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Coshocton Tribune, The (Newspaper) - May 29, 1977, Coshocton, Ohio 4 the code Occam theme somday May 2t, consular officers of ten neglect citizen abroad by Jack Anderson Washington there was a time when americans who travelled abroad could court upon the Protection of their government. Today almost any foreign potentate can drag them off to his torture Chambers and pig say prisons without a worry about retaliation. For president Carter s crusade for human rights does t seem to apply to the 2.200 americans who Are serving time in dismal Dingy prisons from Bangkok to Bogoia their rights Are supposed so be protected by the consular officers who Are attached in . Embassies around the world. It is the theory of the american system that the government a supposed to serve the individual this principle is set Forth m Nebjen language. Suitable for framing m the consular officers official handbooks. They Are also reminded that Neaber arrest Dot Coq Victos deprives a United slates National of the right to the Consul s Best the consular officers Are sworn to look after the citizen s welfare and to protect his Legal and human declares the handbook de attorneys and social workers consular officers Are obligated to serve their clients with dedicated professional enthusiasm regardless of their own opinions of the client s innocence or personal thais what the handbook practice Many consular officials Are More interested in preserving their cozy with their hosts including dictators and spots. Than in upholding the human rights of american citizens. Americans who fall into the Dutches of Tariga have Learned unhappily to expect no More than a polite Turmer of protest from the state dept. The americans mho take the worst abuse in foreign jails Are Young drug offenders Many of whom were caught with no More than a few pinches of marijuana. Others were arrested for merely attending parties where pot was smoked although they did not partake themselves. They Are in prison because their own government in its Zeal to half worldwide drug traffic brought tremendous pressure on various governments to crack Down on drug violators. The dragnet unfortunately caught few smugglers but Many users. We have interviewed dozens of these Youthful offenders and their parents. We have heard tale after tale sincerely rendered of the denial of Basic right Subea Ings threats extortion and expropriation of personal property. In Many the american consular officers have been ocly grudgingly cooperative some have even sided the tormentors against the imprisoned americans. On january 1. We turned the spotlight on three dozen american prisoners who were confined in Bleak bolivian jails. Several swore they were guilty of no More than minor misdemeanours or were innocent altogether. They sought the Protection of the us. Embassy but got the Brush off from a consular officer is Waird Milburn the parents appealed to their congressmen who wrote a joint letter to Secretary of state Cyrus Vance. " what is of particular concern they complained is the apparent failure of our embassy personnel to take or display much behalf of these All too typical is the attitude of Richard Schenck. The . Consul m Caracas. Venezuela who complained to As about our column in support of the incarcerated americans in Bolivia. I am rather he wrote on embassy stationery of the current solicitude for these drug users and traffickers. They Are not All hardened criminals but almost All Are dropouts and non contributors looking for cheap junk this same Schenck. Incidentally is employed by the american people to protect their rights in Venezuela. A dozen americans in Venezuela jails must depend upon him for Relief. The american concur in Chile. Fred Purdy. Secured the release of Amy Conger an american Art teacher after she Ted been badly abused and molested by military police. Her release was handled quietly without a word of protest from the slate Dent when we finally up busted her Story Purdy spoke up in support not of Amy Conger but of her chilean torturers. In contrast when a British National. Or. Sheila Cassidy. Was Sousea by chilean officials the British government secured her release. Withdrew it ambassador from Chile and issued a stinging statement. In Bolivia. British Consul Brian Barrett always appears immediately after the Arrett of a fellow countryman he usually succeeds in arranging to have the British citizen deported rather than left to rot m bolivian jails. In Thailand according to a letter from american planners. American consular officer Robert Jacobs visited their jail and pronounced it better than a lot of then British officials came by. Called the place a sinkhole and arranged for the Transfer of British inmates to a better prison. There Are. Of course Many l s. Consular officers who Are concerned and compassionate. The Coshocton Tribune anon us. Do uhf 115 North sixth Street Coshocton. Ohio 43812 614-622-1122 Alaj. Leslie general manager Kenneth h. Melton Mauw Gedir editorial drive carefully safety has a signify client meaning to motorists every Day. But it is More important to them especially on holidays when the highways Are congested with motor vehicles. This is the first Long Holiday weekend of the Spring time for families to get away from Home and enjoy picnics and outings and especially summer like weather. This being Midway through the memorial Day Holiday weekend Many motorists and their families Are already on the highways beaded for their favorite pleasure resorts. But there is one important Factor to keep in mind while Holiday observers Are travelling to and from their destinations. That is safety on the highways which by now Are crowded with motor vehicles coming and going. Let Coshocton county motorists beware do not become a traffic statistic during this Holiday weekend. Many accidents can be avoided if motorists have their vehicles under control at All times. This warning May be too late for some but motorists should have their vehicles put into first class condition before they off for their destinations. Tires and brakes should be examined and the motor tested before taking off on a Holiday Jaunt. Prior to each Holiday Law enforcement officers in this City and county have this same warning for motorists drive carefully on the highways observe All traffic signs watch out for All motorists on the highways have your vehicles under and last but not not drink intoxicant beverages while driving and if tired pull off the Highway and rest before continuing your some put in Long hours looking after the health and welfare of their fellow in Guadalajara. Mexico. Consul Gen. Mathias Ortwin became worried about the safely of american prisoners after an outbreak rioting. He used his personal influence with mexican authorities to arrange for the Transfer of the americans to another facility. Ruth Matthews the . Consul general in Mexico has made an enormous Effort to defend the interests of american prisoners. And Vernon Mcaninch who was summoned to Mexico from the dominican Republic requires a minimum of one visit per month to americans in prison. But Many consular officers. Unfortunately seem to have forgotten their first duty. Looking Back Nixon and Lincoln some Tough talk from judge Richard Nixon now defends his extralegal measures against the threat of internal subversion As he saw it during the Vietnam War. He has compared his actions to those of president Lincoln during the civil War and has said that the president s judgement that they were necessary to protect National Security was sufficient to make such actions Legal and constitutional. It is True As the historian Arthur m. Schlesinger or. Recounts that Lincoln ignored one Law and constitutional provision after another in the period Between his inauguration and the convocation of Congress. That period saw the Confederate firing upon fort Surater. And. Schlesinger observes throughout the War. Even with Congress in session. Lincoln continued to exercise wide Powers independently of Congress declaring martial Law behind the lines arresting people without warrant seizing property and suppressing newspapers. Lincoln said the Constitution was nothing without a nation. He compared the nation to a person anxious to preserve both life and limb. Yet often a limb must be amputated to save a Fife but a life is never wisely Given to save a it was not paranoia that moved president Lincoln to extraordinary actions to save the Union. He never took Covert actions but did what he thought he had to do in the full Light of Public disclosure accepted full responsibility and asked Congress to approve. The people saw Lincoln s actions and approved of them As justified by the circumstances and by the Law of the country s self reservation. The actions taken by Nixon s plumbers and by certain Federal agencies at his Behest were secret concealed furtive never acknowledged net or approved by Congress or the people and thus they constituted abuse of presidential Power. The soundness of presidential judgement is tested by exposure to the judgement of the people. Marianne Means Tribune chats with Rick Jamison Washington District court judge Sarah Hughes of Texas gazed do. Kindly upon 337 Young men and a few Middle aged ones in the traditional Caps and gowns before her. What can you Tell a graduate of a Law she began. They know the class of 1977 of George Washington University s Law school laughed nervously. It was part of the annual Spring rite of academic passage across the nation students Are emerging from the relatively protected world of scholarship into the harsh realities of the workplace. This is a time of Hope but also of unease for no one knows whether what lies ahead win be better in spite of that prize diploma. This year s graduates on the court judge after a Long career whole have not been social As a state legislator and lower activists or Campus court judge Only because she demonstrators. Instead they asked for it in the right places have been worrying about the she had helped then sen. Ralph Economy and jobs. Reportedly Yarborough of Texas and More than half of go s Johnson get elected so prospective new lawyers have made her pitch All that paid not yet found an employer. she said Fra Jay. The Only thing go had asked even then it was t easy. She of them was to Wear Black shoes was 65 years old. And the to the ceremony and nearly one american bar association third failed to comply. Their refused to recommend her on already left the the grounds of her age. She had to show the Aba she had More political clout than it did. It so happened that attorney general Robert Kennedy she said went to House speaker Sam Raj Burn another fellow texan and asked for help in getting certain trills through Congress. The help but Only if Yoa approve Sarah Hughes for District minds had Campus. Hughes levelled with them. She told the grads they might be done with exams but the real hustling is just about to begin. You need to get into the Arena and Hughes said. Yoa can t expect people to give you Hughes who administered the presidential oath of office to then vice president Lyndon Johnson in 1963 in a Hasty ceremony aboard air Force one in Dallas after the assassination of president John Kennedy skipped the High flown rhetoric and stuck to the basics. She said she got to be a District and that s How i got she said to enthusiastic applause. Hughes talked about the old Virtues of courage integrity ambition and hard work. She recalled a Story about an old Man straining to paddle a raft up the Mississippi River his Youthful grandson sat on the raft idly paddling his feet in the water. Is you freight or is you the old Man finally exploded. But while she definitely Felt everyone had a duty to be she said a lawyer s responsibility went beyond making Money and having a High Post. " you have a duty to do the Best you she said. Then she added pointedly. Nobody is above the even the president of the United that got tumultuous applause. If Vietnam was the lesson for earlier graduates Richard Dixon has been the lesson for the classes of the late 1970s. Hughes despite her age. Has not lost touch with the times. She told the graduates what they needed and wanted to hear. She did not pretend it would be easy she did not even suggest it would be fun. Her message is appropriate for All the thousand of College graduates this Spring. I Hope nobody Here wants to be an assistant to somebody who is going she said. I Hope you All want to be the one who is going 10 years ago may29. 1x7 israeli and egyptian soldiers exchanged shots across the Gaza strip Border when egyptian opened fire on both civilians and soldiers. Israel 25 years ago May 2s. 1952 the 73rd annual commencement exercises at Coshocton High school was scheduled to present 110 graduating seniors with diplomas. 35 years ago May 29.1912 approximately 250.000 physically fit men enough for 5 divisions were rejected for army service because of illiteracy. Or. John w. Studebaker. Director of the . Office of education disclosed. 50 years ago May 29. 1927 Dodge Brothers. Inc. Announced their initial production of six Cylinder engines with an output of 100 daily. The number was to increase to 300 daily by the end of june. Bible digest and daily in the Temple and in every House they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus acts he was an of it if we Are to experience what they enjoyed the emphasis must again be placed upon Jesus. Neither is there salvation in any other for there is none other name under heaven Given among men whereby we must be we should keep the gospel simple not Mystic and be careful to speak to the present need. There is a danger of Bela Boring the scripture instead of just delivering it. Heaven and Earth shall pass away but my word shall not pass away this week s Chat is with Rick Jamison. 17, a graduating senior at Coshocton High school. With Bacca Luerater and commencement services underway the Tribune wanted to discuss some future aspirations with graduates and ask if High school was All that it had been Cut out to be was High school All that Yon expected it to be yes. And More. You meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends in High school. I feel i la miss it in the Keg run because it Usu be different. Most of my friends Are going on to school. If i Don t get a Good Job by Gali i d go to school Winter Quarter. Is there a particular reason Why Yon Are patting off the decision weather to go on to school or not i d be a Little won t have to Start so Young and maybe 111 know More what i i m also tire of studying right now. Do Yon think Success is Wasoi found with a Corege education or is it basically determinate by individual Mia live it depends. I be seen kids go to College and Are now working in factories. Others did t go to school and they Are making a Good Irving pm not really personally worried. I think it is up to the person. Think extra Corr Ianni activities Are important a High school outside activities Are of special Benefit. I was Active in sports. As football Captain. I also played basketball and was in varsity Letterman s club. It helps you get closer to your friends because you know they Anje leaving. Ill Only see them Wicen they come Home from Schnol. Do Yoa think High school classes really a replied Yoa for the Vauide pm a Little worried right now because i Don t have a Job. I Haven t Learned How to get a Job. Government class brought inia View of the outside world when we studied How to do income taxes and other necessary functions of the government. With sports i mind Rick do Yoa plan to stay Active after graduation and what Are Jour opinions on women s sports i the school system i d like to play football if i go to College if i m not too out of shape. I can play City league basketball and got to stay Active. I think Girts would be better in sports if they started at an earlier age. They should Start girls Baske bad in the Middle school so by the time they were sophomores in High school their ability would have really increased. Did Yon Nave any major gripes about High school i Don t like the cigarette smoking that goes on in the school. I guess they Are trying to Stop it but i Don t think they will be Able to. I really liked fining out our own schedules where we were Abie to choose the teachers and the class. But. I Don t like having to declare what you plan to study in your freshmen year. I studied the general High school prep because How could i know if i wanted to go to College then there Are some classes which seem unnecessary to individuals unless they plan on concentrating on hat subject later at College or in technical training. Also it seems that in some decisions that affect the entire class no one has an opinion of what they want. It does t seem fair that a select few make the decisions. For example i Don t like the colors chosen for our Cap and gowns Brown and beige. I also think commencement exercises should be Shorter. But for most a log of people i will be the Only graduation. But. It is like any other High school you always you have Little groups cliques where certain ones do everything. What is your opinion on marriage right after High school it is up to the individual. But they should take into consideration financial support. With the financial situations do you think High school prepares you in coping with monetary problems in the Job or school situation to. And i Don t understand Why kids with Money often seem to get Al of the scholarships when kids who really want to study won t be ate to because they Don t have enough Money. People really Aren t aware of Grants or kens which could help. Fortunately my parents would help me. What happened Detroit products the National Channan Kenneth m. Curtis. _ Curtis said republicans oppose the Bill because they Are against poor people and members of minority groups getting the right to vote. I am appalled with the tactics to keep people away from the he said. President Carter has asked Congress to approve legislation which would permit people to Register at the polls on election Day upon presentation of suitable identification. A House committee approved the measure but the democratic leadership abruptly pulled it off the schedule for a vote by the full House when the gop and various conservative groups mounted a major Campaign against it. Farm agriculture department estimates that s24 billion Worth of . Farm products will be sold abroad during the current fiscal year. This Wili represent a continuation of the existing trend of . Banners providing substantial amounts of food and Fibre for the rest of the world and helping the . Economy in the process. In 1970 farm exports were valued at Only about is billion they had risen to s22.8 billion last year and will Rise again this year. Major farm product exports include Grain and feed valued at about s10 billion this year of seeds Worth 16.3 billion livestock and products Worth s2.3 billion fruits nuts and vegetables Worth s1.7 billion Cotton Worth is .8 billion and tobacco Worth is billion. Americans will buy from abroad agricultural products Worth about s13.6 Mon this fiscal year. Major farm imports include meat sugar Coffee Cocoa Tea. Fruits nuts vegetables and oilseed politics solid Republican congressional opposition to the Universal voting registration Bil has drawn a partisan political blast from democratic state hotline numbers do you have a consumer question or problem Call one of our state government s toll free hotline numbers for help. Commerce agriculture insurance Public utilities commission of Ohio environmental ombudsman economic and 1-800-282-1960 1-800-282-1955 1-800-282-7623 1-800-282-0198 1-800-282-0270 1-800-282-1085 1-800-282-4738 x i Community development lawyer referral curriculum instead of Rouege the Coshocton Tribune published each evening Ana sunday mornings except new year s Day memorial Day july a labor Day thanksgiving and Christmas Day at is Norm sixth st., Condo con Ohio phone 622-1122 secant class postage paid at Coshocton. Onto subscription rates by Carris per week by motor route in Advance 1 month pm 3 months su.2s, 6 months, 1 year ss7-30 by Tsuno Jivoff or mail same Jay service i Advance l month 3 months s13.00, 6 months s23jo. 1 year lu.00. By Mai in Advance oos Nocton and adjoining counties and military 1 month s4.00, 3 months j11.00, t months j20-00, 1 year s3s.oo. Elsewhere 1 month Tetso 3 months s13.00, t months 1 year College students 9 months mail arc it where Carrier or motor is premm. Art Buchwald dear Detroit. I Don t mean the City but the automobile Industry. When i was a boy you were a legend in my House. My father said you could do anything. If people wanted convertibles you could make convertibles. If they wanted Long fins on their cars you could give them Long fins. One magic wave of your Wand and you could make the Best engine Sponey could buy. We kids used to sit on the Side of the Parkway pointing out Packard and mashes and Studebaker and Hudson and Fords and bricks and Pontiac and Chrysler and de sotos. And Zowee every once in a while a Cord which Many of us agreed was the finest looking car of them All. There was no doubt that Detroit was the greatest when world Warr ii came Detroit Rose to the Challenge producing tanks and guns and personnel carriers. No one told you How to do it you knew How to do it there was no question in any i s mind. Whether it came to jeeps or bulldozers. Detroit was turning out the that would make Hitler and Mussolini and Tojo sorry they Ever messed with the Good old "-a. You were Beautiful. Detroit and the country knew once the War was Over you would provide us with All our peacetime dreams. Some kids May have been fighting for morn s Apple pie but there were a lot More fighting for the new Ford or in the Case of officers the new i Lincoln. That they were saving up to buy when we buried the germans and Sank the japs. After the War Yoa coded up your sleeves and your engineers gave us air conditioning and stereos and windows that opened and closed by pressing a Button. You put an engine in the Back an engine i the front you gave us tinted Glass and defroster front and and figured out a Way of building the radio Aerial right inside the Windshield so no one could see it. You designed More powerful motors and better brakes and gave us seats that would fall Down into Beds. There was nothing that you could t think of to make the car better and attract More customers. You were the Pride of the american Industrial revolution and anything that was asked of Yon. You would say without hesitation can but lately All this has changed. When you were asked to Cut Down on the poisonous emissions spitting out of your exhaust pipes the spirit went out of you. Instead of rising to the Challenge As you did for so Many years you sent us your presidents and chairmen of the Board crying Crocodile tears into the Potomac claiming you could t do it. Why can t you do it. Detroit you can do anything you set your heart on. You can make cars Fly or go underwater. You can give us fuel injection engines and Vinyl roofs that slide open at the press of a switch. Letters Welcome 1 the Tribune welcomes letters to the editor Tat far Pumi Caton. Each most be signed with the writer s no name v and address. Names May be withheld by revert Tat each letter Rnest be signed. While letters May be of general nature 8 the editors Reserve tace right to ref tee letters that Are a Belavs to in poor taste. The views expressed in letters to the editor necessarily reflect those of toe newspaper. Letters that Are Short and written clearly on one Side of v. Paper receive preference. Letters Shoom be exclusive the to Ritarae. Address letters editor. A Moeton Trace. A Misc sixth Street. In Octan Ohio a what kind of Pant waists Are you what happened to the fighting geniuses who used to thrive on Challenge where Are the men of steel who would never admit defeat Don t Send us your High priced lawyers and lobbyists to flood the Halls of Congress pleading impossible to make a clean Low fuel consuming car. Don t threaten us with closing sown your factories because the standards set for you can t be met. Go Back to the drawing boards retool your factories hire the Best brains that Money can buy. And get on with the Job. Let s have do More shameful whining Detroit. If your executives Don t have the stomach for it find some who do. A of us Are rooting for you. Anyone who gave us automatic transmission and torque converters and put a Chevrolet engine in an of Mobile car. Can figure out a Way to give us clean air. I am enclosing a copy of the Little engine that i think is must Reading for everyone i your Industry. I believe it will inspire you to give the clean emissions problem another try get off your Keester. Detroit. And lets have no More belly Ching. You hear newspaper

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