for riverboat discussion and other activities. Members and friends Are estimated at 250. Included in the group Are captains mates plots and excursion and Barge line executives As we As people with a love for the by United press International doubts persisted regarding the safely and whereabouts of 34 persons shanghaied from three hijacked jetliners by palestinian guerrillas while the Swiss government awaited a reply today on a bid to Transfer the hostages from a Jordan wrenched by a vol War to another Arab country. The Swiss proposal Friday included the Exchange of the hostages Many of them unwittingly caught up in world events for nearly two weeks for seven Arab guerrillas imprisoned in Europe. As Swiss ambassadors in Cairo Damascus and Baghdad relayed the offer to the egyptian syrian and iraqi governments . State department spokesman Robert j. Mccloskey said in Washington he had nothing encouraging to report on the status of the beleaguered hostages 38 of them americans. The location of the airline passengers and Dew members remained Uncertain though it was believed most of them were taken to refugee Camps around the embattled jordanian capital of Amman where army and guerrilla fighting Teft hundreds dead and thousands wounded. Guerrilla sources in Amman have said the hostages were split up into Small groups and secreted in a dozen hideouts around the capital is holding its 31st meeting and most of the members have been in Marietta site future Home of the Ohio River museum of the River museum at Campus Martius and Docking location for the floating River Steamer w. P. Snyder or. A lot of the discussion Here today will income the Fae a Stern Wheeler which faces possible extinction. President capt. Fred Way of Sewickley pa., Friday held out optimistically for the future of the 44-year-old Craft which he piloted from California to Cincinnati by Way of the Panama canal and Gulf of Mexico in 1947. She will not be put into a museum for a while probably a Long while the Congress Way said. Alan Gintz and Mike Scott High school boys from new Philadelphia Ohio launched a homemade Craft into the Tuscarawas River navigated to Coshocton and then made their Way Down the Muski Ngum River to Marietta. Is the same organization which staged an a Day blowing of Steamboat whistles near Sisters vice w.va., last june and Ter med it a Dean of the rive men attending is 94-year old capt. Jesse Hughes of Denver colo., who once piloted the Delta Queen. Sponsors the River museum exhibits in Campus Martius brought the Snyder River boat to Marietta and helped organize the Inland Rivers Library at Cincinnati. The convention ends tonight. Said a red Cross plane with nine doctors and nurses and seven tons of medical sup plies would arrive from Nicosia and attempt to land in Amman today. The Mena dispatch said that president Nasser has received a message from Gen. Sadek. Saving that he met King Hussein this morning and that the King promised a ceasefire would take effect and the King would announce it direct communication Between Jordan and the outside world remained Cut off., but All reports indicated mounting carnage in the country wide fighting now in its third Day. The palestinian red Crescent society equivalent of the red Cross said hundreds of persons were killed thousands wounded and Amman had been turned into an in ferao7 by army Tufts firing phosphorous shells. It called on the Arab red Crescent shells. It coded on the Arab red Crescent supplies. Syria was reported moving armaments into Jordan to help the guerrillas. Yasser Arafat Leader of the Palestine resistance movement said in a broadcast Over Damascus radio Victory is he urged his men to keep fighting and said we Are proud of your at Dawn today the Damascus based guerrilla radio said Large numbers of Jor Danian army tanks launched an offensive on the Jebel a Hussein area of Amman. It said the guerrillas knocked out four army tanks and the fighting was still going the radio also broadcast an Appeal to honest officers non commissioned officers and soldiers of the jordanian army to revolt or defect to the guerrillas. If the fighting continues for any length of time this could become a problem. About 60 per cent of the army is made up of nomadic bedouins fiercely Loyal to King Hussein but 35 per cent of the army Are palestinians. Most of the officers Are bedouin. Extend truce High flying bombers attack red troops by Bert w. Okley Saigon up flying b52 bombers dumped More than a half million pounds of explosives on communist troops besieging fire Jase o Reilly in South Vietnam s North West Corner military spokesmen said today. They said two Waves of the eight engined jets flew so High they could not be heard by the North vietnamese regulars surrounding the base and dropped at least 270 tons of 500-and 750-Pound bombs Over the Jungles within four and half males of o really s barbed wire perimeter Friday night and Early today. But Only four f100 super Saber and f4 phantom jets were flown near the base in on pages pages classified b-5 Puzzle a-6 comics a-5 sports b-2.3 deaths by West Lafayette editorials a-2 Jeane Dixon the 24-hour period ending at 6 . Today the spokesmen reported. An element of the South vietnamese 1st infantry division operating about Miles Southeast of o Reilly took about 100 rounds of 82mm mortar fire Friday morning but no casualties were reported. In Cambodia several battalions of fresh troops broke through Friday to a beleaguered task Force trapped for five Days 49 Miles North of phenom penh when communist units blew up four Bridges behind it. In South Vietnam s southernmost Xuyen province government 21st infantry division troops completed a 17-Day Campaign Friday during which they killed 198 common is troops took in 109 deserters and captured two Crew served and 35 individual weapons spokesmen said. South vietnamese casualties were five dead and 23 wounded they said. Sixteen mites Southwest of the of Leihy artillery base helicopter borne american paratroopers pc fled is communist soldiers in the pre Dawn hours today. Fire base Ohe Fly is 390 Miles North of Saigon in the mountainous Jungles about 35 Miles South of the demilitarized zone separating North and South Vietnam. It has been under siege by communist troops for about two months. Spokesmen also said today in a delayed report that communist gunners thursday shot Down an army helicopter on the upper coast 15 Miles Northwest of Danang but the two plots of the ah1 cobra gunship were rescued unhurt in the week since last Friday communist ground fire has downed at least 24 american helicopters and two Jet fighter bombers. In phenom penh two North vietnamese defectors said today they had been sent to Cambodia primarily to defend North Viet namese bases along the Border with South Vietnam. The two both 25-year-old Jieu Tenar a appeared at a press conference Given i he cambodian army High com Mand. They were identified As it. Vul Hong son a sabotage expert trained in communist China and it. Tung Lam a logistics officer. Son said he was sent to Cambodia to wage War in such a Way As to protect the base areas on the Border and secondly because winning the War in Cambodia gives the Viet Cong and North vietnamese inside South Vietnam free Access to manpower and scouts on religious Retreat mayor blamed Toledo Ohio up a spokesman for the policeman s benevolent association said today mayor William Ensign has been lax in providing proper equipment for policemen and the events following the fatal shooting of a patrolman pointed up the need for More firepower. Detective James Cay Fol president of the Toledo chapter of the Aba said the assault on a Black Panther Headquarters Friday following the fatal shooting of patrolman William Miscannon 33, com have Cost the lives of other officers. Our people were Yelling for tear Gas and it was finally brought in but the delay it was taking was serious and other officers could have been said Cay Fol. I think the mayor ought to took at our equip ment and listen to some of the things we have been Tebis Lam. It s too bad that a Ponce officer has to be dead Over said Cay Fol. But As far As i am concerned he has been lax in seeing things the Way they should Cay Fol also suggested that officers be allowed to carry their own personal weapons if they so desire which is presently against regulations. They should have sufficient firepower to do the Job and they Don t have it Here in said Cay Fol. John co Elan 23, Toledo a narcotics violator has been charged with toe fatal shooting of Miscannon is scheduled to appear in court sept. 24. Boy scouts from about a dozen area troops Are spending the weekend at the Muski Ngum Valley scout reservation near Coshocton for a religious Retreat the first gathering of its kind sponsored by the Muski Ngum Valley Council in several years. Coordinating the event is the Rev. Michael eff Fritz assistant pastor of sacred heart Church Here and chairman of the Council s roman Catholic advisory com Mittee. Father Elifritz also is scout chaplain for the diocese of Columbus which includes 23 counties. Also speaking to the boys and leaders today is the Rev. Richard Harper pastor of Warsaw and Prairie Chapel United methodist churches and chairman of the protestant advisory committee. Sunday morning father Elifritz a Fol celebrate mass and a protestant service a Fol be conducted by the Rev. Robert Binkley pastor of Emmanuel lutheran Church. Scouts Are cooking All meals at their campsites. In addition to the formal programs boys have free time to work toward god and country awards and other religious badges. By Nicholas Samloff Washington up for in mediator Gumnar v. Jarring appeared dim today following meetings Between israeli prime minister Golda Meir and the highest officials of the Nixon administration. There did however seem to be a realistic possibility that the 90-Day ceasefire in the Middle East which began aug. 7 might be prolonged into the fall and Winter. These possibilities emerged Friday in a press conference held by mrs. Meir after she met president Nixon at the White House and talked to Secretary of state William p. Rogers at the state department. The prime minister made it Clear Israel would not return to the new York in talks until Egypt pulled Back the missiles which have been reportedly moved into the stand still zone along the Suez canal in violation of the ceasefire arrangements. Mrs. Meir said no amount of arms shipments from the United states com persuade Israel to Overlook the reported violations. Irrespective of the need for arms Israel has no intention of participating in any talks until the situation is mrs. Men said. She said the United states was seeking rectification by taking the Issue up with Egypt and the soviet Union but she offered no Hope that any pullback would be Forth coming. On the contrary she said egyptian violations Are continuing but she would not go into detail. On the future of the she said noting that israeli soldiers were not being killed if Egypt Fahs in love with the cease fire then peace a Fol be no president Nixon apparently did not try to persuade mrs. Meir to soften her position on peace talks with assurances of future arms supplies and economic assistance. Prime minister Golda Meir meanwhile administration officials remained extremely concerned Over tie a vol War in Jordan and the unknown Fate of the airline passengers who continue to be held hostage. The defense department disclosed that the 6th Fleet in the Eastern Mediterranean was being augmented by several ships Inck iding the helicopter Carrier Guam. The state department indicated the ship movements were connected with the possible evacuation of americans from Jordan. But department spokesman Robert j. Mccloskey studiously left open the possibility that the United states might intervene directly on the Side of King Hussein. Officials however went to pains to say the United states was not actively preparing an intervention. Hijacker flies to Cuba local weather report fair and Cool tonight Low near 60. Partly sunny and a Tittle warmer sunday High in mid-80s. Partly Cloudy and mild monday with Chance of showers. Friday High 77 Low 59. Rainfall to Midnight .12 Inch. Year ago High 69 Low 45. By Michael Veneti Philadelphia up Hijacker carrying a pistol and a Home made bomb forced the Crew of an Allegheny airlines 727 Jet to Fly him to Cuba Early today after releasing 91 passengers unharmed. A stewardess managed to smuggle a gun aboard the plane during a refuelling Stop. The Hijacker a Young Black Man pulled a gun on a stewardess in mid flight from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia and demanded to go to Cairo police said. He later asked to be taken to Havana. The plane took off for Havana at pm am Edt. After a 20-minute refuelling Stop at the Philadelphia International Airport where the passengers were freed. Authorities said it landed in Havana at . During the Stopover a stewardess one of eight crewmen aboard handed a note to a policeman asking could you pass me a a City policeman it. Robert h. Baker said he hoisted another officer on his shoulders and be handed a .38 Caliper service revolver to the stewardess through a Back door of the plane. He said the blonde stewardess very pretty and very nervy took the gun in and closed the baiter said he hoped the Crew would not use the gun on the Hijacker to pop him. if he should turn Baker said perhaps they could use the gun to protect Plain doth Esmen surrounded the plane during refuelling. Two armoured police cars trailed it Down the runway until it lifted off the ground Arnold Ross of Paulsboro pa., one of the passengers aboard the flight said the Hijacker refused a drink after Takeoff from Pittsburgh and went to the men s room. He returned with a gun Ross said. Mew Paperi

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