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Coshocton Tribune Newspaper Archives May 27 1972, Page 4

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Coshocton Tribune, The (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, Coshocton, OhioThe Coshocton Tribune opinion Page Star Fly 27. Editorial Tribune column of the Day. In Wash Nguoi transp 72 drives a hard sell next the spinning Jenny the adage is that your never know what you can do until you try it. The proof is that Friday morning Coshocton City firemen went Down to the infamous gob pile 1 fire on fourth St and put it out the news is Good. Despite repeated efforts by the department in the past to extinguish the Blaze despite continued a explorations by the Public of the unsightly and odorous wound upon their City s body despite All Good inclinations of City Council to snuff out the brewing health Hazard the Blaze continued to Burn on and off for two full years. It was not until a week or so ago that anyone dared believe that the gob pile fire could Ever be extinguished. With renewed City Council efforts and the important cooperation of property owners involved some Hope appeared that the Demon could merry go round be driven from the corporate body. Pragmatically there was some concern about fee Cost that might be involved in getting to the base of the fire to put it out completely. Some estimates ventured into the thousands of dollars. Some said that Days upon end would be necessary to Demandle the Candle. There was talk of bringing in heavy construction equipment to Rifle the rubbish and Render the fire sex Ting Isable. So How did they finally do it the firemen went in used their High powered hoses to Knock Over a Brick Wall and simply drenched the fire out. One morning. Mini Mal expense. Minor inconvenience. We sometimes wonder about our for bearers. It took them entirely too Long to invent the wheel. Fri s anti Assassin file by Jack Anderson Washington the secret service in its desperate efforts to prevent political assassinations keeps a close watch on More than 400 organizations ranging from the women s liberation move ment to the chinese hand laundry Alliance. The Only trouble a Federal study of 81 assassination attempts re Veals that tiie assailants were loners not joiners. For instance Arthur her Man Bremer who has been indicted for the Point Blank shooting of George Wallace does t appear in the secret service s com i files of potential assassins has been highly critical of pres adminis postal watch any group that demonstrates in front of the White House apparently is automatically added to the suspicious list. When the National Alliance of postal and Federal employees picketed the White House on August for example the Union prob ably had no that the secret service was lurking in the Bushes taking notes. In a confidential memo about the postal picketers special Agency Louis b. Sims wrote that a group of about 40 persons arrived at the White House and commenced the demonstration carrying various signs concerning better wages and equal Job of Sims attached to his memo taken of the group and a copy by Washington Bureau staff Washington the following news nuggets were gathered this week by the staff of our Washington Bureau. Hard sell it is being billed As a super show for the general Public but transp 72 is actually a hard sell Trade show designed to help sell american made transportation equipment worldwide. The million nine Day affair now underway at nearby Dulles International Airport is expected to attract 1.5 million visitors to View some 500 exhibits featuring the latest in air and ground transportation equipment. Real target of transp 72 Are delegations from 60 nations scheduled to attend. The aim is to impress them with the latest. Planes trains busses cars and trucks and thus generate More foreign sales of our transportation equipment. William j. Bird a industries executive who put the show together for the department of transportation makes no Bones about the hard sell aspect of transp 72. It is a showcase for presenting american made innovations to buyers from around the he says. In the next several decades Europe alone will buy 1500 billion Worth of transportation equipment the. Now has Only about half of the european Market and hopefully the show will increase that Market to help. Companies sell More transportation goods. All the big american companies which make transportation equipment will have special offices set up at transp where they can give a sales pitch Tot foreign visitors after they have had a Chance to View the exhibits. National convention As a St tit of party there a Fol be a whote new look to the democratic National convention this july in Miami. In the Wake of the riotous Lett Chicago convention new party Ruks were put into effect to insure that delegates were freely selected and not hand picked by party Bosses. The rules also provided for More youth minority and women representation among the delegations. An analysis of delegates picked so far shows that 98 percent were elected in aim is to impress them primaries or in open conventions and Only two percent picked by the party organization. Most significantly 85 percent of them Are first time delegates who have never been to a National convention. A breakdown showed 32 percent Are women compared to 13 percent in 1968 17 percent Are youth compared to four percent in 1968 and percent Are Black compared to five percent for the last convention. The changed characteristics of the delegates mean it will be a wide open convention if no candidate has enough votes to sew up a first ballot nomination. Economic recovery the Nixon programs May be working too after the latest bated of statistics showed c Strong recovery in Progress Herbert Stein chairman of the president s Council of economic advisers held a briefing session with newsmen to Flash i caution signal things Are going so Well he said that the country could win dip with renewed runaway inflation if it is not careful he indicated the Nixon intended to hold Down government spending so As not to fuel inflationary pressures. Mobile Homes comprehensive Legisla Tion has been introduced in Congress to bring the Mobile Home Industry under Federal regulation. Sen. William Brock r-tenn., who has introduced tits legislation in the. Senate notes that half of All one family Homes built today Are Mobile Homes yet there is no effective local regulation of such housing units. His bin would set uniform National standards which would have to be met by maters of Mobile Homes with both Quality and safety being regulated. Uniform code a Fol offer the consumer a Quality reliable product wherever Pur he said. Rabies skunks not dogs Are responsible for most rabies cases according to a new report by the. Public health service. There were confirmed cases of the dread disease last year according to the study and they occurred in every state of Thenton. The study showed 46 percent were caused percent by Racco Ott Lawyes Cui bed a tap official has sharply Dri tidied lobbying against passage of Durance Laws in the state a feature. James m. Beggs Onde Mcreary transportation told a group of of executives the Stales have teen Stow to it opt no fault because some parts or the Legal Community have lobbied hard apart it i do not believe their interest is synonymous with the Public merest not when lawyers fees annually for Over billion in Auto insurance costs and not when those fees represent Alinosi 28 percent of the entire Legal profession s in he said. A department of transportation study last year found that the no fault system should be put effect but recon intended that it be done at the state Jevel Faitie of states to act has Given impetus to Bills now pending in Congress to establish i National system. Camping guide Uncle Sam has a Handy guide for you if you re planning to Camp in a National Park this summer. The new edition of camping in the National Park system lists campsites at 3524 campgrounds in 86 areas of the system describes facilities locations and rules. It can be obtained by sending 30 cents to superintendent of documents. Government printing office d. C. 20402. Foreign comment Brezhnev s new realism scrubbers but the liberated ladies and the Oriental of one of the pamphlets handed p i the secret files atone with the National american Indian youth actions solent Council was kept under similar Surve Flance direct action the Gay liberation outside the White House on july 17, 1970. Front and other organizations that the secret service considers of protective usually this Means the group has written to the president demonstrated at the White House threatened harm to some official or adhered to a nonconformist political ideology. The nonviolent direct action group for example is watched because it has urged members to write pres and other govt. Officials to protest War in but not even the secret service seems to know Why the Gay liberation front is listed. Its in Terest in acknowledges these Cret service file on the homosexual move a ment is the file on the National welfare rights organization to cite another example contains a similar notation interest in protect but the liberation news serv is kept under observation because it on the luxe in wrote special agent Robert r. Faison be cause they were not observed prior to the demonstration holding them he noted that pictures of the demonstrators were taken by the visual intelligence not even the correspondents who cover the White House Are free of suspicion. Back in september 1967, representatives of the National association of broadcast employees and technicians set up a lonely picket across Pennsylvania Avenue from the executive mansion. A secret service it part notes that at. The protesting radioman unfurled a sign stating Abc has a radio studio in the White House and we Are not permitted to walk across the the picketers apparently were banished to the opposite Side of the Street. He s safer in Moscow by Bob Considine with the president or. Nixon is safer in the Camp of the enemy than in his Homeland. There surely must be As Many screwball Strung along his Trail in the soviet Union As there Are during is Domestic travels. But soviet nuts Don t have the Access to guns that our nuts have. It would be impossible for Ivan the russian misfit to buy a gun from a mail order House or a sports goods store. In a dictatorship the Considine guns belong to the dictators. The hypothetical Ivan if caught with a weapon or even detected trying to buy a gun would be thrown in jail without trial or shot after a period of torture aimed at sliding information about possible co conspirators. Ivan accepts total disarmament As his lot in life. He has been reared to understand the Coshocton Tribune published each evening and sunday mornings at 115 North sixth St., Coshocton Ohio 43812, phone 622-1122 second class postage paid at Coshocton Ohio Reed or. General manager Joe Ely 1 advertising manager James Mcgarity circulation manager subscription rates by new paperboy 70c per week by motor delivery in Advance 3 months 6 months 118.50 1 year drop off or mail same Day service 3 months. 6 months i by mail in Advance Coshocton and adjoining counties and servicemen 3 months 6 months 1 elsewhere 3 months Monts 1 Jootto that this is one of the Small prices he must pay for being permitted to live in what he is constantly told is a people s Republic. To rebel except in the inner Sanctum of his addled brain would be suicidal. There is no organization he can join to support his spleen no Black panthers nor weathermen not even a Gay liberation front. Big brother does not tolerate demonstrations against either the establishment or guests of the establishment such As or. Nixon. When there is ferment in the prov inces _ As in Hungary Poland and Czechoslovakia it is ruthlessly put Down. Ivan does exactly what big brother tells him to do. He gets his signal from big brother s trusted representatives a factory Foreman let s say or an article in pravda or on the state radio. If he dared dissent try to fund a Union arbitration Board or write a letter to the editor or raise his voice in Public he d never be seen again. The u. S. Nut acts unilaterally protected by various layers of personal Liberty indifference insufficient police work and the insistence on the part of. Politicians to press the flesh that is get into the crowds and try to Sway some votes. As we have seen even the heavy guard provided for the presidential hopefuls can easily be infiltrated by a Crackpot. Candidate mrs. Shirley Chisholm now has More personal guards than i d guess communist party Boss Leonid Brezhnev. Non candidate sen. Ted Kennedy May have As Many As the entire presidium. Our archaic system of vote getting is to blame for this writes David Adamson Washington correspondent of London s daily Telegraph american politics is founded on the personal touch symbolized by the Adamson wrote last sunday. American voters expect to see their candidates in person. Technologically America May be the world s most advanced nation. But its politics have changed less than those of any other Western nation in the past 100 years. By plunging into a crowd to press the flesh outside the White House Only two Days after governor Wallace was shot presi Dent Nixon made political Hay for himself and demonstrated that gunmen will not be allowed to dehumanize a style that has its roots deep in the nineteenth by Phil Newsom up foreign new analyst Moscow president Nixon has encountered the Leonid i. Brezhnev described by West German Chancellor Willy Brandt As imbued with a new and positive realism. And certainly Brezhnev is encountering in the president a Man More flexible toward communism Titan the Nixon who engaged the late Nikita s. Khrushchev in a Kitchen debate during a previous visit to Moscow. And despite the official warnings against y the building of excessive Hopes and As the wide scope of agreement Between the two leaders emerges it will be next to impossible not to Hope that this could be the beginning of a Bright new world especially As it applies to Europe. Regardless of what strains May emerge in the future file month of May 1972, must go Down in the history books As noteworthy. Pacts finally approved in this month the West German parliament in Bonn finally approved the no aggression pacts with Poland and the soviet Union which Brandt has described As a new with their signing the Way was cleared for the ratification of the Berlin Accord negotiated by the big four Powers and polished up in its details by the East West germans in further negotiations. Between them there was Hope that the German problem which had been at the Core of european tension since the end of world War ii finally had been Laid to rest. Ind with the new soviet accords other avenues Are opened. New commercial agreements could Lead to an easing of the list of strategic goods embargoed for Sale to Russia by agreement among the nato allies. Such an easing Long has been demanded by Britain and others among the Western allies. 50-Page list the British especially would like to sell Large computers to the communists. The present list of embargoed goods takes up some 50 pages from which in the last 20 years there have been some deletions. An example is Large diameter steel pipe once embargoed but now sold regularly to the soviets by West Germany. As result of the new accords the next year or so probably a Fol see the conference on european Security Long sought by the russians. Involved Here would be the Mutual reduction of forces Long talked about by both nato nations and their opposite numbers in the Warsaw pact but never Given real consideration. Within the same package would be a general revision of nato strategy. To expect a Utopia however would be a major mistake. No indication there is no indication the russians Ever would agree to a reduction of forces except on a Man for Man basis which would weaken nato and leave Warsaw pact forces relatively untouched. Nor can Trade Between the Western and communist blocs reach Gigantic proportions overnight. The communist nations have neither convertible currencies nor manufactured goods of wide Appeal jul the West. A Basic aim of the soviets a Fol continue to be to weaken the United presence in Europe and to encourage the people of the United states to withdraw More and More to the confines of a fortress America. It is a soviet strategy that worries conservative europeans. Even so if Only some of the promises of May 1972, can be carried out it makes the return of 1939 and another world War that much More difficult. Questions and answers q what is the hebrew name for the Pentateuch or the first five books of the Bible a the torah. Q who gave California its name a the state was named by Spanish explorers who first sailed along the coast in the 1500s. They called the land California probably after the name of a treasure Island in a popular Spanish tale. Back 10 years ago May Milton Knoll of Coshocton had been elected chairman of the Coshocton county democratic executive committee and Edward fender Walhonding route 2, was the new Central committee chairman. Two state Archery champions Bill Partin of Mansfield and James Bell Cambridge took part in the invitational meet staged by the Coshocton Archery club at the Range near Roscoe. Elmer Affolter Uhrichsville landed a 65 Pound Shovelhead Catfish at Clendening Lake for a new Ohio record catch in the class. 25 years ago May grand chef de Gare of Ohio Herbert Wilson Washington c.h., was the guest of Coshocton county Voiture no. 1242, 40 and 8, at the ladies night program at the Baltic hotel. One Hundred veterans from Racine and St i Airville and their agricultural program instructors visited the government sail and water station near Fresno. Years ago May Andy Rascher former Indiana University wrestling Star and rated a heavyweight contender was to meet Hans Schnable of Germany in the main go of the wrestling card monday night at the Lake Park Arena. Jim Thompkins Coshocton sandlot pitch ing Ace j his debut with the Monessen a. Entry in the Penn state association Defeated Mckeesport 7 to 3. He was the property of the St. Louis cardinals. 50 years ago May Coshocton gun club planned a Holiday trapshooting program at the club Range on n. Third St. Expected to attend the open shoot were contestants from Newark Zanesville Dennison Uhrichsville Dover new Philadelphia Mansfield it. Vemon Canton and Akron. Freight and passenger trains were run Ning again on schedule Over the Branch c. Line Between Killbuck and Trinway. A Section of the track had been washed out Between cooperate and Warsaw by flooding in the area. Scene saturday dining in peace the new Era Middle class suicide by Jeffrey Hart unlike his rivals George me govern has been fairly specific As regards his tax Reform proposals. Nevertheless few people seem to know what he is actually proposing though there is a widespread but vague sense that Mcgovern would soak the fat cats and close you d better read the Fine print. The people who would really pay for senator Mcgovern s redistribution of income downward Are those earn ing Between 12 and 20 thousand a year. Consider. Mcgoven proposing that every Man woman and child regardless of wealth receive an annual income Grant from the Federal government. Getting the Money the Money to finance this explains Mcgovern would come from those above a designated break even income and would take the form of additional taxes. If the break even income for a family of four were set at about 20 per cent of Federal taxpayers would experience a tax increase while 80 per cent would be Able to keep All or part of the but let us look at the arithmetic of this proposal. According to Mcgovey everyone except that top 20 per cent would receive Grants or reduced taxes totalling billion. In that top 20 per cent you have taxpayers but and Here is the rub Only about 3.3 million of them earn More than suppose we Bill those fit cats the Cost of 43 billion by 3.3 million we come out with a Tab of some thousand in additional taxes for each taxpayer in that category. But now still assuming that the Mcgovern income Grant program is to be thus paid for by in effect taxing out of economic existence those earning Over thousand s. Who then do you suppose is going to up the Tab for the rest of the Mcgovern budget another Tangent suppose at the extreme you similarly _ tax out of existence All those earning of Elf i.e., take every cent of Gross in come. This would Rake in some 16.5 billion or and note this Well about 5 per cent of the Mcgovern budget. It is now Clear that the bulk of the Mcgovern program must be paid for by. Those above the breakeven Point but Belov this analysis for the Sake of clarity has been cast in the form most favourable to those earning thousand. In reality those above probably would not be taxed at quite so High a rate but this in turn would shift a still greater Burden Ward into the Range. The True nature of the Mcgovern Dudacy becomes Clear when you study this arithmetic. Political analysts have discerned. A new Constellation in american politics the prime example of which has been the Lindsay administration in new York. It the erne and the underclass against the producing Middle. Mcgovern s Lack of Chic and his South Dakota background tend to conceal the fact that he is exactly this son of candidate surrounded by elitists and deter mined to destroy the Putty class for the for the program of dividing Benefit of a Romanti cited 1ewsp4pers

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